[Resolved]  Tata Indicom — Call details

Dear sir,
i want my tata indicom number '[protected]' calls details my id 'name: piyush verma', 'add: 523/40 laddawala, muzaffarnagar' so please sent me a mail of my last 10 days calls details on my mail id: piyushverma.[protected]
thank you
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Aug 13, 2020
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I would like to know where is your branch in Nagpur, Maharashtra so that I can pay my bill, since I am out stationed for some time. Please help me out


TATA Indicom — Disconnection of Postpaid Number

Pls Disconnect my tataindicom postpaid number - [protected]

TATA Indicom — They Barred my connection

My self Anand kumar singh. I am from gurgaon. I taken a Tata Indicom Postpaid connection(Number is : [protected]) in February as per my record u can check i regullarly paid my bill on time. To take a connection I given Following documents.

1. Pan Card Copy
2. Hutch Post Paid Bill Copy
3. Passport Photo Copy
4. My Photograph

But since last friday(16/5/2008) TATA barred my connection. I called in customer care to ask reseaon behind this.
They told me that sir U have another number and u need to pay the bill of that another number.
Then i told them that I do'nt have any other number except this number([protected]).

Then they finally said that sir u kindly visit to my office. Then Friday I went in Tata Office which is in SAHARA MALL Ground Floor, Gurgaon and met to Mr ASHISH and VIVEK.

They fetch my detail and tell me that sir You have another connection. Then i deny him abt another connection.
After that they showes me DMS detail.

In DMS detail Following only PAN card detail Match.
Other than all the detail are missmatch. Like Residence Address, Photograph wht evr he use to take connection.

Note : If that person using my PAN card and in the connection form they using Own Photograph that is missmatch with PAN Card Photo. How can u gve the connection to that person there number is ([protected])

As a address proof the gave you Voter ID card which have Different Ptogaraph.

To discussion abt all thing they told me that sir we can do any thing same thing saided by customer care also.

Only is the basis my Pan Card Mattaching U barred my connection.


Since last 4 days i am very disturbed.

Kindly take action on that.
Dear Mr. Anand,
As per confirmation on telecon with you, your problem has been resolved yesterday afternoon
I buy one tata walky on 8th may 08, no[protected] but after two days it is not working, I was unable to talk with any costumer care officer because of no number I had. Please do it on priority.
Baljeet Singh

TATA Indicom — Cell no is not working

basically i am using tataindicom post paid connection from last 1 month. once i bought it i pay 600 rs for the connection after that home varification happens, as i suggested them i am leaving for official visit so come for verification after two days. they came very next day and they ask my neighbour about me. he told that he is out of station. they block my cell no. Than after my 2 complaints they start my no after 4-5 working after one month i got my first month bill of 482 at my home due date was 26th may and i pay 1000 rs on 24th may as 518 rs advance.but they block my no again.i called customer care for this issues they are telling me that your no is block due to negative verification. tell me if negative verification happens than how can my cell work for one month and how can i get my bill at my billing address. once verification is negative. my connection is still blocked i put three complaints and i get three refrence no. as well. my cell no is [protected].
please help me out.
The customer has confirmed that his issue has been resolved post his complained
no network coverage in gurgaon sec - 6, udyog vihar
my cell no in - [protected].

TATA Indicom — failed to honour the commitments and also give misleading info

I am pissed off due to the services that I am receiving from TATA Indicom..

My phone a.c #[protected]Ph # [protected]) was activated and was suspended on 29 May without I am being informed.

I called 121 and the Sukhdev (Rep) gave me the details that there are no verification details available and that’s why the a.c has been suspended.

I put my points if there is no verifications what can I do? It’s not my fault.

He advised me to speak to the Dealer or to Local TATA Indicom Shoppe.

I tried to call Dealer which was already closed by that time and also visited to Indicom Shoppe in Sector-18, Noida which was closed due to Gujjar's Delhi-NCR Bandh on May 29.

I again called 121 and askd for the Supervisor. Spoke to Sumer Singh and he adv me that the a.c is supended due to negative verifications details. See the surprising update that there is a feedback now on the a.c which was not there an hour ago when I spoke to Sukhdev.

Anyway the reason behind the suspension as per Sumer Singh is that I have to pay the outstanding amt. of a Walky post paid Ph # [protected] which is under a name different name of Manu Joshi on a different address.

Realizing the fact that this Walky phone which being used my me for past more than a year I advised him that I will certainly make the payment by today as I usually make the payment by 28-31 of every month. I advised him again that it should not affect my Mobile phone as rather my Walky should be affected (on the contrary my Walky is services are still continued). They could have discontinued my Walky services instead.

Still there are no reasons what happened and why ??

I have a credit limit of Rs. 3, 700 on Walky and my mobile was suspended for the reason my Walky bill payment was delayed by 3 days. How come TATA Indicom realized that I am not going to make the payment?

Well I have made the payment for the Walky today and there is no outstanding amount. Now as per the committment by Supervisor the mobile services will be activated once the payment is reflecting on the system on the Walky's A.c.

I called customer care again after making the payment through my Cr Card. ...and spoke to Vishal @ 10.35 pm

Vishal admitted that the payment is reflecting the in the system and he also gave me reference no.[protected] and said that the a.c will be activated within 4 hrs. I was waiting for 3 hours without sleeping as i had to make some Urgent calls..

I called again just as an general enq and spoke to Gurdeep and he said that the a.c was supposed to be activated by 4 am on 30 May. (and said that i might have misunderstood the time commitment )

Anyway i called @ 4 am again and i spoke to Satich and he advised me that the a.c will be activated @ 4.38 am instead of 4.00 am as it was writent in the system.

Told him that Gurdeep told me that the a.c will be activatd by 4 am then why 4.38 am?

He realised something and then put me on hold and came back and repeated the story of negativce verification and told me that the a.c can not activated untill the verification is done.

He gave me to contrary information and i have a recording of this call as well..(as i was expecting such kind of drama)

He told the reason of the supension was Payment and when its done he changed and said that it now a negative verification case

I reminded him about the Committment of his supervisor which is already delayed. He did not cared about this.. (I wish i would have recorded the conversation with Supervisor)

He said that now the game is on my side.. and i have to contact my dealer again and submitt the document

The humiliating matter : They forced me to pay the amt for a connection which is not under my name and address (Though i am using it since 12 months as i did not had address proof at the time of purchase of walky). They should have blocked this connection instead of the mobile connection.

And now once i made the payment, they turned the face and started talking about verification and denied to reactivate the connection temperorily (as i had to make some urgent calls) as was promised by the supervisor..

What should i do???
HELP ME plz..!!!

Ashutosh Pandey
My contact no is [protected]
Dear Friends,

After posting the complaints on I received a call from TATA Indicom Local Office showing sympathy and also booked a date for Re-Verification on Monday (June 2, 2008) as per my availability. I am happy that at least some one is going to take some kind of ownership toward the resolution.

After 1 Hour I received a call from Corporate office from a gentleman Mr. Sarfraj Vanoo who shown his willingness to get closer to the resolution... He temporarily unbarred the Mobile a.c and also promised to get into this matter of disconnecting of the a.c due to a false report on the negative verification..

I am pleased with the way he took instant action within 24 hrs. and I appreciate him for his valuable efforts.

A Representative also came for verifications and also met with my room-mate and collected the required documents. but still he requires a copy of the Walky bill which is :

1. not on my name (though I am using it)
2. not on the current address
3. and there is no outstanding amt on the Walky phone a.c .

I am wondering why he requires that ... anyway will be more than happy to provide that as the bill mode is email and I have to provide a hard copy next day.

But still I feel, it is very necessary to find the cause for the human error of providing a false verification report to the TATA Indicom, without doing any verification of the address.

Moreover I am not compensated for the inconvenience caused by TATA Indicom unnecessarily and I was given misleading information from the Supervisor, due to which I had to wait whole night for the activation of the phone.

Some more efforts are required ...

Wishing all the best to the team involved in investigating the matter and hoping to hear something very soon. (and of course, I will post in the comments as well)
i was supposed to get a free bag with tata indicom plug to serve but i have not got it yet
and there is no response from the dealers
my no. is [protected]
my account no is[protected]
Dear sirs kindly disconect my post paid numbers, [protected], [protected], 6535788. Because we are shifting from ludhiana to Ahmedabad. kindly look into the matter and do the needful as early as possible and oblige.
I submitted form for disconnecting my connection on 6-June-08 No.2531 Still nobody neither contacted nor informed about my submission, It is too bad from TATA Indicom response is very slow and very irresponcible.

TATA Indicom — Got abusive/missed calls

i received abusive/missed calls from this no. [protected]. please give me name and address of this no.


I want to register complaint against Tata Indicom Mobile Company; it has been done fraud with me. I received a call from a girl, she was calling from Tata Indicom and offering me a plan for new Tata Indicom Connection, According to her plan I booked two new connections. These two plans were as follows:-

1. Monthly rent 224/-

i. Local Tata to Tata Unlimited free (mobile and landline).
ii. STD 1/- per minute on all phones.
iii. Local 50/- Paise per minute on all phones (landline and Mobile).
iv. 750 Minute Outgoing Free per month in roaming (after 750 minute 50 Paise- will charge).
v. 750 Minute Incoming free per month in roaming (after 750 minute 50Paise- will charge).

2. 2 years rent 900/- and no monthly rent

i. Local Tata to Tata Unlimited free (mobile and landline).
ii. STD 1/- per minute on all phones.
iii. Local 50/- Paise per minute on Mobile and Rs. 1/- on landline.
iv. 750 Minute Outgoing Free per month in roaming (after 750 minute 50 Paise - will charge).
v. 750 Minute Incoming free per month in roaming (after 750 minute 50 Paise - will charge).

I accepted both offer after many times discussion on above mention plan, one Executive named Pawan Kumar came on 27/10/07 to my home and gave me two Connection Pack with Sr. No. [protected] & [protected]. & a receipt of Rs.1400/- . My allotted number were [protected], [protected]. I gave him to my documents (ID Proof, Residence proof) and I gave Rs.1400/- (500/- cash+900/- by cheque) for both connection. A Verification call came to me 2 or 3 times, Finally they ask me another Residence proof, I mailed to him scan residence proof. But till one week my Sims were not activated. I called many times to Pawan but he had no any answer. He gave me some numbers but all were making excuse. Finally I got a number of Mr. Pradeep (a Tata Indicom Excutive) in Activation Department. He told me that both plan are right and will activate soon. On 6-11-07 my sim were activated but both were different plan & different Numbers from allotted to me. Activated Number were [protected] & [protected], Both were Business Silver Plan:-according to it 224/- monthly rent, Local (50/- Paise on Mobile and Rs. 1/- on landline), STD Rs. 2.65/-, in roaming (Rs. 1.75/- incoming and Rs. 2.40/- outgoing). So these were totally different plan from allotted to me.
I called to Tata indicom Costomer Care, Excutive told me that there is no any plan as offered to me. I was surprised, I told to executive for deactivation my nos. After one months I received a Bill of Amount Rs. 130/- I was totally surprised.
I call Pradeep many times but he was not picking phone. Finally I came to know that I caughted by a fraud. Till date, neither I received any amount and nor my no. activated. I have all documents received from Tata Indicom.

I am giving Some no. who called me during this process.

1. [protected]- who offer me plan

2. [protected], 99996082, 83, 84, 85 – Mr. Nikhil /Mr. Sunny Kr./Mr. Prabhas, they called me many times regarding these connections.

3. [protected] – Mr. Pawan Kr. (who gave me two sim connection pack and I gave me Rs.1400/-)

4. [protected] & [protected] Pradeep from Tata Activation Department

5.[protected] verification call came.

6.[protected] – verification call came.
thnx for the info

i was about to take tata's connection...




1) My Walky number 65177040 – The bill is paid as soon as it reaches us. But there are calls to remind us to pay the bill every day from your office, from the numbers 65554302 & 66668400, the first number is from call centre, I believe, while the second one is IVRS. I have lodged a complaint to stop this nuisance, a couple of times. KINDLY DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS, LEST I CANCEL ALL MY CONNECTIONS. In fact, I had 3 connections formerly, i.e, 65177030, 65177040, 65177050, and disconnected the 30 and 50, due to the irritation only. At present my other TATA indicom number is Mobile no [protected] 64545172,

On the 25th, june 2008, I paid Rs 2800 in cash for USB for Plug 2 surf Whiz. One Mr Santhakumar, [protected], [protected], was sent by Ms Anitha, from 65554302, to take my order. The order form number is 00477800, it is from Kilpauk Zone, chennai, I believe. On the 26th itself, Sim was sent activated and sent to me, while I am trying to get my modem, running to pillar and post, but no one to give me proper reply.

Kindly take necessary action before I approach the Consumer Court regarding the same.

Thanking you,

F J X Yucrest.
Due to some problem I want to disconnect my mobile postpaid connection


Please disconnect this as early as possible.

Thanking you

Bharat Tiwari

TataIndicom — Excess bill(july 12) 09234002788

I cheked my unbill info as on 21st june it was 458, but on next day it was grow up by 1061 & very next day it show at 1424. I inform your cust. associate mr. Robin they assure me that it will be rectified very soon but it cann't at till date. If it not will rectified within two days i will approched TRAI.

TATA Indicom — NDNC

I have registered for NDNC to Tata Indicom. Its almost about One month. The customer care executive told me that I will not receive any unwanted SMS or Call after 27th June. But Still I am getting SMSs...
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