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[Resolved]  ICICI Credit Cards — ICVBP IPRUODAY

I have been charged a sum of rs 8183 on account of some ICVBP IPRUODAY..of which i dont have any details...Please suggest me the right channel and person to get in for resolving this issue..
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:53:25
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ICICI Credit Cards — Disputes in Transactions

I am Saravanan R from Chennai. I am having ICICI Credit Card. A dispute in
my credit card is as follows,

In my Credit Card June 2007 statement (statement date: July 06, 2007) shows
that Transactions happened for Rs. 788.40 Twice at Apollo Pharmacy Chennai
on 5th Feb’ 2007. On that date, the transaction was not completed by using
credit card. I have paid the transaction amount through my ICICI bank debit
card only not by my Credit Card.

I have reported the details of disputes (Amex Card) in my July 2007
Statement on 2nd week of July 2007. I got service request number as
SR30687859. They requested me to send all documents to Chargeback department

I have sent all documents related to this issue to Chargeback Department,

After 60 days from complaint date, I have contacted customer care. Then, I
got service request number as 38646664.

When I have contacted customer care, they told “The transaction amount was
blocked on the transaction date. But, you didn’t noticed that”

At that time, I have slightly confused and I was not having my statement
hard copy in my hand.

When I have look at the statement hard copy (statement date: March 06,
2007), Total amount due is Rs. 1157.90 and Available credit limit is Rs.
1842.10, My total credit limit was Rs. 10000.00 only on that date. The
amount blocked was Rs. 7000.00 only for the transaction for Sri Vasavi
Mobiles Chennai.

When I have contacted customer care related this issue, they replied
“According to the revert of service reference number SR38646664, we have
initiated the dispute, but it is rejected by merchant bank for the
transaction APOLLO PHARMACY, CHENNAI reason being transactions were off time
to process the dispute.

I have been known the disputes in my account when I receive my July 2007
Statement (Statement Date; July 06, 2007). I have raised disputes issue
within a week. Whenever I aware of the dispute, I raised issue.

How could I be responsible for this delay?

Again, when I have contacted customer care, they replied “We regret that we
are unable to process dispute request on the transaction. We request you to
write to the charge back department for any assistance” and they given
Mumbai office address also.

Then, I have sent all documents related to disputes to Chargeback Department
Mumbai by Courier. As per courier agency, the document has been dispatched
on 03rd Dec 2007. But, While contacting ICICI Hyderabad Section, They are
saying that, They have not received any document on First week of Dec 2007.

Now I am having all documents in my hand. Please help me in this issue.

Thanking you.

Yours Truly,

Saravanan R
My Contact No.: +[protected]

ICICI Credit Cards — matter is ligering on for closer

after asking so many times to icici people to close my card no [protected]. i dont know why they are not sorting out the matter. and panalizing the panelty to me . sending again and leagle notices;after the leagle notice also i had a talk to menssioned person named umesh kasid on the mbl and off no. [protected]/[protected]; he didnt turn up to send even a statement to me. i dont understand why these people behave this way as if we dont have works other then sorting out their matter and not conserned to the costomers. At one hand these people claim their selfe a employee care taking compeny.

sumit sharma

ICICI Credit Cards — Irregularities after closing credit card and settling dues

Dear Sir,

I had an ICICI Credit Card and cancelled it and settled it on 7th April 2007 in Bangalore.
Now I have found out that I cannot get any kind of loans approved by any banks or finance institutions because ICICI put me on the Siebel (pardon the spelling if incorrect) list.

I have settled all my dues with ICICI and have a letter confirming this Ref: APR /07/78

My contact number is +(91)[protected].

I would like my name removed from the list as I have no other credit cards and loans from ICICI or any other banks as soon as possible.

Thank you,



ICICI Credit Cards — Billing fraud

In the month of April 2008, I noticed a fradudelent transaction on my card, which was bought to the attention of ICICI, who blocked the card and asked me to send a fax to the chargeback department, which I promptly did (twice, as they misplaced my first fax).
Post this I stopped using the card and since then I started getting the amount WITH INTEREST EACH SUBSEQUENT MONTH.All my subsequent pleas went unheard
Getting tired of all this back and forth, I sent a cheque from my ICICI account for the disputed amount that got debited from my account on the 30th of July 2008.
Despite my bank statement showing a debit from my ICICI account the credit card guys say they havent recieved the amount!
This despite me calling them 4 times, giving them my credit card AND my bank account details, the cheque details and the debit from my ICICI account date.
The call center guys are rude and naive, of no help at all.
This has been a terrible experience for me and I do hope that all you people out there learn and stay far away from ICICI.
I am hoping that I can get out of this nightmare soon.
I completely agree and empatise with the complainent here.
ICICI has to have the WORST track ecord of customer satisfaction and transparency.
I have had equally horrifying experiences and know of quite a few people who swear that they will never touch ICICi

Credit Card — extra charge on creditcard

you have sent a message for payment but the amount is disputed, i made transactions of rs 8782.16 only .ur demand is 16010 .

ICICI Credit Cards — Not crediting amount paid to the bank by check

Dear sir/Madam,
I am the user of credit card of the ICICI bank limited. I had deposited Rs 800/- for the payment of EMI on 5th Jan 2009 and it debited on 10th Jan 2009 which is i had checked and found in my bank statement. I had faxed the paper to the company five times and made complain 5 times. They had given SR number evey time new. Latest sr Number is SR[protected] . They had confirmed that they had recieved the required papers, but till today i had not recieved my money.
yours faithfully
Vice Principal
I am following up with ICICI Credit Card Pune Branch to close the overdue amount of my ICICI Credit Card no [protected] since last three months. I am making the payment through my friend Mr. Sameer who is in Pune since my Job is posted to Nagpur now.. We have discussed to pay the overall amount in five equal installments out of which first installment is already been paid. After that we were( Myself and Sameer) following up with Mr. Sagar from ICICI office ([protected]) to collect the remaining installments of settlement from last three months, But he dint bother send anybody to collect the remaining installments and after some days he has stopped answering our calls too. On which I have put a mail to Mr. Upendra Bulbue, Collection Manager (DSM) [protected], [protected] and expressed my concern about this matter on 25th May 09.

Now after 10 days both Mr.Sagar and Upendra have suddenly came to Sameer and were asking for immediate payment. On which we have told them that they can collect the all PDC's of next month dated and close the issue by providing me the NOC, Since it was not possible to make immediate payment. But ICICI representative was insisting on immediate payment as if everybody is waiting for them with cash or check ready in their hand. Suddenly Mr. Sagar started abusing in dirtiest words and started threatening to Sameer and me and left.

I dont understand how these people behave this way as if we dont have works other then sorting out their matter whenever they say and not concerned to the customers when we are following up for same. At one hand these people claim their self as a customer service company and on other hand their responsible employees don't feel anything to threatened a customer who himself was following up with company from a long. I am really feeling anger inside me on such ruthless behavior of such a reputated company's employees.
Dear Mr. Maheshwari,

Kindly write to us at [protected], with the subject line as ‘Customer Service – Credit Card’. Request you to provide the relevant details of your card, along with your full name and contact details.

We will be glad to assist you.


Nazia Sayeed
Office of the Nodal Officer
I too have been charged a sum of 7603Rs. to ICVBP IPRUODAY which I have no idea. I tried sending mail to the above mentioned Email ID but got a message that it has not reached the destination.
i have a transaction of 8, 024.00 inr on my card today, that is worng to debitet directly any without information, i wiil full suffer on this matter,
i want to my whole money be back
i[censored] r back whole money in my home
i obliged to u

ICICI Credit Cards — extra charges

they have levied extra charges on my card unnecessary
they are [censored]s cant do any thing
Hi Neeraj,

We are sorry to know how you feel. Please email us with your contact details and credit card number at [protected] (Subject line: UID 401188). We'll be glad to contact you and work to address your issue.

ICICI Customer Service Team.

ICICI Credit Cards — Dispute regarding credit card payment

On 4th of Apr'2009, i mailed you regarding a dispute of my credit card - (Card#[protected]. But unfortunately did not receive any help from your side. Today i receive a mail from [protected] stating that my case has been submitted to CIBIL. Its not that i'm not paying intentionally, its just because i had a dispute on the card that's why i hold the payment. But if you want i can show you my track records of other loans which have been running since 2007. Not even a single month the cheques have bounced.
All this duration i actively co ordinated with ICICI credit card staff to settle the dispute. But every one surrendered saying - that it is out of their reach.
I belive its unfair on the bank's part to treat my case like this. Instead of settling the dispute, they are putting my name in CIBIL.
Hereby sending you the copy of the mail which i sent on 4th Apr'2009, describing the status of my case. Pls help me, as right now i'm not in India. I'm in USA on a business tour. I would be coming on October 5th 2010. Till then if you can hold the case by not putting in CIBIL.[protected][protected][protected]

Respected Sir / Madam,

This is regarding an Issue & Mental Harassment I am going through just by using a Credit Card (Card#[protected] issued by your bank to me. As of now on a daily basis, some member from my family or myself is receiving multiple calls from very foul-mouthed people who claim to be working on the Payroll of ICICI Bank & who don’t even know how to talk, which is actually forcing me to take this matter to the Proper Legal Authorities, but I still feel that before taking some hard steps, this matter should come into your notice so as to provide you with ample time to sort this issue internally.

I have tried my best to elaborate the whole case chronologically so as to make you understand that I am nowhere at fault in this scenario of delayed payments for this card which I must also inform you, is hampering my credit status with all the Banking Institutions
In the month of Dec' 2007 I was looking to purchase a digital camera in one of the KODAK showroom where I was shown a pamphlet (The scanned copy of the same is attached along with for your kind reference) stating - ICICI Credit Card holders can get interest free EMIs up to 24 months if they purchase CANON Digital Camera using ICICI Credit Card. The Bank Representative over there - Mr. Vikas - Mobile No. - [protected] even showed some of the Canon digital cameras kept in the display. Being impressed by the offer, I decided to go for it. But, before I finalize the purchase I preferred to confirm the offer from ICICI Bank Customer Care @ [protected], & even they responded back in positive, stating that the above-mentioned offer is open till Feb'2008. After I asked them, how to convert the amount of transaction into interest free EMIs, I was informed that all I need to do is to provide the transaction number of the Purchase to the customer care deptt. within 21 days of making the purchase and the rest would be taken care off by the concerned deptt. I purchased the Canon Digital camera model IXUS - 70 amounting to Rs 13000/-. Well as far as I am concerned that was the last time I was in a joyous mood for something new purchased by me.
Later in the day when I called the customer care deptt. to provide the transaction number for getting the aforesaid amount converted into interest free EMIs, I was shocked to hear their response. I was then informed that there was a mistake in the swiping of the card, It was swiped through a normal machine and not the mercantile machine, the difference of which was not known to me as being a Lay Man in this case. I was even unaware of the fact that how many types of the machines are there into existence. After listening to my side of story, the representative over the phone - Mr. Hitesh from Bangalore said that he would be sending a mail to the higher authority stating my problem and within next 48 hours I should get a response. Unfortunately the next 48 hours passed by and I did not receive any response from them. I again called the Customer Care Dept. and had to tell my side of story to this new gentleman, as he was someone else & knew nothing about my case. He too responded in a similar fashion as that of Mr. Hitesh and I again had to wait for next 48 hours, but obviously in vain. No response followed through. Each time, I made a call; some new personnel would be there to resolve my querry.

This cycle of making calls to the customer care dept. and then waiting for next 48 hours continued repetitively till the deadline of 21 days passed by. After 21 days of the transaction, I was told that nothing else could be done now as the deadline has passed by and I am left with only two options, either I have to make a full payment or if in case I want it to be changed into EMIs, interest will be charged as applicable. This made me very disappointed as I was maintaining a healthy statement with your Bank before this. Eventually I even went to SD Tower branch, in Sector 3, Rohini - New Delhi and put my request in front of the concerned personnel but again they made me a fool as they told to me that they would be writing mails to higher authority stating my problem. As expected, no response came my way. So, I stopped the payment for this particular transaction. But, if you give a close look on my successive bills - apart from this transaction, I have made payment for every other transaction till my bill amount crossed the credit limit. Meanwhile, whenever I received calls from customer care dept. or some representative came over my residence regarding the payment I always requested & informed them, that Yes I am ready to make the payment but on the Original T&C which were offered to me while I purchased the afore said Product. No way I can make the payment in 1 or 2 shots, as my financial condition does not allow that. Till date my Credit Standing with all other Banking Institutions with whom I have made any kind of credit transactions, have always been in their good books for which I have valid proofs. Even with your bank I have always maintained a Healthy Credit Relation before this incident happened, for which my Accounts records in your systems & the relative hard copies of them preserved with me, are the proofs for my Truthfulness & Credibility.
Hence I request you to look into this matter .

Dear Deepak,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.We have made a note of your credit card number and will contact you soon to address your concern.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.
I am also having the same problem. with out any information Rs.750 debited through credit card for ICVBP RELIANCE ENERGY BSE. i think this is some thing related to share market. but i am not at all involved in share market. Previously also Rs 12000 debited my credit card account with out any information even though i already make the stop payment. i think this clearly unsatisfied services by ICICI bank.

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