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Delhi, India
I had requested for an Airtel broadband connection(I already have an Airtel landline) in the first week of March, i was told that it would be done by 13th march, it was not done than again i raised a request and I was told that it would be done by 19th march but still just an employee came to my place to collect the documents and nothing else was done after that. After that i raised a high level complaint with a senior supervisor of Airtel and then also I have been told that it will be done by 30/03/2012. So, Please provide me redrassal for this problem
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Airtel Customer Care's response, Jan 18, 2013
Namaste Mahesh,

We would like to inform you that your concern listed 09 Jan. 2013, has been resolved. Should you have any queries please contact Airtel customer service at www.airtel.in/airtelpresence

Rakesh Ranga
Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
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Dear sir,
i am from raipur chattisgarh. i am using airtel broadband connection since last 2 months. i wanted the broadband net connection without landline connection, the airtel person told me that i can take the connection without landline phone. so we took the plan of Rs 399. they gave me the connection, bt with the landline and said that we can return the landline phone afterwords, we said ok. we returned the phone within 10 days, without even using it. then after 1 month the bill came of Rs 605. we went to the airtel office to enquire about it. they told dat the bill includes landline phone charges. we told that we have already returned the phone as u said. so they said no sir u hav to keep the phone. whats this?????????? first of all your employees don't know clearly about the plans, different people tell different plans. kindly tell me that can i take the airtel broadband connection without the landline connection. n tell me the reasons 4 both the answers (yes/no).
Dear sir,
Sub: Bad treatment for customer _ Reg

I have applied for a broadband connection from you on 29.05.08 vide your bill no:1883, through your staff Mr. Madhusooudana adithan. He promised me that within two days they will provide the connection. When I enquired on 30/05/08 he told that I am allotted with a phone number[protected]. and the confirmed that the work is in progress and I will get connection on the same day or next day within 11.00am. On 31/05/08 I call them to know the status they are giving me a entirely different story that another person who was residing upstairs of my building had kept the bill unsettled, so I have to clear the bill of him then only they will provide connection to me. Since I am not free in that evening I approached your office on 02/06/08, one Mr.christopher attended me, he treated me so badly and not even ready to hear my words and not even asked me sit. This was the respect a customer deserve from a reputed concern like AIRTEL. The fact is that since the person residing upstairs has used my office staff help to pay the bills they have misunderstood that I have utilized the connection and I have paid the bill. I also assured him that I will make that person to pay the dues within a weeks time if not I will pay the same provided if they are canceling the connection in that persons name. They are so adamant that I have to pay his bill, then finally I have paid the bill and requested them to give me the connection. I have not provided with the connection till 09/06/08.
On 09/06/08 morning Mr.Madhusoodana adithan came and told me that we have got a new rule from the company that I have to pay Rs.1000/- extra as deposit to get the connection and if I pay the same within that evening he will make arrangements for providing the connection. So I gave him the cheque for Rs.1000/-. I have not got the connection . When I approached him on 10/06/08 He asked me to contact Mr.Majoth. When I contacted him he is telling a different story that till the cheque got realized they will not give the connection and that was the instruction given to him. When I asked him why Mr.MAdhu could not tell this to me during the time of collecting the cheque he could not give any reply. He also given me the promise that if I pay the amount by cash he will ensure the connection with in 12.00 noon on 11/06/08. But till now I have not received the connection.

Please clear me the following doubts
1) For getting a connection why a customer has to be taxed ?
2) Is it a prestige issue to spare a seat in your office when the customer vists your office with a grievance? Or customer has to bring the chair when he visits your office?
3) Is it your custom to act deaf if customer tells any thing and to be adamant with the customer?
4) Do you think that the customer has to update new rules and regulations till he gets a connection and has to contact or keep his phone on line till he gets the connection?
5) Can’t your official staff does not show empathy to customer?
6) Why none of your official procedures are known by the persons in the down line? And why each one tells his own procedures? Or is there any conflict between the back office and field staff/down line persons that is getting getting reflected on the customer?
7) Please don’t take the customer as granted.

Hope you will understand my feeling and give me a proper remeady.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

i am ajay singh patel my residence is in sector-23 noida.I have taken broad band connection 6-7 days before from airtel .its not working, i have rgistered complain but still problem is same, i feel i have to pay without service its too irritating.
I had applied for a broadband connection but no body turned for 14 days and i had to cancel my regisration for the connection and now iam ruinning for money which i had paid for the connection.
Airtel is really disgusting and i would suggest u not to take this connection.
It is worthless...and waste o[censored]r money and energy.
I want to cancel my subscription with immediate effect. my mobile no. [protected], & I do complain to the consumer court this service is extra charges, therfore I want to deactivate it scam very urgent.
My name is Kamlesh Sethi, Account No. is 14494958. Address is B-1/25 Malviya Nagar New Delhi.

I have your modem No.450Bx1. I have bought new laptop. On June 22 & 23 I called your office and talked to technician about Internet connection attached to your modem. Your workers have no time to get it done on a phone. Rajive Monga told me he will send technician at my home on June 23, 2009. He will be here with in 4-5 hours. No one came that day. I called again on june 24 2009 and taked to Sagar, he told me there is no complaint in the computer. Now he has filed another one. No. is 21223404

Tell me in this circcumstances how can I countinue with you

Pl. inform me immidiately what type of a action you had taken.
i had deposited rs 850 with copy of driving licence & photo on 13 Nov. but i have no responce right now.
I requested for Airtel Broadband, paid the installation charges and was waiting for the installation. NO one came so I called Airtel customer service, the Customer service representative was very rude and dint give his name, he then hung up on me without any details, I called up again and spoke to a manager and told him that the call should be traced as it was made from my mobile and the person should be immediately thrown out of job as disconnecting a call on a customer is highly unethical, unprofessional and an itegrity issue, but they say they cant do anything. I however still dont have the broadband installed after 1 week, the money apparently is cleared from my account. No one contacted me and this is how Airtel cheates people.
Hello ,

I had applied for Airtel broadband connection (Application No: 221080) on 27th Feb through a Sales Person named Balakrishnan. I had provided him all the necessary papers and paid a cheque for Rs 500.The connection was promised in 2 working days.

Since then I have been calling this person who seems to have been only interested in filling the forms and does not give any credible answers to the queries. Now he does not even pick the call and asks somebody else to pick it up and of course the person picking up says he is ignorant of the details and cannot act.

Such unprofessional conduct on behalf of Airtel is quite surprising. Trust me if you have such breed of Marketing people, you are wasting you money on advertisement. Anyway I write this in good faith and will wait for some action on your part.

My contact details:

Satish Kumar
Mobile: [protected]
Dear Sir,

I am fed up with Airtel service they are haarrasing me asking my outstanding bill where my connection is not working for the laast one moonth from march till April, nd putting thousands of complaints to coustomer service they disconnect my no, pls i request you to resolve this major problem

The response shown by Airtel customer-care team and subsequent follow up act was quite good and prompt.
I have had the worst customer experience in my life. I have been a loyal Airtel customer since 2004 but the recent incidents have tarnished the image of Airtel as a brand forever for me.

If the concerned person from Airtel reading this email has the slightest interest in making Airtel a brand which can attain the ambitious plans it has envisaged for itself , please investigate my case, trace the number of calls I have made to 121, 198 and other Airtel helpline numbers and the number of times I have responded to 247 telling I am not satisfied with the response of customer care, go deep in the names and numbers I have provided in detail in the mail below.

I am put up in Noida. I have been trying to get a Airtel broadband connection at my place in Noida since more than a month now. Firstly no one took my request and then after herculean efforts of calling persistently I was given a reference number 94419553 on 5th June.

Despite promising to send someone at my place to collect the filled form, no one came for next 2 days.

When I filed a complaint I was given a complaint number 47285902 on 7th June which I later was told was an invalid number and was for un barring the outgoing calls on some random mobile number.

I again called and was given a new reference number [protected].

One Mr. Arvind called from some Airtel center called me (from [protected] and [protected]) and came to my home and collected Rs 1750 and the form on 9th June and made me fill a form with CEF # 2763385

Since that day he has been telling me that he will come tomorrow and has still not installed the connection.

On uncountable phone calls he passed on the number of his manager Mr. Dinesh Chauhan (mobile # [protected]) to me.

Who told me that the executive shouldnt have taken my request as there was some technical issue and Airtel is not able to provide braodband to anyone
in this area. On a day when Airtel is spreading other continents and has ambitions of rubbing shoulders with the best in world, thesew kind of statements and undermine the aspirations the leadership at Airtel has for the group.

I am so disappointed and frustrated with the experience I have had that I don’t believe it’s the same Airtel services which I used to vouch for a few years back.

I was told on[protected] after at least 50 calls to customer care at 121, 198, [protected], [protected] that my money ( Rs 1750 ) will come back in 45 days.

Then on[protected] Mr Alankar came to my house ( phone # [protected]) stating that I will get a connection as there is a tag available, he seemed to be a nice fellow and I was happy to find a person in Airtel who cared for customers and his inconvenience. He called me and said that Mr Naresh ( [protected]) will come and install the connection and also made me fill a form with CEF # 2763883
I got a sms on[protected] from Airtel on my mobile number [protected] stating that my connection has been confirmed and the team will install it ay my place in 2 days. I called Mr Naresh and he said that he will come. He kept replying same the whole day and then from next day[protected] he has stopped responding to my calls, he puts his phone in not reachable mode after rejecting my calls a few times.
He only wanted to fulfill his target for closing day of the month and he is not at all concerned about my connection.

I have undergone torture beyond imagination in past 2 months. It reminds me of the pre liberalization days when one used to apply for a state owned telephone connection and then wait for 3 months and then pulled some strings to get a connection.
I am really sorry to say that with such kind of services, customer care and customer complaint services, I will never recommend Airtel to anyone and will withdraw all my future communication subscriptions to other service providers.

I am seeking some recourse from the consumer court for the loss of my mental peace, money and time from Airtel.
This is rediculous, I have never seen this kind of service from a company like Airtel.

After many complaints Airtel is not able to provide the resolution.

Its waste of time even to complaint about Airtel service.

Dont want to write more.......................

I am going to post a banner in my House.

Dear sir,
With due respect I would like to bring to your notice about the inconvenience that I am going through.
I had applied for Airtel Broadband internet connection with fixed line(Application NO- TBLR273563
) on 3rd of Aug. On 9th of Aug I got a technician who came and fixed the phone line for me ([protected] which is working) and confirmed me the connection is done and Internet technician is on the way to do the modem installation.
The Internet technician (Manjunath) came next day and tried configuring the modem and found that the data light on the modem is not lighting up. He told the connection is fine and the port needs be enabled which will get the internet connection up and running and called up his manager who confirmed him to release the connection. He left for a next customer by giving me the uid and password with his cell number and confirmed me that the data light will be there in 30 mins. After waiting for couple of hours I tried calling technician and his phone was switched off and I was waiting for the data light to come which never came after then.
Journey with Airtel customer care:
I called the customer care who took my complaint and confirmed me that they will send a technician to do the installation but Never I saw any technician till date. I called back to ask for the technician and there was a note on complaint that internet cannot be given to me as some problem. I checked with the phone technician who was a nice guy and he confirmed me that that is wrong note and the line is fine and he spoke to manager in backend and confirmed me that there will be a technician soon to fix it up. (As a matter of fact the last guy who was staying in my house had Airtel internet connection and the family staying down has Airtel connection and both phone and internet tech has confirmed me of no issue for internet connection).
17.08.2011- Complain no- 2437600 spoke to floor manager who confirmed me to send a tech and issue to be resolved by next day 2.30PM
18.08.2011- Spoke to another floor Manager (who apologized since not even first time installation is done and my account is active and running since 9th of Aug. but never had any broadband working not even once and no tech to even configure the modem first time) and promised me that the issue will be taken with highest priority and promised a call back within 48 hrs. but alas I was never aware that it is all part of script that customer care people are good at fooling people.
19.08.2011- Went to Airtel center koramangla with concern- This is the guy (Mohan)- [protected]) who took my application form and before applying the connection had spoken to the field engineer and confirmed the connection is possible and took initial 500 for installation.
He called up the backend manager and confirmed me that there is no technical issue and today ie 19th Aug. the connection will be done and tech will come. I explained my bad experience and he gave me in writing that at max by 20th Aug. 6PM I will have internet connection but I guess that guy is good at lying.
I am frustrated that even from a private company I am getting this kind of treatment. I am not getting support from anybody and people are not even bothered and always buy time. I would request you to look into this. If not please help me to get my initial deposit so that I can get into some other vendor.Please help.

Application No- TBLR273563
CONTACT NO- [protected]
ejipura bangalore
I had paid Rs. 500 as advance payment for an Airtel Broadband connection vide cheque no. 268479 dt. 23.7.11 drawn on ICICI Bank. The cheque was handed over to Airtel's representative Mr. Parminder Singh on 23.7.11 and Airtel's customer enrolment form no. 2757393 dtd. 23.7.11, duly filled, handed over to him.

Regret to inform that the Broadband connection has not been provided to date. Further, despite repeated reminders, the advance payment given by me, too, has not been returned by the company.

It is unfortunate that such a big company should indulge in such unethical practices.

J. K. Mutreja
No one respond from [protected]@in.airtel.com...

I think its waste of time even in complaint here for Airtel...

Now I will change the Banner as...


In April 2011 I have send mail to [protected]@in.airtel.com but no one response.

My mail ID - samudra.[protected]@gmail.com

Reply only if want to really resolve my query...
Hello Sir,

I applied for Airtel Broadband connection in Sep 2011 and never got connection,when i requested airtel to cancel the order i was told that the connection charge of Rs.550 will be reimbursed within 15 days;it has been nearly 2 months and i have not heard anything from Airtel other than the Nodal and Appellete authorities advising that they will get back to me within 48 hours or 72 hours,i need the amount and please help as i was cheated by the company.
Hello sir,

8 days back i have applied for a airtel MAX10GB plan from a sales person named Anand. Until now i haven't received any kind of contact from them regarding my conenction. I already paid and advance of 1000rs as one month advance for it. whenever i call to Anand he simply tell me to contact another person named gangadhar regarding connection. But when ever i call to the other person he never lifts phone. please get me a connection as soon as possible or return back my advance i will proceed with another service provider.

My contact: G.Lokesh
#21 ,Obulesha Nilaya,
jai Bheema nagar
3rd main, BTM Layout 1st stage,
Ph: [protected]

The Sales person anand number :[protected]

and other person Gangadhar contact : [protected]

Please provide a solution to me as soon as possible.
i haven't received any solution for this. kindly help me

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