[Resolved]  Kun Hyundai Chennai — exorbitant bill/repair work carried on without customer approval/consent

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice the issue that I am facing with Hyundai dealer – Kun Auto Co at Anna Salai, Chennai.

My car met with an accident 9th Aug 08 and subsequently I visited the above said dealer for my vehicles repair work on 11th Aug morning. Based on evaluation of the work and considering the long weekend I was promised that my car would be delivered to me on 19th Aug EOD.

Since my car was covered under comprehensive insurance coverage the dealer said (Mr. Ramachandran – Body shop in charge) they will take up the claim related formalities with the insurance company's surveyor the same day. I was initially told that based on the damages/depreciation calculation I would be asked to pay Maximum of Rs5000/- as rest all would be borne by the insurance. I also made it a point that beyond Rs5000/- I would not pay anything more.

We kept following with the dealer on a daily basis on the status of work and approvals from Insurance etc for which we were given positive responses.

On 18th Aug 08 when we checked the status the point of contact Mr. Ramachandran was on sick leave and now we had a new contact Mr. Guna. When asked to him on the costing that we had to pay the next day he said they are yet to ascertain the exact cost but informed that we might have to pay Rs10, 000/- (a sudden double in amt than what was promised) when we protested and asked for the reason he said only mandatory items that are required have been replaced. This was our first shock.

On 19th Aug 08, when we called Mr. Guna, who informed that the car would be ready only the next day as the estimate would be sent to insurance for approval that evening. When we demanded the reason for delay he agreed to deliver the same day evening.

We received a call at 3PM from the dealer to inform that the total repair charge is Rs36, 000/- out of which we had to pay Rs14000/- while rest would be borne by the insurance (this was the second shock).

We protested back and said we will not take delivery of the car unless the issue was sorted with insurance and them as they never took our approval or consent to do the work up to this cost limit.

But since we needed the car urgently I had to pay the difference and took delivery of the car 0n 21st Aug.

The point I am making here is - Exorbidant bills are raised on customers by un-necessarily replacing spares that could better be repaired and fixed on vehicles that come to the dealer with insurance claims.

Please respond to my issue as soon as possible and advice me on the solution. Should I file a legal suit for my refund and also for the compensation for the mental agony and loss of time & energy I suffered due to whole episode.

Best regards,
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Aug 14, 2020
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Engineer — Insurance Charges without approval

From – Anil Chiniwal
SBI Card No. [protected]

Myself, Anil Chiniwal is receiving dues statement from SBI cards.
No single payment is due from my side. But SBI is cahrging as activation of medical policy from Royal sundaram Rs.2924, without my approval. And also they have renewed my card without my approval & they charged for nenewal also, for which they had told that card is life time free. Now they startetd harrasing me by calling and asking for the dues charges against the card (this includes the late payment fee and card activation fee etc...). In sept 07 they sent a person to collect the amount by saying that only Rs200 is due amount..

In order to get rid of this pain of SBI Credit card i settled the amount Rs.200, on the SBI stamped recipt he has written that i have NO DUES with the credit card, but again the recovery cell calling me and asking for the payments.

Could you please help me with this problem? i am very much tensed and lost hope. This is strange when they are not able to sustain they start harrassing people like us. Could you please tell me the solution for this? Waiting for an early reply..


1. It must be accepted in right earnest that your Company was gracious enough to accept Your Service Centre mismanagement and ask them to repair our car AC of our Veh No DL9C 4413 on 18 June 2008
2.However, it is with great anguish and disgust that we have to write to you again that the work done by your Service Centre was shoddy and temporary and that very Veh AC has again gone faulty on 08 Aug, 08 within a period of 45 days only. It depicts poor workmanship and supervision by the workers as well as Control Staff.
3.May we request for requisite corrective action to repair our veh AC on priority please.
Mr Venkat,

I completely agree with you. The same was the case with my car too when I had given it for a general service some few months ago.

The local i.e Hyundai Customer care office for southern region located at Chennai is hand in glove to these activities. may be the staff's get some benefits from the different dealers.
I comment this because when the issue was taken to these people who are suppose to help the customers by coordinating with the dealers I could observe a different attitude and neglicence in taking up the complain and doing a follow up.

Mrs. Latha (from Hyundai Co, operating out of Chennai for service complains) was an example for this.
Mr. Venkat, You have a full rights to make a legal suit against the dealer. All the best.
I fully agree with you I left my car for servicing last week on 2nd december 2008 to the same kun auto anna salai, it was a regular service but they took 5 days for the repair, as I am a busy practitioner I asked them to send a driver to pick up and drop my car back, when my car came back from service there were so many scratches and bums in my car I was shocked to see my car in a pathetic state, so I called them and sent the car back they kept the car for anther two days and did nothing when it came back.I was so shocked to see the same again but I had to tame down as I need my car back and also I don't know what else will happen if I were to give back.I am very upset now will all the damage to my car

raghuvir eng. — cheque clearing

our 40000.00 chaque is diposit in Bank of Baroda nandesari, Baroda Branch Dt 20.12.2008 Today Dt.07.01.2009 after 19 days our chaque is not cleared

kun auto company,chennai — car not delivered after making full payment

i made full payment for 2009 model santrogl on 22 jan 2009. ihave not been given possession of the vehicle
Hi Guys,

Its time to take the bull by its horns, I have preferred a complaint for inflatement of billing amount gross deficiency of service, fraudlently claiming that jobs were carried out when it was not the case. This was at the same Anna Salai branch and the complaint is now with the headquartes of KUN at Ambattur.

I have made it very clear with the KUN folks, it time to act and compensate lest i would take it to the consumer court.

Hi Venkat,
Yes.They make a fool out o[censored]s.
This is a classic example for the kind of customer service we get in Chennai.

My car had a visible scratch and the UV film was also torn...but they turned deaf ears for my complaints.

I heard that it is a benamy company of the Minister for electricity..may be that's y they have this indifferent attitude.

KUN is Kuppusamy Naidu.(Not a South Korean name )

Hope you have lodged a complaint already! all the best!
This is the worst service center in far as i concerned.Dont try for this service center in worst scenario also...
Kun hyundai, ambattur service center is really not good...I had given my accent for service ...with two complaints...but niether was attended and I was charged full...even their drivers mishandeled vehicle in theer premises and my vehicle got new scratches...overall not a good station to take your vehicle...
I fully agree with you. I had to visit several times KUN Hyundai Service Centre - Ambatur for general service or some small repair works. Every time, after delivery some damages/scratches/dents etc were observed. Pointing out on these issues to them yelded no result. Buut I do not know which of the Hyundai service centre in Chennai provides better service. This is a authorised servece centre of Hyundai make cars. I also do not understand why the company (Hyundai India Ltd) does not have any control on this service centre?
I gave my Hyundai Santro for service at the Kun Kottivakkam, My car was ok and had no shock problems, These guys suggested that I change my Front shocks as they are bad, I told them am ok with that and asked them to change only a few other things, After delivery I see that I have a bumpy ride now, My front shocks are bad...Probably they have screwed it up just to make more money outta me
I agree with all of you who had one way or other parts bad experiences with kun hyundai ambattur, chennai.I gave my car(santro xing 2004) to service on jan12-2010 for general oil change, coolant, fuel filter cleaning and brake service.After pongal holidays on 19'th jan i went to take delivery of my vehicle.When i enquired in the reception about the completion of work they told me that your car is not available here and they advised me to better consult a psychartic doctor.What the hell they think of themself for a arrogant behavoir towards a customer.I want my santro back from kun hyundai..Avanuga Pongal selavuku enn car than kedachitha
when I took back car after a general service, the Air conditioner was not working properly on my way back home.
The next morning when I took the car back to mount road service centre, they told me that AC heat exchanger was holed and it could be due to hitting of a flying stone on road on my way back and they would help me with an insurance claim.

it is not possible for any stone to come to the heat exchanger side and take a 90 degree turn to damage it unless it is a magic stone.
I reasoned out that the cleaning boys put the water hose nozzle and damaged it and if not renewed at their cost I would approach consumer court (even the fins in adjoining areas were all bent badly)

Next day, my car was ready with a new condenser.
Iam an engineer by profession. so, i was able to counter their defences.

I wonder, how many got cheated by these service centers?
Thanks for all your comments, This week I plan to book a i20 in KUN, now I understand the true service.Thanks to everybody to post your bad experience with KUN.

iam late to come across these things, already i have sent my vehicle to dsc hyundai where i have come across same type of looting.i left my car for replacement of drive shaft on the right side which they said would cost me 17-18000/- my bill is 25000/- & they say i have to replace the left one also which is going to cost another 25/-.if not replaced the right side shaft will be worn out in short period for which they cannot be responsible.what is the solution for these kind of day light roberries.Ameen.
Absolutely agree. I have an accent CRDi which I maintain very well. Last 2-3 years I have been maintaining with KUN Hyundai. It is easier for me to leave the car there (annasalai) since it is closer to my office. the car always comes back with an 8000 bucks maintenance bill which are just regular replacements of filters and oil and maybe an occasional wiper blades of sorts. But when the car comes back, in a week's time it would develop problems. And it would be a nice fat bill. Drive shaft seems to be their favourite item!! I changed them at 22500 for the left one. And now right one is gone. Each one is soon after a routine service. Just a coincidence I guess!! Phew! This time I also felt one of my front discs are not working. They said the front shocks r gone and I need to replace all four shocks and then they see if the suspension has any problem. Wow! I checked with a local mechanic - there was nothing wrong with the shocks. It was the right side brake disc which was not locking properly. What a customer can figure out they couldn't. Or they were planning to rip me off more money. Plus a couple of times, when I got the car back there were like umpteen number of scratches and they threw their hands up in air saying we can't help. And for a total paint job they quoted 74K. I guess they feel we all live in a different planet! And the last one for which I do not have evidence - my pioneer speakers went conked when I took it from service. "Sir, it was like that only when you gave the car - morever we can't even play the system when you have removed the stereo head" was the response. I felt they had changed my oval speakers with ones which are in bad shape from another car.

Anyhow. It is too late for me to now cry about all this. I have decided not to give at KUN anyway from now on. I would also tell this to all my friends. However, all service stations of Hyundai seems to be almost the same. Is Hyundai Motors listening? Or should we start buying the good old Suzuki which doesn't rip us like this? Or is a local mechanic the solution?


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