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i had taken a car loan, with a promiose from the bank for speedy functioning and and swift loan. I agreed to pay 11.75% interest against the offer of 11.25% by SBI to be sure of getting the work done in specified time. I am an NRE custiomer with heavy investements with the bank itself. They promised to process the loan and give yes or no answers within the specified time frames. The loan was approved and files were approved. Then my co-guaranter (my mom) who gave ger passport (for address verification) and indian account statement asked during the process what signature should she be doing for the process (she uses one in the bank account and one in passport). The GM Mr. Sameer Kapoor suddenly fugured out after the finishjing of the whole processing and approval of my Loan that the sign in the address proof and on the form do not match for my co-guaranter.
Mind you this sudden discovery happened after i was given three calls by the bank representatives to reach the dealership to cpollect my Car as the DO will be released. Instead while i am sitting there and the dealership people are callingh the bank, no one gave us the correct nature of the problem and it was 4:30PM, while at 8:00 PM Mr Kapoor said that no DO since there is this signature problem. i requested that i have bought the music system and everyone at my home have arranged for the pooja (the typical indian stuff) and that if they want any further documents we can give by the next morning. But Mr. Kapoor in his true spirit of Customer Care refused to come on the phone.
I came back all humilated and crest fallen and tediously finished the last requirement by the bank with another promise that the car to be delivered that day by 3:30. Now the time of writing is 5:00PM. And since then i have given 38 calls to his office in last 5:30 hrs and yet he has not returned my call. So much for customer care. The way the treatment of my cae and non clarity of what exactly is happening behind the scenes is not even being discussed. So much for RTI.
I am now very surely going to launch a case against the HDFC loaning division and Sameer Kapoor for harrassment and demeaning behavior both in judicial courts and consumer courts. All i am requesting in this forum is that everyone with greivances or peiople who know people with pain inflicted in them by HDFC may please feel free to write to me at [protected]
I want to compile such cases nation wide and present the truth behind the customer care and account handling by HDFC. Please write in so that we can accomplish this and save many many more customers from the agony and lies.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I had filed a consumer case against HDFC bank and have won a case against them recently .THis banks employees are so useless that i dont have words to describe this fools . They are are so stupid and arrogant and think that thye can get away with anything . they also routenly engage criminals for their dirty activities . contact a lawyer and file a case at them and maintain documents and you will win but offcourse this guys will not pay but will keep moving from one court to another.
Dear sir

I am K.V.Ramanathan, working as a seniors Lecturer in Bangalore, and my native place is Mannachanallur, Trichy. I took car loan from your HDFC Bank, Lakshmi Arcade, A 10, 11th cross Main Road, Thillai Nagar -18, on 28/05/2009 Rs. 1, 25, 000/- really I am very happy sanctioning of loan immediately, the sales person and Car loan Department head, every body helped me while sanctioning the loan immediately, really very surprise with in three days they make the payment.

Sir my problem is during the sanction of the car loan everybody helped to me after sanctioning the loan nobody help me, I am salary holder I having account in Indian overseas bank at Mannachannallur, while taking of loan application along with I enclosed ECS application duly signed by Manager IOB, this is first application then I given the first cheque they clear without any problem ok here in after they had present the cheque through ECS, for 7, 8….. month but they told me cheque was bounced at the time of cheque collection my account balance is good. They given the certificate noted as bounce reason is “No. Such Account”. And I went nearly 6 time to your branch office then I faced so many problem with customer care person, car loan manager they said something and car loan manager entirely changed ( I mean there behaviors ). There behaviors is highly irresponsible why I don’t know. Then I ask from manager, I said have to close my loan, they told me all rules and regulation ( first time they telling the rules) really I shocked while I taking the loan nobody explain this type of rules, ok this one type of business tactics then I request to him again I took second application of ECS duly sign by the Manger of IOB, forward to office then next month onwards same problem no such account. so that till December I was paid hand bill only also they charged fine Rs. 450/- and I submitted third ECS application duly sign by Manager of IOB( she scold me because this is third application ) same forward to branch office then they took action so that Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, I was paid my loan amount through ECS only,

May month onward again started problem now they told me “ Cheque bounce reason is” No such account, sir my question is Jan, Feb, Mar, April, they claimed through ECS ( I enclosed bank statement) then May Month onwards no such account how is possible ( I am having sufficiently amount in my account)
Every car loan department person known my sincere, prompt payment, really I fed up with your bank responsible, sir I request you to take needful further action and please avoid unnecessary action.
Sir I am graduate faculty you know very well competitive world if you loosing one customer also is very dangerous one because
“ One Good Message spread to Others customer very very…. Slow
But one bad message spread to other customer very very faster than air……

Please take action immediately and save customer relation perfectly

My Car Loan No.: 13306637
Loan Amount Rs. : 1, 25, 000 ( no bending payment)
My Contact No.: [protected], and [protected]
hdfc bank is the worst bank of the india.
hdfc bank auto loan department really sucks!i will never recommend anyone to apply for a loan from this bank.after application these guys are not at all bothered...they will not pick up your calls, someone else picks up the phone and says 'the other guy has gone for lunch'they will keep on telling you this document is required that document is required and so on...5 days may take upto a month and then also you arent sure of your finance.your goodwill is lost.and this is because of really slcak guys in this matter the bank is a good bank but all these slack and incompetent employees(not all) are ruining the credibility of a very good financial institution.pity!
I am running with a auto loan with HDFC Bank loan a/c no 1509996, sum dues of Rs600/= was todards me and I paid that vide cheque no 744391 of hdfc bank on dated 24/10/08 receipt no 12338051, and still people from HDFC bank calling me again and again for the same payment why?
Ruchika Goel
Our company has taken Vehcile (Mahindra Scorpio) Loan No: 11023986 from HDFC for Rs. 7, 07, 000/- with repayment of Rs. 23, 564/-as EMI thru ECS on 7th of every month. On 6th May - 2009 we had Closing balance of Rs. 52, 146/- & 7th May - 2009 Closing Balance of Rs.1, 55, 964/-. How the ECS got boucned we are not able to understand, when there was sufficient funds in our bank account.

when I called HDFC regards this issue -in reply Mr.Srinivas Employee of HDFC Bank given a reply in a very rude manner and he was not in a position to listen to the customer. And this is the way HDFC people collecting extra money from customers.

hdfc ltd/home loan — it's unsafe to give post dated cheques to hdfc ltd

This is in reference to the unsatisfactory and unprofessional services provided to me by HDFC Ltd. wherein my credibility & track record has been hampered/challenged during one of the EMI settlements.
I would like to bring to your notice that my As I was having a credit balance of approx. INR 800 in my loan account with HDFC Ltd., I wanted to square up this credit balance in the EMI which I was to pay in the month of June 2009. As suggested by one of the Relationship Managers of HDFC Ltd., I had issued a new cheque i.e. ICICI Bank in place of the previously submitted cheque for the month of June 2009. I had issued this new cheque much prior to the due date (to HDFC branch, Bhilai, CG).On the receipt of the cheque the Relationship Manager also gave a telephonic confirmation on June 22, 2009 and I asked him to do the needful.
On Juy 01, 2009 I was shocked to see a debit balance in my account worth INR 386.00 due to the dishonour of cheque. I immedeatly called up the ICICI customer service to take an update of this debit balance.Then I came to know that HDFC has placed two cheques towards settling the EMI for the month of June, without my knowledge and out of the two cheques, one got dishonoured due to insufficiency of funds. Please let me understand why a customer has to bear an additional cost for no fault of his.As a financial institution Hdfc charges us interest/ fine if a customer fails to pay emi in time why not a customer ask Hdfc ltd to pay us a compensation for the harrasment a customer undergo to resolve the issue .

hdfc bank auto loan department really sucks! i will never recommend anyone to apply for a loan from this bank.after application these guys are not at all bothered...they will not pick up your calls, someone else picks up the phone and says 'the other guy has forgotten his/her phone on the table' they will keep on telling you this document is required that document is required and so on...5 days may take upto a month.

Please take action immediately and save customer from various diseases...!
I applied for car loan, HDFC people said you don't have enough experience in a company give one more relieveing letter of my very old company which i didn't have. They encouraged me to produce the unathorised certificate. But now direct HDFC bank team saying you did a big fraud, we will update your name in CBIL & and inform your present company HR so you will loose your job. They also threatened me to that they wud logde a police compliant. I asked for HDFC policy of action against Unauthorised document, One Mr.Bregwell & Mr. Manish of Bangalore indranagar branch literally threantended saying will take serious action againt the issue. They even locked me in a cabin and raised voice & pretending to hit. At the end they needed 2% of car loan amount not to diclose these issue to my employer and to CBIL. They dress decent, but are GUNDAS. I defended will not pay the amount. Anyone know verywell about this pls update me the procedures.

Pls do ignore HDFC bank for ANY & ALL bankings.

The same problem happened with me. On saturday, 22nd Aug, 2009 I have received the SMS from HDFC bank that my loan has been approved. I made the balance amount payment on the same date as the delivey date was 23rd Aug, 2009. At 7:30pmI have received a call from HDFC bank that there is proble with addres proof not possible delivery on 23rd.

I am vey surpirsed with the process of HDFC Bank.
प्रिय महोदय, यह मेरी कोई शिकायत नहीं है। बल्कि एक अनुरोध है। मैंने अपनी गाड़ी DL9CG-8423 सैंट्रों के लिए वर्ष 2004 सितंबर में कार लोन HDFC बैंक से लिया था। सितंबर 2009 में मैंने लोन की सारी किस्‍तें चुका दी हैं, परंतु अभी तक बैंक की तरफ से मेरी गाड़ी को फ्री करने संबंधी कोई कागज मुझे प्राप्‍त नहीं हुए हैं। कृपया मुझे इस मामले की वर्तमान स्थिति बताने का कष्‍ट करें। मुझे लोन संबंधी अकाऊंट नंबर की भी कोई जानकारी नहीं है। कृपया मेरी मदद करें।

नरेंद्र कुमार प्रसाद/Narender Kumar Prasad
RZ-45, 2nd Floor, Gali No.-3,
Raghu Nagar (Pankha Road),
New Delhi-110045
i want to purchase used bick which is
maheshwar prasad
loan No.13551081

what is the procedure to buy
Auto loan a/c no: 10523837 @ 3897/-
Sir, please send my detailed a/c statement copy
EMI : 224680
i have taken loan from hdfc bank ltd activa no Mh-43 Q 5770. i had refund loan but til date i have not received noc & my viechel paper.
my auto maruti swift dzire aco 15413310 custm id 18047227 state 17 9 2009 ajj tak mere sb ac man koe bhi kist nahi lagi phir bhi mane sari emi cash de di lakin phir bhi mere ko 2269 rupees panlty laga di jab ki kist 12800 ki hai or mere sabing acount man aaj bhi 35000 rupees hai please check my complant my mobile no [protected]
i have taken a two wheeler on loan from centurion banktill 4 monts it was okay afterthat centurion send me a letter that from nowonwars i have to pay the loan to hdfc my bank also shifted to some other place so i informed the hdfc manager that i will pay the further payment by cash and the manager agreed i started paying by cash in advance after my last installment which i paid 4 months early when i took all the recipts to the bank to take my vehicle papers they say that ur instalments are pending i showed them all my recipts that they say y did u pay by cash i told them that i have spoken to hdfc manager regarding this they said that now the manager is not working here u have to pay rs.7000 or u will not get ur papers i need ur helpfor my problem please send me some solution.
HDFC Car Loans really cheats and deceives its customers

I had a Maruthi Omni vehicle wherein i was paying my car loan regularly and i wanted to pre-close the loan, but they never responded for preclosure even after paying my loans from 3 years. Finally an amount of Rs 40000/- was left and i request their executives i wanted to preclose the loan and to get a foreclosure letter but they never reverted back to me at any cost. Once when i had given my friend the vehicle when he went along with his family outskirts, there recovery people have seized the vehicle for non-payment and it was disastrous condition for me and my friend. Now i want to get rid of all these hurdles

Regards, G. N. Krishna Kumar.
1st April 2010
The Branch Manager
Grindlays House, Kolkata

Sub. : Loan a/c no. 11698496 disbursed on[protected] in the name of Malay Kumar Choudhury with customed ID[protected]

Kind attenction is being invited to the following in respect of the subject matter --

1. Loan was sanctioned with the condition of repaying @Rs.4, 732/- per month starting from[protected] up to[protected]

2. Mode of payment was set through ECS from UTI Bank - Memari Branch, Burdwan, later renamed as AXIS Bank.

3. The payment system continued uninterruptedly up to[protected]. But from January, 2009 no EMI was cleared through ECS due to change in code of formerly named UTI Bank. And I have to pay directly to loan account with a view to avoid default.

4. I am surprised to note that an amount of Rs.450/- per month has been charged by your good office as "Bouncing Charge".

5. As a common man I should not be aware of the internal code change of a Bank. But as a banker you know the same fully well. Yet every month ECS instruction has been sent to wrongly coded bank. The customer has neither been intimated nor advised to submit the new code number. On the other hand I have made regular payment of the instalments. Thus charging of any amount to a customer with no fault will be unethical.

Therefore it is urged upon your goodself to cancel the ECS instruction immediately at your end and waive the "Bouncing Charges" charged so far. The EMI will be paid directly to loan account.

Yours faithfully,
Malay Kumar Choudhury

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