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[Resolved]  Indian Oil Corporation — Petrol Pump fraud

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to bring to your notice that I was cheated at Kapur Auto Services, Indian Oil Petrol Pump at Patpar Ganj Soc Delhi-92. It is next to Mandawali police station. I asked for normal fuel for Rs.500 for my car & was continuously looking at the readings on the machine, meanwhile another employee came at my driving side & asked me to switch on my wiper to clean the windshield though it was well cleaned already. I thanked him and fortunately turned my head towards the petrol machine. To my surprise, the attendant had restarted the machine & when i asked what happened he said that there was electricity cut, but i told them that how all other machines are working. I immediately moved out from my car shouting at them as i sensed some fraud going on. I complained to their local manager and updated him about the incident but I got surprised when he only said these two words to his guy ""Arey yeh kya ho raha hai sahi se karo"", then he moved back at other side, he too took the matter very lightly.

After exchanging some words, I don't know how but they again, started the machine on the amount where the machine power was cut but i was not sure of if they restarted from the same amount or not. It had happened earlier too where we did not get the petrol of full amount.

It's a complete fraud activity going on at several petrol pumps in delhi in the daylight. Some of my friends have told me that the same incident has happened with them some times back, that's why i immediately sensed some fraud there and took the necessary step But it was of no use.

It's my humble request to you to take some necessary steps against these frauds. They are cheating us and surprisingly all the employees having full of their share in this. This petrol pump has been involved in such practices for quite some time, i have no. of times seen people arguing with them.

It’s high time to take some strict action against these people. I look forward to hear back from you. Any quick action would be highly appreciated.

Rakesh Sah
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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petroleum — scam in petrol pump

There is scam in HP petrol pump in Ranchi jharkhand. I noticed, last 2 times i went there the meter is never on zero and when ever the workers start filling the petrol in my car they start distracting me. Even today i noticed it again, the same thing happened, the meter was not on zero and when i tried to see the meter the workers started distracting me but this time i ignored them and looked at the meter and it started from 20 Rupees. When i told them this they said not you are mistaking. This incident happened to many people i know. Please take action against this. If this still happens again i will be forced to go to consumer forum court. The location of that petrol pump is Near Kokar Industrial Area, Kokar, Ranchi, Jharkhand.
Hello Rakesh,
The exact same thing happened with me. When I discussed it at home, found out that it had happened with my wife too.
Have you been able to make you complaint heard. I wonder if writing on these portals ever yields any results.
Thanks for sharing though.
I also had similar experiences from AMAR SERVICE STATION, Marathahalli, if you go there and ask petrol then they will first ask money if you wait to fill then they will ask whether you are paying by card or cash, if you say card then you will not get even half the petrol. It happened with me 3-4 times, and then I got the number of the Petrol Pump supervisor from Indian Oil Corporation Mr. Ravinder Mobile Number [protected]. He promised me that he will take care of this. But last week again I filled for Rs. 300 and I used to get 300 KM for that I got but this time I got only 175 KM. That means no action has been taken against that Pump.

If anyone knows the email address to escalate this issue then please let me know. I have filled petrol from this pump for than 10 times and lost money all the occasions.
I have had a similar experience at the Indian Oil Petrol Pump on Zakir Hussain Marg, Nineteenth Hole Service Station in New Delhi.
Same happened with me at the same petrol pump on 17th Jan 2009 at around 7:30 am. At this petrol pump where I got cheated I asked the attendant to fill Rs. 500/- Diesel in my Indigo. The attendant asked me to check zero mark. As I was a little off from the meter I got down from car and stood near the meter. Everything was going fine as I was monitoring the meter but suddenly when the meter was reading around 300 another attendant appeared from another direction and asked me to pay money and sign on the bill which I never asked. Within a fraction of a second as my attention was diverted the attendant who was filling diesel abruptly pressed some key on the meter and diesel stopped. On hearing the diesel stop sound I immediately turned towards the meter and it showed zero for some seconds and then 500. I got cheated. The attendant had reset the meter. At the rate at which the diesel was being filled into the tank I think I approximately lost around 100 to 150 rupees. Petrol pump name is "Kapoor Auto Service Station Patparganj Society Area, I.P. Extension, Delhi-92". Never ever remove your attention from the meter till you see the full reading. Petrol pump attendants funda "Divert the attention (specially when you are alone) and cheat easily". Authorities must take action against these fraud petrol pumps.
i also had a similar experience at KAPUR AUTO SERVICE in patparganj, delhi -92.a few days ago

I ALSO REQUEST ALL THOSE CHEATED TO GO TO INDIAN OIL WEBSITE AND LODGE A COMPLAINT so that repeated complaints might prompt the authorities to take some action against the habitual offenders
The petrol bunk at Bangalore, MG road and Dickenson Road crossing do the same thing.
Everytime I sit in the car and said fill petrol, they ran it half way and then said, electricity gone.
post which they fill in the rest.
This time it happened again and i got suspicious that why always when i come in this problem happens.
When I shouted at them, they started again from zero.
I am going to lodge a complaint with ioc as well as inform the newspapers.
The same thing happened to me too at the very same pump twice atleast, and it continues to happen at various other petrol pumps. Specifically, Indian Oil pumps. Something should be done about the same.


i use to get very low mileage in this particular petrol pump. so today i need to check them extra carefully. and you know what ? today i caught them red handed. i gave 100rs to fill petrol. other attendant try to distract me . suddenly i turned to see the nummber. he was causually typing 36rs in number pad. i asked him why you typed 36rs even after telling you to put 100rs petrol. he said "no sir it was in zero. you dont need to worry blah blah blah". he started to put petrol. asked him to take his hand. and you know what . it stopped at 36rs. and then he "machine problem ." he tried to start the pump manualy remaining 64rs of petrol. i stopped him. asked him to give remaining 64rs. i told them i not going to come back here again.this happend not for the frist they did it again and again to me some 4 times. something cheating going on.

this is new kind of fraud. if ask them to fill 100rs. they type 40rs. when you are not seeing meter. then they show you zero in counter. meter stop at 40rs. then they manually fill remaining fuel until it comes to 100rs. sometimes they set it to 100rs. purposely stop the fuel manualy and then start it again to fill the remaining fuel.

so friends.

1. if anyone try to distract you . dont take your eyes off from counter. answer him without taking your eyes off from the counter.
2.if you want to fill petrol 500rs... attendant filled only 200rs. then never tell him to fill remainig 300rs of petrol. just leave the pump station with 200rs of petrol. he is definitely cheating.


1. Small bharat petroleum petrol pump in 100ft bypass road. its located on left side of the road when you travel towards velacherry. here quality seems to be good. i can feel the difference. quantity also 100% good. only one guy will standing and pour fuel to your vehicle. another interesting thing i found out is. they opened pasted banner mentioning they have quality checking tools here to check quality of petrol.

2. HP petrol pump in velachery by pass road. its on the right side of the road when you travel toward velacherry vijayanager. quantity is 100% same. quality some what good. my bike gave good mileage.

3. IOCL pump in taramani link road. quantity is 100%. no cheating. but quality also some what good. but i can feel the difference in quality between these two pump and small bharat petroleum pump in 100ft road.


NOTE: This is was on JAN 2013. so i will try to update periodicaly which petrol pump is cheating and which is not.
Please register your complaint with name of the persons working at the petrol pump at
The name of the manager is Mr.Rajender who is the kingpin. Let the drive against corruption initiate. The channel is effective and you can also followup with the complaint number generated.

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