[Resolved]  Indane Gas — Misbehavior and no supply of refill cylinders

I had booked a cylinder with Namrata gas agency in kukatpally, hyderabad (A.P). My cust. no is 33406.
Gas booking No. - Not given (three times) Till date, the same is not delivered to me. Their telephone nos. are[protected] and[protected]. Despite being repeatedly follow-up from (approximately) 23.06.2008, I am not receiving the gas cylinder.
I went to the office thrice and i got no clear explanation from them (they told me that they are sending it, but might be the delivery person is not giving it, but when i asked the delivery person, he is telling me that you don't have sticker(i don't know about that) on the gas which we gave at delivery time that's why we are not delivery, but i call to their office and told the same, the office person told me that we don't know anything.
Kindly help me out. I am very depressed. After making telephone calls, they are not picking up either the telephone no., always disconnecting or not picking up and the behaviour and the way of talking of the delivery person (yadagiri) is very rough and rude.
I am a office going person and i cannot bare this all.
Please help me, what can I do. Kindly help me.


(G. Ashok)
H. NO. 12-7-6/1
kukatpally municipality road
Moosapet, kukatpally
Hyderabad, 500002 (A.P)
Cell: ([protected])
Namrata gas agency, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, A.P
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Aug 14, 2020
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I am from chennai, Mylapore. My agency is TUCS, abhiranpuram,chennai.
from last 5 months ,we are not able to receive our refill gas on time and on repeated remainders, they bring it very late. even thou' we have two cylinders, by end of 5 weeks we are out of gas cylinder. we need to borrow from our friends and relatives,as i have small children in our house. to deliver our refill gas cylinder they are taking 11/2 months . really ,feeling very disappointed with this kind of approach. need a proper channel to fix this.which web site can i launch a complain to Indian Gas?????Need help as this is very frustrating as i a a working women.

Indane Gas — Misbehavior and no supply of refill cylinders!

Dear sir i am shifted my gas connection from bangalore to chennai in chennai they want to the ration card which is not i am having kindly suggest me in this regard
i have a connection in bangalore i was shifted to chennai hear the people is asking aboput the rationcard which i am not having
I feel not good to inform you that our gas agency Dixit gas agency Ph no. 2277 247 & 22772830 all the time pone are engaged or not responced. Gass cylender weight has been low , every time less than 3 or 4 K G. my consumer no are DG11851 and D G 28925. Please do the fruitfull action on behalf of my complaint.

Indane Gas — Refill gas not supply

Dear Sir,
I have the connection of Indane Gas last 1 year Dixit gas services ( Khicdipur Delhi 91). Now I shifted my house Khicdipur to New kondli on rant. I am also transfer my connection to New Kondli Delhi-96. But the problem is that here Indane Gas Agency Roop Gas Service center refused to refill the gas due to rant aggrement document not complete. Now the Landlord not aggery to give any written documents.I have the transfer letter validity till 27/12/2007.I have so faith with Indane Gas.
Kindly resolve my issue on periorty.

Thanking you

Shikha Goswami

Indane LPG - Aluva, Manu Flames Kerala — No Supply

Dear Sir,
I have only a single gas cylender connection. Even after 37 days of booking the agency is refusing to deliver the cylender.

Indane Gas — Misbehaviour and not cylinder delivery on TAT time

Misbehaviour and Not cylinder delivery on TAT time.
I'm a LPG consumer (Customer no is SL40082).with M/S Sheheed Subhash Gas Service(Tin No.[protected]) Opp Police Station, G T Road, Shahdara, Delhi-110032. Whenever I use to telephone to book a cylinder the person usually do not pick up the phone. Only repeated calls make it accessible. Then there is reply your turn is after a week. Phone again and come in person to book it. The person try to use the language so that the customer may not try again. Not only this they say if not satisfied then complain against us. The language is not rough but also rude one. I donot understand what to do.
I request you. I want to know what is the TAT of cylinder delivery after booking.

Indane Gas — gas refill

I am a consumer of Mohanil Gas Service at IIT, Hauz khas, New Delhi with Consumer No.35807. I have booked gas online on 2nd March 2009 by dialing online telephone number 1260 and the booking number received is 48. Today on 12th March 2009 i equired whether delivery has taken place for booking on 2nd March 2009. The reply was yes. I asked why i have not received the gas for booking on 2nd March 2009.
The guy behaves rudely and said that we do not need booking number. You will note your consumer number and after checking in our cumputer system we shall be able to send reminder. The computer is running but he is saying computer is not working and we can not check it now. Again he is saying if you want to complain first log compain then we will supply you gas.I want to know whether there is any checking system for delivery by this gas supply agency or any authority having telephone number for compain. If any person will receive delivery after 15 days what is the time span for booking another cylinder. Please Advice

Indane Gas — Gas cylinder refilling


I have requested for refilled gas cylinder on 28/02/2009 and queue no is 33. I have not yet received filled gas cylinder. After waiting for almost a month, I am writing here. Although Gas is available in market and agency staff are selling for some extra rupees or say in BLACK. My Customer No: 11119, Name: Ashok Kumar Singh, Agency Name: Amarapali Gas Agency, R.N.College, P.O: Hajipur, Dist: Vaishali (Bihar).

Please take a action against agency and bring the service to normal.

Thank you

Ashok Kumar Singh
angncy is off
not have cyllender

Indane Gas — No supply of Gas cylinder

I had made booking for gas cylinder through telephone on 21.10.09 which they did on their phone ([protected]) and they said on the same day that I would be getting the gas after 7 to 10 days.Then on 02.11.09 I had visited the office for same because the franchisee people said that the same will be delivered after 7 to 10 days from the date of booking and so on 02.11.09 I visited the local Indane gas office for the gas. After I said them about the same on 02.11.09, they refused to give me the gas stating that telephone booking is not permissible and that I should do the booking in the gas card with booking date mentioned in it. So I said to them that it was their person who did the same on telephone on 21.10.09 and that he at that time that is on 21.10.09 never said that telephone booking is not permissible and as a result I did so and the person too booked the same.
But they refused to give me the gas cylinder on 02.11.09 stating that nobody has booked.So on the very same day that is on 02.11.09 , I made the booking and they entered the booking date(02.11.09) in my card and said that the same will be given to you within 7 to 10 days,
So from the 8th day that is from 09.11.09 from the booking day, I am everyday visiting the franchisee gas supply outlet for the gas but its unfortunate that they are not giving me the gas and they are having plenty of excuses for the delay.
The excuses they are giving are --
(1) We give the gas cylinder to customers after 15 days from the booking date. (Earlier they said 7 to 10 days)
(2) We don't have the gas. (They are giving to other people)
(3) We can't do anything.
(4) Speak to manager. (The manager is not available in the office)
(3) They said on 13.11.09 that the supply person will deliver the gas at your doorstep which has not been done so till 14.11.09.
(4)Now again on 14.11.09, I visited the local Indane gas supply office and informed that their gas supply person had not delivered the cylinder on 13.11.09 though my house is not even ½ KM from the office which they said that would be done on 13.11.09 itself.
They didn’t pay heed to my issue and then they said that they would be giving me the gas on 16.11.09.
This means what they said on 13.11.09 that the supply person will deliver the gas was just a false statement to distract me and there is no authencity of their words. The person sitting there are taking things for granted,
So then I asked them about the complaint book so that my issues are to noted there. But they boldly said that you should complain to the manager and then I went to the manager’s chamber and unfortunately it was 11 o'clock in the morning hours but the manager was not present in the office and so I had to return from there with a sorry face and nobody in the office is even bothered to hear anything.
Since 09.11.09 I am regularly visiting the outlet for the gas which is costing me Rs.20 everyday,
I am getting late to my office everyday since 09.11.09 and this is because of the people sitting at gas supply office. The only reason is no proper response is given to me.
The person sitting there are behaving like bosses and are not even bothered to answer or giving proper reply to customers.
My concern is
(1) When will I get my due gas cylinder?
(2) What is the correct procedure for the booking, when should one book the gas, what is the time limit and how should one book the gas(physically or through phone)?
(3) Why the people sitting in the office are behaving like bosses and are not giving proper response to customers?
(4) Why harassment is done?
(5) The people sitting at the supply office are clueless about the policies?
(6) Why the supply of cylinders is done only in the morning hours?The customers are returning home empty handed if they are coming in the second half of the day at 3 or 4 o'clock in the evening.
(7) Why the people sitting at the agency office are not picking up the phone of the customers which has been displayed as contact number for queries?
The details of the agency where customers are facing numerous types of problems is mentioned here below.
Jyoti Jwala,
Indane distributor,
Distributor Code no.[protected]
Contact no.- [protected],[protected]

Customer Name - Ashok Kumar Mehta
Gas Card Number - 4953372
Consumer number - 110073

indane gas refil — no supply of gas

i booked for gas refil through SMS at 56677 on 27 th nov 2009. and recieved the booking no 1. at 11;20 am. I hav reminded the booking on 8th dec 2009.
Yet till today i hav not recieved gas refill.
kindly tell what now i hav to do. Is it fake booking through SMS.

Gangadhar Ramchandani

connection no-A24876

Agency name- Sarwatra gas agency
Dear Sir,
I am totally not satisfied with your vendor i.e. Vicky Agencies situated at Tagore Garden, New Delhi 110027, here I am an registered consumer with No.V6083. Since 16th Jan. I have been complaining them for refilling not less than 5 times, always I got assurance for same day and nothing else.

Kindly take the necessary action and do the needful.


Dear Sir,
I am totally not satisfied with your vendor i.e. Vicky Agencies situated at Tagore Garden, New Delhi 110027, here I am an registered consumer with No.V6083. Since 16th Jan. I have been complaining them for refilling not less than 5 times, always I got assurance for same day and nothing else.

Kindly take the necessary action and do the needful.


I would like to inform you that I am not getting Indane gas supply from Indane agency" Raghu gas service, Khanda road, Gurgaon. Phone:[protected] ,[protected], [protected]
It is an extremely bad and poorly managed service .
My present complaint is : My consumer no. is 31994.
Last gas received from you was on[protected].
New booking done on[protected]. and as on 19th Feb also I have not received gas from your agency. Even after one month and 4 days , you are not supplying gas.
Phone numbers of this agency is never picked up by the staff. Mobile numbers of Mr. Sharma or Mr. Sudhir is not reachable. Reason is not known.
For every work I have to come physically to your agency- whether it is for Booking, giving you first reminder, then second reminder . I waste lot of time to follow up for gas .
With two cylinders connection , me as a consumer is highly frustated.
Higher Authority of Indane organisation must take action on this complaint.

Shambhu sharan, consumer no: 31994, Gurgaon.

Indane Gas — Delivery in supply of Refills

Delay in delivery of Refills

Dear Sir/Madam,

My consumer no. is 20764. I booked the gas on 19th Sept 2010 from Manu Flames, Meenu Huts, XIX/658(1), Hill Road, Aluva. But as on 12th Oct 2010 I haven't received the cylinder yet. When I try to contact the gas agency, either the phone keeps on ringing and ringing and nobody to answer or by any chance if they answer, the reply what I get is that the cylinder will be delivered next week. And the week went on.

My question is why there is such delay?? And in BLACK, people are getting it instantly by paying 500 rupees and why the consumer has to suffer???? When I enquired with many other people who have Indane Gas connection, they do not have so much delay in getting the refill............

Many o[censored]s are working women and we find it difficult to manage things without gas and depending on other modes of cooking which is time consuming.
I request the concerned authority of Indane Gas to look into this matter and take necessary actions.

And my another query is do IOCL company has any issues in supply of Domestic Gas? If so do consumers have any other option to transfer the gas connection to another company like HP or Bharat Gas???

Vidhya Shinu
C/O Philomina Joy (20764)

Indane Gas — no Supply of gas

Iam a customer of M/S Manu flames ,Indane gas ditribute ,Aluva,Kerala.I have 2 cylinders .
unfortunately both cylinders are empty because of the delay in supply.

1.I was last supplied on 12/10/10 for which the bill was generated on 06/10/10.Why there

was a delay of 6 days from the date of billing?

2.I was told that simultaneously i cannot book for the next until the gas is not supplied

3.when i got supply on 12/10 /10 immediately I booked for the next online on 12/10/10 and
I was allotted booking no 232.

4.I was waiting for my supply till 16/11/2010. On 16/11/2010 i approached the agency and
enquired about my status. To my astonishment he told me that the gas was not at all booked
When i explained him that I was allotted the booking no,he told me that because i have
booked before getting the next supply the system may not have accounted the booking.
I would like to know , if that is the procedure why system allots a booking no?

5.I asked him for the complaint book and he gave me the book.In the book i have
registered a complaint in page no 13. In the column "action taken"
almost all the columns were blank .

6.It is understood that the gas booked up to 26/10/2010 has been already supplied where as

i have booked my gas on 12/10/2010 is not still supplied

Please arrange to inquire into the matter and give me reply.The detailed address of

and the distributor is given below.

ALUVA 683108 ALUVA. 1
CONSUMOR NO 1571,PH [protected] PHONE[protected]

Indane Gas — no supply for indane gas cylinder

no supply for indane gase for month period.
please enquiry the binod indane gas agency .
address :- p.o.- sindri dist. dhanbad
state :- jharkhand
pin 828122

Indane Gas — no receive cylinder

my name is mr. siraj ismail kaduji, i live in tankaria ta, and dist bharuch. i have a gas conection deler by palej indane agency, my coustemer no. 7321. i book new cylinder on jan 2010, long time my booking no. 1526. at this time agent say we have no cylinder but what can i do? the booking no 1850 ricived cylinder but i cant ricived then my no is 1526.

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