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 kartik_suku on Jan 30, 2011
We had send Regd. Letters in Nov.2010 for refund of full amount. UNITECH has sent a letter on 25th Jan. 2010 threatening to forefeit our hard-earned money of Rs.1.50 Lac. The letter does not contain the name of the staff who has signed the letter. The letter is silent about the valid legal documents we asked for. Nor it has the reference about the worst service provided by them.
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i too agree with you that he did not even show me the master plan and whenever i talked about the loan through nationalised or reputed banks he said they wont give. i dont understand how such a big company has started construction without any approval. even the bank person is saying the approval will come in ten days time. but still i am not convinced. it will be better to go with any promoter who have valid documents in their hand
Please note that you would anyway be paying the first couple of instalments from your pocket, that shouldn't be an issue.

Subsequently, in case you are able to pay 100% of the amount from your pocket AND WAIT TILL THE COMPLETION OF THE PROJECT PATIENTLY then also, no issues.

The problem comes only when you need finance. NO PUBLIC SECTOR BANK WILL EVEN COME NEAR TO FINANCING Unitech Nallampakkam, due to certain practices of Unitech. I had tried many of them. But I HAD TO CHOOSE ONE FROM AMONGSTS THOSE PRIVATE FINANCIERS WHO HAD APPROVED Unitech Nallampakkam. THERE"S NO ALTERNATIVE. SO, I chose HDFC.


THATS NOT ALL. Even when Unitech leaves you high and dry after you sign in, they don't worry about whether you get loan or not. Even when you don't get a loan disbursed because of Unitech's incompetency (Or deliberate cheating???) still THEY ASK YOU TO KEEP ON PAYING, ELSE THEY LEVY YOU PENAL INTEREST !!! Every 15 days, they send you a notice !

AND to top it all, speak to the Sales Manager, he will tell you, he is responsible only for selling and not for approvals !!! Though no one attends to your calls, AFTER YOU BOOK THE FLAT !
I had a booking at Unihome 1 one flat 715 sqft, booked at March 2011, due to financial problem written to Uni tech chennai money of 158 thousand, but so far no proper reply, Also you become in , don't worry my friend Chennai Uni tech Office Staff are lucky, They will cheat you as you are NRI, don't cry.once money reach their CITI BANK then it is not yours.

As a overseas employee you call through phone, they will divert to other number, you will hear the company Ring tone, staffs are not interested to lift the NRI phone, they know you can n't reach them immedeatly

keep the phone and tell the story to your friends.
Sorry to hear that, don't worry.

There will be a day soon when these guys are going to cry, let us all wait for that and then we'll have it back from them. That day is not far off when Unitech is going to pay for all these.
And mind you, they anyway don't respond irrespective of whether you are an NRI or not. So that way, their ill-treatment is very fair !
It gest interesting !

Unitech suggested me four financiers of which I chose HDFC. Then HDFC sanctioned the loan, but couldn't disburse it, as Unitech didn't obtain all necessary approvals. Three months I kept on getting letters levying me interest for a payment that HDFC couldn't pay, becuase Unitech hasn't got all the clearances.

Suddenly there are two interesting developments:

1. I start getting nasty call / visits from persons calling themselves Unitech's recovery agents ! Don't know what they are trying to recover. In fact, I should be recovering my money from a criminal organization like Unitech.

2. I also get calls from Unitech's own office, asking me to change the financier now, because a different financier is willing to go ahead and sanction the loan without all those clearances !

Well, a lesson for others !!!
Hi Guys

I am planning to book a 2 BHK project in Unhomes in Nallambakam .
Please let me know if I am taking the right decision

Unitech officials are saying the possesion of phase 1 (500 flats) will be there after 6 months i.e. June'2012. Possession of remaining 500 flats will take another 18 months. Posession of Unihomes phase 2 will take another 18 months, Even in the application form they dont have any option about the delay in possession by the Builder, everything is for the consumer. Like other builders have some agrement of paying some minimal rent per sq ft, Unitech does not have any provision. Dunn know wats going to happen. Did a mistake of booking the flat there.
Unitech built the building very very slow. only 5 to 8 member only working in the site. They built the house without pillar. How they build like this. ??????.
Still date Land registration is not started. But so many people give the money. why they do like this?
Thanks for all your comments.I enquired with hdfc bank, and now they said this project has been approved. Seniors, any suggestions please. shall i go a head with this project.
project approved means, u ask when they finish the construction, because in the agreement they clearly informed as 36 months like that. please go through the agreement one time sir.
Hi Mr.Swamy,

Thanks for your comment. My work place is very near to this, that's what i am paying attention to this. Unitech people said that, they will complete first 500 in 6 months and next 500 in 18 months. sorry i dont have a chance to look into the agreement. i could understand that i shouldnt have to get into this project, just thought of sharing the info.
Still date Land registration is not started. But so many people give the money. WHAT HEAD OFFICE DOING
Hi All,
Could anybody please confirm that you have got your cheque released for your loan through hdfc or any other banks.
HDFC BANK released on contruction method only, i.e part by part. NOT FULLY
If you want full 80% building amount y means contact ICICI BANK & DEUTECH BANK.
Sir u go to ICICI BANK or DEUTECH BANK and confirm the eligible amount as bank loan then u give the advance to unitech.Before u book the house, submit your documents bank( ex ; payslip, bank statement, id and adress proof). The above 2 banks get contruction documents directly from unitech.

so confirm from the bank regading eligible amount then give the advance.Beacuse unitech staffs are Arragont in collecting the amount with penal interest. so confirm the eligible from the bank. This is my humble request.
Hi Guys,

I have also booked an 2BHK apartment in unihome chennai, NO PROGRESS IN CONSTRUCTION...only few peoples are working.

Good that, they have called for registration and done with my registration under UDS registration...I asked them about the completion of project, they told like...Phase I will be completed by June 2012 and will be handovered to the customers and then Phase II...

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