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[Resolved]  Tata - SBI Credit Card — Complaint against tata-sbi credit card.

Hi, i am shilpi from delhi.
I was holding a tata-sbi credit card.
I am very very very frustated with services of this card.
First of all, anytime i drop my check in some drop box,it gets misplaced.
And after doing lots and lots of effort,when i managed to pay my due amout and confirming due balance as zero from customer support executive, tata sbi credit card. I again kept on getting messages for this card that my due balance was 4000.
After many days,i got a call from an executive named sapna (Her mobile no is [protected]), she told me that the whole settement would be done in rs 500.I told her that i had already paid the full amount.
She said, to close the account,i need to pay this amount. She assured me that this stupid card account would get closed once i do the said payment.
I was so much annoyed that i decided to pay rs 500,as my life had become a hell dur to this card.
I paid the said amount to an executive named vivek([protected]) and also surrendered my acrd to him.

Then after months of doing follow up with sapna, i did not get any positive response from her. She always told me that it has been processed, it would be done soon. I was so much fed up with her irresponsible response.

Then one day, i again got a call from tata-sbi cards, that my due amount is around rs 6000 and i have to pay it.

I then called sapna to know about what the hell is going on there.
When i asked her about the due balance, she told me that she has left the tata-sbi credit card company and she has joined a new company. Now she can not do anything.
She said she would talk to her boss in tata-sbi credit cards.

I again called her after 2 days.When i asked her about what has happened.She said she has talked to her boss.
I was so much shocked,when i asked her whether she has the credit card no or my full name or my mobile no and she had none of them.
I gave her all these things and requested to do the needful.She said she would call me back.

After waiting for her call, i called her.She picked up my phone after a long time and when i asked her, she said now she is not bothered about all this. I asked her that she had left the company only some time back, whereas i had done the payment so many months ago. She was not interested to hear anything.
Now everytime i call her, she tells me the same thing that she would talk to her boss in tata-sbi credit cards.
I asked her to give me the concerned person's contact no or mail id,so that i can take the initiative at my end. But she never gave me that.
I called at tata-sbi card toll free no([protected]) also, but no bosy was ready to do anything.

N again, yesterday i got a sms on my mobile from tata-sbi credit cards,that my due balance is around rs 7000.
Hopeless, but i again called her today,so many times i did call her but she is not picking up my phone.

Please take this compaint seriously as this is a "dhabba" on the name of honesty and on the name of "tata- sbi".
My life has got hell and i m feeling very helpless :-(.

Also, in between, i had dropped a mail to customer.[protected] but what reply i got from there, please find the mail attached below to see yourself.........................
Everytime, i drop a mail to customer.[protected] , i get the same reply from feedback.[protected] write that i should write to customer.[protected]

What a joke is this, i don't understand. But my life has got miserable......

Please see the mail below...............................................................

From shilpi goyal <shilpi.[protected]> hide details 3/27/07
To customer.[protected]
Date mar 27, 2007 9:20 am
Subject fwd: 'caseid=[protected]'urgent -- regarding tata sbi card outstanding balance !

Please find the original mail that i had written, attached below and reply asap.


[protected] forwarded message[protected]
From: feedback.Gesbi <feedback.[protected]>
Date: mar 22, 2007 8:28 am
Subject: re:'caseid=[protected]'urgent -- regarding tata sbi card outstanding balance !
To: shilpi goyal <shilpi.[protected]>

22 march 2007

Dear ms.Shilpi ,

Thank you for writing to sbi cards.

This is with reference to your communication dated march 09 2007 regarding your sbi card account.

Sbi card related: in case of any queries on the tata credit card, we would request you to write at customer.[protected] without altering the subject line or call our 24 hours, 7 days a week, at our local helpline number 60008000 or[protected]For bsnl and mtnl users).

Yours sincerely

Manager - customer service
I had written....

I am shilpi from gurgaon. I am using tata sbi card with acrd no [protected] and i am very upset with the services provided.
In the month of september ,i had dropped the check in one of the drop boxes in noida but after 15-20 days i came to know that the check had been misplaced.
Then i talked to the customer care executive and posted a check to the delhi address.Again for another 20-25 days,the amount did not get debited from my account. I talked to customer care executive and i was asked to again do stop payment for the check.
Then in the month of november, i again dropped a check in gurgaon drop box and paid the full amount i.E rs 23,300 as per the outstanding balance at that time told by the customer care executive and had confirmed it with the customer care executive as well that now due balance is zero.
After bearing all this headache and also paying my bank the charges for stop payment of check for 2 times, i got card statement this month showing rs 4000 as the due balance.

I talked to the customer acre executive again. She looked the whole case history and agreed that mistake has been done at your end.
She told me that the bank got my previous checks after i did stop payment of my checks, so they ahd levied the charges for check bouncing and put interest for the whole amount of rs 23,300 and the interests for the subsequent months counted to be rs 4000.

She gave me this mail id and told me that the problem would be solved definitely.
I am very muich frustated with all this insensible service and want to cancel my card just now.
Respond to me at the earliest possible or i have to take some strict action.

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Aug 13, 2020
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I am Sridevi. I have done my whole due amount whatever I spent and not spend also. Then my total outstanding was zero.
Later, again I received a message from SBI tata card that My due amount is 280, when I was not done any payment. It's happening often with this card and still I am trying to reach them so many times to block my card, but this stupid card customer executive's are not connecting the call.

Seriously this irresponsible response not at all tolerable.

Executioners, please post here your mobile number or land line number which we can reach you out to resolve our problem. Please do needful.

Many Thanks in Advance.
Very bad experience with SBI card. They have deducted annual fees for the renewed card however not yet sent the card. one year gone. EMI calculation is also defective and they keep sending wrong statements and charge unknown fees for certain cheques. Very poor service and cooperation.
N. Harish
Site No. 9 & 10, C. L. Layout
D.R.C. Post
Bangalore – 560 029.

SBI Credit Card Division

Sub : renewal of Credit Card No. [protected]

Dear Sir or Madam:

With reference to the above subject, I hereby bring to your kind notice that, though my existing card has expired long back, still I have not received my new credit card. In this regard I have spoken to your phone banking people several times. Whenever I call I used to get the same reply that my card has been dispatched already and I will receive in 2or 3 days. Almost 5 months are over still I have not received my card.

If you have dispatched the card, please provide me the details of courier POD number.

Please tell me about the same and also request you to inform about the same that should I keep making payment or wait for the new card. I want immediate reply from your side.

Thanking you

Yours truly,


credit cards — Distributing through Phone calls

I am getting phone calls from the number :[protected] ... and if we say that we are not intrested they are asking for reference and if we dont give the ref. the girls are scolding us... and if you scold back they are calling from different numbers and disturbing us... please help me.... i am getting mentally upset of these type of phone calls....

SBI Credit Card — Bill without credit card

Recently I revived a letter from SBI informing me that a credit card is being sent to you, which I till date have not received.

However I had not made any application to SBI for any type of credit card. Now I have received a bill asking to make payment.

One Mr. Salim telephoned me about making enquirers for the SBI card. I told him all the details and requested to cancel the card. Now again I received another bill.

What to do now and where to make complaint about this as this was done last year also?

SBI Credit Card — wrongly written by executive about check details

my sbi card no is [protected],i paid the bill by check on[protected] check no:975831 of state bank of saurasrashtra amount 19,123 rupees. the collection executive name srinath of hyderabad branch written wrongly the card number on cheque ,but written correctly on reciept numbered 9790956.
his contact number is [protected](srinath number-collection executive).

we already made complaint regaring this through online and in bank also.but on 19th november i recieved letter regarding payment of amount as 38,915.52. i didnot use a single rupee of take serious action on this ,i[censored] have any queries you can ontact me on [protected].

SBI Credit Card — Regarding fake communication from SBI representative

Dear Desk,

Myself Mohammad Mutahar from Lucknow is having a SBI card no [protected]. This is to confirm you that Rs. 11638.00 was due on my card against which I have deposited a cheque no. 311596 at your drop box on 22nd Nov'07 for clearance, but on 24th Nov'07 I received a phone call from one of your representative saying that due to some reasons we are unable to collect cheque from drop box and we are sending a representative for cheque collection. He also confirmed me that if you will pay Rs. 9800.00 it will be considered as final payment. In this regard he also confirmed that it will not charge any cheque collection charges or late fee and with in an hour your cheque collector Mr. Vimleash Saini (SBI ref. no 50004) came to me for cheque collection. I handed over a cheque no. 311598 for Rs. 9800.00 to him against collection Book No. 202064 Receipt No. 10103182 and same has been cleared from my account on 27th Nov'07.

But in this month I've received Credit Card Statement showing an outstanding amount of Rs. 2409.29 with description as mentioned below.

Cheque pick up fee Rs. 61.80
Payment dishonor fee Rs. 337.08
Interest charges on purchase Rs. 43.30
Finance charges Rs. 190.44

I need confirmation for below mentioned points :

1- When your representative asked for a cheque of Rs. 9800.00 as final payment then why outstanding amount is showing in my statement?
2- Why Cheque collection charges, payment dishonor fee and other interest are reflecting in my statement?
3- Who is responsible for this type of fake communication?
4- Why should I've to pay dues of Rs. 2408.29 ?

Revert all dues from my account and confirm.
SBI credit card division

sub: Renewal of credit card no[protected]
Dear sir/madam,
My credit card is expairing on 31December 2007.Now i wish to renew my card for afurther period of 3 years so please renew my credit card for afurther period of 3 years and send me a new credit card as early as possible

yours faithfully
V chandrasekharan

SBI Credit Card — Getting Calls from SBI Credit Card even after registering for Do Not Disturb

I have registered for SBI Credit Card Do not Disturb almost one month back. Inspite of that I am getting calls on My Mobile Number. As per the form filled I should have not got any calls after 30 days. Please let me know what I should do next to stop getting calls on my mobile number.

SBI Credit Card — SBI Credit Card-confusing statements + extra charges

I informed customer care executive on phone to disable my add on card and insurance 3-4 months before, but still why are you charging for the add on card and insurance ? Again, At the time of getting credit card, your executive told that its free for life time. then, why are you charging annual fee ?


SBI Credit Card — Charging of bill without card via SMS

I applied for SBI CR. CARD in OCT2007. In the month of Nov. i received a SMS stating that a card bearing no [protected] has been sent to me. But,i have not received the card till now. I am surprised to get a SMS after somedays stating that my SBI Card bill of Rs.280.9 with due date on 30 Nov 2007 has been dispatched. If a company like SBI starts doing this type irresponsible work, we people will think twice, thrice before applying in SBI. [protected]Dr. PRADIP SAIKIA, GUWAHATI, ASSAM

SBI Credit Card — Do not hold credit card but recieving the messages of credit dues

My Name is Kavita Shende. I do not hold SBI Credit card . No body has delivered any credit card to me yet. As i have never recieved the credit card, there is no question of doing any transactions or credit purchase on the never recieved credit card. But since last two dayd I am continuously recieving the messages on my mobile number from SBI CARD: stating "Your statement dated 03-FEB08 has been dispatched and there is a O/S of RS 247.7. This is ridiculous. Kindly look into this issue on priority . Where is the credit and from where thsi Oustanding amount has come.
I have Credit card No.[protected]. I am not to wish to continue this. Please canceleed this number and lock that this number. and also not give to any transaction to this number.
Thank you,

Door.No.9, Sri Venkateshwara Nilaya
Near Standard School,
Basaveshwara Road,
T. dasarahalli, Bangalore 560057 Ph. No. [protected]
my card no is [protected]. i m using this card since oct 2007 and still did not recieved its atm pin. regarding this i placed many complaints but got not any responce from your side.
while there is not any mistake of my mailing address according to your data. i realised such a very very bad experiance to have card like that.
pramod tiwar
Tata Card is really bad...Even i am being un-necessarily being charged ....

My card number is [protected] ... Please let me know the procedure to cancel my card... Also note that i will not be paying the late-charges, which i am not liable for....

Please mail me on [protected] and let me know the procedure to cancel my card...

SBI Credit Card — Waiting for zero balance

I have paid settlement Amt. rs.6000/ sep 07. But still i am receiving statement every month also receiving now demand notice of layer.last three month toll free no. and authority person saying that it will be zero very soon.But still not. card No. [protected]

SBI Credit Cards — Mistaken phone no. on somebody others card

This is very rare case of tel-calling harrasment.

I don't have any Credit cards to my name of any company. Still I am getting calls from SBI Credit Cards for making payment, because some Mr. Abhishek sharma has mistakenly given my Mobile no. to them as his no.
From last one year I am getting these calls & SMSs. Initailly I tried to make them understand that the Phone No. belongs to me not to Mr. Abhishek Sharma. But they are fail to understand. I am getting atleast 3-4 calls per day for making payments. I still tell them that they had called on a wrong no. But they are unwilling to amend the no. in their record.

will anybody listen to my complaint.
Card no. of Mr. Abhishek Sharma is XXXX_XXXX_XXXX_8257


Axis Bank Credit Card — Un wanted service charges & no response after several time of complain

I am having a gold plus card which was given me without tiling properly about charges
Annual fee & joining fee . after complain several time no axon taken now the charges with interest become 6 thousand rupees. Kindly help me
Wheh. After reading all the above I am thankful that though they have sent me the card but since the name written is wrong, I am not being able to use it. I had put the complaint when I had rcvd the card, but without any responce. Thankgod the services are so bad I feel after reading all the above I was saved.

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