[Resolved]  Bag It Today — India today sweepstakes settlements fraud (Sand shopping hub)

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Bag It Today - India Today Sweepstakes Settlements Fraud
Two years back i have received a call from Sand Shopping Hub Noida, telling me that i have to invest some amount then i will be getting the winning amount. By this way on believing their words i have invested total of amount Rs.- 3, 00, 000/- step by step. Afterwards nothing has happened and i tried calling on the provided numbers repeatedly but i didn't got any response from there end. Suddenly after 2 years span of time, in the month of March 2015, i received a call from Bag it today saying that whatever the investment you have done towards the Sand Shopping Hub, they will help me to get it back as a settlement amount against the fraud. They asked me the evidence of transaction and other phone recording if any had with the Sand Shopping Peoples.I have provided all the details, recording of conversation to them.
I was made false promises and commitments by the Settlements and Accounts team of India Today OR Bag It Today organization. I have all the necessary evidence of the promises made including the scanned copies of the Pay Orders sent to me by the Settlements and Accounts teams. now again, I was called up for Settlement process which has been promised as below.
• As the said promises haven't been fulfilled through the Sweepstakes contest, I was called to be offered a Settlement of certain amount, which is for Rs. 9, 68, 000/- by way of two Pay Orders (Rs. 5, 00, 000/- and Rs. 4, 68, 000/-).In this regards i have received a mail from [protected]@bagittodaysettlement.com that this is the amount, please accept that and acknowledge to go ahead for processing. Than i received call from Mr. Ajay Sharma or Malhotra asking me to deposit the amount Rs.- 35, 000/- as a processing fee for the settlement amount.
Below is the mail copy received from the Bag it today settlement Team.

Mail 1:- [protected]@bagittodaysettlement.com To [protected]@yahoo.co.in Feb 17

This is a mail to all the valuable customer those who had made anytransaction against the (SWEEP STAKE
60 LAKH CONTEST) ( 1 CRORE CONTEST) (1.5 CRORE CONTEST) in anycompany like,

(1): India today book club
(2): bag it today
(3): Grab it more
(4): Shardha info system Pvt Ltd
(5): Sand Shopping Hub (Sands Info System Pvt. Ltd.)
(6): Recover Services
(7): Global Infosoft Technology

or any other company please provide the details like,
(1): Amount you invested
(2):winning amount
(3):company name
(4): Your name, address, mobile number.

If any customer do not remember the exact amount or duration pleasemention the near about year near
about amount and any other commitment like car, laptop, goldenbox etc or any other thing please reply us.

all your file has been send to the account department now BAGITTODAY haddecided to return the money to all yourvaluable customer by NEFT & RTGS.

Settlement team
Contact: +91 [protected]

Mail 2:-
Dear, Devendra Kumar Dewangan, Now, After very long time your Settlement Amount of Rs.968000/- is Ready for the release, so kindly please reply this mail for further process for transfer the amount If you agree the Settlement Amount..(NOTE)- kindly Mail the any two Account details for RTGS the Settlement Amount with IFSC Code And Your ID Proof Also.

• For this, I was asked to payRs. 35, 000/-, which I did through online NEFT transaction to India Today's Yes Bank Account No.[protected] in the name of ITBC on 30th March 2015, as a processing for the settlement amount.At the same time i asked them clearly that is there any further payment i need to made in this regards. They told me no. Than believing on their words i have made the payment of Rs.- 35, 000/-. They asked me to do the transfer of said amount through NEFT account.
•After two days i received call from Mr.Sobhitshrivastava (mobile no.- [protected]) that i need to further make a payment of Rs.- 96, 800/- as a processing fee and ITR filing process. They have provided me the NOC letter on Bag it today letter head. So i thought they are authentic people. This also i agreed to pay. That time idont have the sufficient money with me so i arranged from my friends and given to them. They asked me to transfer the same amount through NEFT transaction into SBI A/C no. – [protected], Birhana Road, Kanpur branch in the name of BAGIT (BIT SERVICES).
After making the paymentimmediatelyi received the call from Sobhit telling me that i will be receiving call from ICICI bank person for payment settlement transfer into my ICICI account. I received a call from ICICI person Mr. Vishal (Mobile No.-[protected]), He told me i need to further deposit 10% of total settlement amount. thani thought these people may be cheating to me. Than i called Sobhitimmidiately and told that he did’nt informed me about this thing that i have to pay further 10% of amount. So he gave me assurance that once you make the payment, this was last transaction you have to pay then within three days the settlement amount will be transfer to your account. He has again provided me the invoice in Bag it today letterhead about the transaction amount what i have made.
Once i have made the payment of Rs.-96, 800/- Rs. i.e. 10% of 9, 68, 000/- in to the same SBI account i.e. [protected], Birhana Road, Kanpur on 20th April 2015 . Till date i have not received any call from there end or reply on mail, even i tried calling them on there phone numbers it was telling not in existence or out of coverage area. I have wrote many mails but idid’nt get any reply on mail as well.
After multiple follow-ups with both Settlement and Accounts teams, from the day this whole process had started, there has been literally a very poor OR at many times NO response to any of my calls or emails.
After a month time, Mr.Sobhit from settlement team again called me and telling that there is some delay in processing due to that reason they didn’t contacted you.
Again he come to me asking that the some amount is required to be paid for so an so reason like wise I was made to pay in sequence as below
- 70, 000/- (0n 25.04.2015 on A/C no.-[protected], Birhana Road, Kanpur).
- 49, 644/- (on 28.04.2015 onA/C no.-[protected], Birhana Road, Kanpur) – they told this payment was not updated in there database. Again I made a payment of Rs. As below
- 49, 644/- (on 26.05.2015 onA/C no.-[protected], Birhana Road, Kanpur).
- 47, 000/- (on 01.06.2015 onA/C no.-[protected], Birhana Road, Kanpur).
After making these all payments, one day they called me and asking that are you made any complaint in consumer complaint forum online, So in between when I was not contacted by them for a month time I made complaint about them online in consumer complaint database.
Afterwards they continue calling me and telling me that to process your settlement you have to delete the logged complaint from online database by your own or if they will help in that they they will charge me Rs. 1, 70, 000/-.
So I negotiate with them that I have already paid extra amount of Rs. 49, 644/- which was not showing in database as per them and then they come with the amount that I have to pay only Rs. 52, 000/- for deleting the complaint from online database. For this they will take the help from Google people as the database was belong to google.
I agreed to pay the amount and I have made the payment on belief that they are telling me the truth and paid the amount Rs. 52, 000/- on 18.08.2015 by NEFT transaction in bank A/C no.[protected]in name of ITBCS.
After this payment he called me telling that this amount is only sufficient to delete the words written as paragraph and I need to pay additionally of Rs. 52, 000/- to delete the attachment what I have done with the complaint.
I dindt believe that and I asked first you delete the words and then I will pay the remaining amount they denied saying that it will happen at a time and connect me with the google person. The Google person also trying me to make understand that this activity will happen together. But I didn’t believe this time as I burnt my finger a lot and I don’t have any more patience to listen them. As all the bag it today peoples are a fraud and cheater.

IN this way instead of getting a single rs. I lost total about Rs. 4, 60, 000/- Rs that I am not able to get back from them. And this bring me to such a bad situation, that no body can believe. This is the matter that I could not able to share with me parents and my family as well. In between many time I get depressed and thought of doing suicide but than, I prayed god and promise that in my life now onwards I never ever believe to anybody saying like this and never involved in such type of cases.
This is all about me, I wanted to make you all people aware of such frauds calls from bag it today or any other group. Please please don’t believe on such calls and persons.
At the same time I would like to ask help from the all people that provide your comments and suggestion to make penalize the Bag It Today group and the person who have cheated me. By writing you comments and strong suggestion for me.
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Oct 14, 2015
India Today / BagItToday Customer Care's response
Dear Customer, This is with reference to your complaint registered on http://www.consumercomplaints.in We would like to inform you that we are not related to such calls. We keep informing to our customers about such calls and beware about fraud call information. We would like to inform you that it seems that some third party has committed fraud upon you by misrepresenting its association with Bagittoday.com. We have already filed a criminal complaint with Economic Offences Wing, Delhi having no. C-4297/DCP/EOW dated. 19.12.13 and investigation in that complaint is going on, under Investigating Officer. Please note that Bagit Today has no connection, whatsoever, with any Life Insurance Co. Ltd. You may get in touch with Reliance Insurance for recovery of your amount. We would like to inform you that it has come to our attention that certain individuals with an intention to cheat the general public are using our Brand Name/ Trade Marks “India Today Group”, "India Today Book Club" and “Bag It Today”. These fraudsters are requesting donations/deposit some amount from people for fictitious charitable activities/cash prize and in return are falsely promising winning amount/various gifts like Laptops, LCDs & Mobile phones etc. Please note that India Today Group/ Bag It Today do not solicit any amount towards charity/cash prize and we do not promise any free gifts in return. Please note that we at India Today/ Bag It Today do not follow the practice of asking customers to directly deposit cash in some bank account. We accept payment through the following modes only: 1. Credit Card 2. Debit Card 3. Net Banking 4. Cash on Delivery We would like to inform you that, in order to protect general public and our valuable customers , we have put a disclaimer on our website and we are sending you a link to our website for your ready reference. http://www.bagittoday.com/faces/jsp/fraud-alert.jsp We request our customers to safeguard yourself from any such fraud and do not share your account details. We would also like to inform you that you can take any legal action against these such fraudsters. For any further query or assistance, please feel free to write us on [protected]@bagittoday.com Thanks & Regards, Vikas Chauhan Online Support (Bag it today)
Complaint comments 


Dear Team,
If that is the case than please let me clear some of my doubts from your end.
1. Is the SBI bank account no. [protected], Birhana Road, Kanpur branch in the name of BAGIT is not belongs to you?
2. Is the Yes bank account no.[protected], Bisanpura, Sector-58, Noida branch in the name of ITBC is not belongs to you?
3. Is the bank account no.[protected], in the name of ITBCs is not belongs to you?
4. Bag it today settlement team is present at your organization or not?
5. Is the mail id "[protected]@bagittodaysettlement.com" is belong to yourorganization or not?
6. Mr. Sobhit Srivastava with mail id sobhit.[protected]@bagittoday.com havingmobile no.-[protected] is the employee in your organization or not?
Dear Mr. Chandra Mohan,
I appreciate your response. Just wanted to know from your end the belowmentioned things..
1. Is the SBI bank account no. [protected] in the name of BAGIT is not belongsto you?
2. Bag it today settlement team is present at your organization or not?
3. Is the mail id "[protected]@bagittodaysettlement.com" is belong to yourorganization or not?
4. Mr. Sobhit Srivastava with mail id sobhit.[protected]@bagittoday.com havingmobile no.-[protected] is the employee in your organization or not?

And for your kind information i have asked for the amount for making settlementfor the amount previously i have invested in Sand shopping hub noida and lateron they didnt turned up. BAg it today settlement team including Mr. Sobhitsrivastava and Ashish malhotra asked me to transfer the amount in abovementioned SBI account by NEFT through net banking. As you said in yourjustification mail that you are not asking to deposit cash amount in anyaccount, so i have not done any transaction through cash deposite. All the fundtransfer happened by means of NEFT and net banking only.

They asked me first 35, 000 than 10 % of settlement amount for ITR filing andthan 1, 19, 644 Rs for processing and dispersement and than 49, 000 & 47, 000RS in parts for generating the code for fund transfer in my account.

So looking into this i feel this is cheating only and i have all the voicerecording and written proofs with me including your company letter headdeclaration and invoices and mail communication as well.

Requesting team to stop cheating peoples like us and resolve this issue asearliest and make the refund only my amount which i have paid i.e. 4, 00, 000/-Rs towards the bag it today settlement amount.

I will be very much thankful to you if could help me to get resolution.
Anticipating your prompt reply and support in this regards.

Dear Team, Please find the invoice copy provided to me from Bag IT Today.

Same thing is happening with me related to sand shopping. People using various names were calling from [protected] and [protected] Used yo call me regarding depositing money to some account and after some amount was deposites for various reasons nearly 31000 Rs when i stopped gicing them any money from last year or so now they are randomly messaging me from this numbers that since i am not cooperating my process is kept on hold and when i gave them Frustating answer they started giving me badwords and using all type of cheap language.
my name is Vijay and mail Id [protected]@yahoo.co.in
We are in receipt of following email on 24th April, 2017. Let me know whether the content of this email is authentic. Thanks.


Subject: Alert
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 13:56:24 IST

Dear valuable customer,

Greeting of the day…!

This is a mail to all the valuable customer those who had made any transaction against the (Sweep stake 60 lakh contest) ( 1 crore contest) (1.5 crore contest) (2 crore contest) in any company like:

(1): India Today Book Club
(2): Bag it today
(3): Sands Shopping Hub
(4): Shop it 4 me
(5): Shop Cherries
(6): Recover Services
(7): Deals Othon
(8): Today Shoppers
(9): 2day Shopping
(10): Shoppistan or any other company please provide the details like:

(1): Amount you invested
(2): Winning amount
(3): Company name
(4): Your name, address and mobile number.

If any customer do not remember the exact amount or duration please mention the near about year, near about amount and any other commitment like car, laptop, golden box, diamond etc. or any other thing please reply us.

All your file has been send to the account department, now ITBC had decided to return the money to your entire valuable customer by NEFT & RTGS

Thanks & Regards,
India Times Group

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