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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank Customer Care

Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank (BGVB)

Chuanpur N. H 34, Berhampore
Murshidabad District
West Bengal
India - 742101

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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank — Refused to take coins of rs.10

 Rajesh Rakshit on Jan 13, 2017
Today( 13.01.2017) i went to submit rs 200 (all in rs.10 coins) to my nearest branch of Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank at Bishnupur, near bus stand, dist Bankura, pin 722122, but the cashier of the mentioned bank refused to take the amount in rs.10 coins as if coins of rs.10 has been banned by Indian Government.When i reported to the branch manager, he also did the same thing. Why such things are happening? Why bank not accepting rs. 10 coins? I want immediate resolution.

Thanks and regards
Rajesh Rakshit (account holder of the mentioned bank)
Account number-5106013071781
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank — ATM malfunctioning (amount debited but money not received)

 Samrat Singha Roy on Dec 10, 2016
On 06th December, 2016 around 01.10 p.m, while I'm trying to withdraw Rs.2, 000/- using my bgvb rupay atm/debit card from a sbi atm located at north bengal nursing home, malda. Unfortunately, I did not receive the money due to malfunctioning of the atm but I received a sms from the bgv bank & a customer advised slip (txn no.9985 & ref. no.634113022262) from the said atm showing the deduction of Rs.2, 000/-. A security guard presented there and as per his advice I've lodged a complaint to the concerned bgv bank (i.e bangiya gramin vikash bank, mothabari branch, malda) on 07th Dec.2016, but still...
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank — Atm card

 mdnajrulislam on Nov 28, 2016
I mir md fariduddin assistant teacher of islampur sagar high madrasah, malda have a/c in bgvb, harishchandrapur, barduary branch, malda. My atm card is malfunctioning for more than a month. Atm machine says"your card is blocked, contact your branch"but branch says "your card is active". I visited the branch several times. Still the issue is pending. I am suffering a lot. Please try to resolve my problem. If the card can be replaced please do it as early as possible....
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank — Wrong entry of fd in the bank

 Bibekananda Basu on Sep 6, 2016
The Income Tax department has deducted excess Tax from me showing Fix Deposit of Rs.10190/- in Bangiya Gramin Vikas Bank, Raghunathpur Branch, west Bengal against my PAN NO : AEOPB 7163H . We have no account in that Bank nor in of his branch.
I have talked with Mr. Pal, Branch Manager of Raghunathpur Branch, send mail with scan copy of the Income Tax statement as per his advise. Sent mail to their head office also. But no reply is being received from their end that there is no account of myself in their Bank.
But till now no reply received from them....
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank — Approvedfalse ladies group loan by a group-d post staff of kalayangarh branch, ashok nagar, n 24 pgs.

 Sathi biplab Das on Jul 8, 2016
A group - d staff of kalayangarh branch of ashok nagar, he approved a or many group loans of her wife's womens group but this loan amount could not distribute among the all members of this group, he & his wife this loan amount give other people at 10 percent interest in market. And when this loan approved, this loan amount withdral from branch by this group-d staff not this womens group, even they (Womens group) are unknown about this loan. How this is possible?
We are request to all the higher authority to call all womens (Sava netri) of women groups and ask them about this group loan,...
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank — Refused to receive kyc form

 Ipsitablg on Mar 17, 2016
I went to the bangiya gramin vikash bank, Raghunathpur branch, balurghat, d/dinajpur, today on 17/03/16 at 3.35 pm to submit KYC form for my A/c in this branch.A staff did not listen mine and closed the gate of bank and locked it, even didn't get me in, and advised me rudely to submit KYC only at 1st hours.I asked him about the banking hours and the reason why bank was not able to receive a form from its customer.He replied me that the time was not perfect, they were busy in office work, even they didnt know how long their work would go on.This seemed to me very surprising and annoying too.....
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank — Refuse to increasing limit of my cas credit.

 Ram krishna Bhakat on Dec 21, 2015
I have a cash credit A/C no. 5004250000073 with Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank from 10.10.2010. From that time i transact regularly. I request branch manager to increase the limit of my c.c. for that i do ready every paper but now they told me you have 2 wheeler loan at outside but i told them no any 2 wheeler loan available, but they don, t hear anything....
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank — Money not received but amount got deducted (from ATM)

 Mandira94 on Nov 14, 2015
On 31st, August, 2015 I, Pradip Kumar bhowmick, tried to withdraw Rs. 10, 000 using ATM. I did not receive the money but I received a message from bank showing the deduction of Rs. 10, 000. This incident happened before almost 2.5months ago. I contacted the bank but still I did not receive my money. Rs. 10, 000 is not at all a small amount. And it has been 2.5months. I want my money back ASAP. Looking forward to a positive response. -Pradip Kumar Bhowmick...
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank — NEFT NOT CLEAR

 tanay paik on May 30, 2015
Last 23.05.2015 i transfer by neft Rs. 11000/- ( via net-banking) from hdfc bank, berhampore branch ac no. 06392000005474, Ref / uti no. N143150071791273, On my BGVB ac no. CD-50770000161 Indraprastha branch. But till now i dont get the neft amount....
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank, Head office — Debited from my account without pay

 Santu Das8525 on Oct 2, 2014
I am a customer of your bank at Motigunj Branch, Bongaon, 24 Pgs(N). I have create a problem on 30.09.14 about 4.00 PM to 4.15 PM. I used my ATM card for dedited for money from IDBI and AXIS bank ATM. Unfortunately we don't have any cash from these ATM. But we see that RS. 5000/- is debited from each bank. The two ATM are IDBI-ATM ID :TC032913, BARASAT JESSORE ROAD, and AXIS -TERM-BPCN169511, GANJIMILL JOSSOR ROAD. I used these two ATM and see transaction error and I canceled before I leave these ATM. But I see that Rs. 5000/- is debited from each of ATM. MY card no 6070635373000152.
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank — Stay away from this bank

 clghosh on Aug 28, 2014
Dear Sir,

With reference to above mentioned subject, My Wife” Mrs. Chandana Ghosh” had taken loan of amount Rs.2, 50000/-for period of ten years onFebruary 09- 2007 from your branch-Suravisthanm, Badkulla, Patuli, West Bengal, Pin-741121 As per terms & condition loan agreement, We have to pay the installment @ Rs.2290/- per month for 10 years(120 Months) only. Now Branch Manager/Loan Sanction Officer of above mentioned branch had called her on 22-08-2014 to accept the new terms of payment & condition after 90 months of payment already paid and asked her...
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank — Refuse to give the Fixed deposit money to the Fixed deposit

 abdussamadashrafi on Oct 13, 2011
Dear All,

Thanks for your previous all esteemed replies. Once again I am knocking your door for one of the major problem raised by the Branch Manager of the Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank NH 32, Islampur, Dist. Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal 733202. As my late husband and I has deposited the amount in the form of Joint account as a fixed deposited for five years for the marriage of my daughter. In the mean my husband has died in during the Haj pray in Saudi Arabia. Now the date of marriage of my one of the daughter has been fixed, which is 1st November. And I gone to the bank for...
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Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank, Head office — Non receipt of my free gifts, membership no., Web ID etc.


I, sri Samit banerjee, a book lover wanted to be a member of the ITBC. Accordingly, I sent Rs.399.00 through At Par Cheque No.301266 on Axis bank on 13.03.2009. The amount has been debited from my account almost 7/8 months ago. Till date, I have not received any of the free gifts, Membership No., Web Id etc., Books today journal etc. from your end. I have made so many calls to you through 01140502424 but all are in vain.
Now, I request you to look into the matter and please make me aware about the money I had spent for ITBC.

Samit Banerjee...
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