[Resolved]  Dell Inspiron 1525 — Plugged in, not charging

Yes, like everyone else, i was dupped by the dell (Yet again) i was not happy with my desk top from a few years back and i should have not repeated the same mistake, ordering from dell again! So, i am partially to blame! But i was in a bind and had to purchase a laptop fast and didn't have neither the time nor the resources to consider another alternative (Or at least a little more educated before making a costly commitment like this)!
Anyway, the problem with this "expensive piece of junk" is what plenty other people have noted: right after i ran out of warranty, the battery (Which was noit fully charging before) depleated to 85% (Even plugged in) and from 85 to 50% and soon after i am looking at 29% and it is going down 1% everyday. Again, please bare in mind that the computer is always plugged in and never on without external power.
I am so concerned and don't know what to do, as i have heard the replacement batteris are mostly refurbished and do the same thing after couple of months! So, that means even if i buy another battery, there is no guarantee that is going to last me any more than couple of months. Plus with today's economy, i can not effort buying a "new" batthery and pay for installation and check run, etc.. Etc.
So, please take this as a complain, from a very frustrated dell consumer or venting and my little way of expressing my huge disappointment with dell (With their hurrible india -based customer support) and if nothing can be done about my problem, at least someone could be saved from making the biggest mistake of their life: buying a dell notebook! Or dell of anykind!
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Aug 14, 2020
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i too have similar problem with dell 1525 inspiron battery
it has stopped charging after 6 months of purchase
i bought dell inspiron 1525 in feb 2008, battery shows the similar symptom of (0% available, plugged in, not charging)
guys please help me about this if you got any info on that .
dell customer care india doesn't even pick up my call ivrs just keep on hold
i have decided not to buy dell again and discourage others from doing so
i bought dell inspiron 1545 before two week, battery shows the similar symptom of (2% available, plugged in, not charging)
dell customer care india doesn't even pick up my call ivrs just keep on hold
i have decided not to buy dell again
if you not have any knowedage about computer off your company quickely & go home

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Dell provides useless products in India and should be stopped continuing the same.I am also facing the same problem with my laptop's battery :(
I also purchased Dell Inspiron 1525 and it is now 1 year and 1 month.. ia m running out of warranty and I am having the same issue.. The system first said, bettery is not charging, then it says, no battery found.. i am really frustrated. I don know if I buy a new battery.. They Sucks.. Really bad support.
Please someone help me..
Hi all
I have purchased Dell inspiron 1525 in April 2008, before completing one year warranty period, the started showing battery is not charging. I complained the customer support but they said warranty has completed its life cycle and deny to replace it though the warranty period had not been over.
really worst support...
I have the same problem on my new Inspiron 1545. (1% charge, never higher) I contacted Dell, they are sending me a new adapter, and in case that does not fix it, a box to ship the computer back to them, for a motherboard replacement.

After the call, I tried a trick I had found on another site that seems to be working (for now).
1. Shut down
2. Unplug.
3. Remove Battery.
4. Hold down power button for 10 seconds.
5.Wait a couple minutes.
6. Replace battery.
7. Pug in.
8. Turn computer back on.
I have a dell inspiron 1525 1 year in June, same problem with plugged in not charging. I keep plugging it in and unplugging it then eventually it begins to charge. Very frustrating!!! No More DELL
same problem with my dell inspiron 1525 plugged in not charging. I bought it April 2008. It was at 89% yesterday today 78%. I have tried everything. After running diagnostic tests i get error code 3600:0749 Invalid AC Adapter. The adapter green light is on and working. When I phoned tech supprt they said the adapter's watts were not enough to supply power. A new adapter would cost 79.00 +tax not covered by warranty since that expired 3 months ago. After reading others reviews who tried a new adapter, then tried a new battery only to find out it is the motherboard why bother with that route.. might as well buy a new computer! And even those who bought the extended warranty after the 1 yr warranty was up have been told that the warranty does not cover the motherboard. I won't buy a Dell computer again.

Dell Latitude D610 Laptop — Technical issue not resolved even after 4 months.

Had approached the Dell support team for technical issues with my Lattitude D610 laptop in mid march 2009. Got quotation end of March, engineer visited first week of April and advised that the support team would forward me a quotation for a new mother board (As advised by the engineer) in a day or two. After much following up and repeated calls, was first told that the motherboard would cost around Rs.10000/- and finally when I did get a response on 24th July, I was told that they Dell cannot sell parts for my laptop and I would have to go in for a warranty extension that would cost me 22282/- for a year and they would replace the required parts under that. Being at the receiving end I agreed since I was disgusted by the service and just wanted to get it finished. The payment was made the same day using my credit card and it also got debited the next day to my account. The Dell person had informed that he would get back to me in a couple of hours on the 24th July itself, but as usual it is the 30th of July and I have not heard from Dell and all my calls are met with an answer that I need to get in touch with the same person who took down my payment details. To top all of this now, the person has not answered my e-mails and he has not bothered to get back to me at all. His extn is always picked up by a different people who tell me that he will call back but I am still waiting.

As much as I liked the product, I would strongly advise people (Individuals) to stay away from buying a Dell product.
I have Purchased the DELL INSPIRON 1525 about 5 months back.

I have purchase the laptop and very happy with Dell 1525 Laptop, now in key board some of key (O, Y, )
not working, We have called to Dell they people now providing support. very poor service.
My Laptops Service Tag no. -- 1WVX2BS.

I want some help from ur side, Please peplace my keyboard.

Hoping for a Positive Responnse from ur side.

Awadh Raj

Dell laptop/ 1545 INSPIRON — fault in its functioning

1. it is not deleting some of the video files (downloaded from net).
2. it hangs when i try to open Oxford Advanced dictionary (software) while working on another software.
3. it becomes slow after watching video on Real player.
Same problem - Dell Inspiron 1545 - Purchased 2 months ago from Best Buy - Have many other dells in the house - not a huge problem owning a dell - VISTA and MSFT on the other hand want to take over the world, and control not only how we should spend our money, but also what they think we deserve for the money we pay - regardless of their ridiculous price tags. Whether its Dell or MSFT or Dell for quickly wiping out XP and just supporting VISTA and charging MORE for a DOWNGRADE, is something I don't know the answer to...what is highly frustrating is that VISTA only allows you to do what IT thinks you should be doing - sorry but not all o[censored]s are TECHIES or GEEK smart - some o[censored]s just want to FUNCTION, and carry on with our work, tasks and life. OUTSOURCING is becoming OUTDATED - many consumers are seeing the ISSUES IN OUTSOURCING, and many o[censored]s are STOPPING THE SUPPORT OF OUTSOURCED SERVICES, because it is POS Service. It may be putting food one someone's table, but let's keep things real here - we need to work, we need to support and we need to take care OF OURSELVES. Because of POOR decision making - these businesses are going to suffer if they dont look past the PROFIT MARGIN. At any RATE! This Computer and VISTA BOTH have given me grief, but I am leaning toward VISTA bashing more, because I own at least 7 other computers, and about 4 run on VISTA with similar issues. CLASS ACTION LAW-SUIT? WHO HAS THE MONEY AND WHAT LAWYER IS GOING TO CARE?

laptop 1520 — do not purchase

hi friends i request all of you plz donot purchase a laptop from dell
i have purchase a laptop from dell on feb 2008 and i have work only 30 days on it till now
i have change all of its part (motherboard, keypad, mousepad, ram, monitor)
till now still i m facing a problem when i have request them to change a ram they have do a fraud and fix a duplicate ram which is not in working condition and not fix this on the laptop
last sunday i have found it is not fix in my laptop so be vare of dell
pervej Munjal
i have a vostro 1000 dell laptop. and i have a plugged in not charging icon. i have rng dell they are sending out a new ac adapter and a motherboard with tech coming tomorrow to fit it.. my battery is out of warrenty. i habe had laptop just over 1 year. i have had athe hard drive changed since than.. all i seem to be getting is 1 problem after another and dell are 100% useless. never buy a dell again
want to online waranty extenssion process of dell laptop inspiron 1525...

DELL — Battery Comes under Replacement in warranty period or not?

I have a dell laptop. My warranty period is going on i.e. 1st year.

When I switch on the laptop it says Battery is reaching the end of its usable life.

Please tell me that under this situation my battery in warranty should be replaced by Dell or not?
This same problem is also happening on the Inspiron 1501 as well! Just a few days ago, every time I boot my computer there's a message saying it doesn't recognize the ac adapter, wth? It's plugged in, but it's not charging. It can only reach 5% now after slowly decreasing over the months!
I am having the same problems! My Dell Inspiron 1525 was purchased in April of 2008 and now whenever I have the charger plugged in it says 0% Available (Plugged In, Not Charging) I am getting really frustrated with this. The error message said that I had an invalid AC adapter, that I needed a 60 V charger, but thats what I have. I don't know what to do to resolve this issue!

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