[Resolved]  Sify Broadband Services — DONT TAKE A SIFY CONNECTION | Complaint | Poor Service | Sify Customer Care or Sify Customer D’t Care.

Date : 17th June 2009

Subject : Complaint | Poor Service | Sify Customer Care or Sify Customer Don’t Care.

My Name is Wasim Sayed, sify account swbfsnfw, this has reference to SR# 8620242.

It took me more than 2 hrs on the phone (all outgoing paid calls), about 3 Days of Wait time, Experience with Some un-ethical practices, Tremendous Dis-satisfaction, Introduction to the worst customer experience I have ever come across. All this hardships to get the answer to a simple question : Yet unanswered.

What will be the Installation Charges for shifting a connection ???

Does anybody at Sify really know the answer to the above mentioned question ?

I called Sify Customer Care on 13Jun-Sat and placed a request to shift my connection from kurla to Mira Road. I was given an SR# 8620242.

I Received a call from Swastik Net(my then local Service Provider from Kurla) later the same day, they informed me that for this issue, they cannot help me because they do not have connection outside kurla. Obviously, but why was my case handed to the kurla local provider and not my mira road provider. [Why was the kurla provider intimated instead of any local mira-road provider]

I called Sify Customer Care once again on 14Jun-Sun. Informed them about the issue, they once again assured a call from the respective team.

I Received a call from a rep from Head Office[protected], I was in train, I told him very corteously that I was in train then and I couldn’t speak, I asked him whether I could call him in 10 mins, he assured a callback in 10 mins. He didn’t call me back but he worsened the situation even more. He made a false documentation in his notes that my area is not in feasibility. [Why didn’t this Rep call me back when he had assured me a callback, Why did he made false documentation in his case notes]

I called Sify Customer Care once again on Monday once again. Informed them about the issue, they once again assured a call from the respective team.

I Received a call from a rep Mr. Mandar from Head Office[protected], He begin his conversation with the remarks from the previous rep, “My Area is not feasible”, I informed him that one of my neighbours have the same sify connection that I had. He apologised and asked for my information once again and then he said that my area would definitely be feasible. He gave me some phone numbers and asked me to call them.

Mr. Mandar gave me the Following phone numbers. :

Mr. Riyaz (Local Cable Provider) – Mob : [protected] | LandLine : 65256184.

Mr. Ali (Local Promoter) – Mob : [protected].

Mr. Sudeep (Territory Manager) – [protected] .

[Why do I need to call them and why not they can call me, Am I calling for recovery and not for business]

I Called Mr. Riyaz([protected]), he confirmed that we can have a connection at my residence, but for the official Procedures, I will have to call his office at 65256184.

I spoke with a lady with the name Rinku at[protected]SpaceNet, Sanghvi Nagar). She said that the cost will be 1500 Rs. For the shifting. I informed her that I had my cable, I just needed a connection shifting, she informed that she can relax it to 1000 Rs. As I have my cables. I protested against it, why to pay 1000 rs, just so that their tech can put a connection of my cable from my house to their nearest switch. She said that she doesn’t know the exact cost and directed me to Mr. Ali([protected]). [I Guess, This amount is not decided by sify and she can charge me anything as per her wish, who cares for the customers]

I Called Mr. Ali on [protected]. Informed about my case and he said that we can go ahead with the connection. The cost will be 1000 Rs. When I informed him that I already have all the cables. He said that the charge will be 500 Rs. He says that the I will have to proceed with a new sify account, I will have to apply for a new sify account and he is charging 500 rs for this procedure. According to him, my sify account swbfsnfw is only a local account with swastik net that would be available ony lin kurla and for mira-road I need to re-apply for the internet connection. [Why would I need to create a new account with sify (ill-logical), Are all of your customer’s being left by you at the sole discretion of the local operators, they can charge as per their wish or do you have any rules/regulations, first I was told 1500 then 1000 then 500, to let you know I paid Rs. 200 only towards installation charge in Kurla]

I tried calling Mr. Sudeep (Territory Manager) and his Cell phone# ( [protected] ) is disconnected (out of service). [Can we have updated Phone Numbers in your database]

I called sify customer care again on 15Jun-Mon, around noon. to actually undertand what the sify law states in this scenario, I thought there must be some rule written by the sify management. I Spoke with Ramya, she surprised me, she said that I do not have feasibility in my area, I told him that one of my neighbour has a sify connection, now she says that the maximum connection that my area can take is full and now they cannot even add one customer in their network. I told her that I just had a word with the local dealer and he says that I can proceed with the connection. She is not ready to listed and very argumentative. [These Representatives exploit customers on the pretext of feasibility, Does anybody ever check whether a rep has intentionally mis-used his position]

I asked for an escalation and she says that her supervisor will call me before 4pm – I insisted on waiting and getting this finished after sometime I Spoke with Mr. Abrar Ahmed(supervisor), I told him about the issue, I asked him a simple question What will be the charge for shifting my connection if I have all my cables, I just need a local operator to take a cable from my home and connect it to his nearest switch. All and even he is not sure what the cost would be, he is simply insisting on calling me back before 4pm same day. I told him I just needed the information as I am going to send a complaint and he can put me on hold, he says that he cannot get the information right now and the only way will be that he will call me back before 4pm. When I asked for his last name expressing my interest in even mentioning his name in the complaint that I am going to send, he was so confident and sarcastic in giving out his full name like he was sure that none of his seniors actually take the heed to check complaints against him. I felt very insulting with the way I was dealt with a supervisor from customer care, I asked him for an escalation and he said that he doesn’t have a supervisor with whom I can speak. [Whats should be done with such rude supervisors who are not able to answer a simple question, he had promised me a callback in about 3-4 hrs, it is been more than 48 hrs by now and he has not bothered to callback]

It is so unfortunate, how you deal with a would be customer, I am Curious how would your After Sales-service would be.

You Expect Sify to Grow and in turn INDIA to grow, Sorry, if you dis-respect business like this how can you grow, In this matter Reliance is good and definitely that is the reason for its exponential expansion even today. They want business and are eager to expand it. And with sify, a potential business is rejected. The main problem here is that nobody does his part of job correctly. If atleast somebody checks this complaint and takes the responsibility to rectify this, you would possibly not lose some more business in the future.

I Believe the way a customer is dealt with is not entirely based on the representative, the major aspect impacting this is the management and the rules that are laid down.

I have definitely lost all hopes in Sify, I will never ever recommend your company to anyone. I cannot even dream of getting a response to this complaint. Now Let’s See how much Customer Service Skills You Posess.




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Aug 14, 2020
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Sify Broadband Services — No service to potential customers

Dear Broad band service Provider,

I have come to know that stupped things going on JP Nagar area. I have called up so many times to the customer care and local service provider Related to BB101 ISSUE But still now that has not solved. I have so many complaint no every complaint no are renewing everyday and issue are not solved with same.

My Complaint No : 6766145




Contacted in Customer care : channan

I want to know If this problem Will get solve or need to go for new Internet connection.

I will Place the add in any type of media & Consumer court against sify Broadband against connectivity issue.If this will not solved within two days.


Roshan Costa

Sify BB — message problem

am ram frm HYD my mobile number is [protected]

my bomile to not out messages so u will ckeck that & my callertune is change preant is balakrishna jayaprakash tone that DCT after NANI movie in PEDAVE PALIKINA song is ACT CT this is my problem

Sify Broadband Services — Service issue

It has shocking service from Sify broadband. I have renewed my account with 450 unlimited night package. But since than, my internet has stopped working. I have filed almost 6 complains for the same issue but no followup from sify broadband. If i call my local operator he say's that they are now not with sify. When i call sify main office they say that they will send local cable operator. It has been more than 15 days, but still my problem is not yet solved. Every time i get error message BB 101- connectivity issue. I am losing my validity and my money because of this.
I was more shocked when no one came for removing this connection also.
I have also requested for removing this connection, but no one is bother to do follow up.
I would suggest all my friends and relative that never go for Sify broadband. It is the worst service provider i have seen.
When i call in customer care they are not answering my call properly and they are also not transferring my call to any senior authority.
So there is no one you can complain about, only you can do is to wait and wait...

Sify Broadband — Poor After Sale Service

No doubt sify broadband is very quick and fast in providing connection to the customer, I had put request for the connection on 19th May’09 and the same day I have been verified and got connection.
But their, after sale service is unsatisfactory. Every weekend they have got some problem of network disconnect. There it was not over, due to some reason I had to shift to some other location and I had informed the service provider in advance. They promised me that they would take care of it. I have given him not less than 50 time call for reconnecting the network, but they did not listen me.
I have opted to lodge complaint in Customer Care of Sify. There I have called again for not less that 40 times. Each time they said that it would be done within 24 hours. But that 24-hour never came. It was a very bad and torturous experience with Sify. I have stopped calling to the Customer care also and thought that I have lost my some money in vein.
Ironically, the matter did not stop here, on the last expiry date of connection, I have got a call from Chennai Customer care that, They will sent their agent to collect the monthy advance rental.

Sify Broadband Services — Very poor service and i'll response

I have been using sify broadband since last six months. I have experienced different kind of problems in course of times. Initially it started showing erroneous downloading log and I complained for the same, but the same never got addressed. I can say the poorest of customer service I have ever experienced in life. Then I was not left with any other option than changing my plan to unlimited downloading category plan with some better speed. If you take that plan, its for sure that you will never get the mentioned speed.

When ever you make a complain, the response one will get is a quick system generated email and that’s all. After a few days you will get a call and will be told to send some screen shot, they will simply tell to send a screen shot, once send, you will be told to again send screen shot with some different requirements. If you send, then also you will not be able to see any action. Then some local worker of sify will give u a call and will ask you to send the screen shot to his personal mail id, not to the sify id and then when u will give him a call, he will not receive your call.

This is the kind of service sify offers. So, it can be said that taking sify connection is a total wastage of money.
You are absolutely right friend ! Sify is not bothered about their services.. Their local vendor talk rudely and their customer care is not able to provide a solution to our problems..

The local vendor has a regular power failure as quoted by them. I fail to understand how come sify can appoint local vendor or partners who do not even have a basic power infrastucture.

I am anyways discontinuing my services with them from next month... I hope sify is listening unlike their cusomer care and local vendors...

I hope Sify understand the sentiments of Middle class indians who pay for services and then face the brunt of service unvavailibility.

- Kartik Gurav, kartik.[protected]
Your service is very poor. I want to with all your services from my office and home.
i am also facing the same problem with sify BB service. its really pathetic service and i dont have any word for them.

i tried escalatin to higher authority but no result finally i have decided to surrender the same and go for the wirelss network card.

anybody knows if any Higher level escalation point mail id

Sify Broadband Services — refund denied

i made a yearly payment of 2000 Rs to sify, I barely used it for 3 months when the ISP could not provide me service due to local cable operator issue, i was without service for 3 months, i made several calls but no one could give a definite time frame. I switched my ISP and demanded a refund from Sify. Initially thye told me case is with the business team but now i recd an email telling me refund is not possible.
I have made the installation charges to new ISP and am paying monthly charges as well, i cannot disconnect the new ISP, pls help
I am Gyan Singh from Sahibabad Ghaziabad (U.P)
I have taken Sify broadband connection July-2010 and after one month i am facing problem with their Net Speed.There is very very poor speed of net Connection at 256kbps Speed connection. Even i am not able to open my Gmail id in Standard view.
And i am regularly contacting to CC but they pickup my phone and some say hello and then not speek anything.
One person is Imran who called me 4 to 5 time and told me that now you resolve your problem and we take care for your net speed and the next day there same problem...

At last we want to say that no one take Sify Net Connection...
It really very very poor poor...

Sify Broadband — Very Very Poor Services

I'm using Sify Broadband from Last 2 Months..
Services are really really poor.
Downloading speed only 2kbps on 256KB connection.
Customer care is not working, Only Bells ringing on But no one Picks the Phone.
Pathetic Browsing speed, Un experienced Tech Guyz...
Every thing is quite pathetic...


Not able to access my mailbox

I am using sify mail since last 4 years, now i am not able to login to the mail box. i require all my mail database. Kindly do the needful. my mobile no is [protected]
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