[Resolved]  State Bank of India — overlimit charges

I have copied all the mails written to SBI Card and their next redressal system i.e. head.sbicard but for no genuine response. Please go through my case and if possible get me some relief from them.

Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 18:36:27 0100 (BST)
From: "Rakesh Gupta" <[protected]@yahoo.co.in> Add to Address Book
Subject: Fwd: RE:'CaseID=[protected]'CARD NO.[protected] EXCEED LIMIT CHARGES Rs1115.44
To: "head.[protected]@ge.com" <head.[protected]@ge.com>

Note: forwarded message attached.

I have written previously my complaint about charging
of over limit charges. Last one was mailed on
[protected] copy of which was endorsed on your mail ID.
But I got no response from you till date.

All of issues have been raised in the forwarded
message attached with this mail. Further in statement
dt[protected] a check pick-up charges of Rs.61.60 has
been debited to my card account while I have made all
the payments using drop box facility.

I once more request you to revert the overlimit
charges charged in my statement dt[protected] and
check pick-up charges in the statement dt[protected].

I hope that you will go through my grievance
sympathetically and revert the charges and give me
time to repay the outstanding amount. But if you too
do not understand my grievance, I will be free to
raise the issues on other available forums.

Hoping your favorable response so that our long
relationship would not end bitterly.

Rakesh Gupta

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Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 11:22:13 0530
From: "feedback.gesbi" <feedback.[protected]@ge.com>
Subject: RE:'CaseID=[protected]'CARD NO.[protected] EXCEED LIMIT CHARGES Rs1115.44
To: "Rakesh Gupta" <[protected]@yahoo.co.in>

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24 September 2007

Dear Mr. Gupta,

Thank you for writing to SBI Cards.

This is with reference to your communication dated September 19, 2007 regarding your SBI card account.

Over Limit Fee : We wish to inform you that we are unable to reverse the over limit fee levied on your SBI card account.

In case of any further queries on the SBI Card, we would request you to reply at feedback.[protected]@ge.com without altering the subject line or call our 24 hours, 7 days a week, at our local Helpline number 39020202 or[protected]for BSNL and MTNL users).

Yours sincerely,

Manager - Customer Service

-----Original Message-----
From: Rakesh Gupta ([protected]@yahoo.co.in)
Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2007 03:41 PM
To: feedback.gesbi (feedback.[protected]@ge.com)
Cc: head.[protected]@ge.com (head.[protected]@ge.com)
Subject: RE:CARD NO.[protected] EXCEED LIMIT CHARGES Rs1115.44

Dear Sir,
I was very much surprised with your reply. You didn't gone through my grievance, but stood on your stand. I wish to submit my request that when in the statement dt 20-05-07,20-06-07 and 20-08-07 there was credit limit available only then I used the card and made the purchases. Al of sudden in the statement of 20-08-07 my credit limit went into negative. It is very much surprising. I used the card only when there was credit limit available in the statement and so why you allowed to swap the card. Then all of sudden how is it possible to pay the entire amount. If there would be no limit in previous months I would have not made the purchases. It is not logical to reduce the available limit in one month. Moreover my last flexipay installments was in the statement of 20-05-07 whose due date was[protected] and after that two statements dt 20-06-07 and 20-07-07 there was no decrease in available credit limit. So how can I presume that my limit has been reduced to that limit which was 26 months back before flexipay.

Moreover I am also using other credit cards too in which limit is not enhanced at the time of EMI conversion but as and when EMI instalment has been paid the limit available is being increased upto that amount and such an embracing position never arrises.

So kindly look into the matter sympatheticaly and reverse the charges due to exceed limit. Moreover I would aso request you that the limit fixed in my card is since[protected]. So it can be reviewed too. But if it is not possible, I assure you that I will repay your entire outstanding in a very short period and would not like to continue the relationship with such a card manager whose transparrency is of such a harrasing.

Hoping your favourable and sympathetic response.


"feedback.gesbi" <feedback.[protected]@ge.com> wrote:
19 September 2007

Dear Mr. Gupta,

Thank you for writing to SBI Cards.

This is with reference to your communication dated September 17, 2007 regarding your SBI card account.

Over Limit Fee : We wish to inform you that the outstanding on your SBI card account has exceeded the credit limit assigned on your card account. So, your card account has been levied with over limit fee.

We would like to inform you that the credit limit assigned on your SBI card account is Rs. 54000.00.

In case of any further queries on the SBI Card, we would request you to reply at feedback.[protected]@ge.com without altering the subject line or call our 24 hours, 7 days a week, at our local Helpline number 39020202 or[protected]for BSNL and MTNL users).

Yours sincerely,

Manager - Customer Service

-----Original Message-----
From: Rakesh Gupta ([protected]@yahoo.co.in)
Date: Monday, September 17, 2007 08:58 AM
To: feedback.[protected]@ge.com (feedback.[protected]@ge.com)
Subject: CARD NO.[protected] EXCEED LIMIT CHARGES Rs1115.44

I am a regular user of the card. I am using this card almost for last 5 to 6 years and was very much satisfied with the services as well as transparrency of the card over others. But when I got the statement dated[protected] and before it one inland letter dt[protected], I was very much shocked to know that I have exceeded my limit and the above charges have been debited to my account and all of sudden I was told to pay minimum amount due which is Rs.44,661.85.

In this context I have to submit I am using my card regularly within my available credit limit and used to pay minimum amount due regularly. In the month of May I swap the card for Rs.17864.00 and in June for Rs.10000.00 which was within my credit limit. In the statement dt[protected] I was shown available credit limit of Rs. 6490.63 and so I paid a petrol bill of Rs.799.66. After this, in the statement dt[protected] my available credit limit was nill and minimum amount due ws Rs.44,661.85. Now it is very surprising that within a month my minimum amount due went up by almost Rs.40000.00.

So plz look into the matter and revert the fee charged for exceeding credit limit and adjust credit limit position.

Hoping ur early response.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Complaint comments 


This is to inform you that my SBI Card No.[protected] for the month of[protected], in this statement you have charge twice transaction amounting to Rs.4100/- on dated[protected]. So kindly wave this twice transaction amount immediatly.
Hello Sir/madam,

I am sending the mail that I have communicated finally with the general manager of deals4all. I bought 3 Sony ericsson mobiles from deals4all, Mumbai through SBI credit card. But they were not functioning properly. So, I sent them back as I was informed that they will refund the amount. Now they are not willing to refund. But they are demanding either to purchase other goods instead of this/ two mobiles are fine so that we will send them back and use it and for rest of the amount you have to purchase something else.

I am unable to understand how SBI had such a deal with an illegal organization which is selling cheap goods through online service.

Hello General manager,

I am sending the parts of mails that I have communicated with your organization in brief to know about my case:

1) June 16, 2007

I am Harikrishna SBI credit card holder. I have ordered three sony erricson mobile phones through internet banking from deals4all on price-less challenge. My credit amount of Rs 10485/- has been debited, but I have received only one sony erricson mobile in a very bad condition (without any seal for sony erricson box) in the bluedart courier services. There was no proper response regarding the other two missing mobile phones from deals4all. They are not willing to refund the amount.

Its very unfair business on the part of SBI to have a business deal with such an illegal, inappropriate, irresponsible and lazy organization.

I would like to have an explanation and solution for this problem as soon as possible from the respective authorities.

The display screen was blinking continuously though it was charged for 4-5 hours as per the instruction from deals4all.
When I called your customer service person the response was go to the service center in Chennai and get it repaired. Please kindly note the service center address in Chennai.

Dear Customer,
A very pleasant day to you!
Thank you for contacting Deals4all.
Please provide us your order no. to resolve your problem.
If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

3) Its almost 4 weeks since I ordered the products. Don’t you think the people are need of mobiles? Should I wait for you people to use the mobile? You shipped to me a waste product, which doesn’t posses any seal. No proper response on missing mobiles. So irresponsible deal and organization........

I lost my trust on your products, shipping and business dealing.

I sent back the mobile, because your customer service people want to prove to themselves that they have sent only one mobile by mistake to me instead of 3 mobiles.

4) Dear Manager,

I Harikrishna received 3 mobile phones sony erricson T610. Two mobiles were sealed and one unsealed this time. The mobile that I am using now is giving some problems.

1. The display says insert SIM card after 10 to 15 minutes using it, even though I have inserted my SIM card in the phone. It’s my old SIM card and I am sure that I inserted properly. I also checked with SIM service provider.

I tried to call several times, but either failed to reach you or not picking up the phone.
I don’t understand what shall I do further?

5) Dear Manager,

I am unable to send the mobile back as none of the courier service is not picking up. I tried professional, bluedart and postal service. The only reason is mobiles are not picked up.

Can you please arrange some reverse pick up. If it is needed I will pay amount for that.

Dear Harikrishna
Really sorry to hear of the same however I will really appreciate if you can go ahead and send the piece (mobile phone) that is not functioning properly back to us and we will have it repaired/ replaced.

We are very sorry that we cannot do a reverse pick up for any mobile phones anymore, please co-operate with me and send your piece to us.

7) Dear Manager,

I Harikrishna have purchased 3 mobile phones sony erricson T610.

1. The mobile that I am using now is giving some problems.
The display says insert SIM card after 10 to 15 minutes using it, even though I have inserted my SIM card in the phone. It’s my old SIM card and I am sure that I inserted properly. I also checked with SIM service provider.It’s switching off and on repeatedly at the time o[censored]sing the mobile.

2. Regarding the second one, my mother called me today and said that it’s not even displaying any thing on the screen. She used it for one week and suddenly the battery is running off. It is taking another 4 hours or more to charge it again. Twice she failed to see any thing even after charging.

3. The mobile is still brand new. (Third mobile). After using these mobiles I decided not to use it or to gift it to someone else.

I am unable to send the mobiles back as per our conversation over the phone, as none of the courier service is picking up. I tried professional, bluedart and postal service. The only reason is mobiles are not picked up.

I tried to call several times, but either failed to reach you or not picking up the phone.

I don’t understand what shall I do further?

Its really cheating the customers by selling the worthless products through internet services. My Rs 10,500 /- has become useless. I don’t want to get repaired all the new mobiles and bother the same after wards. Just pick up all the mobiles back and refund the entire amount. I am not satisfied with your services the product, customer telephone service or back pick-ups.

I can go to the any extent in this regard. If you cannot handle the case, please escalate the issue to higher officials.

I am unable to bear this physical and psychological trauma.
Please, let me know the solution at the earliest.

Dear Mr. Harikrishna

I tried contacting you twice today however you didnt pick my calls.Please send me a revert and I will look into the matter because I am going to try my best to do a Reverse Pick UP.

9)Dear Manager,

I am Sorry; I was in a video conference at that time. I tried after 15 minutes but the lines were busy.

You know it is not possible to send the mobiles in the courier services. I tried all the ways to send the mobiles back including your customer service help. They always suggested me sending the mobiles without declaring. If I send them without declaring who will be the responsible person (if something goes wrong). They insisted me to write at least “glass ware handle with care” (without declaring) but even the postal service did not accept it.

End result is hopeless situation from my side. Hope you can understand and make a reverse pickup as soon as possible.

10) Dear Manager,

I have 3 mobiles in Chennai which i purchased from deals4all. Since 3 weeks there was no reply from you. I tried again to send them back in courier. The response was the same (mobiles are not picked up). Let me know the reverse pickup. I think that is the option left. I can’t try further either calling customer care or going round the courier service. If possible please provide your mobile number.

Dear Mr. Harikrishna

The Refund will be given to you only when your products come into our company .

12) Dear Harikrishna

As per our conversation on 13/08/2007 , you said that you want one weeks time for me to pick up your products.

As I mentioned to you that it is very diificult from our end to do a reverse pick up for Mobile Phones and even as you mentioned that it is difficult on your end too.

Please do not get worried as I have discussed this case with My General Manager Mr.Shiraz Kotwal and we have decided to give you a Refund however if you do want to purchase something less in return,please let me know of the same.

I have given you my Personal contact number so please do call me up if you have any further queries.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you

Hello General Manager,

Till today there was no refund from your organization. Hyacinta told me that refund is not possible and you are not accepting for this. Now you cannot go back and say that refund is not possible. You cannot demand me to purchase something else in return. I called you several times to speak with you but customer service was unable to contact you. If you go back on your word like this I may have to consider legal action.

Buyer order no:[protected]
Dear Manager,

I will not paid against your any overlimit .I dont want any overlimit charges.I will not pay any amount for the overlimit.Till our settlement I will not pay any late fees or any other fees for the overlimit .
My SBI Card No.- [protected]

Rajeev tulshyan.
Respected Sir/Madam,

I had applied for the railway card way back from the month of February 2007 and I had clearly selected the railway card option in the form. But to my surprise I received the SBI master card in the month of Mar. I immediately contacted the customer executives for this issue and I demanded them to transfer my card to SBI railway card but they too kept transferring the call from one line to the other. It had been one of my worst and harrowing time and it seemed that I was only the victim, I kept on requesting them time to time but they said to transfer the card at a nominal cost of 300Rs. My concern is when I already requested for the railway card then they gave me SBI master card then it is certainly not my fault and why should I pay the transfer charges. I could have paid it if I wanted to transfer the card but not for this.

So Sir I would like to request you to please look into this matter and without delay provides me the railway card without any transfer charges. Lots of time has already gone for this issue. Hope my request is granted at the earliest.

I feel very sorry and ashamed for SBI credit card department that even there has been spate of emails exchanged from the last six months still a small request is not handled properly nor any person had called me on my mobile number.

My only request was to transfer the card to sbi railway card without any charges (flip charges which they had told me to pay)
and i also want a apology from the bank.

My card number [protected]

Dear Sir,

I have written previously my complaint about charging
of over limit charges. Last one was mailed on 26.12.07. On that time you accepted. But Further in statement dated[protected] charges of Rs.438.79 have been debited to my card account while I have made all the payments using drop box facility.

On the first time when I have not received statement I have applied for the statement. On that time they promised me that they will not charge any let fees or any other fees.

But again & again you are cheating with us. So Now I will not pay any of this charge. If you want you can stop this card.

My card no. is [protected].

Rajeev Tulshyan

SBI Credit Card — worst customer service no proper coordination within the principles

I received new SBI credit card and made a transaction of approx Rs 8500/- and requested them to do on EMI as this was their scheme,but I do not receive any monthly statement from them,I always call them and check the min amount due,but after making the payments also their Delhi office people call me and tell I have not paid the amount.

This is the worst service I ahve seen in my life.I am using ICICI credit card since past 10 years but never had such problem.

I would request the people to avoid applying credit cards from SBI.

citibank gold card — not delivered by bluedart and returned to you

my credit card gold ****4016 was despatched to my Kolkata address Sonali 4C 8/2A alipore park rd vide awd [protected] but was returned to you as I was overseas.

I will be in Kolkata next from Mar12-16th and would appreciate if you make arrangements to deliver the card on 12th Mar so that I can use it immediately

Grateful send me an email in confirmation of receipt of my request and that it will be done
Thanks Indrani Mukherjee

Sbicard — mistake in surname

i shailesh g jain my surname is jain but print in sbicard statement only jai i complaint to sbicard department 5 to 6 time but not changing compony pl complant to sbi

reliance money limited — EXCESSIVE LIMIT CARD CHARGES

I m a reliance money client. The company advertised its product with zero brokerage scheme.. Just for Rs. 500/- u can trade for Rs.10 Lacs. delivery based transactions. The said charges were to be levied only if client trades in the stocks actively. The card carried two months validity. The company initially didnt charge i[censored] dont trade at all. but now the company started debiting the clients accounts every two months without even informing to the clients. In case of prepaid mobile service i[censored] dont refill ur faclity gets withheld like wise here also the company should give an option to the clients to renew their cards. Even herealso there are various recharge plans like bi monthly six monthly and yearly. Since the clients are nowadays silent and hardly trading, they are unaware of the facts there accounts are debited with such charges.
I am having credit cards NO.[protected] which had been blocked we have not recived any letter or any corresponding for what reason it had been blocked i was out of staion for three month.
you are hereby requested to clarify the same urgently.
Respected Sir,

I having a sbi gold credit card no [protected].

I was made a transaction of Rs 10, 000/- from 'Dolphins' on 26th Jan 2008. That transaction show two time debit entry in my unbilled statement, but I made only single purchase of Rs10, 000/-

So I talk to sbi customer care officer on 28th Jan, 2008 and customer care officer told me to wait till 15th Feb. 2008 and see that transaction may be disappear as my original statement had been made. Customer care officer assure me that double entry may be technical error.

I wait till my next statement (which issue on 15th Feb. 2008) as customer care officer told me. But my statement also show TWO TIME ENTRY as shown in unbilled statement. So I send a complain by fax as your Customer care officer says me. The fax no is [protected]; send on 16th Feb., 2008.

Than as per your customer care officer call me and said to me for send another fax to you with referance no[protected]. I send a fax on 14th march, 2008 on fax no [protected] as customer care officer told me.

Than I send other 2 faxes and lots of call to customer care no but still no any result comes from you. At last conversation to customer care executive, he told me my case will be comes to an end before 15th of May, 2008. But today I contact to your customer care number, and they told me that disputed transaction may be solved but can get some more time...

At this stage I totally disappointed from your side of investigation. In-between time period I also contact the merchant of' Dolphins' and he say his account is already debited for given wrong credit from my card.

Now that is my last mail to sbi credit card division. And Please make a note that, " I will not make any payment till this case not going to solve, and as that problem made solve I will paid full of your total outstanding amount."

Kindly make do this, as arlly as possible.

(M) [protected]
(emil) www.[protected]@yahoo.com
Dear Sir/ Madam,

I use to book my ticket thro' www.irctc.co.in and I am a frequent traveller by train. My user name is yuvarajrao. I had applied for SBI Railway card. I got a call from Chennai 2 months back and enquired some details and said that I will receive a call from Bangalore as a follow-up. Last month I received a call from Bangalore too and have some phone enquiry and said I will once again receive a call from Delhi and have a phone enquiry about some documents verifcation. So far I have not received any call. Please do some thing for me to get a railway card.

Yours sincerely,

V.S. Yuvaraj

SBI Card — torture by sbi card management

Manager- Customer Services
SBI Cards & Payment Services Pvt.Ltd.
DLF Infinity Towers, Tower C, 12th Floor,
Block 2, Building 3, DLF Cyber City,
Gurgaon -122002(Haryana) India.

Ref: Credit Card[protected]
Respected Sir,
The SBI Credit card mentioned above is in favour of my son KSathish who is out of the country at present. There had been some pending payment of dues by my Son K.Sathish. He had used his credit card hardly for 3 months (during the period from 29/7/2006 to 5/11/2006).
All the transactions except one debit about the teledraft are acceptable to him and when he was in dire need of money he was expecting the draft to be delivered to him. No Draft was received by him, but a debit was raised on his account and penalty / interest on non-payment continued to be raised in the statements. After being pointed out that the teledraft claimed to have been sent to him did not reach, the debit on that account was reversed in March 2007 (after 8 months of continuous contact). However all the statements between August 2006 and March 2007 carried the interest and penalty for the entire amount. Our prayer for reversal of the interest was accepted (by the customer relations officer) in August 2007. The customer relations officer calculated the amount payable as on 17th August 2007 after waiver the interest and penalty charged on the tele draft, and we were asked to pay 18628/- which was paid by me on behalf of my son. Even though we did not receive any communication on the final settlement, we were not much bothered about it as no further calls were there from the Bank.
But again it had started now and we are asked to pay another Rs.28000 or so. The person who is calling for this purpose is very rude and she has been calling intermittently using all the tactics and is not prepared to listen our side at all. She has been threatening us about legal action etc etc.,
In view of the fact that the interest and late fee calculations on the tele-draft were the major portion of the demand and that, we have paid the amount as worked out by your people in August 2007, I request you to be kind enough to look into the matter and to arrange for the immediate settlement of the issue.
Yours sincerely
Mother of K. Sathish
CHENNAI 600018

SBI Card — Statement Delivery

It is often seen that whenever my outstnading is more than 2000/- the statement is either not delivered or delivered late. The latest being the statement of June 2008 whose atatement is yet not delivered. When I enquired on Call centre it was told that statement was delivered on 27/6/2008 and the same was intimated by INDIAN POST OFFICE to SBI CARDS. which is quite sarcastic that Indian Post office gives delivery report of their normal delivery. This show that your concerned departments are doing some malfunctioning. Kindly look into the matter as due to your fault I will not be giving any late fees.
Not received the bill after 28.04.08.
I understand that there is a 'team' to handle complaints on sbi credit cards but a computerized reply is received as soon as a complaint is acknowledged ststing to wait for 7 days for redressal of grievance/es and then no response is received even after 10 days and I know one case when no response was ever received!
The emails take milli -seconds in delivery/transit and the world is moving at a very rapid pace.And when there is a team to tackle card complaints, the period of seven days is torturing and this aspect sh'd be looked into VERY SERIOUSLY.
i m not reciving my full & final satelment paper.


I too have the same complaint. My name is Krishnan Menon and it is printed as 'krishnamenon'. I've complained to SBI but they are still to act on it.

Just in case SBI has any interest in getting this straightened, please feel free to get in touch with me via email.

hi all
i want to use my sbi card to book railway tickets.i hv access to sbi online.but when i book my ticket thro sbi site it says u cant do this form of rail tickets.So, pplz tell me wat should i do to get it done thru sbi.am i suppose to go to my sbi branch?plz reply me on [protected]@gmail.com.
thanks a lot.

SBI Credit Card — i can't understand how to pay

i am using sbi card last 6 month but every month i get late payment in statement. if i drop cheque in local sbi bank credit card payment it not received you need to call collection agent it charge nearly rs. 100. please do not take any sbi card. they harrased you for no payment

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