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State Bank of India — Harassment from parents

'CaseID=[protected]' Cancellation of SBI Credit card


State Bank of India 22nd Sept 2008
Credit Card – Payment unit
Customer Services
PO Bag 28- GPO
New Delhi – 110001

Kind Attn: Mr.Ajay Bharti
Asst. Vice President – Customer Service

Sub: Cancellation of Credit card – [protected]

I, Anuradha.H.R had got a call from SBI customer service department offering me Sundaram Alliance Insurance policy and I had informed them clearly that I don’t have any interest in the insurance policy. But in the very next SBI Credit card bill dated 2nd July 2007, there was Sundaram Insurance policy amount 1827 + 195 billed. Immediately, I spoke to the SBI customer service department (on 13th July 2007, Ms.Ayesha from chennai) asking her to cancel the Sundaram insurance policy and revert the amount and also asked her to cancel my SBI credit card. So, Ms.Ayesha informed me saying that insurance & the credit card will be cancelled and the outstanding amount would be made as nil. In spite of this, I have been receiving the SBI Credit card bill for the cancelled policy and also interest for the same.

Here is a table depicting several instances of my conversation with your customer service department pursuing them for the cancellation of insurance policy as well as credit card. In each of these conversations I was assured by your executives that the insurance policy and credit card would be cancelled and the outstanding balance would be nil. Apart from this, every month as soon as the bill was dispatched to me, I would get follow up calls from your executives demanding payment, which turned out to be nothing but plain torture to me, as I had not used the credit card to make any purchase what so ever.

Date Customer Service Executive Remarks
2/July/2007 Ms.Ayesha from Chennai
25/Aug/2007 @ 7.50pm Mr.Karthik
7/Sep/2007 @ 8.20pm Ms.Vidhya
24/Sep/2007 @ 7am Mr.Harish Ref #[protected]
27/Sep/2007 @ 9.30am Mr. Suvarschala Ref # MQ[protected]
2/Oct/2007 Insurance policy amount reverted in the bill (1827 + 1935 + 219.24)
2/Nov/2007 Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance company letter informing me about the cancellation of the insurance policy

13/Nov/2007 @ 8pm Mr.Sarvanan (floor supervisor) Ref #[protected]
Nov 2007 Satish (Floor Supervisor)
26/Jun/2008 @ 3.15pm Amal Ref #[protected]
26/Jun/2008 Priya (Team lead) Ref #[protected]
20/Sep/2008 @ 4.10pm Archana from Chennai Ref # MQ[protected]

The latest SBI credit card bill I have got is with total outstanding of 6907.91 rupees dated 4th August 2008. Ensuing this I spoke to your customer service executive “ Ms.Archana” from Chennai on 20th Sept 2008 and she gave a complaint number – MQ[protected], saying that she would check why I am getting the bill in spite of cancellation of insurance policy and the credit card and that SBI would revert to me within 10 days.

I strongly insist you to reflect the cancellation of the card and the insurance policy and make my outstanding balance zero.

I am hoping that our next communication would not be another “BILL”, but a letter confirming the cancellations.

Await your earliest reply.

Thanks and Regards,

28, Meadow Croft, East Link Road, 3rd Cross, B-street, Malleswaram, Bangalore – 560003, Karnataka State.
Mobile - [protected]
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SBI Bank- Credit card — Don't pay the money to credit card money collecting representatives.

Hi SBI credit card users,

Don't pay the money to credit card money collecting representatives, because you will be charged by Rs 91/- for every payment.
Instead o[censored]sing this facility you could pay your due amount by online.
I am a SBI credit card holder. Details were not explained properly while issueing the credit card. Once the payment is default, the calls start poring in from Chennai Office. As a customer, I would like to inform you that customer does not want to be a defaulter in any way losing his reputation. There is no proper communication between the SBI Collection staff (Chennai & Bangalore) and put a lot of inconvenience to customers.

Once the customer is a defaulter, we get the calls from Chennai directly and communicate the issue and the repayment to the calling Executive and confirm that the local collection agent would follow up for payment. After having a conversation and getting the confirmation that the collection agent will collect the payment on the specified date as per the conversation. But this local agent do not turn up as per the given commitment by the Chennai office. Inspite of giving the details, we do get calls 3 times a day from different executives who do not have internal communication. though the information is given to each executive that we have spoken to the earlier representative and he would come to collect the payment the harassement is not stopped by the company this is an ridiculous , they run back o[censored]s to become the member of a credit card with all the false promise and later on the same company harasses for the payment inspite of the customer's intimation. When we shout at the Chennai Representatives they say that the system is automated and they are helpless in this regard. Even though Graduates are selected for jobs, then why do this people behave like illiterate. "WHY IS THE SYSTEM SO MUCH CORRUPTED, IS THIS THE MOTTO OF THE COMPANY TO HARASS THE CUSTOMERS" The automated system should be removed and once when called, the information should be shared by all the other representatives of the collection dept. Its sometimes difficult to answer the calls as we do get stuck up in up in heavy traffic jams or when we have our lunch or we go to toilets. Its very embarrasing to hear the mobile ringing continuously to find out the payment when he / she is going to pay, rather than wasting the time in calling, they can check the notes informed to the first and the second representatives. One fine morning apart from giving the scheduled date of paying, the agent comes to the house without informing least bothered that it the working hours and we are at office and starts harassing people in an around our houses. It is better to resolve this issue in advising the SBI to collect the payments directly at any of the SBI branches, so that we can promptly pay our default payments (if any) without this illitrate people involving unnecessarily with the customer. It is hard to believe that a nationalised bank can behave this way.

My case is I have a account in SBI, but they do not accept credit card cheque payments, I have to go to another branch to drop the cheque. The cheque is not cleared on time even though I have fund in my bank and returns back complaining of insufficient funds. Normally same bank account and same bank credit card should not take more than 2 days for clearance. I hope this complaint would do justice to other customers from SBI at the earliest possible time.
HR DATE:-11.03.2008
Customer Services,
SBI Cards & Payments Services Ltd.,
P.O.Bag No.28, G.P.O.,
New Delhi

Sub: Non-Credited my cheque in your account from your end.

I am sending herewith my statement which is self explanatory.
I also want to ask you regarding the delayness charges which are increasing month by month. Due to your staff negligence you are charging delayness charges and other charges on that amount which I had already paid on 19.01.07 in my statement. The Detail of my statements is enclosed herewith for your ready Recknor.

Further this is to request you that look into the matter personally and take your charges back those are not eligible on my statements. That was not my mistake. I had already cleared my all payment on 19.01.07 . Then, why I should pay Delay ness charges of Rs.4875. I had already waste my money to do the Fax and other correspondence with your department.

You Clarify the matter on my mobile no. [protected]. Other wise, I will appeal in the Consumer Court and go to the T.V.Channel.

Your faithfully,

(Kiranjit Kaur)
Textiles Committee,
48-B Tagore Nagar,
Civil Lines, Ludhiana

SBI Credit Card — Expiary of Credit Card validity

M y credit card no is is [protected] which was expired on 31/03/2008. Till today, neither received a new card not renewed the same card. Your keen interest will be highly appriciable. Regarding the same can call me on [protected]
This is K. Manivannan your bank card holder. Last Week I have going to shifted my home, So pls make my Billing address change. So How can i change of my billing address.

SBI Cards — Harresment -inspite of Credit card closure

When will it end?
After replying with so much of detail, answering irritating calls replying to advocate letters, now on 1st nov 08 have recd a letter dt 3rd Oct (Letter reference no AMN/SBI/21-24/SEP-08/3678)asking for a settlement and reversal of the unjustified charges against a hapless customer
Why should I pay for your system and process failure. After, the one year free subscription period I declined to continue my association, however you continued and did not close and Inspite of bring to your attention that the card has not been deactivate, you continue to harass me. WHY ARE YOU SO WEAK IN ACCEPTING YOU OWN MISTAKES, WHAT IS HOLDING YOU TO STRAIGHTEN YOU OWN STAFF. Just because your bullying tactics will make you feel powerful and strong.

Till today I Have given several justifications and you have conviently ignored them. I dont see any reason to pay for you staff's inefficiency and supidity. You better kill be to settle this issue. Enough is enough. For gods sake Please Please.
My friend got a call from SBI Chennai credit card division inquiring about my phone number, so i called them back i was shocked to know that they are demanding some outstanding credit card payment from me, whereas i never have applied for any credit card from SBI. I dont posses any credit card or i never even applied for any SBI credit card. I told them i never had any credit card from SBI so they told me they will call back after 5 minutes but they didnt. What does this indicate.
I have credit card of your bank .Due to some financial problems from last 7 months, I was not available in my given address & also i was unable to pay my outstanding amount to bank .Now i would like to contact your concern office to settle my account. I am able to pay the outstanding in 4 parts .
Therefore please give me the concern office address, tel. nos., contact persons name.
D.O.B.: 23/06/1975
Thanking You
Mangesh Jadhav
I have for ATM card on 18.01.2009 but date I did not received the same from your end, for non availability of ATM card I feel difficulties to draw money as I am posted from far away Dhanbad .
Details of my SB account is as follows:

SB A/C.No. [protected] (Joint " Either or survivar"
Survivor" Name " Naeema Khatun Shahin"
Branch Name : Jagjiwan Nagar
Branch Code : 4398
Address: Saraidhella, Distt: Dhanbad.
State: Jharkhand.
I have applied for ATM card on 18.01.2009 but till date I did not received the same from your end, for non deliver of ATM card I have to face many diificulties to draw money as I am posted from far away of Dhanbad. The details of my SB Account is as follows:

SB A/C.No. [protected]( Joint " Either or sruv ivor"
Survivor's Name: Naeema Khatun Shahin.
Branch Name: Jagjiwan Nagar.
Branch Code: 4398.
Address: P.O. Saraidhella, Dist: Dhanbad.
State: Jharkhand.
I have applied for ATM card on 18.01.2009 but till date I did not received the same from your end, for non deliver of ATM card I have to face many diificulties to draw money as I am posted from far away of Dhanbad. The details of my SB Account is as follows:

SB A/C.No. [protected]( Joint " Either or sruv ivor"
Survivor's Name: Naeema Khatun Shahin.
Branch Name: Jagjiwan Nagar.
Branch Code: 4398.
Address: P.O. Saraidhella, Dist: Dhanbad.
State: Jharkhand.
I have applied for ATM card on 18.01.2009 but till date I did not received the same from your end, for non deliver of ATM card I have to face many diificulties to draw money as I am posted from far away of Dhanbad. The details of my SB Account is as follows:

SB A/C.No. [protected]( Joint " Either or sruv ivor"
Survivor's Name: Naeema Khatun Shahin.
Branch Name: Jagjiwan Nagar.
Branch Code: 4398.
Address: P.O. Saraidhella, Dist: Dhanbad.
State: Jharkhand.
About two days before I have lodged a complaint with you regarding non deliverance of ATM card to me but inadvertantly mentioned Branch Code 4398 in place of 2948 .I again mentioned the same to facilitate to take quick action in this regard.
SB Account No. [protected] (Joint Account )
Branch Code: 2948
Branch Name: Jagjiwan Nagar Branch,
Post: Saraidhella, Dist: Dhanbad
State : Jharkhand - 826001 Yours faithfully,
Naeema Khatun Shahin
C/o - Syed Ozair Akhtar,
C M P F Office, EDP Cell
I had applied for ATM on 17 February, 2009 but sorry to inform you, till date I did not receive ATM card from your end., My Saving Bank A ccount details are given below:

Name : Digviya Pratap Singh,
SB Account No. [protected].
State Bank of India, ISM Branch.
Branch Code No.1641

SBI Credit Card — Recieving harrassment calls inspite of never applied or received any credit card

Company - SBI Credit Card

Sub: Harassment calls by SBI recovery Team inspite of not having possession of SBI Credit Card.

Details : Few years back my uncle received a SBI Doctor's Credit card No.[protected] which was valid upto December 2002. The said credit card was neither used by him and nor any payments were made for the same(it is not even signatured). Also along with the card he received a letter where it was mentioned that on expiry of card new card will be issued only if the card holder agrees to continue the agreement.
Post Expiry of card in last weak of December he received a letter (scanned copy attached below) saying that he is about to receive the new SBI Credit card. However when the card was delivered to him he never accepted as he was not interested in using credit cards. But after few months he started receiving payments statements asking for some amount to be paid. He tried to reach SBI Cards team to clarify what for the amount is been asked to be paid..., but unfortunately couldn't get a response.
Now recently he is receiving calls from some SBI recovery agents asking for some amount to be paid and the behavior of those people is not justified no matter what.
Observing that i have sent two emails to SBI Cards team on below mentioned email addressess:
"[protected], feedback.[protected], chairmansbi.[protected], dgm.[protected], head.[protected]"
But never got any response appropriate response, just received a email sayin:
"Sub: CaseID=[protected]' Harassment call by SBI recovery Team

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for writing to SBI Card.

This is a system-generated response to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail. The subject
line contains the reference number allotted to your e-mail. This interaction is being tracked
through the above reference number and we request you not to change the subject line in
future correspondence. We shall revert to you with in 3 working days.

In case your query requires further investigation and takes a longer time, we will keep you
informed on the time required for resolution.

We would request you to mention your SBI Credit Card Account / Card number in all your correspondence to enable us to process your request at the earliest.

Assuring you of our best services at all times.

Warm Regards,
SBI Card Team"

I would request you to please look into the matter and close this asap, and issue us a no dues certificate with account closure as we haven't received any credit card and hence no question o[censored]sing it.
anyone can suggess me to get a credit card. i am working in a mnc company and now i am in need of credit card so pls any one guide me to get a credit card

State Bank of India, Civil Lines, Ludhiana — Bank Charges on debit card

Bank is debiting annual charges on debit card against my account no.[protected] whereas I have no debit card issued by the bank. During 2008 bank has given me debit card but it was not working and returned the same to bank with request letter, once bank has reversed this charges from my account but still it is charging every year without debit card.

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