Yatra.com — money blocked while booking air ticket

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i was in the process of booking a flight from mumbai to delhi. there incurred some error, mostly a deliberate one, or may be it was a flaw in yatra.com website that i got the message that my ticket money, Rs. 3585 was blocked and then it has not yet been released. when i contacted their customer care, they say it would take 7-8 days before it gets refunded. so it has caused a great deal of inconvenience to me and i urge the concerned authorities at yatra.com to help my cause immediately.

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Yatra.com — Online Booking Fraud

I have booked a bus ticket from chennai to ramnad cost around rs.400/-. I have booked it through online net banking.Before confirming the availablity of ticket, they have deducted the amount from my account and then an error message was displayed like " sorry for the inconvenience the bus you have booked is no longer existing".
See the way the cheating our people. When i enquired the customer care, the executives said they will not give back amount.
Such a fraud company.

Do Not Belive Yatra.Com for online Travel Booking.Its my humble request.

Yatra.com — Cancellation without intimation

My name is Major V Srihari and I a a serving Army officer posted in J&K.
I had made a tele-booking at 0900 hrs on 26 May 2010 for a flight ticket for my wife,
also a serving
Army Officer, Maj (Mrs) Parul Sharma,from Pune to Delhi on 27 May 2010. The booking
was made on telephone since we were driving between Mumbai and Pune and this fact was
bought to the attention of the employee, Sandeep Sharma, who then confirmed a flight
booking on Kingfisher Red IT-3151 at 0830 hrs vide booking ID AIKF2C and Airline PNR Y27KXT
and an amount of Rs 7675/- was deducted from the Credit Card of my wife, who is also
the passenger.
The booked itinerary was then mailed to my mail id (v.srihari12@rediffmail.com)
from where it was printed.However,
on reporting at Pune Airport at 0500 hrs on 27 May 2010, my wife was informed that the
said booking had been cancelled without notice. Our repeated enquiries with the Call
Centre were fruitless and the employee did not help us in any way at all.
We were forced to purchase a new ticket on a different Airline at a much higher fare.
I have subsequently checked my e mail and have received a mail on 26 May (the date of
booking), at 1600 hrs stating that the booking was cancelled due to non receipt of
some documents.The mail claims that the given mobile number was unreachable .

I am writing this mail to place on record a complaint against the booking agent as well
the employee responsible for the cancellation. If the mobile number was unreachable, why
was an SMS intimation not sent? The resulting inconvenience is nothing compared to the
fact that my wife missed an extrememly urgent, high level and sensitive conference at
New Delhi. In fact, why did the ticketing agent not inform us of the requirement of the
documents for proof of ID and Address in the first place? I do not question the requirements
of the said documents, or even the cancellation. But I very strongly protest the utter
callousness by which the cancellation was done with ABSOLUTELY no prior intimation, and
that too on the flimsy excuse of the mobile number being unreachable!
Even a single SMS would have enabled us to make alternate arrangements.
This is not just carelessness,
but poor corporate practice and utter negligence on part of Yatra.com. To add insult to
injury, a sum of Rs 500 has been deducted from the refundable fare to cancel the booking!
I have been flying for 12 years and have visited eight countries, and this is the first
time I have come across such carelessness and violation of consumer comfort. It is not
about a paltry sum of Rs 500, but a sheer lack of concern for the immense discomfort a
passenger would suffer as a result of such gross dishonesty. Such unfortunate and
wanton malpractice will definitely dent the fair image of India's expanding tourism and
Airlines Sectors.
I hereby request that we may be refunded the complete amount of Rs 7675/- and that suitable
corrective measures be taken to prevent such failures from repeating themselves. As
verbally conveyed to Mr Vikram who had called me on 27 May at 0900 hrs, I will also
officially inform my organisation through the Ministry of Defence and
Army Head Quarters that any transactions with yatra.com be completely avoided at all
costs and that this company be blacklisted as far as we are concerned. Given the volume
of Army Personnel who travel by flight, I can assure that an appreciable quantum of
business for Yatra.com will be lost. Personally speaking, I will be filing a complaint
with the consumer courts at Pune and New Delhi against Yatra.com if the complete amount
is not refunded. Needless to say, I will avoid and shun any transaction with Yatra.com
from now onwards and will definitely give this shocking episode as wide publicity as
possible if suitable corrections are not made immediately.

Maj V Srihari

account debited hiddenly — account debited hiddenly


IS THAT YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE ???????????????????????????????????????????????????




Yatra.com — account debited hiddenly

This is to inform that I was trying to book a flight ticket through online booking of flight from www.yatra.com departure from Imphal to New Delhi for 06/05/2010 on Indigo flight on 02/05/2010 and that I am having a transaction through my Gold Card issued by SBI.

The cost of flight ticket Rs 8057/- has been debited through ATM and unfortunately the transaction comes to fail and the amount by which I am having transaction from my account has been credited through ATM at that moment itself since I didn’t booked the ticket at that time due to transaction failure.

However, SBI Paona Bazaar Branch has debited that amount of Rs 8057/- from my saving account and therefore enquiry is going on about this case and filling a complain regarding this transaction failure.

Why should I spent Rs 8057/- without booking the ticket at that moment?

And SBI paona bazaar branch did not give any satisfactory respond to me.

So, I request you Sir that to make further enquiry regarding this transaction and credited the amount to my account.

Date of Transaction 02/05/2010

Amount of Transaction Rs 8057/-

Online booking from www.yatra .com

Destination from Imphal to New Delhi

Date of Journey 06/05/2010

Dated 29/05/2010 Regards

Imphal L Ramesh Sharma

A/C [protected]

SBI Paona Bazaar Branch


On 19th of May/10, I was trying to book train ticket thru yatra.com online.

But doing the formalities Rs.1877.got debited from my A/C and showed a message that ticket booking got failed and the amount charged will be credited within a few days.

But even after repeated mails to yatra.com, no response if found till date and the given customer care number is also not responding.

My boking ref no is OUGX2C AND VDIX2C Dated 19.05.10

Please do the needful

surojit Phukan
WARNING !!! do not ever use this web site !!! you can compare flights here but go direct to the air line and use there web site, TRUST ME, DO NOT USE YATRA.COM, THEY WILL TAKE YOU MONEY, NOT HONOR YOUR BOOKING AND MOST OF ALL THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY !!! thEy have taken 17, 000 RPS from my credit card, Failed to Honor the booking and have repeatedly informed me for 4 weeks that my "refund will be processed in 72 hours, this company is a FRAUD, please take my word for it . . . .

good luck

g moon

yatra travels — Fraudulent Debit and No Refund


I Booked an airline ticket from "Goa" to "Delhi" for one of my niece through Yatra Travels Website, i filled in all the details and made the payment through Axis bank's Net Banking Facility, but it didn't redirected me to the Booking Confirmation page where i could see my Ticket Ref. No., So no Ref. No. was alloted, but the money Rs.5,729 was debited from my account.

When i consulted Yatra Travel Agent on the Customer Care Number, they adviced me to send a mail to support@yatra.com with the grievance along with an attached copy of bank account statement, i did so. The reply came that they'll look into the matter soon and gave me a complaint ref. no which is 4790968. I contacted Yatra Customer Care once again, to ensure the matter to be solved, and as i needed the ticket urgently i had to book a fresh ticket and the travel agent consoled me that my previous money will be refunded.

But from that day, till this date after 10 days i recieved no email, no communication and my money isn't refunded. This absoluete Cheating, and i feel terribly annoyed.

Yatra.com — Air ticket Refund

Dear Sir / Friends

My Name is Khan I am working in Samsung Heavy Industries. I have booked an Air ticket in Yatra.com on 14/05/2010 Chennai to Delhi on 17/05/2010 Return on 18/06/2010. Through my icici bank net banking on 14/05/2010 Unfortunatly we have to change the date to 19/05/2010. I have changed the date through the Jet airways. & payed 1500 Date change & remaing 3050 for the extra fare on the Jet airways. On 15/05/2010 Morning. Finaly the trip has cancelld on 15/05/2010 I have informed the cancelation to air liens and get the cancel confirmation & Refund amount how much the air liens return to Yatra.com.& cancel the ticket with yatra.com on same date they have accept the cancelation and sad your refund amount will be return to your bank account within 3 working days but until now I didn't get any refund from them. If i call them the customer care person said your cancelation in prose’s please wait for 15 days after 15 days i call back the customer care the another person say the cancellation has not updated and she will update and sent to his senior person an ask me to wait 15 day after 15 days i call back they are saying the same thing. ask me to wait 15 days. please kindly help me to get the refund amount I have paid totally 21,725 Thank you.

Dear Brothers & Sisters

This is my advise for you all don't book any tickets through online. You will lose your money this my humble request.

Thank You

Yatra.com — Negligence

I booked ticket with yatra.com DEL-MUC-DEL by Air Qatar. All was done.
A few days before I was to board the flight, I called the airlines to
find out about transit visas, since I had quite a wait at the airport.
I was then informed that no such booking existed on the airline and I
was stranded a few days before I was due to join university. On
calling yatra.com up, I found out that the person who made my booking
was on holiday and after spending two days on the phone, a new ticket
was issued to me on a different date by a different airline, i.e, Air
Jordan and ofcourse I had to pay slightly more. This happened in
December 2009.

The reason I booked Air Qatar is because it flies more often and also
because they have a 2 date-change for free policy and I am generally
not certain of my dates and change it atleast once or twice before
traveling. Air Jordan only travels once a week and 50 usd change
policy. The fact that it flies only once a week drives up the prices.
Now, I tried changing the return dates (9.8.2010) While changing the
dates which was to be again done through yatra.com, I was again forced
to pay more due to negligence on the part of the company.

Due to negligence on their behalf I have spent over 15000inr extra on
a procedure I am aware of rather well due to frequent traveling since
I am a student in Germany and have been traveling back and forth for
the last 4 years.

On complaining, I was made to hold the phone and the buck was passed
from one person to another. The only method of complaint is email to
which no one responds.

I have been harassed, stressed and have lost over half the amount of the original value of hte ticket due to the negligence of the company.

Yatra.com — Unfair Offer - 3G Services

The 3G offer by Yatra.com says that one ticket pe do ticket free - but the free is just Rs 500 and the rest of the taxes include fuel surcharge etc which are not really taxes. This is extremely unfair and misleading and giving Rs 500 free does not include free tickets.

Yatra.com — 3G plan offered by yatra

I booked two tickets under yatra.com on seeing their 3G offer where they declared to provide two free air tickets (base fare deducted) for every single ticket bought.As a result i got four freeI already tickets .As a part of their policy we had to fill a form of our requirements and they used to call us for the booking within 48 hours of the form filling.
I already used two free tickets ,but when i filled up the form for the third ticket i have been kept waiting for over 6 days. As a result the flight price have increased.

Yatra.com — free domestic tickets

Bought a ticket through yatra.com . They had a free domestic air ticket offer. The call center person told me that Bangalore to kolkata tickets are not available. But two days back the same guy was telling tickets are available. But he couldn't do the booking due to some technical glitch. Please let me know how to stop this fooling by this co. which is fooling customers to buy the ticket.

My email id: joy4sap@gmail.com
I booked my tickets for 1 adult and 1 infant for Mumbai from Bhuvaneshwer to travel on 08/10/2010 booked on 23/09/2010 at 1430hrs through Netbanking HDFC in the name of two passengers called Mrs. Prusni Dash and Infant name Saisha Dash for the
flight Kingfisher redI IT-3142 and Rs.4028/- has been deducted from my account number through transaction number MHDFC[protected] and Ref/Chq[protected] to your yatra.com, but we didnot get any confirmation of tickets through mail or on mobile services.
Please confirm the status of confirmation of tikcets booked or return of the transaction money as early as possible so that I can travel happily to my destination.
My mobile no: [protected]
Email : saishwar2k@gmail.com

Yatra.com — Not given my refund amount

I Booked an Air ticket for domestic travel through Yatra. Com( Online Travel agent). Later due to my personal reason i cancelled the ticket on 08/08/2010. As per the Yatra. com policy they confirmed me that the money will be credited in 7 working days. Now as of today my refund amount is not credited. Its almost 2 months and i repatedly called their customer care so many times. i was getting a very cold response. Even i drafted 5-6 mails to them and i got reply for each mail that it will be credited in 2-3 working days. Its 2 months over and no actions from their side. I request you to do the needful. All mail communications am having as an evidence
Yatra Cancellation Reference No is [protected]


Yatra.com, Chandigargh — Bookings cancelled after payment

Inconvenience faced due to Improfessional Behaviour From Ms Baljeet Kaur,Chandigargh Office

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Zenith Leisure Holidays, Kolkata!!!

With deep regret I would like to inform you that I have been facing height of unprofessional behavior from your yatra employee Ms Baljeet Kaur, Chandigargh, branch. I have been giving consistent business to Chandigargh office for the past few months , I dealt with Ms Baljeet Kaur for 2 bookings of Dr Rajeev Awasthi & Dr Arvind Jinger . As I already provided YT Nos of YT- 5280907 & YT-5432450 to my respective clients along with the vouchers from my side but both the bookings were cancelled without any prior notice to me although I sent the payment for both in advance. Moreover the hotels were informed not to take bookings and they were reluctant from my side as well which I never thought in my deepest nightmare will be done from Yatra emplyoees to me,which is a height of indecency I feel so in the service industry.

For Dr Jingers case prior to 2 days of the check in my booking was cancelled and when I called up chandigargh office there was no response then Ms Vandana & Mr Rahul helped me out with the booking.

Sir,But for Dr Rajeev Awasthi’s booking I am really not able to understand why the same thing is being repeated when I have already made the payment in advance on Saturday,23rd Oct2010,as the guests check in date is on 29th Oct 2010. I believe I have done the payment well in advance, then also why deliberately they are doing injustice mith my bookings only and telling the hotel not to take the bookings directly from my side as well. I am sending you the scanned copy of the attached receipt of the payment made to your yatra ICICI a/c of amt Rs 5081/-.

I request you to take strong action regarding this matter since my client is already carrying your YT number in his voucher & he might have to face the same problem again.

Waiting for the cooperation from your side.

Thanks & Warm Regards,

Amrrita Chatterje

Executive – Operations

Yatra.com — Not refunding the amount, even after completing all formalities from my side.

I booked a flight from Dehradun to Calcutta on 17th October., Indian Airlines.
Flight was cancelled by airlines and I was entitled for full refund of Rs 6716.
I was asked by Yatra.com to endorsed a ticked from Indian Airlines stating that I am eligible for full refund. I did that, I sent them the scanned copy of document as well as the hard copy of ticket via courier which they acknowledged on 19th Oct via e-mail.
I was said I will get in 72 working hours, I did not get it.
on 22nd I again called up they said they are "very sorry for the inconvenience", I will get refund in 72 working hours, I did not received it.
I again called on 25th yatra team again very conveniently said "very sorry for the inconvenience" in 72 working hours.
I called again on 28th obviously because of no refund.
I dont know when I will get the refund, even Yatra team have not replied to m e-mail, which I sent to them on 25th.

I have suffered a lot because of Yatra team incompatibility and suggest people to look for other options to book airline tickets instead of Yatra.
Details of ticket: 'yatra=[protected]' Refund-PNR RK8UNF- Rs 6716
Dear himanshu kackar,

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are looking into this matter & your query has been forwarded to the concerned department. We will respond back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience. For immediate support, please call[protected]


Dear Amrrita Chatterje,

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are looking into this matter & your query has been forwarded to the concerned department. We will respond back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience. For immediate support, please call[protected]


Dear Jaic,

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are looking into this matter & your query has been forwarded to the concerned department. We will respond back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience. For immediate support, please call[protected]



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