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 Rayomand Amalsadiwala
Dear Madam/Sir,

I have a mediclaim policy o[censored]NITED INDIA INSURANCE LTD., the details of which
are as follows -
Policy Holder – Percy E Amalsadiwala
EMSL ID - UI-GOLD[protected]
POLICY NO - 181302/48/09/97/00000262
SUM INSURED - RS.50,000/-

The patient was suffering from Fissures and Anal Spasm & was operated by Dr. Mukund Patel on 18-Nov-2009 & discharged on 19-Nov-2009.
The Doctor went out-of-station soon after few days of operation. On his return in-spite of being informed that the claim papers have to be submitted within 7 days of the patient being discharged, the Doctor denied to sign the claim papers & insisted that the same should be filed only after the completion of treatment. (We made him read condition 5.4 of the Policy that clearly states that the claim papers & all supporting documents should be filed within 7 days of the patient being discharged, but of no avail).

The Doctor signed the claim papers only on 04-Dec-2009 & gave us a certificate for the completion of treatment & we submitted the same on 07-Dec-2009 i.e. within 3 working days. Discharge card & all the invoices were given by the Doctor on 04-Dec-2009 only. Hence the claim was filed by us on 07-Dec-2009.

We got a Query Letter(attached herewith) dated -13-Jan-2010, from E-Meditek; asking us for the reason of late submission of file & in reply to which we gave them a letter on 03-Feb-10, explaining the above mentioned reason.(Attached herewith – Reply to Query Letter).
(Please note that the Query Letter didn’t reach our address & I collected the same from Mr.Vijay, E-Meditek-Surat on 27-Jan-10).

After few days of the submission of the reply to their Query Letter, Mr.Vijay verbally informed me that the claim has been rejected on the basis of late submission of file. I met Mr.Ashish, (Manager, E-Meditek, Surat) who told me to get a letter from the Doctor mentioning that it was his (Doctor’s) mistake & the same would not be repeated again but the Doctor denied to give the same & on the contrary challenged the rule(that the claim papers & all supporting documents should be filed within 7 days of the patient being discharged)itself. The Doctor maintained, “the Claim papers should be submitted only after the completion of treatment which have been done & hence my duty is fulfilled”. He advised us to challenge the insurance company in the consumer court.

Now in a rift between the Insurance Co. & the Doctor, it is finally the policy-holder who has to suffer. The Doctor & the TPA (E-Meditek) are unwilling to communicate directly with each other & on the contrary the Insurance Company has rejected our claim in-spite of being informed about the genuine reason for the late submission of file.

If the Doctor knowingly disregards & ignores the Insurance Company’s rule, is that the policy-holder’s fault?
Why doesn’t the Insurance Company directly communicate with the Doctor?
Due to the purposeful & sheer ignorance of the Insurance Company (& E-Meditek) and the unessential adamance of Doctor, the Policy-holder has to suffer(mentally as well as financially).

We were waiting for the “NO CLAIM LETTER” which we got only on 18-Mar-10(which is very blur & cannot be read easily), after around 1 month of being verbally informed that the claim has been rejected.

I request the concerned authority to interfere in this matter and help us get our well deserved claim. I also request you to take stringent actions against the Insurance Company & the TPA (E-MEDITEK) for unnecessarily rejecting the claim & harassing the Policy-holder.

Hope you understand the matter & act on it as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards,
Rayomand Amalsadiwala
(Patient’s Son)
Mob – [protected]/[protected]

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Dear sir,
i have to inform u that sum person is using ur duplicate policy for froud for third-party insurence.As a citizen of india i am sending u his imformation.SHIVPRASAD GUPTA employed of religare securities kanpur (up).
i don't need any feed back.please do sourceful

any gi agent
United india Insurancr co.ltd
From Nisha Rathore
4, Pratham Vatika, Nr, Manglya society Opp;Yash Complex, Gotri Road, Vadodra390021 MNO:[protected]

Sub: Submission of Original Documents for theft of my VehicleNO GJ6VV-4461 and Original copy FR NO:1 25/09 taken from godhra court of A-pending Final Summary.
Respected Sir,

In Connection with above subject, I the undersigned Mrs. Nisha Rathore wife of Dinesh Singh Rathore resi. at above mentioned address and my dumper No:GJ6-VV-4461 has been stolen and regarding the said dumper.I have submitted all necessary documents as per your requirment. But till today you have not sent me cheque of Rs:15, 00, 000/- the insurance amount of our vehicle. My insurance PolicyNO is 190881/31/09/01/00000398. for the period date 02/05/09 to01/05/2010 and now I have no original document regarding the said vehicle in my custody.and I have handed over all original documents to you . Therefore you are requested to send me cheque of Rs:15, 00, 000/- at your earliest without any delay.

Although I have ofen informed you to send me above mentioned cheque regarding my claim you have not acted accordingly, therfore you are again requested to send me the said cheque regarding my claim at your earliest and obliged.

Please you have to contact .United India In.CO.Lt. Branches
1)Vadodra[protected], 2361014, 2363215
Mr.Mayur Saha Cell [protected]
MR.Ashok Ludhani[protected]
3)Shivpuri (MP) Mr.Agrawal Cell: [protected]

Action in this matter please.
Give me reply urgent .My Email: [protected]@yahoo.com

Thanking You
Dinesh Singh Rathore
Dt. 14/05/2010 Day Friday

UNITED INDIA INSURANCE LTD. — i have not get my claim since 5 yrs.

dear Sir, my bike has stolene since 2005 and till i not got my insurence claim. i claim against insurence co.in Indian consumer foram and i win the case but the not give me insurence claim. so pls Sir i request to U help me .

Insurance of Vehicle — No reply, no claim taken letter

No reply has been recd so far and no action has been taken on following letter submitted on 14th Feb 2011,

Ref.: Policy no.[protected], in respect of Tata Nano
Engine no.: E12803, Chassis no. N13669

Sub.: Letter declaring “No Claim against above policy”

Dear Sir,

I have to submit a letter to my present policy issuer that during the previous year for the above policy no claim was submitted from my end to UI Insurance. While getting the new policy from Oriental Insurance I declared that no insurance claim was submitted /taken in respect of above policy.

Now, I have to submit them a claim for minor repairs caused by an accident. For this purpose they require a letter from your end declaring that no claim was made from UII while the policy was in force

I request you to please issue the same at an earliest through e-mail followed by a physical letter through courier/ mail to settle my claim.

Thanking you in anticipation.

(Sadhana Baranwal)
Dear Concerned,

OD claim of vehicle of my known is not paid till now even after submitting all the requirments and survay reports already submitted by survayer very before.
Details given below:

Insured:Capt. Parsant Partap Sigh
Vehicle no.CH-04-L-5047
Cover note no. 563426
Loss Location:Sagar(MP)
Survey report submitted by survayer(as confirmed by survayer):21.9.2010.

Matter have been discussed many times on telephone with Sector 17-B office at Chandigarh but no satusfactry answer given and ignored every time on one pretext or the other and finaly denied by saying that "our office is unable to trce the claim" and with out any justified resion.I also sent the mail to Chandigarh office but no effect till now and at all.Forwarded mail is attached below.
Request you to kindly do the need full on priority.


Joginder Singh

[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: raj kumar <[protected]@uiic.co.in>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 09:57:15 -0500 (EST)
Subject: OD Claim pending since long
To: joginder kuhar <[protected]@gmail.com>

We receive you mail and revert into the matter very shortly
yours faithfully
MANAGER[protected] [protected]
-- Original Message --
From: joginder kuhar <[protected]@gmail.com>
To: [protected]@uiic.co.in
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 19:33:31 +0530
Subject: OD Claim pending since long
Dear Sir,
OD claim of my known is pending since Sep.2010 and we are taking
follow up since than but not paid till now avoiding by your office on
one pretext or other.Kindly do need full on most urgent bases for
avoiding any further delay.
Detail is given below:
Vehicle no.:CH-04L-5047
Insured:Capt.Parshant Partap Singh
Survay Location: Sagar (MP)
Survayer name:Mr.Hazari ([protected])


Joginder Singh
lodging a complaint against United Insurance Company reagarding non settlement of claim.
I, Sitaram Kundu, bearing MIN no.8100519 and policy no. 041100/48/11/41/00000342 an ex employee of SAIL, a senior citizen aged about 80. To claim for mediclaim bills, as per the norms, I had submitted my hospitilization bills to MD India HealthCare services(TPA) Pvt.Ltd. on 5th June, 2012.
So, MD India HealthCare services asked me to submit the original bills.But, Tata Main Hospital, Tatanagar(where I was hospitalized ) dosen't produce any details or any papers without the original bills which is in the possession of MD India HealthCare services.And MD India HealthCare services is neither returning the original bills (despite of constant requests) nor is settling the claim.
Moreover, Tata Main Hospital, Tatanagar dosen't entertain any queries after the lapse of 6 months from the discharge.Thus, I would request you to look into the matter immediately.I would be highly obliged to you if you consider the matter.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Sitaram Kundu.

P.S.:I had sent the similar complaint 15 days back with no response I hope this time my complaint dosen't go unheard of
I have taken VRS from United India Insurance Co. Ltd., after retirement, I have taken Mediclaim policy w.e.f. 01.04.2004, thereafter continue renewing it from last 10 years. A claim has been reported in the year 2012 again in the year 2013 and I have incurred about Rs. 1 lakh on my treatment (admitted in hospital) but United India has refused to pay claim.

It is advisable that do not take any policy from United India Insurance co. Ltd.,
Himan007's reply, Mar 17, 2019
Do FIR against 'United India Insurance Company Ltd' as the company is doing fraud with almost customers.

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