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[Resolved]  Kidzee — Preschool

We at Kidzee believe that every child has a unique potential, a potential unique a potential infinite. We promise to strive to help each child realize his/ her unique potential. The philosophy and approach is based on Illume, which is a learner centric mode of teaching the child through multiple pathways.

It's not about how good your child is.
It's about how your child is good.

Illume method has a distinct advantage over other teaching methods: It places the unique child in the centre of the learning process-and does not expect the child to follow a rigid way of instruction. It is as open as the child's mind-and as adaptable too!
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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My ward goes to Kidzee patliputra colony, patna. She was a student last year too. Last year when she was studying in nursery, she was not able to express herself clearly, still she told me couple of times, that she was beaten on cheeks by ma'am. As I was not sure about the details so I had informed the school authority about it, which they completely denied. This year, the school has opened since yesterday, again she is complaining that "badi ma'am" has beaten her on cheeks. Not sure who the badi ma'am is, I asked her, she told the one who sits in the office. I talked to couple of other parents about it, they said the same story, the principal beats the children and when confronted she completely denies about it. I had put my ward trusting the brand, but if this is the flight of the school, I am sorry for all the children who studies here. If the matter is not taken seriously, not only the name of the school will be malign, but also the innocent kids will suffer and will develop physiological disorders. This is not the reason why we have put our treasure with you people. Kids are our treasure and it is because of this trust we have put our kids in your school.
PlaySchools are the place where children love to go and spend couple of hours, but my ward and many more like her are scared of school and cry at the name of the school. She will not ready to go to school.Is this way kidzee works? For this year I have repeated the blunder of putting my little daughter in this school. But this will be last year, and would never ever suggest kids to go to kidzee. Please take this matter with extreme importance as I don't want my kid along with others to suffer.

Ex-Teacher — Concerned Authority must provide separate school Bus for School Going children

Dear Sir I bring to your kind notice that kindly refere 26th January 09 Mirror Paper 11 year old Girl studying in RTC, Frazer Town she fell down from the foot Board from 300E BMTC bus while she was boarding, luckily her sister pulled out even though legs were crushed, if her sister not pulled out means she was lost her life but she was suffered tremendous unbearable pain dur to carelessness of driver and conductor. Driver must see the Rear view mirror before start and next conductor is the Guard & monitor of the bus he must take care every one is inside the bus or not his also carelessness. Both should be punished and to remove from the service. For avoiding this kind of fatal accidents for the growing citizen like student, why you people not taking any action to report to higher authority and why not you provide separate bus for school children for morning peak hours and evening peak hours. If you stand in the Colespark Bus stand and watch means, you will come to know how much pains are there to catch bus carrying full load of books at the back. That to the Bus drivers & conductors are not stopping the bus in the bus stop they will stops approximately 50 meters & above, all the children are running to catch the bus before entering into the bus this worst drivers and conductors are not obsrving simply moving the bus with fast. This is the cause for the accident. So I request your goodself to provide separate bus for school children like Bus Pass Holders Green Bus, in that bus only few passengers were travelling always running empty below 25 passengers what is the use. This is for your kind information and necessary action to provide separate buses for school children for all the areas only in morning and evening. Your implementation of action is appreciated in this matter. Kindly acknowledge the same by return mail to my email ID [protected]

Thanking You,

Yours Faifhtylly,

There is a climate of high expectations, which includes the core belief that all students can learn and the teacher has the capacity to teach all children – KIDZEE schools.

iLLUME is an approach that helps parents and teachers spot the potential in children, one on one. Illume facilitates them to spot the unique quality in each child and helping them unleash that infinite potential within and strive with all their might to help the child realize it. Every time they spark a new insight, a new ray of hope, however small it may be illume helps unfolds the miracle.
Kidzee rocks!
Kidzee is a great place to send your kids. Search
I am an Ex Employee (Just left because of this only) and can tell you the truth which happened with me and I hope you would take a action about your frnchisee before I can be a bad mouth for your organization.

It is about Kidzee Nehru Nagar and the i am talking about is that the director of Kidzee i.e. Mr. Deepak Jain is a womanizer, and the woman he molested is me, I can not reveal my identity as my family is very orthadox and if they came to know about it they will kill me, I am telling you this as I also want a revenge as he spoiled my life.

Even I have attended the traning which happened in Noida during 21st April till 24th April.

Please help me and take necessary action.
I advise you give a proper advertiz about your schools and the programs&activites in the south india (A.P)like vijayawada, vizayak, kakinada as yours centers are running at poor perfernce at a conjested area with a small&old houses without proper ventelation & sanitation & many of the childrens where saffering with virale infactions as the parents are not intrested to be inthis hence you may look in this mater & inspect your's preschools not to spoil your's repitation. Inspite of so many times the enoveranment could'nt changed by you&your's staff this is to say with sad .if there is no time for you i wouid make this to the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION consund
Kidzee r t nagar bangalore is pathetic. For the kind of fees collected and the promises made kidzee is doing a very very bad job. We parents go by the brand name and put our wards there to get substandard service. They have more of holidays than working days, and their time for nursery is pathetic. Just two hrs of class where other schools have more time. No activities absolutely no encoragement bad bad management pathetic school.
hello sir&madem who while be the looking ofter these mails do you have time are not you will respond or not if not i will aproech the law
My child is studying at kidzee Dibrugarh at day my child has done some mistake all the teachers has beaten him badly even the principle had ashamed him in front all children, and also told them to say shame shame my child felt crying he was in very ambressing situation, he was tourchered like anything.

My child then told me whole story.
My question is if my child done something wrong he is just 5yrs, why the school people has not informed us.

i am very sad to say that my child new session admission will be in a new school.

i really suggest not to torcher any more chid.

my e-mail [protected]
MY complaint is about ur KIDZEE unit at PATHANKOT, , , , , AT PWS...where a child goes for his/her pre_schooling, , This is the time when a child is so small even to hold a pencil, , , , in nur. class u r expecting the response of a child lyk 2nd class".no help in examinatoins" nur. class syllabus there iz cursive ABC &there is no dotted help book for cursive abc provided by u.HW come a very small kid can attempt all these things at the age of 4 on note books...this is a veryyy big pressure on very small growing up minds...u should have check on these things time 2 that a child gets best matter of study...we go on ur brand name plz improve up ur study material..thank u!!!
My complaint is about kidzee nehru nagar ghaziabad, delhi (N.C.R.). I m very much surprized when the school authority have been told us to not give egg/nonveg in the tiffin of my child b;coz owner of the school (Mr.Deepak jain and his wife mrs.Nandini jain) is belongs to jain community and they strictly not allowing for eggs/nonveg in his school.
I want to know that is there any kind of rule passed by kidzee head office.
If 'no' then why he is impossing so idiotic rules on muslim kids. I never imagine that kidzee given his franchisee any body who pay money. Either he /she possess best qualities 4 kids or not.
I m very angree nd fired by kidzee nehru nagar ghaziabad authorities.
I also complained 4 this act to mr.Manvir singh (Head office noida delhi).
Plz resolve my problem, as soon as it becomes a major issue to with draw my child from school.
Mrs.And mr. Arshad husain quadri(Ghaziabad, u.P.)
Email us: [protected]
my complain for very out side location kids zee high in gandhidham
My chil is study in Ist she is from last three years in nursery.jr kg, sr kg, now in class first standard we are very satisfied in last three year
she is very veek in mind because she has feaver in min in 2.5year age so we are not pressure for study
we are satisfied in pre school so we are agree for zee high for furthar study but this school's location is is very bed and very out side
many parrents happen to like there child study in this school at least 99% parrents agree but they will stop and there child admition is other school,
reason is location of the school,
first zee high location is good ther are in rent but very good but currently is location is very bed
My question is if my child done something wrong he is just 5yrs, why the school people have know .
kidszee pre school three section in gandhidham and aadipur they all in good location
we want to further my child study in zee school but location have we want to problem
atleast standard 1, 2, 3 are in gandhidham so many parents are agree .
I want to complain abt Kidzee preschool, saratpally, Durgapur -is that they are putting the monthly syllabus on the notice board and asking the parents to not down.Its really really pathetic and a old habit. Its a kind of harresment to all the parents.After paying so much fees, they can't even provide us a syllabus.How can a parent stand and write the syllabus that to of 3-4 pages. I would like to suggest is that they should provide either a xerox copy of it or they can send an email to each parents.
Kindly look into the matter immediately.
Yes, i am also agree about the Facts about Kidzee nehru Nagar Ghaziabad. Deepak Jain.

In this school children are sexully harrased. and this shcool is closed now.
My complaint is about Kidzee Mira Road. They made the children sit on the floor whole day. Mumbai rains and the cold floors make it un bearable for the child.They stuff the pool car so much that it is like a crowded bus. My child was made to sit on the lap of the maid who threw her down while opening the door. When complained, the receptionist and principal Ms Ruchi yelled at me saying that I dropped my girl intentionally to keep my own ego. They shout at the parents as if we are some dogs. The bus comes 25 minutes late every day, my child has to wait that long getting wet in the rains. When I complained, the principal denied it right away saying that i was lying to create an emotional drama and keep my self respect high. she also shouted at me for noting down my complaints in the almanac... as that keeps a record of their unprofessionalism.She asked my child to wear raincoat for 25 mins. does she know how that feels in the morning, when 5 yr olds just get up frm their sleep and leaves for school- well reaching the school at 10, she finds it all but emotional drama

They charge their entire fees at the beginning, now she is totally free to insult us at her best, nobody can take the fees back. i was never insulted so much in my entire lifetime.

Our feelings or concerns for those preescholers are just drama...i wonder if they have a moral right to own a pree school !
Dear sir

My daughter & son studding ZEE school KIDANA at GANDHIDHAM
But my complaint is every place buses are there but fm sector -07 from there is no bus service to take children to school

Presently we are very much facing problems with privet transport were provided by ZEE school

I have discussed this matter last year they have advised that bus will star from august 2010

But not provided pls understand our problems

Note : this issue please take serious

Thanks & Brgds

My complain is about SONARPUR KIDZEE-KOLKATA.
First of all, i (got Illumnaire training from22-26th March'10 and also got appreciation from the visiting Kidzee team from Mumbai in the sep'11)would love to continue my teaching at Kidzee but with great pains &annoyance I wish to infrom you that the attitude&treatment of the co-ordinator(Mrs Ghosh)to all have compelled me to take the decision not to work as a teacher here from tomorrow.
Here teachers do not receive minimum respect they are suppose to receive as a teacher from what a student will learn from her.She always force the child to follow a rigid way of instruction.teachers resign frequently here.during that time institute run mainly by the attendend.Children used to do their classes without fan during summer.They also stay here with dirty room, eventoilet get cleaned only twice a month keeping it mostly unhygienic manner.they their classs with bitting mosquitoes, and sitting on floor during the tummy time in this winter season also.Here no Kidzee pre-school rules and regulations are followed, only co-ordinator's rules are followed.Kidzee rules are followed only when visitors come.
This is simply unaceptable because the brand is KIDZEE.
Icome to know thet so many parents wish to complain ahainst the institute.
Requesting you to do take necessary actions at the earliest.

The above school/branch/franchise is one of the worst schools in bangalore. As a parent i am completely dis-satisifed. They are worst at teaching, play etc...

My rating is : 0

As a parent i suggest other parents to don't join your kid/s to this school.They are very interested on collecting the fees. But, the same they are shoing on teaching and other activities.

A Parent
Dear sir

Your brand is not in the safe hand.
To, November 20, 2012

Kidzee – Corporate Office

Sub – Complaint against Mr. Minhaz Khan Principal & Owner – Kidzee Karwi and Kingson English School Bhairo Paga Karwi Chitrakoot who has did all the wrong things with my Son Shaurya Shekhar aged 8 years

Dear Sir,

With due respect I want to share some points facing as a father, an officer and honest person –
My son Shaurya Shekhar is the student of class 3rd in Kingson English School Bhairo Paga Karwi Chitrakoot, due to that we are facing so much problems and today itself it breaks the all limits as ----
1. Today at 3.50 around my wife called me that Shaurya is not came back till the time, normally expected returning time is around 1.30 pm to 2 pm everyday.
2. That time I was with the GOI Team in CMO Chitrakoot Chamber, after hearing that I went to School and questioned about my son but management & staff were not ready to tell me what happened with my son .I have requested so many times regarding that.
3. Beside supporting they – Mr. Minhaz and his father started abusive actions and were not ready to tell the fact . They were not ready to tell the vehicle and driver number and replied – Sirf aapko problem hai, aapko jo karne hai karo aur yaha se chale jao aur hum aapke bet eke jimmedar nahi hai. After saying that they had thrown me outside the premises.
4. I was not in situation to fight with management because my first attempt was to search my son in the area from school to my residence in all the passage and places.
5. Mr Minhaz again called me and shouted – mera jo kar sakte ho kar lo, aur dubara school mat aana . Hearing that I was in dilemma what happened with my son but school was not ready to search my son.
6. Mr Minhaz was telling that he is not having the mobile no. of Driver but when around 4.20 driver came back with my son has told me his no. [protected] and driver replied that Mr Minhaz knows his number.
7. Again about that Mr Minhaz called me at 4.24 pm from [protected] and abuses me that he will dig me in trouble .
8. When about 4.30 my wife called and told me that some people are at my residence gate and giving threaten, that time I was again in CMO Office but CMO has provided support to me.
9. CMO and his juniors told me that is your personal problem and you should make complaint in Kotwali .
10. I have given my complaint to Kotwal Sir Kawi sir and he has assured that he will take care the matter.

Presently I am very much depressed for my family and in dilemma what will happened .When my son came back and told to my wife that Driver and helper were beaten him and using abusive incident with him . They had taken this as the preplanned way.

I also want to tell such things in the interest of other students –
* Mr Minhaz is very careless and not having the attitude to manage the things.
* In that school they treat the students as Bonded student .
* They behave just like GUNDA .
* If any authority will check the school all things will come what is going over there.
* They are also running Kidzee and in that case they provide the punishment to students such as goes in Army .
* The father of Mr. Minhaz is retired Police Inspector and they had threatened me about that.

Kindly take it as serious matter and save my life along with my family


District Programme Manager
National Rural Health Mission
Chitrakoot U.P.
Mb – [protected]

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