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I subscribed for one year plan fortnight before. The field persons of your team
(Mr. Ram [protected]) came last week collected the money and gave us the booklet
(Coupon) and went away without giving the gift. While asking, he said will come tomorrow and give the same. Today i called him and asked he said to call this number[protected] and complain. This number is continuously busy and i am unable to reach you people.

At the beginning, you are lacking on the service part and not keeping in your words.

I am working for a bank and have recommended buying your edition in our premises. This kind of service at the start doubts me a lot. Hope these small issues will be rectified immediately.

Secondly the newspaper should be delivered daily by 6.30 am. The agents in my surrounding are not that much early as i buy other magazines from them and i have stopped buying now only because of this reason. Hope this defines your job.

Expecting your good service from know.
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i like it


The Customer Care
The India Today Group
A-61 Sector 57,

Dear Sir,

This has reference to letter dated 22nd June 09 informing me that I will receive issue of India Today from 13th July 09 till 5th July 2010 against the remittance of Rs. 1105.00 by a cheque No. 881010. The cheque has been debited to my account on 11th Jul 09. However, inspite of your assurance that my subscription will be commenced from 13th July 09, till date I have not received any issue. You are therefore requested to ensure that I will receiving be the issue of Indiatoday regularly starting from 5th Nov 09 onwards. This date must be considered as an effective date of issue and it will last 13th Oct 2010 accordingly. This is because of non-receiving the issues from your end. Please consider this as special case and your confirmation in a line will highly be appreciated.

May I expect your immediate response, in this connection.

Thanking you,.

Yours faithfully,

Ms. Vinita Sachdeva
225, Nandavan Society
New Sama Road
Baroda : 390 008

Times Of India — Agent Demanding money before the end date of subscription at each renewal


I am residing in Bhatshobha Apt,Bhatwadi,Ghatkopar(w).and we have been taking times of india & maharashtra times from last Two year and renewal period is half yearly so at each renwal agent is demanding money of suscription before the end of date and not giving any Payment receipt (i.e. he is taking money after 4 to 5 month) and now we rejected to provide any check before the date of expiration of suscription which this dec'09 so he stopped out newspaper which is supposed to deliver till dec'09 and he is doing it with all society people hence request you to let me know how can i logged legal complaint against him in times of India of anyother way...Please help me...

Satish Chaudhari
I would suggest that you should rather subscribe to Maharashtra Timews by post.

Kindly check out on the newspaper's website whether they are still providing this facility. there shall be no agent, hence the payment shall be through Demand draft.

Be sure you are prompt in renewals .

Times Of India — Non issuance of times of India, even after having paid subscription of Rs.299/- for whole year.

From:-S..Gnanasekaran, 2/305, 5th st, Kandasamy Nagar, Palavakkam, Chennai-600041.
II have paid Rs.299/- as subscription by cheque on 29-11-09 as per order n o.NAC 061902, and I was promised that it will be effected shortly.I have not received any information from Times of India chennai office, I called themPhone 24317979, and spoke to many people each and every time Mr.Sanjay, John, Ms.gayathri and other gentleman, whose name I could not get.I do not know what to say about this staff.But, every time they say, 'You will get within 2 days,our the agent will contactyou'
But, till today, nobody has turned to us. Atleast now, let the Authorities take some concrete steps, to supply Times of India, or let them return the money(subscription amount) taken from me.

Order Ref 111967359 - Times Of India Book Membership. — Gift Vouchers for Rs.500/- not received.

Order ref[protected] Gift Vouchers for Rs.500/- not received.

This is further to mail running below sent on 11th Nov 09. You have by way of mails & over phone confirming the GC for Rs.500/- will be sent to me. But till date I did not get the same. More than a month I am following up with Times of India which is suppose to be a reputed News paper. If your response to me by making me as a Book Club Member by way of false promises, I could not believe it. If you do not wish to send GC for Rs.500/- then communicate to me that you will not send. I will assume that I lost my money.

To convas me to become a member in Times Book Club by paying Rs.525/- on the assurance of sending a gift coupen for Rs.500/- On following with you provide me a GC No.[protected] on 10th Dec 09 for the order I made on 29th Sept 09 which turned to be a expiried one.

Please reply to mail. I can bear the loss of Rs.525/- but if Times of India cheat me it pains a lot.

I have to subscribe news Paper So send me of details, how to suscribe and send me your contact no.I want to talk about this subscription
I have called for subscribe. He told me that we will send our executives but still there is no responses. I have requested many times the reply will be the same. Please let me know is there any problem. My contact no : [protected]

dear concern

i have subscribed toi hyd edition when these people came knocking my door on4-12-09 vIDereceipt 152558 dated 4-12-09, date of implementation 16-12-09.but i have n't received the paper on the same date so i have contacted ur customer care they asked me to contact local vendor at lbnagar, hyderabad then he said he wil deliver the paper immediately .since then i am receiving the paper irregularly, though i am contacting the local vendor very often i amnot able to solve this problem .so hoping u to rectify it as soon as possible.

contact no:[protected].

India today news magazine — non receipt of weekly issues since Jan 2010

my subsription number is ITE377590 and I have paid money in advance for three year period till 2013.I have sent many time reminders to the company on ther email address WE CARE .Recently in March they sent some issues of Feb 2010,but yet no reply for Jan subscription for which they have already charged me.March delieveries are yet to regularized.I have sent atleast 15 email and every time they are coming up with different stories.I have sent all recorded communication to editor in chief Mr Prabhu Chawala also .Yet there is no feed back
Sir/ Madam,

I have subcribed on 13th feb 2010 for 1 year Times Of India Newspaper at headoffice, Nandanam, Chennai. They promised me to deliver by 1st March 2010. I called them so many times. They are telling stories simply superb. No one can beat them.


Business Solutions — Not received gifts as committed

Dear Sir
I purchased a Lap Top Details are as given below;
Dealer Name :-Mr. Manu Gupta
Shop Name : Only Branded Location : Ludhiana City
Moble No.:- [protected]
My Details are as given Below:
Customer Name: Pardeep Kumar
1501/ Phase 2, Urban Estate, Focal Point,
Ph: [protected]

Purchsed Details as given Below;
Lap Top
Model : hcl 3861 Sl No: A094AX134415

Bill No: 393 Dated: 25 Dec 2009

It was advertised that on purchase of above said product following things as gift shall be give;
1. A Mobile set
2. Track Suit
But a long correspondance was done with Mr. Manu of (Only Branded )
But till date after five months no any gift has been delivered to me not even from HCL company
Pls do the needful and please provide me the promised gifts
thanx & Regards
Your's Faithfully,
Pardeep Kumar (Ludhiana)
I was surprised to see the type of service / attitude of the people who work in the Subscription department. I am also facing the same problem. I didnt receive paper for about a month and after visiting 4 times to their office, got the paper. There is no single point of contact for complaints and more over looks TOI is more interested in getting the subscription and not the consumer satisfaction.

Agents are more interested in collecting the coupons rather than supplying the news paper.

Hope this will change in the near future. - Venkatesh, East Tambaram, chennai

My name is Bipin, stays at Old Alwal, Secunderabad. I renewed my subscription of the time of India news paper for 6 month plan 2 weeks before. The paper distributor of our locality who gives me the paper asks me service charge of 30 rupees monthly to be paid to him. I am not getting if the national paper like you can cheat us this way, then i think there is no hope for this country, INDIA. I am extremely sorry and feeling depressed for this way of treatment to your customer. I feel there is no other option except going to consumer court for judgement.

thank for the service.
Dear Sir

I am a resident of Kalwa( Thane ), regular reader of Times of India newspaper ( from past 20 years )which is very informative and provides coverage of all the happening news and keeps me updated with current affairs .

I have been requesting vendors in my area for subscription of Combo offer ( Times of India along with Economic Times@ Rs 4.50 ) but i have been denied the service staying that the combo offer is no longer valid .

However in the newspaper it is clearly mentioned ( The Times of India, Price Rs 4.50 along with Mumbai Mirror OR The Economic Times Or Maharashtra )

Can you please confirm the validity of the combo offer ? and where can i avail this facility .

Your eariest response will be highly appreciated .

Looking forward towards your support and co-operation.

Warm regards

Terrance Rodrigues
I am S.Raghuraman residing at Madipakkam, chennai-91. I have subscribed for annual distribution of Times of India-daily megazine for[protected]I was gifted a bag I remember) with effect from 01.07.2008 (I remember) and the paper was delivered by a Local agency called 'Selvakumar News Agency", Madipakkam and for[protected] supply, he himself informed that dont pay to you directly and he collected the payment and not given any receipt so far.I had been asking for the same now and then during the past. He always used to say that he has misplaced somewhere and will trace it out and bring!! Alongwith with this I asked to him deliver sunday Dinamalar paper and weekly Ananda vikadan also. Every month, he used to charge Rs.100/-per month..Every time he comes for payment during buzzy hours (children school goingand me office going!!) without giving time for calculation, I too paid Rs.100 for the last 11 months!!. Suddenly during one Sunday, while I was going through calendar, it was striked out that why the shop keeper charges Rs.100 for every month while the real charge is Rs.76 for 4 sundays (month) and 95 for 5 sundays (month). I asked for clarification while he came for payment for May'10 payable in June'10 first week!! He said that there is service charge for such paper delivery but I gave the payment!!. Since yesterday (15.06.2010) he stopped delivering Times of India paper. Today, in the morning while I was thinking about such incident and response by the shop keeper, behaviour to stop the deliveries, I was not able to convince myself and went to the Shop, he argues with false information as if subscription over by 13.06.2010 itself. I asked my receipt for 2009-10 subscription and how can he charge excess amount every month, doest he have honesty in the Business or communication?? Times of India never informed that there would be service charge for deliveries! the he said that the charge is for sunday deliveries (Dinamalar & weekly Ananda vikadan). I asked that there are 4-5 sundays in a month and more over he is not coming for deliveries for Dinamalar & Ananda Vikadan alone, It is along with Times of India!! In case asked for that at the time of ordering for additional sunday paper/ weeklies, I would have decided to accept or not!! The shop keeper bahaviour is un-ethical and un-tolerable!!. I request Times of India to check such un-fair minded agencies and keep them away from your network!! A lso, please check my 2008-09 subscription period (expiry) and then renewal can be justified!! It is not a matter of excess payment!! False and poor attitude should not be entertained !! I need justice!! If he had requested fo service charge at the time of ordering I would paid hapily!! But not lies!!
Myself Ajay Goel resident of 22, Bhagirathi Appartment, sector 9, rohini, Delhi 110085 is reading your news paper for last so many years annd really very disappointed with your vendor behaviour L M Dubey & co, He distributes the paper around 8 o clock in morning normally, when my time is to leave for office, Today when I told him to change the timings and early distribution, he misbehaved and thetened to stop the papaer to my house . since there is no other vrendor, so he has monoply and he does the he wants .
I request Times of India to lookinto this problem seriously and take necessary action to keep your readers ' confidennce in you .
Thanks & Regards
Ajay Goel
Hi Everyone,

I am a resident of flat No K-45 Ridgewood estate, Phase 4 DLF, Near Galleria Market, Gurgaon staying there from the last 8 months. I took the decision to stay in Ridgewood Estate just because of Security. Security was my only concern. I am very unhappy with the DLF as my Bike got stolen on 1st of June 2010 from the parking area no K-18 below the building inside the campus at 3 PM where around 200 guards take care of security. No action has been taken by Police and DLF Security as the FIR was lodged on the same day itself, FIR no 212 in Sector 29 Thana, Gurgaon. I called several numbers of times to DLF Security but no one gave response and disconnected the call. I waited for the police to come till now and now it’s the time to make aware people about the DLF societies is no more a safe place to live. I would request you to please forward my request to the concerned people to necessary action to take place. You can contact me at vishalaneja1987@gmail.com .

Also, I requested the president and Vice president of the society to take care of the issue. They just sympathized once and nothing has been action so far .

I have also requested people through other means to take care of their transport means and house equipments themselves as there is no more safety in DLF societies and flats.

It’s been 25 days now. I am without the transport. I am aware how much it is difficult to live without transport.

Vishal Aneja
+91 [protected]
dear sir,

i am reminding you every week about the non delevery of paper from 15.05.2010
now i have the doubt as there is no response from you till date that this page is only for the complaint sake and no action will be taken against this column.
Are there no executive to take action against the complaint?

name : S.Desikan

Cell no:[protected] of chennai


Flat 3, Aditya Flats
5/2 Ratandas street
West mambalam
Chennai 600 033

land mark: Satyanarayan temple at Srinivasa pillai street

any update after this?

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