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[Resolved]  Tata Sky Dth Services — TATASKY Services-Hell services

The biggest mistake of my life is to trust Tatasky and taking it's connection.
I strongly believe that Tata group has become a corrupted company where one can find only sycophants.

I am not getting tatasky connectivity for the last 5 days and have called Customer Care 25-30 times.
Everytime I call,they say that an Engineer will be arranged at the earliest which never happens.
Can't understand that in the last 5 days,Tatasky failed to arrange someone.The excuses are different all the time when I called up.
Every time only assurance is given that the Engineer will reach in next half an hour or 1 hour or in next 15 minutes.
But noone turns up.5days are wasted including Saturdays & Sundays.I wonder hoe much do Tatasky lie to customers.

Again when I calls,my call is being transferred to so called Managers but no action takes place. My query remains the same.
The only thing which is common in all the calls is "Sorry".I don't need any apologises from the company who don't keep there words and is a LIAR.

I am paying fOr the servies of Tatasky without utilising the facilities. What a great way of making money.
Seems a big money is being made in this manner from all the customers.
Tatasky is a FRAUD who finds different ways to make big money by unethical ways.

Moreover I am being assured that I will be getting a call from the Senior Manager but in all the 20-25 calls,it wasn't made.
I have wasted my hard earned money in calling Customer care and taking connection of Tatasky.
Even I am charged for the last 5 days for which I didn't utilised the services.
A lot of time has been wasted all final result is nothing.
And Who will pay for the call charges of my mobile which acconted to 9-10 hours. Can someone answer ??????

Truly speaking, Tatasky has failed in every department to deliver the quality services and is the worst.
Even the local TV operators are far better than Tatasky services.

Is this the TATA brand or a fraudulent company. All the good name earned by Mr.Ratan Tata is being brought down by the worst services.
Is there any gentle person in TATA Group of companies to take the responsibility and resolve a customer query or the TATA group has also got corrupted.

I will like to rate the Tatasky on the following parameters

Quality of Service 0/100
Quality of Assurance 0/100
Trustworthyness 0/100
Capability to resolve issue 0/100
Keeping Customer promises 0/100

What a pathetic services by Tatasky...
Tag line must be changed to .. Get Tatasky...Hell is here !!!

Comparatively, services of Bharti Airtel DTH services are too good from Tatasky DTH.
I believe Tatasky shall learn some etiquettes how to get better in all field.

As a responsible citizen, I have put my words.

Jai Hind !
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Tata Sky — Biggest mistake in my life

I decided to Buy Tatasky over Dish TV because, of the credibility of Tata brand in the market.But within two days i realised it's wrong.Base package has very less channels.. more add on packages..The best option if you are in Bangalore is Hathway set top box..only 1000/- installation fees..200 channels and normal monthly cable charges...or else Dish TV.More channels and reliable...


I had an online transaction (througn credit card) with tata sky on July 25, 2008.(Transaction Id:[protected].They confirmed that the Tata Sky Tool Box will be deliveded to me in Maximum 72 Hrs.As of today, I have not received the product.I tried to call their customer care center at Bangalore and Chennai, but nobody picked up the call.Finally on August 2, Mignight I called the Delhi Number and they assused me the they are filing a complaint against the Tata Sky Office at Bangalore and my Hardware will be delivered to me soon.On August 3, I called a tata sky representative but refused to speak with me.As of now, I am still waiting for the hardware and have got no response from their side.


Dear sir
My DTH ID NO [protected] is not working since 03/09/08, and I have complaint in your helpline but that is not responding.


Dear sir,
I have paid Rs 3999 vide credit card to TATASKY DTH HARDWARE. Order no is[protected]. Instead of so many attempts no body from there centralised phone line is responding properly. They are not giving assurance for hardawre delivery and installation. Tatasky have placed casual person to respond quarires hence these persons are helpless. I visited their website. It is sorry to tell that no contact address, name of senior person and phone number of senior person or alternative phone number or address/location of company is mentioned. Can you help me how and where I can approach for further relief. Thanks

tata sky dth services — Hardware not received even after 4 days of payment

Dear Sir,

I had sent two mails earlier on your site too but there has been no response from you. Again letting you know that I had subscribed to Tata Sky on Monday and have already paid by credit card. I have not received the box yet even though more than 72 hours have passed. I was assured that I shall be receiving my receiver/box with in 48-72 hours. I was told 72 hours is on the extreme end (for rural areas) and in Metros like Delhi I shall get it within 48 hours. Even though more than 96 hours have passed, I have not received my receiver/box till now. Yesterday after 72 hours had elapsed, I was told that the box shall be delivered within 24 hours. Even today when I called up, they said that the box will be delivered in another 24 hrs. My request no is [protected].

I basically wanted to see Indo Shri Lanka matches and have already missed out the 2nd and third matches.

Ashok Kumar

TataSky DTH SErvices — Hardware not received even after payment

Dear Sir,

I had subscribed to Tata Sky on Monday and have already paid by credit card. I have not received the box yet even though more than 72 hours have passed. I was assured that I shall be receiving my receiver/box with in 48-72 hours. I was told 72 hours is on the extreme end (for rural areas) and in Metros like Delhi I shall get it within 48 hours. On their site also they have displayed that the hardware will be delivered within 72 hours. Even though more than 96 hours have passed, I have not received my receiver/box till now. My request no is [protected]. Yesterday (after 72 hours of payment) I was told that the Box shall be delievered within another 24 hours. But nothing happened and when I called today (after 96 hours of payment) I was again told to be patient and that the hardware will be delivered within another 24 hours.

I dont know how long do I wait for it now. I basically wanted to watch Indo-Srilanke matches and have already missed third and fourth match.

Can you kindly initiate some action to restore consumer trust?? Otherwise people will stop all payments in advance. We call ourselves a growing nation but the systems need to be in place to ensure that customers are not aken for granted. Tis consumer forum was a great hope but from the kind of repeated complaints that I see here, it looks its not being very affective. On receiving such complaints there need to be detrent punishment to ensure that there is accountability on the guys running the coys. After all these business houses are making profits from us (the consumers). So why shoudlnt they be held accountable??? Why shouldnt they be made to pay deterent penalties???

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerly

Ashok Kumar
I have read quite a few of the other compaints too and find that tatasky is quite unnerved by their non attending to their customers requests

Dilshad Panwala

Tata Sky D2H — Service of engineer

My set top box of Tata sky dish TV not showing proper pitchers from last 30days I complained at their call centre on 27th April, visit my place next day(28th April, 2010) before 06.30pm and also gave me ref no which was[protected].engineer told to as he coming next day morning
On 29th April, 2010 I waited up to 12 noon but engineer not came. and company charge me Rs.350 visiting charges I again called at their call centre to complain regarding inefficiency of their engineer and visiting charges then told me that the tacking again 1 more complaint and the assured that within 24 hrs the problem will be solved. As of now the situation is still the same
5 time my complaint they took.
1stComplaint no. 1-[protected]
2ndComplaint no. 1-[protected]
3rd Complaint no.1- [protected]
4th Complaint no. 1-[protected]
5th Complaint no. 1-[protected]
All service like blue sheet no one understanding customer problem all r just doing time pass.
The not giving proper info.
yes is true we all r faching same problam

Tata Sky — Worst Service and Fraud Service

I, Debabrata Pal (Subs ID: [protected]). On 26th April I have relocated from Delhi to Kolkata and hence I made request to

Tata Sky to reinstall Dish Antenna at my present address:
Aelite Co Operative Housing Society
3, Bidhan Sishu Sarani
Block - 4, Flat - 422
Kolkata - 700054

The Service Request numbers are given below
Service Request No. 1-[protected] 5th May, 2010
Service Request No. 1-[protected] 11th May, 2010
Service Request No. SR[protected] 14th May, 2010

After raising three Service Requests nobody respond against those request. And surprisingly the Service Request

SR[protected] has automatically been closed on 17th May without responding against this request. I really can't believe

organization can do such fraud with the customers. Therefore, I am expecting my money back from Tata Sky.

M: +91-[protected]


Tata Sky — wrong amount & service discontinued

My subscriber ID is [protected].

Last week Tata sky deducted incorrectly amount of Rs 1000 from my account instead of Rs 450 which has been authorised in work order for re-loaction. This brought down by balance to (-ve). Inspite of raising complaint with Tata sky cutomer care no action was taken and eventually they deactivated my account.

Even after speaking to their team leader Mr. Masoor Nizzamudin, contact center pune, I couldn't get any assurance that my acoount will activated. He only mentioned of escalting the issue but unfortunately he can't actiavte my service even though it is their fault !!!!


unfortunate Tatasky customer,

TATA SKY DTH SERVICE — Subscription paid but service not received

I, Amit Bandyopadhyay bought Tata Sky Digicomp-MPEG-4 ( ID no. is [protected]) by paying Rs.1600/- from Sales Emporium (South), 226, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata-700060 for watching World Cup Football matches live vide bill no-CR/01056/6/[protected] dated[protected] along with a SONY TV under which two months service was promised to be provided. Before expiry of three months service I paid Rs.1100/- for extension of same service for 6 months as per schedule of charges provided in the Tata Sky website after consulting their helpline lady official and the package name and period of service was mentioned clearly in the payment details.Immediately on payment I got a message in my mobile( [protected]) that same service will be extended for 3 months only ending on[protected] actual date should have been[protected].I again contacted through helpline number and the same lady told me that package charge is Rs550/- for three months and I have paid Rs.1100/- so service will be provided for six months and a revised message will come to me within 48 hours as the previous message was sent by mistake. In fact within 48 hours I received a revised message that service will be provided up to[protected] but no explanation was given for reducing for deviation from actual date of providing service that is up to[protected]. On[protected] Tata Sky discontinued service. I tried their helpline number time and again but could not reach their officials. Two telephone numbers mentioned by Sales Emporium (South) as[protected] and[protected] was also found not working . After Contacting Sri Amit Dutta of Tata Sky posted at Sales Emporium over his mobile number-[protected] I got a numbers where Sri Prasanta Mitra talked to me and advised to talk to Sri Saurav Ghosh over his mobile number [protected] but Sri Ghosh told me that he is too busy and it does not come under his duty to help any subscriber. I then lodged complain logging in the Tata Sky Website vide no- SR[protected] dated[protected] and SR[protected] on[protected] stating details. On[protected] one of their lady official contacted me over my mobile and told that it is true that they have received Rs.1100/- but the name of the scheme was not mentioned by me by an additional e-mail to them and so they have provided some special service like learning English Games etc. plus service tax for which company does not care to provide any documentary evidence and all the money has been exhausted plus the company has provided excess service worth of Rs 26/-. She straightway refused any incidence of message sent by the company or any conversation made by any helpline official at the time of payment as per their record. The moral of the story is very clear that I have lost my money and when I told that this is a case of deficiency of service and as per Consumer Protection Act my right has been ignored then she said at best one months free service may be provided and that too from when not mentioned. The complains are lying pending, Service discontinued and under such circumstance I received a mail on[protected] that they cannot contact me for non availability of my mobile number where their official has contacted me on[protected]. I have sent mail to them on[protected] but no one cared to contact me again. DTH service is something which is a in separable part of human life now a days and they understand that if matter is lingered consumer will be compelled to bow down against his family pressure.This is crime and I understand that the company has outsmarted me. I would therefore request you for a remedy please at the earliest.

Tata Sky DTH — Service of DTH

I am Ram Pal Meena and am costumer ot Tata Sky DTH - My ID No. [protected]. I have made payment for recharge of my DTH service vide TXED [protected] but serivices are not resumed.

Kindly get my services re-started.
You can address your complaint to tata sky’s official handle @tatasky. They will get in touch with you and assist you accordingly. I once faced an issue where I paid for the package amount but my account was de-activated. I tweeted regarding this complaint and tata sky immediately responded to my tweet. All I had to do is submit my subscriber ID. The customer service team instantly gave a callback and my account was activated. I suggest you too should provide your subscriber ID either here or tweet regarding your issue with this complaint link. I am sure they will look into your matter and resolve your issue.

Tata Sky — tatasky no on

hello sir madam 7day not tata sky off soy daily coll castmare care not reple

Tata Sky — no signal after being recharged

there is sufficient balance in my tatasky subs ID [protected]. even after repeated request with your call center fom 20 Apr onwars the same is not resolved

Tata Sky — our Tata Sky Chanal not working last one week

I coomplaint Regularry last one week but non representative ansaring about this totally tata Sky Channe totaly close, your compant not give satisfactory service to customer. please hope you give satisfactory service

Set Top Box is not working

Respected Sir Tata Sky set top box is not working.

Tatasky ID 1087110456

No one is available on phone to take down complaints. The connection is not working even though charge amount is paid.

Really problem

realy vibrating

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