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Auto no DL IRG 3473
Meter was very fast , the driver was very rude, and was not allowing to take the meter reading and has put a mirror in front of it so that no one can read.
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Aug 13, 2020
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sir, i live in ahmedabad, gujarat. today when i left from my house for a meeting i tried to hire an auto. and there were 2 auto rickshaw standing there. the first one asked the place and when he heard he refuse to come because the distance was only 4 km. ant some how i ignored that and went to the other rickshaw, the other rickshaw driver was standing ideal outside his rickshaw, but the other one refused me arrogantly and that was the problem sir. when i said that i would complian about this to police, he said do whatever you want but i am not coming to that place because its too short distance. and he added that he is not feared of anyone. After saying this sentence he started talking on his cell phne. i took the pictures of that man and his auto, with number displaying, hope you will take the needful action.

auto number :- GJ.1AX.9974

hello Sir/Madam,

I Meenakshi and my friend Monika daily travel in CNG rickshaw from Tigri to IIT Office. There is a shortage of buses so we prefer CNG. But they want too much fare if we say what abt ur meter they always says it's not working, if working it has too fast. Form Tigri to IIT office we pay on meter Rs. 43.80/- or around Rs.45/- 9.1 km. But today we hire DLIR-4047 CNG from Tigri to IIT office near SHANI MANDIR. We payed Rs. 47.80/-. Please tell us what we do if they will charge higher and higher. If we says yurs meter is fast they said, "Our meter is not fast if your are not satisfy please complaint us." I don't know what I says to him. They openly challenge us.

Please Sir u have to action on this CNG DLIR-4047 auto No. I[censored] will not strick on him "to phir wo apne hukum chalate rahenge." Please Sir strick on him.

Auto Rickshaw — Driver Over charged the fare (email corrected)


This incident happened in Majiwada, Thane (west). I took an auto from Charai Naka to Majiwada yesterday evening.

The meter showed the number count as 1.50 (I wrongly mentioned 1.70 in my previous complaint). As per the rate card the driver is supposed to charge Rs.15.50. I gave him rs.20 and said that its Rs.16. But he just handed me Rs.2 and said its 18. At this point of time I got furious and asked him to show me the fare rate card which he did not show up. He still maintained that the charge is 18 only and inspite of a heated argument he did not give me Rs.4.

It has become a general practise to charge 50p extra. This is still fine. But charging Rs.2 extra is not at all acceptable. He said you people earn so much what happens if you leave Rs.2/- and so on. He just drove away.

But I have made a note of the Rikshaw number. The number is MH04-V4821. I tried calling the Mumbai Auto Rikshaw complaint numbers [protected]/2, [protected], but no one answered the call.

Its not a matter of Rs.2 extra but its a matter of this GUNDAGARDI which Auto drivers have got used to in Thane. I hope this issue is forwarded to Traffic police and an action be taken against him.

As a responsible citizen I have made a a note of this number and will refrain from boarding the auto bearing this number. This will teach him a lesson for life and rest I leave to the Police.

Now its your call, as to how are you going to deal with this issue and the driver.
Dear Sir/Madam,

I Lovie, travel daily in auto till garware house. The Auto fare varies depending on the traffic generally it is Rs. 9/- or Rs. 10/-.
Today when i got in an auto rick MH02 P 6015, i insisted the rick fellow to put teh meter on. he said he will take mnimum fare i.e. Rs. 9/-. after insiting again put the meter he said rudely my meter is not working. After dropping me I gave him Rs. 10/- note then he was not ready to give me Re.1/- it is not about the money it just that he should have put the meter. After that he started giving me Badwords regarding race & colour, which according to me is very wrong & unethical. Is it that we should pay what ever the Auto rickshaw driver says or what the meter reads. Agreed that ther is a meter, which at times due to technical problems does not work. but using bad langaugae is not ethical. They openly challenge us.

Please Sir/ Madam you should take actions on this MH02 P 6015 auto No. I[censored] will not strick on him he will do this with others.

Yours Thankful,
Lovie Chadha

I am Soham Shah, a responsible citizen of India and Ahmedabad .. I came to Ahmedabad railway station from Mumbai on 11th july at 5 AM .. I took an auto-rickshaw from Station to my place .. After dropping me off, the driver asked me 40 RS and when I asked for the Fare-Card so that I can compare meter reading and price, he rudely told me that he even does not carry a card and I have to give him whatever he is asking for.. The auto-rickshaw number is: GJ-1-AZ-2965 .. So please do the needful .. it was completely insane.. Dishonesty and rudeness at its peak .. If we cant do somehitng, they are gonna go over our head..

Auto Rickshaw — Refuse to ply.

At Andheri station Auto walas just refuse to take the passengers to any locality in Andheri at any given point of time. God alone knows where they want to go but it is very difficult to get an auto from the station. It takes almost half an hour daily to get an auto.
I and many commuters struggle to get an auto in bandra kurla complex we have to literally beg one to take us to our destination. Most of teh time it takes 1/2 hr to one hr to get one. please help we really need help at bandra kurla complex which is an upcoming commercial area and all o[censored]s wud love to reach on time after th ewhole day's struggle at wk and do not want to waste time n energy on waiting and begging at auto wallas.
I have faced a similar problem. Rikshaw driver with liscence number MH03AA5427 CHARGED double the fare from bandra east to bandra west. It generally costs 35 rupees but he charged 57. On saying that this is incorrect, he began to misbehave and argued. I request you to take action
I have faced this problems at most of the stations in mumbai especially at stations at andheri, malad and churchgate where the auto and cabs simply resist to ply at the destinations intended
I have faced problem with Rikshaw Driver in Pune - Magarpatta City. He carried no Fare card neither wore uniform. He asked me for Rs 30 when the meter read only 2.8. On asking for Fare Card he started arguing using rude language. While I was noting his number he laughed and challenged me to give complaint. I am not sure if this Forum is going to ever take any action. As my duty I am giving my complaint. This is problem with all the Rikshaws standing outside Magarpatta City - Pune. My complaint is against driver of MH 12 EF 3061 on 21-Sep.
Please check the site to write complaint to RTO Pune.
The complaint should be posted on the following address — Region Transport Officer, Sangam Bridge, Pune
common problem guys staring at girl...gosh gazing for a long while looking in the rear mirror is so rude on the driver. people like me tend to give back on the spot itself but wen argued they speak as if they dint look at us at all. they even reply back saying ya ya she is very hot chick to look at...look at her face look at her shape!! weird how rude on earth these people can be so cheap.. just cuz of a few people like this, other auto guys are been affected.
Dear Sir/Madam,

trusting that this message will be acted upon with due sincerity.
More often women travel by auto rickshaws and the rude behaviour and fleecing money tendencies of these auto drivers are making our lives miserable. we are at Anandnagar khairatabad. though being in the centre of city and 0.50 km from the main khairatabad junction ato drivers fleece us day in and day out, every moment that we travel through auto. I regularlyy travel to Rainbow hospital and drivers charge 20 for going and ask for 40 Rs and agree minimum for 25-30 Rs on bargain on return to Anandnagar. Whereas the actual meter cost would be no more than 13 rs.

Seeing women passengers, specially when with kids, their tongues start wagging and they start saying " why you are making us roam all the gallis" ( despite the high price being paid for the travel" ..
Who will be taking care of these issues. who is the one responsible. can't we make hyderabad a clean place to live. when the meter was 10, then there was no such problem. it all started when the petrol hike happened, though most of autos use GAS .

today itself I had to face a problem with AP10 V4333 from Rainbow hospital, Banjara Hills to Anand Nagar colony.
Recently, I faced a very bad incident from Lifestyle building to my location. The drivers at Lifestyle ask for minimum 50 whereas the meter would charge 30. upon that, the driver was very abusive and after dropping started showing hand as if he would slap me the next moment. since I did not note down his number, unable to give a clear picture . If the fate of the educated women is this, I doubt how these people must be treating the illiterate lot.

I request a clear clear action, and if possible police intervention at least at places like hospitals and shopping mails, where surprise MUFTI RAIDS could be conducted by RTA officers and action could be taken on all these errant drivers. if TRAFFIC police could concentrate on these elements, rathers than towing vehicles and grabbing money from the public, it would be a great help.

expecting a positive action.
with regards. !!!
I was planning to go to goregaon, i stay at chincholi, though the distance is Rs. 15 on auto fare as it is too small... the rickshaw no. MH 02 TA 8402 refused to come, reason " HUMein NAHI jaana hai"... I want an action to be taken against him.
Trusting that necessary action will be taken
Sub : Cheating and abusing

I regular travel by auto rickshaws and my dail auto fare come to 43 to 51 Rs. But on saturday auto guy took from me 68 Rs. actually his he had made a meter fast

Below given is the auto rickshaws no.


Hope necessary action will be taken
Absolutely agreed with the above complaint.

Would like to share our expierence with all which happened today (20.11.08).

We took auto from andheri (E) in moring somewhere around 8.40. By the time we reached to the fyover (Before chakala) Near Baba house, the meter was Rs. 16/- which should still show Rs. 10/-. When we asked the driver if meter is working properly he started arguing instead eccepting his fault.

We have noted down Auto No. Whci is MH02, SA9661. This is the regular practice now & should get stop somewhere.

Auto Rickshaw — BILLING


Auto Rickshaw — overchrging and tampered meter

this complaint is against auto rickshaw having registration number MH03 M3730 who overcharged me having tampered with his meter on 13th december 2008, at 12:30 at noon.
the auto driver overcharged me by rs. 10 and blamed it on the traffic when it really wasn't bad. the normal fare should have been rs. 12, but he charged me rs.21.
on asking why he rudely blamed the traffic!!!
Respected Person[To whomsoever it may concern]
Sub:Mumbai Auto Drivers charging midnight fares before time.
I am a mumbaikar, yesterday on14th january in my travel from Chembur to Jijamata, a ricksaw driver charged me midnight fare before time at about 11:50pm. The meter flashed Rs:31 for which he took Rs:44 from me. His body language was rather violent and abusive. Auto Rickshaw No:MH03 M9604.
I hope my plea does not fall on deaf ears and necessary action would be taken.
Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,
Ajesh Poojary.
stealing of phone MH 03 AK 718
dear sir/madam,
i live in pune. i am student of garware collage. i while coming back from collage on 23rd january 2009. there is no signal near Laxmi Narayan theater currently. Anyway the accused rickshaw driver was in the BRT lane anyways, which is illegal. It was a "share" rickshaw, there were two adults and about 7-8 kids cramped inside the rickshaw. I'm pretty sure that this is completely illegal not to mention downright dangerous. As i was crossing the crossroads on my activa the guy went speeding on the BRT lane. all the traffic on his side of the street had stopped and were letting us pass. But this guy came speeding towards me and then braked hard. He yelled abuses at me. i went near the footpath and stopped to straigten the mess out. he then came to me yelling abuses and slapped me. i got off and was pissed enough to break his jaw. hut then the onlookers intervened. the guy was complaining that a kid in his rickshaw had hit his head on the meter. i told him he wasn't even supposed to carry that many passengers(the kid was sitting on someone's lap and was in a very vulnerable position even if the rick had made a sharp turn he would have fallen out. anyways the kid wasn't even bothered about his "injury". i could see no sign of damage. these rickshaw wallas think they own the city and can abuse and hit anyone they want to.
The rickshaw's number was MWQ 8090.
I am requesting you to see to it that he is punished seriously for his behaviour and his shameless disregards about all the rules he broke. I told him i was gonna complain about him. He couldn't have cared less. He didn't seem scared of the authorities taking any action and that's what bothered me most. I hope that his confidence is shattered by you guys taking action. PLEASE HONOUR MY REQUEST.
Thank You

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