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[Resolved]  Volkswagen Polo — delay in product delivery

i'm Dr.MINU from trivandrum,kerala.I had booked a volkswagen POLO from your showroom at pattom,trivandrum.We had been assured to get the product by April 25th.As the purchase is being made in relation to an important function on our side,we were assured to get the car prior to it and we have paid an advance of Rs.3 Lakhs for the same.
We have been enquiring about the same for the past one week and now,3 days prior to the day promised,your dealers have backed off and are saying that it can be delivered only by 20th OF NEXT MONTH.
I'm ashamed to inform you that the good reputation of your company is at stake because of this kind of irresponsible dealership.
Due to the extremely irresponsible behaviour on your side,I AM FORCED TO CHANGE MY CAR OPTION.
Looking forward for a reply and neccesary action from your side.
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North East Dist Pvt Ltd — Delayed delivery

I have recieved credit card statement for the month of February 2010 on 26.02.2010 and the due date for the same was on the same day, when requested to ICICI, I was informed that the same have being delivered on 18.02.2010, on request they send me photocopy of the POD which is fabricated and does not carry my signature. this was informed to ICICI but they go as per what they have send me. this is very shameful on the part of Sgma Couriers as well as ICICI.
Dear Jawer,

We regret the inconvenience caused.

Please write to us with your contact details and account number at [protected] (Subject line: UID 270742). We'll contact you and work to address your issue.

ICICI Customer Service Team.
I have booked the polo from Elite motors, Bangalore and was agreed to be delivered in the month of April. But now they have backed off from the date and the new tentative date is in the month of June. A delay of 2 months and a total wait of 4 months... :-)
I have a mixed view on this and at the same time getting concerned for the delivery of my own VW Polo. I booked mine in Delhi after having done the round of the few dealers available and selected the least worse of the lot. Most of the dealers had an 'attitude' of an elephant.
Finally I booked on 4th April with a stated waiting time of 75-90 days. So technically should get it sometime mid of june to end of june.
Unfortunately I am not getting any input on the delivery dates as I call the Dealer.
My problem is that I would be disposing off my current vehicle as I recieve the Polo, the insurance and loan on the previous car is getting over in mid-june. I was hoping that I get a one week overlap such that I can save on paying insurance on 2 cars. Plus other problems of parking at my residence.
There is no information from the company regarding delivery and steps taken to fasten the delivery. That is a little disappointing.
i never expected this from vw...i have booked the polo highline(black)(vw showroom in palace cross road bangalore)and the dealership claims that not even 1 black highline was delivered by the company till now..n vw only deliveres 3 highline models a month to each dealer...this is not right vw ..i[censored] dont speed things up then der is danger lurking in the future for u guys..hope atleast one of the vw ppl hav read this
Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that I have booked one Polo- Highline - Candy White colour by paying advance of Rs.50, 000/- vide cheque no. 612236 dated 22.3.2010 drawn on HDFC Bank with Bhasin Motors, New Delhi and received Receipt No.BC00159 dt.23.3.2010.

I request you to kindly confirm when the car will be delivered as I am not getting satisfactory reply from them.


A Bansal
Mobile: [protected]
For me the waiting period is 6 months. From mid March to Sep.
I believe it is the issue of Volks wagon not able to come up with delivery .
The dealers also have an attitude problem.

VW it seems has learnt initially itself on how to deal with Indian customers.
It is another crap company I believe
bought polo, after a delay of 3 months,
have petrol version
average is very poor
10.5 kmpl
don, t know what to do
any buyers call [protected]
Cancel your booking at wait for Etios...:)...Q promise...
This is to inform you that I have purchased a brand new Polo car from your Delhi South showroom on 29th June 2010 with a registration no. DL-7 CK 5598. Within a week the car started giving trouble. I have taken the car to your Delhi South Showroom. They said that the service happens at the workshop at Mathura Road. When I reached there I saw a workshop of Bhasin Motors-Mahindra car workshop. Then again I went back to the showroom and they said that they don't have their own workshop and directed me to Delhi West workshop. Initially the front driver side door power window was not working at times. They could correct the same and found the people at Delhi West very co-operative.

After a month the car started shivering at the idling condition. And many at a time the car stops while driving with a heavy vibration. This time again I took the car to the Delhi West workshop and they said that they can't find the problem. I gave the car for a day to them and next day they informed that engine head has to be changed and will check during the trial run. They have given the information to Pune and the parts will come in fifteen days. I want to know that a brand new Volkswagen car owner has to go thru this kind of troubles better I could have bought a Maruti at a lower price and immediate delivery.

I think that the Bhasin Motors has given me their trial car. Your phone no. and email id has been given by Bhasin Motors people and told me to write to you. And they are talking about repairing the engine and I will never accept an engine repaired car. At your discretion I want you to direct the Bhasin Motors to give me a new car at the earliest. Every time I sit in the car I feel like calling the media people and expose my experience to the public. If I don't get a favourable reply by tomorrow evening I will have to the public, for this has left me utmost tension.




NUMBER =WVWJ10606BT007433

DELIVERY DATE =21/09/2010.


same here all, these dealers are ruining VW reputation. I believe the company should take some immediate action to resolve all our problems. All dealers are doing the same, promising and then delaying, they all show attitude...its like..."mat lo...mere baap ka kya jaata hai..." I would hate to see a german company fail in India because of such a poor and weak distribution channel.

I would love to share my experience, , , but you all know its the same, undelivered vehicle and frustrated minds.

I would suggest VW to put down some hotline no. where a person could call and resolve their issue. that ways the company would be able to build up a nice PR(Public relation). Else there is no scope.

I agree about the poor service of Volkwagen South (Bhasin Motors). I booked a VW Polo comfortline in April 2010 and was told the waiting was 3 months. I finally got delivery on 25th November 2010. In between, absolutely no-one from the showroom would communicate the status. They were too cocky. Finally when the car was delivered I was told the showroom has no accecessories and the registration number will take a week. i requested for a number adding up to either 1 or 5 which the sales assistant Hemant agreed to follow up. Imagine my utter horror, when I was prefunctorily informed that I have a number I did not want and now I have to live with it and could just go to hell.

There is a total absence of any concept of customer service at Bhasin Motors New Delhi-Volkswagen South. Anyone doing any transaction with them is doing so at their own risk-do not expect any service from them. I hope Volkwagen India Ltd does see this comment and take severe action against this dealer.
Dr Shiv Dhawan
I have booked one at EVM motors ernakulam. The date they promised has passed which was the 3rd week of december 2010.

I am drafting a mail to the WV CEO trying to get an explanation as to why this delay. I work in a company which manufactures things and I know that it is possible to give a definitive date of delivery once a order is booked.

If not the company is cheating people by talking money and saying it is booked. Or in other words the company is instructing its dealers to take the booking knowing very well that it will not be able to deliver on its promises.

There is definitely a legitimate cosumer forum issue here.

John Thaliath
I also got the car delivery after 5 months of booking. So I agree with you that they are not keeping their words (we will deliver in 1 month).

This is regarding the another issue found in VW Polo car. The VW car logo's can be stollen easily (with in 5 min). When I approach to delear in Pune for this issue he said there are so many complants we have. But they are not getting proper response from VW.

If we go to purchase VW logo, it costs about 9000/- RS.(for front side + back side Logo)

I think people are buying this car because of their name (VW) but I didn't saw that quality in the car when I heard my car's logo was stollen in 5 min and there no single scratch on the car.
Hi All

I purchased polo in Mar2010. Since then it broke down 2 times.

On very first day while going home from showroom it stopped in the middle of the road. Service people told it is minor issue and they took 3 days to fix that issue. In fact issue was not minor, they replaced fuel pump of brand new car.

Today also my car is at workshop due to engine noise. They replaced the petrol filter, it had added two more noises in my car. They informed me that idler bearing has the issue and need to replace, since last 3 days my car is at workshop without any progress on the fixing of the issue, everytime I call they give one or the other reasons. Service Advisor is not reachable.

I am kind of frustrated with the brand. VW cheated me. I am thinking to go to consumer court. If anybody has done this already, please let me know the process.

Dharamraj Rathod

Firstly, my apologies for a lengthy comment but do bear with me...

I am 28 and was naturally enthusiastic as a first time car buyer. Being very tight on my budget, I invested several months of research into every small car available at that time. Finally, I booked the VW Polo Trendline 1.2 L Petrol on 31st December 2010.

In comparison to other small cars (base models) this car costs significantly more. So it is safe to say that it is a 'premium product'. When one buys a premium product, whether it is a pen or a car, the first thing you expect is customer service. And this is what was non-existent at the VW Downtown Showroom in Mumbai.

On the day of booking my car, I was assured of delivery within 3 months (maximum). The sales executive was insistent that the car would arrive well BEFORE three months but to be safe he was saying 3 months. I agreed to this 3 month term and and promptly booked the car falling for his sales pitch and paying a Rs.50, 000 as a booking fee. This was at a time when every other car was available for delivery either immediately or in less than 1 month. Note no interest is paid to the customer for this booking amount.

I heard that car dealerships are notorious for not sticking to their commitment but I would've never even dreamed that a company of the stature of VW would come under that blanket. 1 month later (end Jan 2011) I called to check on the status of the car. I was told that It would arrive by 2nd week of Feb. I was pleasantly surprised that it was going to be delivered earlier than committed. But no, week after week since then, there was some excuse other the other about 'production problems' or some other issues that the customers do not need to know - it is simply not my problem as a paying customer. I never thought I would have to make so many calls to the dealership of VW!

The date committed to me was 31st March (as per their 3 month waiting period). In the interim months, I never received a single call even once from the sales executive or anyone from VW to update me on the status of the car. Not once.

Every time it was me that had to call - and 9 of 10 times the sales executive was either 'not available' or 'gone for a test drive' or some lame excuse like that. I was never called back. And even when I get through to him I was only assured of further delay.

By beginning of March, I realised exactly what was going on. It was simple dilly-dallying and I knew that I could no longer believe anything this sales executive was saying. So I called the Sales Head of VW Downtown showroom in hopes of a resolution who turned out to be even better - he told me the car which was supposed to be delivered to me by end March would not be available to me until mid May! This made the waiting period a colossal 5 and a half months long! He said there was no way that I could get the car before that and simply ruled it out.

Though he was quite a sweet talker and almost managed to convince me, I had had enough - I immediately went to the VW website, found out the number of the VW corporate office and called them right away. I talked to a senior sales department person whose designation I'm not fully clear about. I explained the entire series of events to her and gave her all the details: booking date, receipt number, etc.

Within 2 days, I received a call from VW Downtown saying my car has arrived to the showroom. I am going to take delivery of my car in a day or two (before the original 3 month period is over) So wish me luck.

My story mirrors the ones of so many frustrated and helpless customers who have written on this forum. I request them to contact Ms. Poonam Karnik - on +[protected]Ext. 7062).

Registered Company Address:
Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited
3, North Avenue, Level 4, Maker Maxity,
Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East),
Mumbai- 400 051
Phone: +[protected]
Fax: +[protected]

If you look at their website, VW have not exactly made it easy to find their address and phone numbers. A shame, if VW want to remain in India for the long run they better get their act together. Customers are fickle and it does not take them long to change loyalties. If you serve them fairly and with dedication, they remain with you for generations. I hope VW can take a cue from my negative experience and that of so many others and clamp down on these dealerships if they want to retain a positive brand image

Moral of the story: car dealership sales team are not to be trusted at all. All they care about is to sell a car and make their commission - it does not matter to them if it is a VW or Tata or Nissan.

If you want results, you have to talk to VW directly - the ones that actually care for their brand and brand image.
Hi I was really upset with the Valkswogan in delhi(india).that's was my biggest mistake to purchase Polo
From " Bhasin Motor mohan coprative delhi near sharita vihar"
1. Communication
2. Commitment
3. Money (exchange)
4. Staff

Complaint about ur Dealer N Showroom..They take more money from my pocket for Car Choice Number and Register my car without my confirmation with another number. First they told me we are not able to arrange any Good Number for your car and suggest me you do one thing if you have good Links in Delhi Authority then collect your choice number and Your amount which you paid us for choice number we will return you in 20 days. After three day when i reached in showroom with my choice number that time they told me your car already register in authority, we can't do any thing for you, i have spend around 20000 thousand rupees for my new polo car number (10000 in showroom cash and around 8000 in authority). When i told to return my 10000 rs which is taken by you from my pocket . They replay will give you soon becouse
now after 20 days i m totaly upset with the company and company name ... this is my biggest mistake .
In car feature i have no issue.
I can go with the consummer court but i don't have any cash reciept of given amount for the car number.
I request to the company please take some serious step with your staff
otherwise the day not much longer to brush the name of valkswogan...

And you can contact me on my ph.[protected]
My friend bought a brand new VW polo, the very first day he was shocked and suffered a serious problem in his car
He found out that as he was driving with his family of four the car often touched the road and terribly bad on speed breakers, he was simply clueless as to how this could happen in his brand new Volls Wagon POLO.On hearing this major drawback, I changed my idea of buying this crap
So buyers BEWARE!! do check and take a test drive of VOLLS WAGON POLO atleast with 3 or 4 people onboard, I've heard this car is not for Indian roads as the service is hopeless and the spares are quite expensive

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