[Resolved]  ICICI Bank - Credit Card — Forced recovery by auto debiting my sb account

This is waht I have written to Cutomer.[protected] and Banking Ombdusman - Mubai on e-mail address [protected] which is self explnatory. Could anyone suggest better way, please ?
Dear Customer Care Manager - ICICI bank,

Just want to report another set of excesses , deception and un professional treatment enforced by your 2 worthy credit recovery officers from Delhi unit i.e. Mr. Siddhant ( Mob No [protected]) and Mr. Shailendra Sharma ( Mob No [protected]).

1. Your notice dated 22nd November'07 received by me at residential address on 26th November'07.
2. I immediately contacted Mr Siddhant and explained my side. Like many in your bank , he had no clue as what I was trying to say. So I sent him one track of follow up, well documented in my file sent to you in earlier mail.
3. On 27th he understood and on phone offered me settlement of Rs.36,000/-. I disagreed and conveyed my calculation of Rs. 21,000/-. He promptly refused. He said he has limitations under jurisdiction in which he is operating.
4. Hence, I requested for his immediate superior's number. He gave me mobile no of Mr Shailendra Sharma.
5. Mr. Shailendra Sharma was very sympathetic on phone and said he has written to ICICI Mumbai H.O. and by 28th morning 10.45 am , he will call me to convey final settlement offer.
6. To my shock and surprise on 28th morning I received sms alert at 12.56 noon that Rs. 47,875.62 are debited to my salary account in Pune no[protected].
7. After that when I called Mr Shailendra Sharma, he flatly refused of any promise or any thing to do with this matter. He said he is not aware of any details of my case and when I posed that question to Mr Siddhant, he casually replied as why he should inform his boss when he has not asked and to speak with him was my choice!!! On my insistence , he took Mr Siddhant in conference call and result was that he requested Mr Siddhant to re look in my case and try the best possible. Mr Siddhant refused that he ever made any offer for Rs 36,000/- as settlement and what he had spoken was for Rs. 42,000/-!
8. Both of them could not explain that in the midst of discussions they have taken extreme step of again wiping out entire bank balance without even courtesy of telling me or even informing by simple sms?
8. From 29th November'07, since the "target of credit recovery" is met at expense of customer like me or utter carelessness or scant respect to customer need and feelings or combination of all , Mr Siddhant is refusing to speak with me. Instead he sent an sms that he is busy and will call back within 10 minutes. That was today afternoon. Still those 10 minutes are not over... I have tried 20-30 times but Mr Siddhant is refusing to pick up or even have not shown any courtesy of informing as when he would be able to call back.

Look at my behavior , which is only reflected in actions, as follows :
a. Pro active follow up
b. record of written communication
c. from the word go, I have declared my willingness to pay and indeed have paid all amounts interim as per advise of credit officer's request hoping that I will get some facility to wipe out these dues.
d. in the episode from 26th till date I have made not less than 30 -40 calls and sms's ; compare this with your responsible officer's behaviour - ask them how many times they have called me ?

Now, look at ICICI bank's behaviour :

a. I have not received any statement beyond April, 2005. If credit recovery notice could be sent by your bank then why not statements, please ?
b. At least for final settlement, along with notice, you could have sent a detailed statement. Have you done that ?
c. Ms. Sarika Sharma and ICICI bank Gurgaon Account Manager are on records that a team of senior officials is looking in the case and revert - Could you please show any correspondence to that effect, please ?
d. Mr Siddhant and Mr Shailendra Sharma were not aware of any case details - I had to feed them all by mail. Is this your professionalism when these two supposedly responsible officers were not knowing what the organization's left arm is doing?
e. Just go on unauthorized debiting customer's account for than 5 times!!!!

So my conclusion is that responsible officer's are encouraged to take such short cuts; no one is there to question them accountability of their actions as long as they meet monthly targets ; scant respect for customer feelings or feedback and to say finally -

Will I get justice, please ?

Best regards,
G.S. Manakikar

December 01,2007
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Aug 13, 2020
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ICICI Bank - Credit Card — Pen Drive not received

I have an icici bank credit card no. [protected]. During January-08 to March-08, ICICI Bank launches a free gift scheme to their Credi card holder i.e. "if credit card bill are of Rs. 15, 000/- : A One GB Pen drive" & "if their card bill are Rs. 25, 000/- : A Two GB Pen drive will be given as a free gift" to the cardholder. As my purchases between January-08 to March-08 is More than Rs. 25, 000/- (Actual Rs. 36304.44) and I am eligible for a 2 GB Pen Drive. But till date (29.5.08) I have nor received the same niether any information about it given me to. I contacted customer care no.[protected] One month back they replied it will reach you before 31.5.2008. I again contacted customer care on 28.5.2008 and got the reply that "till date there is no despatch particulars are available and no pen drive has been despatched".
Kindly look into the matter and do the needful.
I shall be thankful to you for this.

Yours Sincerely

Sanjeev Dua
Contact no.[protected]

icici credit card 4477 4735 7674 9001 — wrong billing

the following card statements have been recieved from you.
15 mar08 amount due rs1071 paid on 26 mar08.
15may08 amount due rs3065.30 cr.
19 may08 amount due rs11147.42
it is not understood how within four days a cr bal changes into a debit.the following payments have also been made to you.
- icici cheque 013600 dtd 28 mar for Rs 9716.
-icici cheque 013702 dtd17 may for Rs 6650.
your customer care official keeps telling me that the amount in question pertains to a Lombard Insurance policy which i have taken in aug 07. Firstly i have no such policy and then how come after 10 months you all wake up.PLEASE RECONCILE YOUR ACCTS .

ICICI bank - Credit card — credit card not applied - but billed to me

i am a icici bank customer . i have the account since 1 and half years.
in jan 2007 some frauds have applied credit card on my name producing false documents and forgering my signature.
first of all i say 100% and prove 100% that i didnot apply for a card.
now company has freezed my amount in the savings bank account

i have given to the bank some documents which shows where i was working at that time and my 100% attendance from my Company HR also (the attendance, given by the company cannot be false and the documents my offer letter and salary slips given by company cannot be wrong.can even check with the company iam working.)
and if conducted forensic on the signature also it can show that forgery has been done.
the documents and my attendance clearly show that on the date of applying and submitting the card i was present in the different state at my working location.
then this shows the fraud has done.
a/c to RBI, if the customer didnot apply or receive card, the bank should take full responsibility for that and should be in favour of the customer.
and how can company rule in its favour when i have produced evidences which are 100% guaranteed.
this shows that any fraud can apply card on ur name and take money.
pls investigate the issue relating the SR #75440886.
which i have raised .
and if any documents required i will send it to u.
pls see that the issue is resloved sooner.


ICICI Bank - Credit Card — Fraud in billing

In my credit card ([protected]) statement dated 26/07/2008, payment received for Rs 4000/- vide cheque no 473774 was shown on date 9/7/2008. The last date for payment as per the previous statement was 12th July 2008. Surprisingly, in the statement a late payment fees has been added on 14/07/08 and later, on 17/07/08 debit return of the payment made vide chq no 473774 is also shown.

On checking from customer care service on 5th Aug 2008, I was informed that the cheque was returned by Vijaya bank (issuing bank) on account of "Stop Payment". Whereas, no such instructions to issuing bank were given by me. As a proof, I have the bank statement from Vijaya bank also, where the debit/return/stop payment for chq no 473774 is not mentioned. On telephonically checking from my bank I was informed that no such cheque has been returned by the bank. Also, the sufficient funds were available in my account, hence there is no chance of cheque bouncing on account of insufficient funds. When I confronted the customer care officer (Ms Savita) i was very rudely asked to write to customer care. When I asked her to atleast send me the copy of Vijaya Bank's advice of stop payment, I was told it was not possible.

ICICI bank has shown me as a defaulter in their statement for no fault of mine. But when I wanted to set the records straight bank did not cooperate with me.

This is not my first such experience with this bank, ICICI bank has done this to me earlier also, without even presenting the cheque to the bank they show it as a return only to earn few rupees for late payment fees.

They are prompt to show/report their customers as defaulter but when they are at fault they are reluctant first to accept it and even if they accept verbally, they do not tender apology to customer in writing, which he/she can use it as a defence later.

There are numerous episodes of malpractices by ICICI bank. It is the most unfriendly bank as far as Credit card customers are concerned. It is high time that the regulatory agencies shall take suo motto case against this bank for irregularities in their dealings with credit card holders.
my cerdit card user of icici bank, when i was deposit my cheqe banks says u cheqe is bounce due to resign of signater, i will take with coustmer care to agin i will deposit my check but they told me we pay fine for late fees and bounce o[censored] cheqe. lastly i talk with icici custmer care to stelment and colse of my account that time they not ready stelment my account and ready to close account . this happend is date 24 sepdt 2008. now tourching to me give total money or go to court always tourching haasment to through phone . they not give proper statement. bank person they are froud.who will takecare of this things.
they are not ready to close my account. what i will do?

ICICI Bank Credit Card — Forceful debit of dues from my bank account

Having a savings account with your bank since 2002, A/c. No.[protected], have one query.

I had a credit card with ICICI Bank Ltd No. [protected] subscribed in Jan 2007. Due to sudden demise of my father in Aug 08, I decided to close the services of card through Settelment process. However unforfunately the same could not materalise as I could not make the payment. However I made a payment of Rs. 1700/- Cheque No. 601421in Feb 09.

Surprisingly without any intimation an amount of Rs. 25, 813.49 was debited from my account on 31/3/09.

I want to settle the card and refund the balance amount and close the card.
For all such banking queries i would suggest you to Banking Ombudsman. This is a RBI department which handles complains against banks.

ICICI Credit Card — Fraud billing

ICICI is charging for Rs. 4000.00 cash withdrawl which i never withdraw from any ATM. Also they are refusing to show Video recording from the concerned ATM.

If you could help me out to resolve; please drop me a mail.

Thank you.

ICICI bank - Credit card — Harassment by BOSS

Dear Sir,

This is Nagaraj B R, having a credit card from your bank and paying my debts from last 3 years.

I was on family emergency due to father’s health during the last month and I missed my payment.

When I got call first time, I explained them that the situation and told them that, I will make the payment by 20th Dec 2009. Since I was expecting my funds to come by 18th Dec. 2009. This explanation I gave atleast six times, whoever called me earlier. By that time, I started getting calls around 15 calls originating from Chennai, Hyderabad and also some mobile numbers asking me for the payment. I also told them not to call again.

Even after all these explanation, I have been getting calls again & again, (everyday around 15 calls, asking for same thing). I also checked those callers, wheather my previous call status has been recorded, he said yes but tells me, I will be getting these calls till I make the payment.

I don’t know, is there a such a criminal offence, by missing one payment, you need to call 20 times a day and create mentally agony for your customers. Is your bank creating these kind of teams to get your collection.

Its quite unfortunate, a bank of such repute going in this direction, to get their collection.

Hope to get this problem sorted out at the earliest.


Nagaraj B R
Dear Nagaraj,

We're sorry to hear about your experience.

Please write to us with your contact details and credit card number at [protected] We'll contact you and work to address your issue.

ICICI Customer Service Team.

ICICIBANK — fraud billing

I have receive an SMS for 6,000/- outstanding on my old card [protected] which was replaced by your bank which gave me a new dard [protected]. There was some misundertanding on payments made last year please refer request no 81839330 dtd. 14 Oct,08 wherein I had sent a mail to Sheetal (Head Service Quality) and the scanned copy of all payments made. The matter should have been closed please reconcile and forward me the new details if any. The old card was surrenderd last year.
Dear Mr. Issar,

We're sorry to hear about your experience.
We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

ICICI Customer Service Team.


The bank has lost the cheque which I have paid for the outstanding and they levied the interest and surcharged and piled up the interest and surcharged amount of Rs.17000/- and in the same contest I reply again and again for this but they now sent the letter dt 05 March 10 which was despatched from them on 15 March (date mentioned on the envelop) and received on 20 March 2010. The Bank debit my account of Rs.13900/- approx. which was not acceptable to us
Dear Nitin,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

Please email us with your contact details and credit card number at [protected] (Subject line: UID 305770). We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

ICICI Customer Service Team.

ICICI Bank - Credit Card — Cheque Dropped for Payment of Rs 49 K dated April 2nd 2010.

Dear Sir,
I have dropped a cheque ( No 627728 - HDFC Bank) on Apr 2nd 2010. for the payment of my Credit Card bill. It was not reflecting in my e-statement. Call center says that they have not received any cheque with provided cheque no. Please look into the matter and provide a solution as with this cheque lost I will be charged around 3500 for Interest and late payment fee with no fault of mine.
Please check and contact me immediately as I have to raise a request for stop payment if cheque is lost.

Rajeev N Achari
Dear Rajeev,

We are the customer service team at ICICI Bank. We have made a note of your contact number and will contact you to resolve your issue at the earliest.

ICICI Customer Service Team.

ICICI Bank - Credit Card — Unnecessary overdue

Dear Sir,

I m using credit card number [protected] from ICIC bank.

i have deposited rs 3800/- check in ATM cheq box on April 25 for outstanding of Rs 3080 for the month of April only, due date was 1st May.

i got email reminder approximate on 10th may regarding payment not recieved, i have given all the deatils to them and requested for update on cheq reciving, but didnt any get reply.

Now in the month of july my due payment reach to 8,000.

Kindly help me in solving issue with ICICI bank.

Dear Harshada,

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.

ICICI Credit Card — Billed me without a credit card

Dear Sirs,

I had applied and taken delivery of ICICI Bank credit card in early 2008. The same was surrendered by me personally in the HO of ICICI Bank at Bhandarkar Road and the card was destroyed by the employee there itself. Now, after two years I get a bill of 15,000/- for the purchases made at Shoppers Stop.

I am shell shocked and moved as I am not holding any credit card of ICICI since then and am wondering as to how it had happened. I wrote to the grievances cell at Hyderabad and they called me back only to tell me that the bank cannot do anything about it. They have asked me to lodge a police compliant.

In the meantime I called customer care deptt. of ICICI bank today and wanted to block/cancel the card in case it is shown as operative. However, I am told by their employee Shalini that the card is already blocked and cancelled. I really do not know how to solve this as it seems to be a fraud of some internal bank employee. I am employed and working to earn my living and will never go in for such activities.

Wish to request you humbly to help me in sorting out this jumble as I will not be able to pay for somebody else's misuse.

Waiting for your suggestion / guidance please.

Email: [protected]
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