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I have my defence pension A/C No. [protected] with SBI, Midnapore ( Branch Code-0132 ) since 1988 and my PPO No. 08/14/B/10604/1988 . I have a few grievances of working attidude and my bad experiences with SBI, Midnapore and CPPC, KOLKATA particularly.
Following points are as below :
a ) On 03.12.2008, I have applied for discontinuation of my Medical relife Rs. 100/- to enroll myself in ECHS membership. Almost on every alternative month I used remind SBI, Midnapore for the above subject. In variably, the recorded reply I have received from them that they had already sent my application to CPPC, Kolkata and nothing has happend so far. On 29.09.2009, I have resubmitted my application for same issue. How long I am to wait for this issue ???

b) On 01.09.2009, while updating my pension Pass book, I learnt that my Pension has been reduced to Rs. 4533/- per month from Rs. 5420/- w.e.f August 2009. Reason for such neither known to the dealing pension officer ( SBI ) nor the Chief Manager of SBI, Midnapore. In this regard, I have already put up an application claiming the hidden reason for such reduction. Issue is still pending with CPPC, Kolkata. How long I am to wait for the subject issue ??. Will CPPC , Kolkata update me in this regard ?

c) On 29.09.2009 I visited SBI, Midnapore to enquire my arears ( 60% ) Rs. 14767/- paid to me is quite less ( my assumsion ) . Because Rs . 14386/- was cedited my account on 08.12.2008 as my 40% arears. How the 60% of amount paid, the difference is Rs. 381 /- only .Very strangely while updating my pass book on 29.09.09, it was noticed that Rs. 7183/ - has been debited from my pension account without any valid reason/ evidences. On approaching Chief Manager of SBI, Midnapore, he was also unable reply suitably and asked me call CPPC , Kolkata . I tried my lebel best ( 6- 7 times ) to contact CPPC, Kolkata but nobody has attended my call . This is a bitter exprience faced by many pensioner like me in this locality. WHO WILL ANSWER TO THESE ISSUES ????

Under the present circumstances, as all my request has gone to deaf's ear, please look into these issues and try to reply the pointwise as stated above and also request you to state the actual pension I am supposed to get per month after 6th pay commission.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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corrigendum ppo No :S/COR/025892/2008 DT 14 July 2009 fwd to bank by SBI, debagram ADB on 12 Oct 2009.revised rate of pension, arrears of DCRG
amount and Commuted value of pension have still not been are requested to credit the amount at the earliest AC No:[protected].
As per AFRO NEW Delhi my PPO has been send to respective branch on 29 nov 09, Plz refer my PPO and give the status of encashing my arrears.SBI BURDWAN sent the PPO to ketugram 5603 vide letter no-GS/pen/1774/09-10 dated 19/12 .
and despatched on dt 21/12 by speed post.but still there is no action on PPO.Plz do the needfull proper action on my PPO for encashing my arrears.

Now sbi ketugram send to cppc kolkata form encashing .plz do the needful for me

a/c no[protected]


I, JC-419684K Nb Sub Sakti Pada Dey PPO No S/031580/2007 has received coorengdum PPO No S/CORR/144651/2009 on 15 Jul 2009 further SBI Khagra has despathed Br letter No Pen/103 dt 08 Nov 2009. Amount yet not been creadited to my account. Sir I am suffering in finabcial hardship so therefore you are requested to look into the matter. You are requested to inform to my emailo ID or address given below :-
Vill + Po Goaljan
DIstt : Murshidabad (WB)
Pin : 742188
Cell No [protected]

Dear Sir, my friend Nb Sub Sakti Pada Dey who has no awareness about net so I am heloing him
Dear Sir,
We are the most unrespectful person in our society. our money interest has been eaten up by our bank every month as our money floated in their floating account for long long time. If you ask them to pay the dues but those people
do not have respect to talk to the individuals properly and not even bother to ask their problem at all. in the same country (india) bangalore is doing much better way solve the problem with in one month time period. but what about kolkata CPPC?
Most horrible and disrespectfull persons available in their office. Last six months
we are not able to get the dues which has been released by VI CPC. it should be taken up with the higer ops and pull their socks up. i hope it is purely problem of work culture available with our babus and only they know BANDH culture.

with rgds

Dear Sir, I am a exserviceman from IAF. Retiered in JUn 06.I have deposited my all papers for VI pay commission, s revised pension to my bank SBI Ashoknagar, 24 Parganas (north), WB.They received the revised ppo from AFRO in Sep 09 and asked me to submit all the papers to the bank, I submitted the same and they forwarded all the papers to CPCC in the momnth of Oct 09.But till today I am not in receipt of any thing.Pension dealing officer of our branch is a very nice person, he took personal interest for all pensioner to get the job done from cpcc.But he failed to do so.The staff of cpcc are not co operating . Allready I have submitted a complaint to SBI in the month of Feb 10. But nothing has happend so far.Please take up the case with heigher authority of sbi to take necessary action agasinst the culprits seating inCPCC, kolkata, Vivekananda Road Branch, Manik tala, WB. Regards RAKTIM
Dear sir/madam
I mrityunjay jha have transferred my pension account no-[protected] from Sbi AF stn Sulur to Sbi Iaf camp bagdogra code-07148 in july 2010 whose pension documents(ppo) has not yet arrived here at bagdogra. kindly reply me at my email [protected]
The Branch Managar
Rupnarayanpur, Burdwan
Wast Bengal

Raminder No:-3

Sub:- Non-payment of 60%arrear of 6th pay-commission and
D.A. arrear w.e.f jan.09

with due respect I like to state that no action was taken on the above subject from your end. I am age old widow woman so if is not possible for me to go hear and there.
Threrfore, I request you please take necessary action wittin one month or I will be bound to go to the court for better judgement.

Thanking you,

Your’s faithfully

W/O Late C.C. Chatterjee
P.O. Rupnarayanpur
Dist:- Burdwan (W.B)
A/C no:-[protected]
Old A/c no.:-[protected]
Sir, I Binaya Nand Thakur, defence pensioner of SBI Purnea since Apr, 2007. My acct no is [protected]. I received my corrigendum PPO no 08/14/B/CORR/64756/2010 as per 6th CPC in Apr, 10 and also received by the SBI Purnea. I visited twice personally and with my representative many times but till date I could not got my arrears and also revised rate of pension as per 6th CPC not started. Kindly look into the matter and do the needful.

Binaya Nand Thakur
Acct no- [protected]
SBI, Purnea, Bihar
sir, I have not got. the difference of commutation amount till date as per below

Corrigendum PPO--- 08/14/B/corr/23916/[protected]commut amount---- Rs--269624.00
Original PPO no------ 08/14/15319/2006 " Rs--259090.00

difference[protected][protected][protected][protected] Rs--- 10534.00

With regards
Satyen Mandal
Acct no--[protected]
Purulia SBI
Mobile no [protected]/ [protected] THANKS
SUB :- Disbursement of Fixed Medical Allowance to Family Pensioner
Pension A/C no. [protected] (SBI)

Due to respect that, I am SMT Namita Chakrobarty W/o Lt .Achin Kr. Chakrobarty Ex.os/p/11/KPA under Sr.WPO/KPA/E.RLY . Who expired on 04/11/2007. As such I am drawing Family pension from SBI, Kalna branch ( code no 106 ). My A/C no. [protected] and P.P.O no.[protected]. I am for the purpose apply for sanction Medical Allowance ( Rs. 100/- p.m ) from 05/11/2007 to till now .
Every time I am enclosed :- Husband Death certificate, xerox copy of P.P.O, Original Option From for Medicale Allowance, UNDERTAKING FORM and few month ago I am collect & attaches RAILWAY Board Order :-
1. Rly.Bd.'s No PC-V/167-PC-V/98/1/7/1/1/RBE NO.65/99 Dt.21/04/99
2.Rly.Bd.'s No PC-V/396-PCV/96/1/7/1/1 DT.01/03/04
3..Rly.Bd.'s No PC-V/433-PCV/98/1/7/1/1 RBE NO.225/2004 Dt.18/10/2004

(In term of instructions cointend on Rly Board’s letter no dt.18/10/04 as referred to above, ‘UNDERTAKING’ and ‘OPTION’ form duly fill up is enclosed in duplicated for arranging payment of Fixed Medical Allowance with arrear as per rate of Rs.100.00 p.m. up to 31/08/08 and thereafter, w.e.f.01/09/08 @300.00 p.m herewith.)

But till to now take on action SBI, ( kalna) or higher authority. I am always send copy to CPPC-Kolkata & Customer Service Cell –Stand Rd.-01 . I used remind for the above subject . In variably, the Kalna Branch Manager say, that they had always send my application to CPPC, Kolkata and nothing has happened So far on 14/09/2011. I have resubmitted my application for same issue . How long I am waite for this issue ??
Kindly answare me.
Namita Chakrobarty .Contuct no . [protected]
I was superannuated from Central Staff Training & Research Institute of Director General of Employment & Training, under Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India on 31 March 2002 with an Improper Pension (Rs.5110) fixed on the basis of incorrect scale of pay (Rs.[protected] although I was awarded ACP Grade (Rs.[protected] wef. 01 July 2000. My several appeals and representations u/s.6 of RTI, Act. 2005. I was then no other way but to seek justice in Central Administrative Tribunal in OA.346 of 2008. The Directions/Orders were delivered on 02 Dec. 2010; But implementation of said Judgement was tacitly dragged by few CSAD-Union Members only to delay my benefits by way of misplacing my Service Book etc. However, revisions of my said improper Pension had been done but no arear of both Pay and Allowances paid to me yet ! Requisite SSA had been issued to link branch (SBI.CPPC-Kolkata)

A.sundaresan — non receipt of pension

i am receiving pension from sbi chromepet (13383) branch. my a/c no is [protected]. i have not recd. pen. for feb 2013 even though i submitted life-certificate well before nov 2012. pl ack &redress.
thanking you,
a sundaresan
Subject: Non- receipt of arrears payment for revision of pensions to Pre-2006 defence pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2006 to 23/09/2012 .
circular No. 547 & 549 dated 11/09/2015 of PCDA, Allahabad of .Mintu Dhar Ex PO Indian Navy, No. 150435-Z, PPO No. 09/97/B/S/01605/98 dated 31.08.1998 and Corr/6th CPC/09/97/B/S/01825 dated 20 Apr 2012 and latest revised PPO not received.

Dear Sir,
With due respect I hereby state that I am drawing very less pension as very less pension W.E.F 01.01.2006 . @ Rs. 2316/month(without comutation) and continued for a long time.. Commutation is 763/-

As per Govtemdiary site given arrers calculator my outstanding arrears is upto 31.12.2016. is 3, 34, 543.00(Three lacs Thirty four thousand five hundred forty three only).I have no other source of income and fully dependent on pension and heart patient. Suffering a lot, little money is very big for me for the higher study of my children please.
My Pension account is with SBI Khagra Branch(2020) & SB A/c No. [protected].

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully
Mintu Dhar
Cont. No. [protected]

Pension S/B account no..[protected] at SBI, Khagra (2020), Murshidabad
Non payment of Pension Arrears Following Revision of Pay Pre – 2006
I beg to inform your goodself that even after executive orders vide circular No. 102 bearing No.GI/0198/VOL –Tech dated[protected] and further Pr. C.D.A. (Pensions) dated 14/08/2015 were issued I have not received my pension arrears as yet. My pension arrears calculated wef 01.01.2006 to 30.06.2009 and 01.07.2009 to 23.09.2012 comes around Rs.1, 20000 I have COPD and serious Prostrate gland problem which needs to be treated at Superspeciality hospital immediately and thus requires finance.
Therefore, Sir, I look upon your compassionate consideration in view of my ill health and do the needful to pay the arrears amount at the earliest so that I can get myself treated for early recovery at this fag end of my life. My service and Bank particulars are as follows.
Ex-Sergeant, IAF, Service No.287717, Gp – Y, PPO No. AF/S/C/8071/85, S.B.I A/C [protected], SBI, Anandapuri, Branch Code – 1770, A.F Record Office, New Delhi, Postal Address – 54, N.C.Pukur, Barrackpukur, Kolkata – 700122, Email Address – [protected] Cell No.[protected]
Thanking you,
With sincere warm regards,
Kabi Kankan Goswami
Non payment of pension arrears following pay revision pre - 2006
Kindly refer to my earlier dated 14.04.2016 and to state that the reply to the said complaint is still awaited. One line confirmation as to the fate of the matter will immensely relieve me from mental agony and highly appreciated.

with sincere and warm regards
Kabi kankan Goswami
PPO no. AF/S/C/8071/85
SBI A/C No. [protected]
Mob No. [protected]
I am Man Singh, Ex -676500 R Wo man singh AF/Fit of IAF . My pension day by day it is Reducing. From--: July[protected]/-, Aug 2016 to Oct[protected]/-, Nov[protected]/-, Dec[protected]/-, jan and feb[protected]/-, mar and april[protected]/-, why so much difference. What is the problem . Why my pension is reducing. Please do needful sir,

Man Singh.
My email address:- [protected]
PPO no - 0814B/013300/2017.
SBI Kamarhati 700058 .kolkata.
A/C no -{Protected}.

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