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Devidas Lane, Off. S.V.P Road, Near Devidas Lane Telephone Exchange, Borivali (W)
Mumbai City District
India - 400103
Landmarks:Near Devidas Lane Telephone Exchange

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Reliance Energy is the brand for the Mumbai distribution business of Reliance Infrastructure Limited. Reliance Infrastructure Limited is a constituent of the Reliance Group, one of the leading business houses in India. The company was incorporated in 1929. Reliance Infrastructure companies distribute more than 36 billion units of electricity to over 30 million consumers across an area that spans over 1,24,300 Sq Kms and includes India’s two premier cities, Mumbai and Delhi. The companies generate over 941 MW of electricity through its power stations located in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Goa. Reliance Energy has been in the field of power distribution for over 83 years and has achieved the distinction of consistently operating its distribution network at 99.98 per cent reliability and the aggregate system loss of just around 9.5 per cent the best in country by a fair margin and amongst best in world. It is one of the first utilities in India to have the most advanced SCADA technology which enables the system to deliver a seamless integrated platform with Geographical Information System (GIS) for providing customers with enhanced and superior service standards. Reliance Energy’s unmatched service portfolio consist of many customer centric initiatives like a multilingual bill, Braille bill, more than 2000 payment avenues, 24 X 7 Multilingual Toll free number, modern customer care centers and a bouquet of technology driven value added services. Most of these initiatives were first of its kind by any electricity utility in India. Braille bill and Multilingual bill been first of its kind in the world. Reliance Energy’s several consumer friendly technology-based services include, Online Voluntary Deposit Scheme, Payment over Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Mobile Website, Pay on the go using mobile website, Mobile Wallet Bill Payment, Interactive & Informative My Account Services, Short Code based Services through 5616191 Centralized web / email handling desk, E-Courtesy’ – Automated follow-up mail service for information sought; Complaints registration and closure alerts, etc. Reliance Energy has recently tied up with the United States based Innovari Inc., for the pilot implementation of the Automatic Demand Response (ADR) in Mumbai. This is first of its kind of initiative by any Indian Power Distribution Company. The program will bring in triple benefits for consumers participating in the programme by controlling and reducing their power consumption by avoiding wastages, especially during peak hours; earn incentives for participating in the program and reduce their monthly electricity bills. We are happy to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in addition to our existing touch points viz. Customer Care Centers, 24-hr toll-free Call Centre, E-mail desk and chat desk.

Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Reliance Energy — Regarding light Bill too much

 rajesh kamble on Apr 16, 2017
Dear sir madam
I Mr Rajesh Kamble ur consumer I am sending scan copy along with this
I have problems against this bill issue too much bill u r sending I want know y this happen pls check physicaly my meter and Pls check any body missuse my power I have doubt about it because only single phase power and no AC in my house and in chawl this Room Pls check it ASAP and revert me
Other wise I ll complaint in consumer cort .
This is happening since last two year and my cousins r paying half bill what I am paying Pls check if meter is faulty then chsnge it and reverse my last...
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Reliance Energy — Not crediting amount received - hefty bill to me

 dvjoshi99 on Apr 15, 2017
Regarding Account NO.150815455
for current month i received a shocking bill of Rs.1920/- without giving me credit of Rs.1350/- which i had paid on 18.03.2017.
I send detailed EMAIL on 13.04.2017 informing that they have-payments Reliance energy Rs.805.on 25-02-2017 Transcation No.HSBI5142880263. i made another e-payment of Rs.1350/- on 18.03.2017 - Transaction No.ISBI5201091526 this was received by Reliance but not reflected in my bill. they again charged me with penalty so enclosed copies to them Today i received reply {DWML17362753} - Email Reference saying that that the payment...
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Reliance Energy — Change of name after becoming a widow.

 Gytabai on Apr 11, 2017
I've become a widow in December 2015. I'd in November 2016 applied for change of name with his death certificate, latest paid bill, my identity proof & a letter for change of name on billing. They gave me a form and asked me to submit the same. I went with the same & the same documents. They then informed me that I must get his name deleted in ration card & get the same. I must also get the gas bill changed to my name and get a letter from my society saying that they have no objection to the billing being made in my name.

This all formalities took me a 6 months time and in April I...
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Reliance Energy — High electricity bill due to problem in electricity metre

 Gufran Shaikh​ on Apr 10, 2017
Respected sir,
since past few months our electricity bill come more as compare to other months.We use only 2 fans and 2 tublight and after this our bill always cross ₹2000.We think there is something wrong in our electric metre

so please kindly come and check the problem as soon as possible

I hope you will resolve our problem

Thanking you

Your faithfully
(Jabbar Abdulsalam Shaikh)...
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Reliance Energy — High bills consumption for unknown reason

 fight_4_right on Mar 22, 2017
This is for Account No 150758028

From last 4-5 months the bills are getting above 2000 and we only have limited equipments that require electricity and as we stay in rented house and only 1 person working for the family of 7 people so it is very difficult for us to manage that amount, inspite of doing lots of complaints to your officers about this at Central Division office in Dindoshi, Goregaon (East) several times but no one seems to bother about this....
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Reliance Energy — Misusing of reliance electricity

 kanojia5955 on Mar 15, 2017
I residence of sita bai chawl borivali west devidas ext near mamta hieght facing a problem of fluctuation every time the neighbour starts the washing machine which is of 5 hp and is operated on same meter box in which rest of the residence have there meter every time the machine is on there is fluctuation in every houses there is fear of catching fire due to huge load capacity kindly look into the matter and solve the issue as the main line in the meter box is of 10 sqmm and its taking the load beyond its limit

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Reliance Energy — Wrong meter reading

 noopursiddhi on Mar 4, 2017
Dear Sir ;
I Mr. Vipul Prakash Vesavkar having account Number 152300577 is Facing problem with faulty meter Reading as i am getting lesser bill against my consumption since December 2016 till date and do not want to end up with a bigger amount as a surprise .
So i request your team to please check my meter at your end so that a proper reading could be taken and a proper fare can be paid .
Vipul Vesavkar .
Mob. No. 9920297263...
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Reliance Energy — Electricity theft

 Abdul.ansari12241224 on Mar 2, 2017
Dear Sir/ madam,

Several tym we have complained regarding electricity theft at our location Sanjay Nagar, Person name called Shoeb, Rehana, Karim they give sell electricity several calls made to Reliance energy but no response yet from Reliance officials, they provide Electric to resident over here for 300 or 400 per month and strange to say dat naked electric cables are laying on the Roof many a times incident like wire caught fire and in the night time due to heavy consumption area near Meter box use to vibrate same has been informed but no reliance official took action yet ......
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Reliance Energy — Not to give a new electric supply without joint owner permission.

 yuvraj10 on Feb 14, 2017
We are the joint owners shree. Motiram rambhau thakur, shree. Govind rambhau thakur, shree. Annaji rambhau thakur (Deceased), as per legal heirs shrimati. Shalinibai and others, shrimati. Durgabai harishchandra thakur (Deceased) as per legal heirs shree. Sanjay harishchandra thakur and others are the joint owners of a property situated at erangle village, sr no. 42, hissa 1, sr. No. 44, hissa no.1, sr. No. 41, hissa no. 2.
We the joint owners have come to the knowledge that one of the owner shree. Govind rambhau thakur and his son shree. Varun govind thakur has started some commercial use...
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Reliance Energy — Power off

 TCS ICCOMS on Jan 18, 2017
In my area gaping of 3 days their is always electricity problem is their and they cut that in eveing timing between of 4 to 10 around.

1-They are not solving issue on priority they are cutting and then repairing on night only my suggestion is that 1 st they need to resolved issue on priority because they are resolving issue temprary and then again they are cutting and doing.

2-they cat cut light in morning only....
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Reliance Energy — High Bills 1700

 yanur mondal on Jan 6, 2017
Hi Dear
Reliance energy Company

My Account No is 151772883 Dear sir I Rented Here Before 2 months But your Electric bill is very high Every month 1700/1800 I request you please check our meter !
i had some difficulty on our side of the store, which bangle meters. store in the refrigerator for tow more lights in its stores. yet bills 700/800 come to money. thanks and regard YANUR MONDAL Contact 8424922452...
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Reliance Energy — Frequent power failure for more than 3 hours and no prior notification even after contact their redressal forum

 Vicky Makwana on Dec 16, 2016
This is about the well-known power supply company reliance energy. From past 1 week (More than 6 times) there has been frequent power failure, each power failure lasted for at least 3 hrs. The time for power failure has always been at peak hours... Either its time to prepare food in night or at the time to do important household chores in the afternoon. I have emailed and tried to know the reason and requested to notify us but then the reply was as expected a formal reply already used many times, sugar coated... Asking me to keep patience and also contact via app or helpline. I tried all.. Nothing...
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Reliance Energy — Well organized power failure

 goyalsunil738 on Dec 15, 2016
Hello sir / ma'am,

Prior to diwali we were facing sever power failure problem for 10 days, after so many complaints it stopped and now it has started all again.

The electricity goes only on working days 1.30 to 6pm

The call center repeatedly gives us reason that it is outage problem, if it is so why it can not be rectified? The power failure happens periodically on a particular time slot... It seems that instead of some technical reason it is a man made created problem, for sure it seems to be a well organized power failure issue. Else otherwise a day...
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Reliance Energy — False meter reading

 IQBAL CHOUDHRY on Oct 16, 2016
I m Iqbal, my C. A. no is 151668749 on name of Maifuzur Rehman, last month I wasn't received hard copy of after complaining I received bill, previously I noticed a false meter reading when I checked meter reading and complaint so 1 Month meter usage but still more than present reading and now in this month bill its showing previous reading 5156 and present on 07.10.16 its 5230 but today I have checked again personally on 16.10.16 at 11:40 its 5089 which is less than previous reading... I don't have tv, fridge, a/c, Etc...
Kindly request you to please solve the issue......
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Reliance Energy — Charged twice bill payment

 AIYAZ SHAIKH on Oct 14, 2016
My name is Aiyaz shaikh CRN NO 36346676. I recently received an msg from kotak bank stating that I'll be receiving an credit card which I'm not unaware of it. I already informed courier company blue dart return it to bank now my consent is I check my kotak activity I found an outstanding balance of 1560 of Reliance energy on credit card section I dont know how come it showing credit card section. When I did not accept kotak credit card and I already paid my Reliance energy bill through kotak debit card on 8th October . I am making sure I'm not gonna pay any charges related to kotak credit card no...
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Reliance Energy — Wrong billing for lock n key house from last 3 month

 prema khan on Oct 6, 2016
Dear sir,
Since we don, t stay in current residence since 25th july'2016, these house is hardly operational.
My request to you kindly look in the matter as there is some kind of error in meter reading or theft
Going around. Kindly note down our account number:-102325922, under the
Name of lokhandwala const ind ltd. Many complain sent bearing no.1021336188 since 8th september'2016 but no action has taken yet reliance customer care is not reverting to any mail or call just they keep on hold for hours. Even if they send reply on wrong meter number a, other mail they have...
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Reliance Energy — Street light nohag 28/ 26 at s. V rd opp khar old masjid khar (W) 52

 yo1 on Sep 22, 2016
From Last 30 days Khar (w) S.V.Road Opp.Khar masjid Nerar Noverly Garment Old Khar (w) M 52 near by 6 to 8 Street Light Poll is not Working so many Complaint local People to Reliance Energy on Toll Free No. But no response from Company One person Mr.PRAVIN From street light dept just visit sight and I am comimg next day but i like to regret that MR, PRAVIN yr company person not attend our complain Now our fresh complain no.52722 today pl due to absence of street light so many problem created in our area before any thing happan pl look into above matter
ANAND PAWAR 9869960219...
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Reliance Energy — Over billing

 Anitafernandes on Sep 20, 2016
Biller name: reliance infrastructure ltd
Customer account number: 102564249
Bill number: 102564249160917
Bill amount (rs): 1610.00
Bill due date: 07 oct, 2016

We received this bill and the previous one which were exorbitant. we do not stay in the flat and came on july 1 and stayed till august 15. even out of these days we we're out atleast 10-12 days.

We do not have ac. tv was used only for last one week.

These bills are unacceptable. please look into it immediately.

Anita fernandes...
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Reliance Energy — Very unhelpful staff

 Vicky Zarapkar on Sep 16, 2016
I had been overbilled for my premises which is lying empty. Only during the months of April & May was it occupied by my son and his wife. They vacated on June 05th 2016, yet I got a bill for Rs. 1200 for July and another 850 approx for August. When I went to the office, I met one Mr. Agarkar who did some back checking on his computer and found out that I was indeed right. He said he had put in a request for a fresh bill to be generated which I could collect in the next 2 hours. I had to rush to town for another important work and was expecting to reach back the reliance office by 4 pm which did...
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Reliance Energy — False Meter Reading / cheating in meter reading - (Account No.101273235) And my previous complaint in connection with Security Deposit

 kirangandhi87 on Sep 9, 2016
Dear Sir,

Re : False Meter Reading / cheating in meter reading - (Account No.101273235) And my previous complaint in connection with Security Deposit

My Account No is 101273235, working at the above address.

Complaint No. -1

I am in the receipt of the bill dated 03/09/2016 for Rs.1800/- (copy enclosed).

According to bill meter has been read on 28/08/2016 and the reading at the time of reading was 22805.

It is totally false as I personally checked my reading at 1.00 PM on 08/09/2016. It is showing 22773.
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