[Resolved]  ICICIcredit Card — Cheating of the bank without issuing credit cards

Hello All,

My name is Ratnakar. ICICI bank has cheated me and take out my money of Rs. 35, 000 without any information. Since 4 years back ICICI has issues a credit card to me since then till date even 1 time also I didnt used that card once. Now since an 2 months back they have sent a message that I was due of 29, 000 on my credit card .When I eqnuired them they said that they alloted a second card to me which I never ever applied. Immediately I have placed an dispute letter and they said that they will comeback in 60 days but they never ever came back to me. I have called them more than 50 times to their call center and every timg they use the disconnect after saying its dispute transaction, I am having proof of all calls I have made to them. I have visited to their center also but ICICI people didnt ever gave any good reponsive reply.

One thing here is card is been used even I said to block the card also. And some on has done the payment also. But ICICI people has never even lookinto that mistake which they have done. Now the ICICI peole have blocked the Amout of 35000 including ineterest from my saving Account without giving me any sort of Notice or calling me also. Now yesterday they have even withdrawn that amount also without informing me. When I have visited their manager he replied very worstly " GO COURT, WE WILL ALSO SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO" this is the way is ICICI replied me. I have all the proofs with me, showing that nothing wrong was at my end. And I have not linked my credit card account to my saving account. I have always maintained good balance in my account, if I want to cheat why I will mailtain balance. Guys plz all help me out in the fight againts I am doing of ICICI. I need all your co-operation and help. I am filing a case against to them.
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Aug 14, 2020
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ICICI Credit Card — ICICI Cheaters

I applied for an ICICI Titanium credit card around mid of October 1007. The executive visited me, took all forms, photo, documents etc and told and told me that I should be getting the card in the next 2 - 3 weeks . He also told me that I will be getting a verification call, which I received too.

I got three verification calls (Yes, THREE!!) to verify my details, from three different ICICI personnel, asking the same information over the next two weeks and FOUR address verification, Two in Office and TWO in Home and I had to entertain all of them with all the information and additional documents they asked for verification (It was always the same thing and they would say that if they don’t present the documents, the verification will be marked as negative)

I called ICICI last week of October and was informed that my application "cannot be found" on the system!!!

Finally when I called the customer care (the hellish experience on earth) I came to know that my application got rejected (god knows for whatever reasons).

Whenever somebody tries to call icici bank and you will get many options. Upon selecting one option, you will get much more options and the process continues. By the time you speak to some human being (after selecting all unwanted options) you would have spent 10 - 15 mins wasting your phone call.

After all these drama, I came to know the result of my application. First of all, the executives who come to us makes vague promises telling that we are eligible for the card and promose 101 things. The actual truth is, these cheaters get an incentive for "every application form" filled, from the customers, whether the applicants get the card or not.

Wonder how they got to be No. 1 in credit cards.

ICICI Credit Card — ICICI credit is asking me to pay that amount without using credit card

My self Bhupinder Singh and I have a complaint against ICICI Credit card.

ICICI Bank’s Marketing person has sold me a credit card in January 2006 and I have received Credit card (Credit card number [protected]) in February 2006. But ICICI has sent me an insurance policy along with the credit card which I have not asked for. As soon as I have received my credit card I have make a call to customer care (One can check the record for the same for incoming call made by me for that card) to cancel my insurance policy (ICICI policy has 15 days to cancel the policy from the date of issue); but the customer care executive told me that if I will cancel the policy I have to pay 1395.00 Rs (One thousand three hundred and ninety five Rs. only). After that despite of my calls no charges revert back by ICICI credit card. I have not used credit for any transaction, not even a single swipe.

But now after one year I received a call from Delhi[protected] from Mona for payment of 4300.00 Rs against my credit card and she negotiate the amount to Rs 575.00 to give me the clean chit against my credit card statement.
Again on dated 13/11/2007 I had recieved a call on my mobile from a number [protected] and the person didn’t tell me his name but give me a number [protected] and asked me to call on this number as some one is going to impose a legal case on me in Patiala house of Delhi and the number belongs to Advocate Shikha Desai. He told me that I should tell her my file number 3447.

I made a phone call to that number on 3:20 pm and she said that ICICI credit card is going to impose a legal case on you, if I don’t want to legal procedure I should talk to Mr. Balwinder on [protected] or on [protected]. She told me that person is the collection manager.

I made a call to that number, one number was switched off and second number was deliberately not picking up even after so many calls. I again rang advocate Shikha Desai and told her that no one is responding to phone calls. She told me that call after 5 minutes.

I made a call after 5 minutes and Mr. Balwinder told me that I have to pay the amount weather you have purchased any thing from credit card or not and now the negotiated amount was 945.00 Rs.

The time I got a phone call from a person on dated 13/11/2007 at 3:15 pm I was in a critical meeting and suddenly I was in shock and instead of meeting I have to take time out for making calls to ICICI credit card persons.

I just want to ask one thing that I have not used credit card, I have asked policy, I had asked bank to cancel my policy with in the time frame; Still ICICI doing the mental harassment and wasting my time unnecessarily.
Hi Ratnakar,

what is your response to this now? i am having similar issue which i received a letter on 23rd April and someone else was using a credit card in my name. when i spoke to the bank they did not respond to me properly and asked me to do what ever i could.. i am planning to lodge a police complaint!

ICICI is a big cheater. Let me know whats your case status at present. I would like to help you as I am also suffering from 'no response' on the unauthorized usage of my credit card.
Date: 15.05.2008
ICICI Bank Limited
Credit Card Division
Mumbai ICICI Bank Limited
ICICI Bank Phone Banking Centre
5th floor, Md. illayas khan estate,
Road No 1,
Banjara Hills
Hyderabad 500 034, India

Subject: Reply to your letter dated 02.05.2008 and Payment to BSNL without permission/request and non sending the statement and then levying charges of late fee, interest etc.- Regarding

Reference No. CC/21-04/49591


The undersigned is holding a credit card no. [protected] and making all the payments in time but the statement of January 2008 has not been received by the undersigned till date but after receiving SMS from you I made a payment of Rs. 5417/- on 28.02.2008 through cheque no 950073 dated 28.02.2008 but in the statement of February 2008 Rs. 412.96 was shown as outstanding previous balance and on making enquiry it was informed that this payment is made to BSNL Gurgaon for phone no. 2252624 but no such payment ha been made till date in this account. Above all this you have charged all types of charges on the undersigned. Interestingly on a payment of Rs. 412.96 you are charging an interest of Rs. 427.45 for one month apart from late fee etc.
Apart from al this I have never applied for any service from you to make any payment to BSNL Gurgaon or ant where else on my behalf and without my requestor permission you could not make any payment n my behalf. It is also suggested that the above phone is not in my name.
I have lodged complaint in this regard several times in your costumer care but despite request they did not gave and reference no. for further communication on the pretext that they do not provide any reference no. and also advised me to write to you.

You are advised to rectify your mistake and correct the outstanding position of the undersigned to enable me to make the genuine payment otherwise I shall have no option but to approach the MRTP Commission as well as Court of Law.

Thanking you.


Aakash Aggarwal
ICICI Bank Limited
Credit Card Division
Mumbai ICICI Bank Limited
ICICI Bank Phone Banking Centre
5th floor, Md. illayas khan estate,
Road No 1,
Banjara Hills
Hyderabad 500 034, India

Subject: extra billing


The undersigned is holding a credit card no. [protected]
i purchase amout of Rs 1150 and i paid Rs. 1556 approx with interest charges or serivce charge but you will send me after three month one onother bill amout of aprox Rs 3100

You are advised to rectify your mistake and correct the outstanding position of the undersigned to enable me to make the genuine payment otherwise I shall have no option but to approach the MRTP Commission as well as Court of Law.

Thanking you.


ICICI Credit Card — Issue pending for Credit card no. 4477466999162000

Dear team,

I am hereby attaching the NOC and cash receipts of the payment provided by your bank.

Pls go through the attachments and trailing mail for details.

Waiting for your prompt action and reply.


Rishi Kapoor - CB1



From: Rishi Kapoor
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 8:24 PM
To: 'customer.[protected]'
Cc: '[protected]'
Subject: Issue pending for Credit card no. [protected]

Dear customer care team,

History of case:

I have already given a request for close my credit card no.[protected] at below mentioned no.[protected] to one of your executive in the month of April.

I had many discussions with your executives regarding the full and final settlement of my account. Finally, decided by your Chandigarh team, they instructed me to deposit 9000/- in two installments (4000 + 5000) for final settlement. I have already paid Rs.1060/- before this, it means total amount would be

9000+1060= 10160/-.

v One of your executive visited my premises to collect two cheques (4000 + 5000) worth Rs.9000/- and provided me NO objection certificate (which is currently with me) against that payment of Rs.9000/- by cheque in two installments.

Current status:

One payment of Rs.4000/- has been debited from my account and second or final payment of Rs.5000/- will be debited from my account on 12th May 08.


I have received a bill of Rs.12000/- approx. in last dates of April for the same account, after that I logged my same concern at your website. Against that complaint I received a call from your customer care (Ashish) Hyderabad, he confirmed that my account is still open and there is no records found regarding final settlement or NOC.

Now, my question is you people have already provided me the NOC against the amount of Rs.10160/- then why you people are sending bills again and again to me.

What type of fun you people have in this. I failed to understand. Pls try to understand it gives bad impact on your Brand Name.

Pls provide me the resolution for the above mentioned concern immediately or send me the contacts of your legal desk for further action.


Rishi Kapoor

ICICI Bank is a cheating no 1 bank and no 2 will be ABN AMBRO BANK. Better to not deal with them. even i have some issue like this. I have no idea how to solve this and i am not getting any response also from them if i call.

estate agent — wihtout are permission how can they issue credit card

hello sir,
As we have not appiled for any credit card..than how can the icici can issue a crdeit card..and still we have not recevied it..than too the call comes everyday from icici..they whether u got or not..
kindly help we dont need any crdeit tell the procedure what to do..and how to stop the ph call also from they send a message also that your mtnl bill would be paid by credit card only and it is activated..
so kindly help us out that how to cancel that card..

thank you
jitesh p sheth

ICICI Credit Card — cheaters

they are just cheating on people saying they will be getting their credit card soon only if they accept for the insurance policy and promise to cancel them later which they never do...
Good Afternoon,

This is Rajasekhar I have complaint is there regarding Lombard (cashless healthcard) your one of the executive Rani is there did the blended mistake for me.

Actually I have apply for credit card. She calls to me and told that your credit card has some amount will be blocked some 20000 amount suppose this amount will be unblocked you must take the policies that amount. After that you have received documents you given a 15 days grace period for decide whether the policy is taken or not. My policy is activated on September 20. She told me after 1 month there is no deductions in the amount suppose you want to cancel the policies.

My policy details are one is 04007890/00/00 and 04007889/00/000 regarding this plz help no deduction of my amount.
I enquired that executive Rani is leave that company.


I am Manavi Sharma a Credit Card holder for ICICI bank. I have been harrasssed of the unnecessary fees and charges levied to my account, If you see the track record of my account, I have been making all the payments in full for any of the purchases, It was once when I was delayed in one of the payment as I was travelling, I have never put in any request of any kinds as SI Standing Instructions. I told them to remove this charge which they never did so I delayed the payment and for a meager amount of 3000 they have made the amoount outstanding to my account as 12800 now. I am ready to make the payment for my Purchases - that extra charge of Si ...I will not make any payment for any amount accumulated due to unnecessary charges and fees.

I have other credit cards too, I have a wonderful record with them . ICICI credit card service is the worst I have ever encountered.

Pls refer to my case for the account # [protected].


Credit Card — cheating of card said my name and sent the card in my wife's name

dear sir, i am amn amro credit card holder from past 2 years, bank dsa rep. called me one miss Nidhi of m/s press enterprises pvt. ltd no.16, 2nd floor, apple villa, lalbagh road, bangalore-27, phone 66126000. she told me that if i was married i will get one more card in my name with a limit 4 time more than the existing limit. so she asked for my marriage proof, so i gave my wife's voter's id, and i signed for one document without reading the content because i was in a hurry. one of the executive came near my house a took the signature, i informed him also that the card should be in my name only. when i reciecved the card it is in my wife's name.
so this is a clear way of cheating and abn amro will be in black marks in future by this D.S.A. of abn amro. the request the concern people to take immediate action and i request them to cancel my wife's credit card.

asif khan
The undersigned is holding a credit card no. [protected]
i am not purchase amount of Rs 3549.00 & 3749.00 Dt. 8.05.2008 Transsaction Details 1777314 & 1777511 soupose i have to purchase please give me detail immediatly, for enabling us to submit bills to our company, this is for your kind information
ICICI is one of the most cheated bank in world, They do same with me.They have no records of my payment's of credit card.
Dear Friends,
I also have same type of issue. I have settled my credi card account last month, but this month again they are issuing me statement stating that i have to pay Rs.10, 000 more.
They blocked my saving bank (ICICI) account. it was salary cheque they blocked. I am only earning in my family and i have 7 months kid. how can I manage if they blocked my full salary.
They really cheating. We need to fight jointly.




I had provided all the required documents to one of the fe of icici bank for a new credit card.I waited since a mth for the positive or negative reasponce for the bank side.I didnt receive any notification frm their side..even my documents are been not gvn returned to me.

I have one Visa Card from ICICI Bank issued in November 2006 having no. 4477 **** **** 4000. I have never recived the original card though I have received a subsidiary card.I have not used the card since January 2008 and still the Bank is asking to pay Rs. 9800/- towards the credit card. Neither the Bank is regular in sending Monthly statement and it is very difficult to get the complint lodegd on Customer care. Yes they do send their recovery agents in time. I have received umpteen number of telephone calls from the Bank and every time I have to explain themthe cause but no one cares thereafe.

In June 2008 Ihave received a call from the Bank and stated that I have to pay Rs. 15000/- . I immediately agreed asked him to issue a statement to that effect but he told me that fist you pay the amount and then we will issue the statement. I paid them Rs. 10, 000/- instantly but in next statement no deduction was made on account of interest charges. I further paid Rs. 5000/- in september as I was again assured by Ravi that no further amount need to be paid.

It seems that Bank deliberately doesnot want to settle the issues so Interest charges keeps on increasing. I have received a letter from ICICI Bank Bombay in November and I have written to them in November itself. But look at the working of the Bank, It gives Newspaper advertisement to inculcate the customers but when the same customer writes it doesnot care.

The Bank has created the mess. The tactics of the Bank is simple create a mess and customer will have to pay.

icici /Credit Card — new platinum card

you already told 4 times platinum card was issue and also 4 times your call was received but platinum was not received.

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