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On 12June,2010, I have booked an Indane gas cylinder with IOC call center helpdesk 03323480697 and was given a confirmed booking number. But till today(30-June-2010) my local IOC distributor LT Distributor, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata has not delivered the same. My indane consumer no is 21328. From 23rd June,10 onwards I have made series of complaints to the same help desk number on this, but of no avail. But when I asked directly my distributor on 29th June,10, they said that there is no booking in your name on 12th June. However, they mentioned that they themselves have made a booking by themselves on 25th June,2010 on my behalf in lieu of false claim that they tried to delivered the gas on a certain date in between but it was not received by us.I can tell you this distributor is involved in series of malpractices in my locality and there are enough complaints from my neighbors in surrounding place.

Looking for your help to stop such malpractices time and again in this regard
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my consumer no. BT 796 at BTPE co-operative society/ BTPS colony/ Tribeni/Bandel. Gas regualator is defective and supplied in 1994. Now, your distributor is not giving the Regulator by saying that "Supply is not availble. Whenever it comes it will be given. Now what should I do?
Syamalendu Ray, West Sekhpara Magra, Hooghly, Pin-712148.
My E-mail:
A. K. Dutta for N. Dutta[protected]
4/1 Raja Rammohan Rd., .
Nabapally, Barasat, Kol. 700 126 March 27, 2011.

Emailed to
The Consumer Grievance Center (Emailed)
Indane Domestic Gas
2 Gariahat Rd., Kol. 700068

SUB : A leaky Gas Cylinder recently supplied by your Dealer, North End Gas Centre, Prasadpur,
11 Rail Gate, Prasadpur, Barasat, N. 24 Pgs., and the trouble that Centered around!!

REF : Domestic Consumer No. T653. : Our letter dated Feb. 7’11 on the subject item.

Dear IOL,

We are one of your long standing Customers, using your product for over the last 40 years. Unfortunately, our complaint dated Feb. 7’11 on the subject item (Supplying a leaky Gas Cylinder, extremely rude and uncivilized behavior of the deputed Technician and employee, Shri Swapan De**, of your Dealer) remained unanswered till date! In fact, our several complaints in the past also against the very same dealer, that centered around irregular supply, delivery of a Cylinder and collecting money w/o a cash memo or receipt, rude and objectionable behavior, demands, and the like by some of the Dealer’s representatives remained unresolved, and we have never heard from you in those directions in reply! Many of your other customers in the Area also lodged similar complaints against the said Dealer, w/o any response and relief from your end. What is wrong with the world famous IOL? Is a dealer dearer to the IOL than the people, IOL’s consumers?

Could it be possible, dear IOL, that you have no control at all over your Dealer/s! Or, could it be possible that taking advantage of your silence (or, indirect compliance, if I may term it that way) your Dealer, without the slightest respect for law and order, is flouting the Govt. regulations, code and norms! Otherwise,

1) How could you keep yourself so unconcerned on such a sensitive offence like that of supplying a
Leaky Cylinder through your authorized Dealer that could have caused a serious fire hazard, and possible loss to lives?
2) How could your authorized dealer ignore to pick up customers Telephone Call, especially our Emergency Calls, one after another, on February 5, afternoon, that centered around your Leaky Gas Cylinder, supplied by your authorized Dealer?
3) When there is no dearth why we, the regular and bonafied Domestic Customers, do not get our cylinder on time, while the pretty FAST FOOD DEALERS around flourish with their uninterrupted supply and brisk business?
4) During the festive times while the pretty FAST FOOD DEALERS around flourish, we, your regular
Domestic Consumers, have to suffer due to insufficient supply, as usually claimed by your dealer!
We wonder as to how the system and the set-up under our welfare Govt. keep the pretty FAST
FOOD DEALERS so active and carefree while the Domestic Consumers continue to suffer?
5) As demanded in our last letter of Feb. 7’11, are we not entitled to compensation for the loss due to a leaky Gas Cylinder that did not contain full load of Gas? You remained contemptuously silent on this point also! How do you ignore your responsibility in this direction? You collected the full price for the Cylinder without providing the full load of GAS.

6) In our last letter of Feb. 7 we enquired if your Dealer’s Mechanic, Shri Swapan De** was entitled
to a Service Charge for fixing a Leaky Cylinder, supplied by your Dealer, as demanded by him,
and for which he refused to issue any receipt, whatsoever, and finally started howling, grudging and
even threatening us! Strangely enough, you did neither answer to our query nor take any action
against this offensive attitude, nor apologized for the same! If, however, he was entitled to, then
please let us know the prescribed amount, and advise you authorized dealer to kindly collect it
against a valid receipt and oblige.
7) In our last letter of Feb. 7’11 we also requested you to kindly let us know as to how to check the
quantity of Gas in a cylinder Delivered by your Dealer. Like many of your other customers, we
have reasons to believe that many a time we are not supplied with a fully loaded Indane Gas

Thanking you and expecting to hear from you in reply.

Very truly yours,

A. K. Dutta for N. Dutta.

** In my letter of Feb. 7’11 the last name of the Mechanic was mentioned as Das in place of De. I learnt later on that his name was Shri Swapan De.

Copy along w/ my letter of Feb. 7’11 to :
1) Consumer complaint
2) Jt. Sec., Ministry of P&N Gas,
3) Dy. Sec., -do- -do-,


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