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[Resolved]  Vodafone — Call center-Supervisor's Attitude


I would like to make a serious complaint about the service m getting from Vodafone.The call center is not customer caring though they say that they care in their advertisements.

1)This is regarding the complain about the supervisor(Ajeeth M, bangalore vodafone call center) to whom i spoke with on 4/6/08 at 6:30pm.

The supervisor lacked soft skils handling escalations .
a)he did not Listen to me patiently.
b)Did overtalk on me and came to conclusions even before i could complete te sentence
c)Had usually attitude and did not behave profestionally.
d)Did not transfer to a manger when asked for.
e)Did not show any Respect the and failed to understand the situation when explained to.

We as customer like to be given atleast little priority and need to resolve the issue at first point of contact instead to close the complaints without even resolving it.

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Aug 14, 2020
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Sushma had written that the supervisor was not professional but one thing I would like to ask that why this condition is not applicable on customer i.e majority of customers donot talk professionally rather they abuse on the phone.
The second thing I would like to bring in u r kind notice that she was already talking to Supervisor & even then she asked for the manager, Do she think that the whole staff is sitting to take calls only or every one is sitting to attend her only. If the mangers & supervisor will personally handle these type of customers then all higher authorities will be on calling and mind it, that is not their job
As per Sushma, Ajeeth did not not shown any kind of respect & not took case on priority on during the call, But I would like to ask what kind of respect she aspect from a CCE & secondly why he would give priority to a normal case, is she a special customer for company. Every company has some Escalation matrix & customer ought to follow that. Every customer is equally treated & every customer is special for company as he/she is giving BUSINESS to company
Comments are full of arrogance, which is not in good taste.

I have requested to activate new number on same sim card on perticular date.
But they have immediately activated and i didn't received any aknowledgement.
And i am requsting to activate my old number but they are not able to do.

So please take it as serious concern becuause i am working on operations so many persons will call my old number and again to intimate new number its not easy.even i requested to play voice mail to say the new number that also not able to do technical team.

This request is handled by [protected]

This is the mail what i sent to vodafone customer care team
Hi Team,

I don’t like to wish you people but for mail etiquette I am saluting you people.

My Name: Sundar Rajan A

Mobile Number: [protected] and [protected]


1. The poor service at Vodafone customer care

2. No customer centricity among agents and supervisor

3. No escalation (2 times)

4. Poor call handling by supervisor Kumaresh (Manager)

This is with connection to the calls what I made to Vodafone customer care on January 15, 2010 after 10 PM.

1st call from [protected], 2nd call from [protected], 3rd call from [protected]

Totally I made three calls. Two calls were disconnected while transferring the call to supervisor and one call was mishandled by Supervisor Mr.Kumaresh.

Call 1: In this call me complaint about my caller tune activation without my consent and I asked the agent to transfer the call to supervisor. He transferred but my call was in hold for more than ten minutes and the same was found disconnected.

Call 2: Again I asked the agent to transfer the call to supervisor and this time the hold time was more than the previous one. This call went more than 30 minutes and got disconnected.

Call 3: The poor ever call handled by Vodafone care

Mr.Kumaresh(Manager) I don’t know whether it is his correct name. He handled my call and I listed 4 complaints to him. He didn’t solve even a single complaint and didn’t answer for my queries.

Q1: Why the supervisor didn’t pick my previous call?

Answer from Kumaresh: It’s due to some network problem (He himself accept that Vodafone is having network problem)

Q2: What kind of network problem? Is that call transferred to supervisor Nortel?

Answer from Kumaresh: I know you people working in BPO creating trouble like this don’t do anything like this.

Q3: Don’t speak rude as you are a supervisor?

Answer from Kumaresh: This is not rude

Q4: Without my knowledge the caller tune got activated. You people will believe server and not customer.

Answer from Kumaresh: Customer can say anything….

5: I am going to escalate this to your higher officials…

Answer from Kumaresh: I request you to send mail I know how to safe guard my agents and myself and in vernacular language he commented “Po Po --- “

Is this the way to treat a customer?

I may a prepaid customer but I need an apology letter from Vodafone.

Answer all the complaints what I made. Listen to the calls. I know all the calls will recorded in customer care and will be able to play for one month.

At least you people respond to my queries with proper answer and I doesn’t want a default draft.


Its very serious complaint about the service which I am getting from Vodafone .The call center is not customer caring though they say that we will look at your all concern. It’s totally pathetic service is providing by customer care executive.

I have called so many times to Vodafone customer care to get activate my GPRS but it could not happened yet now, and every time they say that you will get a message to get activation of the GPRS, moreover my call was getting disconnected automatically, I don’t know why? finally one of executive suggested me that you will receive a call on your another number in 12 hours hence its been more than 15 hours and I could not receive any call from their end, during this period I tried so many times but the IVR says press one for ….. And press 2 …… although nothing happened by pressing any of them.
Please advice what should I do? As already I have converted my number from post paid to prepaid due to this frustrating facility.

Thanks in advance.

Vodafone Customer Service is PATHETIC... I mean if any word which can explain worst of worst it is that...
Hi Team,

This is in to inform you that We have face lot of trouble through Vodafone Customer care / Vodafone Store s No one is providing good support / right solution in time . Please take corrective action and resolve my issue on priority bases .

Issue : Iam waiting for activation of my Prepaid connection from Past 16 Days .

My Name: Suresh Kumar .Obulampalli

Mobile Number: [protected]
New PrePaid SIM No :[protected] H 1
Requested for : Migration Postpaid to Prepaid with same no
Requested On : 13 th March 2010 .
Documents Submit and clear the all amount : Submitted to Mis Deepa & Raghu 13 th March 29, 2010
Prepaid SIM Card Collected from Voda fone stores : From Mr Raghu Ram on 13 th March Punjagutta Stores HYD.
After raising request for cancelation Post paid also, They didn’t cancel my Postpaid and once again collected the rental charges ( On 27 th March 2010 ) . And more over they didn’t even activated my Prepaid SIM ( From Past 16 Days )

I have visited the 4-5 time Vodafone store (Punjagutta Stores HYD ) and Called 111 for nearly 8 times, And send 3 Times mail to Customer care for resolving the issue . But till now there is no resolution, They are telling its under process . How many days is required to activate to one Prepaid Connection? And How many day I need to pay extra rental charges without using the post paid connection ?( Raising request for canceling the postpaid on 13th March )


1. The poor service at Vodafone customer care

If we can send any query to Voda fone Customer care, for replying they are taking 2 Days time . After Two days also they are providing the correct information.
On Call Support also they are not confident what they telling like how may it will take to Migrate the connection .

2. Not Confident on Service SLA
One Executive will tell with in 2 Days, another will tell 7 Days, After waiting 7 Days also still they are tell its under process.

3. No Proper escalation (2 times)
If we can ask escalation matrix also they are not interested to provide the escalation matrix . I we send mail nodel officers( Durga Prasad ) also they didn’t respond on time

Please find the trail mail chain

From: Obulampalli, Suresh
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 2:35 PM
To: 'durga1.[protected]'
Subject: FW: Migration from postpaid to prepaid on your Vodafone number [protected] [REF:[protected]]


Can you please look in to this issue on priority . I am waiting for activation of my Prepaid SIM Card with Same no from past 10 Days . I have submitted all Verification Doc, and collected the Prepaid SIM Card as well FROM Voda fone stores .

Thanks and Regards,

From: Obulampalli, Suresh
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 12:34 AM
To: 'corporatecare.[protected]'
Subject: RE: Migration from postpaid to prepaid on your Vodafone number [protected] [REF:[protected]]

Hi Surekha,

Still My Prepaid Card is not yet activated. (10 Days ) .Can you please provide me the escalation matrix .

Thanks and Regards,

From: Vodafone Care [mailto:corporatecare.[protected]]
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2010 7:21 PM
To: Obulampalli, Suresh
Subject: Migration from postpaid to prepaid on your Vodafone number [protected] [REF:[protected]]

Dear Mr. Suresh,

Thank you for your email dated 18/03/10 about the migration from postpaid to prepaid on your Vodafone number [protected].

We wish to inform you, that we have forwarded your request regarding migration from postpaid to prepaid to our specialized team who will update you the status within the next 72 working hours.

However, please find enclosed the individual plans available in Postpaid.

It has been our pleasure to have you as our customer and we would be happy to continue our association for a long time to come.

Incase you need further assistance, please do call or email us. We'll do our best to help you.

Happy to help,

Vodafone Care

Contact numbers
Vodafone Care: 111 or +91-[protected]
(Toll free from Vodafone mobile phones within the home network)
Fax number: +[protected]
E-mail : corporatecare.[protected]
Website :

---- Original Message ----
From: suresh.[protected]
Sent: 18-Mar-2010 1:50:51
To: corporatecare.[protected]
Subject: Migration Post paid to Prepaid .

Hi Team,

This is to your notice that I have raise request for Migration of Post
paid to Prepaid connection with the same number on 13th March 2010.

After confirmation / Verification from Concern Voda fone Executive
(Mr Mohammed) he suggested that Clear the Post paid Amount in Voda fone
stores, then within 4 Days Prepaid connection will activated the same

I have clear the all amount on 13th March 10 (Un bill amount )including
the Rental charges up to 13 March . As per Voda fone Executive ( Mr
Raghu Ram ) request I have submitted the my verification proof documents
like Ration card, PAN Card, Electricity Bill, Photo in Voda fone
stores Panjagutta .

I got the new Prepaid SIM Card from Vodafone Executive( Mr Raghu Ram) .

Till now My Prepaid connection is not yet activated with the same number
. Can you please take corrective action on priority.

Details :

New PrePaid SIM No :[protected] H 1

My Number : [protected]

Thanks and Regards,


The information contained in this transmission may contain privileged and confidential information and is intended only for the use of the person(s) named above. If you are not the intended recipient, any review, dissemination, distribution or duplication of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you received this email in error, please contact the sender immediately by reply e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message. This email is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instruments.
This message (including any attachments) is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is non-public, proprietary, privileged, confidential, and exempt from disclosure under applicable law or may constitute as attorney work product. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, notify us immediately by telephone and (i) destroy this message if a facsimile or (ii) delete this message immediately if this is an electronic communication. Thank you

My validity has been expired on 4th of july, 2010, i called a vadofne customercare([protected]) on 5th july at 9 AM, very first time somebody called Mr.prashanth pick the phone and told me that Rs.13 will be deducated and the 1 paise plan will be activated within 4 hours, according to him Rs.13 was deducted on the same day itself..

After 4 hours still my account was not activated again i called customer care but they told me it will take another 2 more hours. I called 5 times on same day every time a new person pick the phone and i was forced to tell the problem from scratch, in spite of this my problem was not solved and all the 5 times they refuse to log the complaint and I had no proof whether I called a customer care or not. On 5th time my call was transferred to call co-coordinator her name is apritha or amurtha i could not remember properly. Finally she told me that at any cost my sim will be activated within 24 hours and I agreed to this also..

Today 6th July and it is already been 26 hours since I requested, this time I called customer care and somebody called shashikala pick the phone and I m very sorry to say that she is very lack of soft skills and refused to transfer call to call co-ordinator and finally she disconnected my call ..

It is unfortunate that there is no co-ordination with the people, according to me it is not a customer care it is wastage of money for every 3 minutes they will charge 1 rupee.

Anyway finally I got the complaint number today, that is [protected] and they have to told me that by 8th july, 2010 it will be responded and that is great news for me because for another 2 days my sim will not be activated, anyways I appreciate Vodafone service it is so fast and convenient to customer..

Today I m going to surrender my sim and cancel the connection and I will try my best and escalate to as many customer as possible..

- Regards
I would like to make a serious complaint about the service m getting from Vodafone.The call center is not customer caring though they say that they care in their advertisements.

1)This is regarding the complain about the supervisor(, NEW DELHI vodafone call center) to whom i spoke with on 5/8/10 at 9:42pm.

The supervisor lacked soft skils handling escalations .
a)he did not Listen to me patiently.
b)Did overtalk on me and came to conclusions even before i could complete te sentence
c)Had usually attitude and did not behave profestionally.
d)Did not transfer to a manger when asked for.
e)Did not show any Respect the and failed to understand the situation when explained to.

We as customer like to be given atleast little priority and need to resolve the issue at first point of contact instead to close the complaints without even resolving it.

Respected Sir/Madam,
I am a customer of vodafone. and i’am continuously facing network problem due to vodafone Tower which is established in Jawahar park, khanpur devli, New delhi -62. I’m quite sure that it’s not working properly. So, I kindlly request you please take some kind of action towards this matter so that this unconvenience could be avoided.
Thanking you

Your’s faithfully
Pankaj kumar
Dis is mahendranath no is [protected] Ac outstanding bill 820 - so i payd dt going 2 bangalore plz deactive my AC ... i gvn a request also...dt vodafone prson taken a request ...plz kindly request can u send conformation message on my no([protected]) ...
I changed my operator from Airtel to Vodafone due to Call center connectivity problem. They were taking long time like 30 to 40 minutes to connect to the exicutive if you ask about this they will disconnect. But now in vodfone also i am experincing the same problem.
Call time 22:05pm
Date 22/04/2011
i m ur customer using vodafone connection since last seven years. i had a problem regarding the connection so i called customer care n ur staff member Mr. Gourav abused me a lot n messed up with me. i wanted to inform u as these type
of staff is spoiling ur goodwill.sorry to say u but i dont like ur service at this time. so i changed my number n going into airtel. my number is
[protected]. thanx
I dont think Vodafonr treat their Prepaid customers teh same way they do with the Postpaid customers.
I was initially using Vodafone Prepaid and none of my queries were resolved over the phone when called the Customer care.
On demanding for a supervisor the reply i got is that all my supervisors has gone for a lunch, Dinner or tea LOL.
I am sure that there would atleast be one supervisor on the floor.
Having said that i switched to pospaid and the service seems to be completely different.
Dear all,

Today i got shock with response from the customer care. I asked the customer care to connect to the supervisor he is not pesponded properly. After this he is threatning me saying. I got address and all the details. I will come and tell you who i am he is saying.

Are they running bussiness or dadaism. Guys really dont know, why i have taken this connection.
Dear all,

I have just started using voda(before i was using airtel), whereas it was 100 times better than this.This is the worst company, they deduct money for no reason and i did recharge of Rs.14 for Gprs and it was'nt activated, its company responsibility that they should message at the same time(that this service will be activated after 4 or 5 hours, (what so ever) and after recharge i started using internet and Rs 20 was deducted from my balance, i called customer care, first they hold my call for 5 min and then they disconnected...worst worst company...!
I have been really very frustrated, mentally been harassed by the services Vodafone is providing and pathetic services. No one is assisting me in any scenario, Agents, Supervisor and Managers are unprofessional and arrogant. For one issue i have called and speak i have to state them my issue from beginning and still i have to repeat many time the same issue and still they do not understand. As of now i had spoken to almost 26 agents and still my case was closed without any resolution. Every time i called help desk they put me on hold for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes and then they hung the phone, even i was on hold for an hour. I have to literarily beg then to resolve my issue or else transfer to their manager they arrogantly state that manager is not available. After sending an email toNodal officer someone called me and when i was telling him my issue he told me in a rough tone "ARE YOU DONE"?? what does it means and even nodal officer do not pick up call i tried for hours and their no was busy and busy...I have to undergo such humiliation every time it is better to let me know if you all don't want to assist at least where we won’t face such humiliation and discrimination. I want an serious action to be taken against all person i have spoken to. and their managers.

Sarad ([protected])
This is my last mail to you regarding my concern.

Today again, I visited the Vodafone Mini Store where I submitted this payment, the store agent behaved me rudely and when I asked him about this rude behavior, He replied that the amount paid against some another number by mistake and that is a prepaid number [protected].

I said, that is not my mistake, you have to make it correct or return my money back to me.

He replied, I'll not return it at any cost and pay the bill again. When I denied and said to escalate this. He replied..."Karle jo karna hai...agar teri "Abusing word" mein dam hai toh" straight wording was this.

Now, what you suggest. Shall I really go to consumer court or you'll yourself take some strict action against this.

Thanks & Regards,
Parveen Dhillon

From: Parveen Dhillon <dhillon.[protected]>
To: Vodafonecaredel (DEL-NE) <[protected]>
Cc: "appellate.[protected]" <appellate.[protected]>; "nodal.[protected]" <nodal.[protected]>
Sent: Friday, 7 October 2011 12:51 PM
Subject: Re: Updation of payment on Vodafone mobile number [protected]

Thanks for your response.

Mode of payment : Cash
Payment address: Vodafone Mini Store, Chetna Communication, Shop No. 13, Near Mother Dairy, Sec-22, Huda Moarket, Gurgaon, Haryana. Mob: [protected], [protected]
Payment Amount: 350/-
Receipt number/Transaction ID with snapshot of the bank/ Credit Card statement (scanned copy ): 6217
Payment date: Sept, 23rd 2011

If you have not received the payment then this is the problem from your mini store end. At the time of payment done by me, your mini store agent provided me the receipt and said that the server is down and we'll process your payment after some time and you'll get the confirmation via SMS on the same number. Since that day, the payment is not updated and I am regularly chasing with the mini store agent, customer care and registered my complaint also.But there is no response from your side.

Now, I am totally fed up with your services and the same details I am providing 6th time and this is last time I am sharing this info and further I'll put an application in Consumer Court with all these details.

Thanks for your precious time.

Thanks & Regards,
Parveen Dhillon

From: Vodafonecaredel (DEL-NE) <[protected]>
To: "dhillon.[protected]" <dhillon.[protected]>
Sent: Thursday, 6 October 2011 11:50 AM
Subject: Updation of payment on Vodafone mobile number [protected]

Dear Mr. Dhillon,

Thank you for writing to Vodafone regarding the updation of payment on your Vodafone mobile number [protected].

We would like to inform you that as per our records, we have not received your payment towards the Vodafone bills. Hence, if you have made the payment we request you to kindly provide us with the following details so that we can check and update the payment made by you:

Mode of payment
Payment address
Payment Amount
Receipt number/Transaction ID with snapshot of the bank/ Credit Card statement (scanned copy )
Payment date

We assure you that as soon as we receive your confirmation as per the above, your concern will certainly be checked within 48 working hours.

Assuring you with best of our services and we value your association with us.

Happy to help,
Minty Matta
Vodafone Care
Contact numbers*
Vodafone Care : 111 or +91-[protected]

Fax number : +91-[protected]/[protected]
E-mail : vodafonecare.[protected]
Website :

From: Parveen Dhillon [dhillon.[protected]]
Sent: 06-Oct-2011 09:50
To: appellate.[protected], nodal.[protected], vodafonecare.[protected]
Subject: Worst Service of Vodafone (Bill Payment)

Dear Vodafone Team,

I am a Vodafone customer since when It was Hutch. I am using three Vodafone number at my home.

But now a days services of Vodafone becoming worst day by day.

My Concern: I am using one Vodafone Postpaid connection number +91 [protected]. It's on Name of my Cousin Deepak Kumar.
I paid the bill amount Rs. 350/- On Sept 23rd 2011 at your Vodafone store but this bill is not yet updated. When I was submitting the bill, the store agent said that the server is not running now so It'll be updated soon and he provided me the receipt of the amount paid.Since that day I am continuously following up with the Vodafone store and the customer care to update the billing amount against this number but every time got response from there side that "It'll take 24 to 48 hours to update" because there is some problem and the amount paid against some another number by mistake.I also requested them, Please remove the IVR message from my phone so that I can use the services without any interruption and prior the dialing and take your time to resolve this problem, Again they are saying same thing that please wait for sometime we'll get back to you with the resolution.

I am suffering a lot of problem due to this and fed up with the Vodafone services. I have visited the Vodafone store 5 times and called customer care and the store agent several times. I have spent lots of my time and money to call the store agents and customer care. Who is responsible for that???? Please suggest...

Today again...even I am unable to dial the customer care number also.

Please find the relevant details below:

Number on Name of: Deepak Kumar
Number: +91 [protected]
Address:S/o Ajit Singh, H No-57,
Behind Sec-23A,
Gurgaon 122001
Nr ITM College
User: Parveen Dhillon
Registered Email: dhillon.[protected]
Owner DOB: 23-06-87

Vodafone Store:
Chetna Communication
Shop No. 13, Near Mother Dairy, Sec-22, Huda Moarket, Gurgaon, Haryana
Receipt no. 6217
Pay Date: 23/9/2011
Amt Paid: 350/-
Mob: [protected]

Thanks & Regards,
Parveen Dhillon
Vodafone is not at all interested in keeping their customers happy. Sernior manager or floor manager do not come on call to talk to customer or CSE do not transfer call to manager. I am very much frustrated with vodafone servise and switching to some other service provider.

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