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[Resolved]  Vodafone Essar India — Deactivation of Services without any prior Intimation (complaint)

I am a customer of Hutch / Vodafone Essar Company INDIA for nearly 6 years my Vodafone number is [protected].

Recently I have changes my number from a post paid to Prepaid. My sim card was activated after having needed to approach the VODAFONE STORE ( madhapur ) 4 –5 times in that month. They have activated the SIM “[protected]” on 19 June 2009 and I was assured that the services were activated. I was able to recharge on 20th June and was able to use the services till 27th June.

On 27th, without any prior notice, all my services were barred. I was unable to reach the customer care as the customer care number 111 was not functioning and the other number [protected] was also unreachable (barred). No one from the VODAFONE ESSAR contacted me with the reason for disconnection.

When tried to reach customer care from another number, they were not able to tell the reason for disconnection.

On 29th of June I had to walk to the VODAFONE STORE ( madhapur, hyderabad ), they told that some documentation was not submitted

1) When converting the Phone from Post Paid to Prepaid, No one from the VODAFONE ( madhapur ) told that I need to submit the proofs (I was their customer for the last 5 years as a post paid user were they providing the service with out proofs?)

2) They have not asked me to signed any paperwork for the conversion

3) At the time of handing over the SIM they have not asked me for any documentation not told that it is required

4) They have activated the SIM allowed recharge; offers for SMS, phone calls were made from that phone.

5) All of a sudden with out any prior intimation how can they disconnect my services?

6) How could VODAFONE ESSER be so unprofessional to make customers wondering why the services been barred while accepting Re-changes into the same de-activated account.
7) Why are they so unprofessional to provide means by which customer Care can be reached.

8) Why does customer have to suffer or the immature behavior of the Vodafone Essar Company Mobile phone is used for Emergences purposes, when being disconnected without prior intimation, are they taking responsibilities for misshapes for phone not being handy?

9) The Customer Care reluctance to help their customer is Quite OPPOSITE to their Caption “ Happy To Help”.

VODAFONE ESSAR Cannot take it for granted that customer are help less and Do not effort to take chance with service utilities which are used for emergency purposes. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO PUT CUSTOMERS IN RISK WITH THEIR UNPROFFISIONAL MANNERS.

My kind request is that proper action needs to be taken on VODAFONE ESSAR
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Aug 14, 2020
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vodafone essar india — still receiving calls from collections everyday even after making the payment back in december 2008

To, The manager
Vodafone india

My name is Savio Dcruz. My late vodafone number was [protected] which i discontinued using due to pathethic service. Then i started receiving collections calls from ur so called legal department day in and day out. I finally walked into a vodafone store at jb nagar andheri east and made a cash payment on 28/12/08 -14:25:11 hrs for 850(receipt acknowledgement no - br479). The total outstanding due was 844.ur company owes me rs 5 which i havnet received yet. What i receive everyday is a phone from ur 3rd grade legal department asking me to pay the outstanding amount of 844. ive told them so many times .Infact the day i made the payment at the vodafone store. I specifically told him that i dont need to receive even a single call again. he did put some notes in his system. May be that pc got formatted or something. I am totally mentally harassed by ur legal department and would need a compensation for the pain ive gone through. Hope this is heard .

Yours irately,
Savio Dcruz

Vodafone Essar India — LIFELONG VALIDITY

Hello Ramamurthy,

This is Anitha from Chennai. I got a same kind of vodafone connection with life long validity in Tirunelveli, TamilNadu. First when I got it, I was not informed about this information (Recharge once in every six months) from the Dealer. when I had to recharge for the first time for the Talk Time, I got a msg saying that, you need to recharge it every six months for min Rs.200 for the account to be in Active after six months. As I already got the phone connection, and gave the contact details to all friends and in office too, I didn't want to change it and using the same. But, the thing I want to mention here is, they are SUPPOSED to tell this information while getting the connection which is apparently hidden from the customers by the dealers. Hence I do agree with you for the complaint on vodafone. But I don't think vodafone can do something in this. Because, it can not get assurance from the dealers that they will give the proper informations to the customers. I also don't tell that it is not a problem of vodafone. They can rectify this by, giving some forms to the dealers for every connections, the customers should fill that and then customers should agree for all these and then they can sign and get the connection.I don't know how far it will be possible. But it is just my opinion by which Vodafone can reduce bad feedback on them from the customers.

I am out of the AP for sometime.I was trying to deactivate my Vodafone Postpaid service with number [protected].I sent my request to Vodafone Care and sent mail to corporatecare.[protected] to decativate the service.I got the reply saying I have to pay the due amount. I cleared the due amount asap.But then after they are not deactivating the service saying you to wait till 14th (Which is my Bill generation date).
Means now I have to pay the rental without using the service. Since I paid the all rentals + sercice Taxes upto 2nd Nov. 2009, Why should I pay again.

Please help me.

vodafone essar india — Issue Legal notice though it's their mistake

Dear Sir/Madam,

I along with my friends has taken a new Post Paid Connection([protected]) in the month of March.
Since then I was recieving few Junk messages (Around 300-400 messages per day).You can imagine the frustration of mine because of these unwanted messages.
Hence I reported the same to Customer Care in the same month.

I clearly mentioned them that I am not going to pay the bill unless the issue gets resolved. Though the issue is not resolved,without any failure I have paid the bill for March. But while paying my bill, i again clearly mentioned them that the issue has to be resolved or else i wont pay the bill for next month.

I have lodged numerous complaints on the same issue, but everytime i got the reply from executives that "The issue will be resolved in 4 days",but it didnt happened in the span of next three months, still I have paid the bill for April and May.

Because of this junk messages, I have to swith off or keep my mobile Silent which resulted in missing many important calls; infact i have missed certain important business calls.

I will be getting a numerous remainders for not paying the bill, but unfortunately no one bothers about the progress of my complaint.

I have raised numerous complaints regarding this problem and also there will be proofs of call recordings between me and customer care executives from Vodafone.

When this final bill is generated, the amount initially is 726/-,but now with fines it became 1139/-.
It is not that i cant pay bill of 726 rs, its just that i want the issue to be resolved. But unfortunately Vodafone approached in a legal way rather than focusing on resolving the issue.

Since Four years I have been using Vodafone Prepaid I have never faced any issue.That is the reason I have taken one new postpaid connection.But that resulted in this way.

For any further clarifications please reach me on [protected].

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Jaya Krishna

Vodafone Essar India — Not flexible to migrate from postpaid to prepaid


This is Bhageerath from Hyderabad. I have vodafone postpaid connection ([protected]). My usage is very less and it is not even crossing the monthly rental so i wanted to migrate to Prepaid. I have contacted customer care to check the process to migrate from Postpaid to Prepaid but to my surprise executive told me that there is no such facility of migrating from postpaid to prepaid. I wonder when a prepaid connection can be converted to postpaid why can't they migrate postpaid connection to prepaid. When other operators like Airtel are providing flexibility to their customers to migrate from postpaid to prepaid or viceversa, why this facility is not available in only Vodafone. This is clearly cheating their customers.

So i request concerned authority to take necessary action so that the above mentioned flexibility can be provided to Vodafone Subscribers as well.

It's possible. Let's collect list of people who wants to do that and try to get petition from consumer court and TRAI to make migration transparent and easy.

Please comment at

Unsatisfied Vodafone user
dear sir iam kumbha amaralingeswararao ihave two postpaid sim cards incorporate connections one is [protected] and anotherone is [protected]
i lossed one number it is [protected] at one month back 20days back inform to customercare to deactivate the service ihave to pay the rental with out using the number/service scince i paid the allrentals+service taxes up to two moenths why should pay again with out using the service
please help me

vodafone essar india — OUT GOING CALLS BARRED

Dear Madam / Sir

I am the user of mobile no # [protected], since yesterday my outgoing calls are barred. All the dues are clear against this account. In-spite of many complaints at Vodafone care, # [protected] dtd 13/12/2010 and [protected] dtd 14/12/2010 my services are not yet reinstated.
Can Vodafone customer care reply on the above issue and look into this matter and reinstate my services asap.

C M Tickoo


I have postpaid connection of vodafone....
but VODAFONE service provider disconnected my service without giving any bill.....i have this connection since 4 or 5 months but till today i didn't get a single usage bill from VODAFONE............

I already asked many times to customer care but they always misguided me due to their lack of knowledge.

I want hardcopy of my VODAFONE bill.......



vodafone essar india — Wrong and overbilling of internet

Dear Vodafone

Myself Nimesh Sharma, a Vodafone subscriber since long, and a good contributor to ARPU, a management graduate from a very prominent B-School in India, worked as a journalist for 1.5 years, handled a startup company, and now working with a education & training firm as Corporate Liaison Officer, and Trainer Mobilizer. My parents are both lawyers. My Vodafone no. is [protected], and Customer relationship no. is 1.20711636.

I am writing with a very heavy mind but high hopes, after being disappointed by lot of Vodafone Stores and customer care executives. Hope you will get the point that I am trying to send across.

The story starts mid of last year- 2010. I had got Vodafone Live (GPRS) activated on my Sony Ericsson K530i, primarily for emailing through gmail application, and for minor googling. It was serving my purpose, as for other bigger uses of internet, I have unlimited internet at home and office.

Suddenly, I get this bill from Vodafone which mentions some humgama download pack which I ‘allegedly’ downloaded (I don’t even know what is that pack for), with a charge of Rs 150. And this was separate from VFL charges of Rs 200 pm. I made a complaint at Vodafone, but it was ignored, as they insisted that I downloaded it (amid my very hectic schedule, comprising home, office, social work, family time, discussion of new business plans etc).

(Amidst my hectic workload, do you think I have time or bandwidth for such crappy things, which Vodafone launches for college students? And ya, there is no kid at my home, who would do this, just my parents. And my phone remains with me 24 hours- switched on and on non-vibration / non-silent mode. I reply to emails even at 2 am in the night. )

This continued for months after that. After 3-4 months I made a strong complaint, and Vodafone executives accepted their mistake and had to give me waiver of Rs 500 for that. They requested me to deactivate it (even though I hadn’t activated it). I complied with their request- Twice. Both times, I get a message – “this service is already Deactivated on your phone”.
This problem continued with charges varying between 150 to 250, till I bought a Blackberry Curve 8520 for me, as I had heavy email activity in my new job. Till date, I don’t have an idea, what that pack means.

I got subscribed to Blackberry Prosumer Lite (BBPL), because full internet service at Rs600 was very expensive for me. The customer care Exec (CCE) told me that he has deactivated the VFL on my number, and activated BBPL. Fine.

I have configured 7 email accounts on that, including personal and official, and I have heavy emailing use on that, with 100s of emails , messages and chats of all kinds in inbox every single day. I constantly miss the full internet as I cant view so many links, from emails. Vodafone Live (VFL) was atleast allowing to me use internet fully.

Now I get a bill, which mentions charges of Rs 200, for using VFL, while I had got deactivated by your CCE and technically I can’t use it on a Blackberry. I again asked CCE to deactivate it, and asked why hadn’t they deactivated it earlier when I had asked them. He had no answer.
The problem exists till date. In between when I again tried to get it deactivate, there was an error on Vodafone’s part, and my BB service got deactivated (no, billing wasn’t the issue). I thought it was because I had got VFL deactivated, so I sent an SMS for activation of VFL. But it didn’t give me BB service back. My work got stuck. I missed so many business emails, and messages, from my office team, all of whom have blackberry, with full BIS.

For three days, there was no BB service only on my phone (all other team members phones had BIS working), and all CCEs suggested me to do various things on BB, one of which worked in between for 2 hours.

After that, one bad day, I see in my bill, a charge of Rs 800 for using GPRS. I called up CCE, and ask them hows this possible, when I just have a basic BIS plan. They insisted that I have used it, though they couldn’t prove it as their “system was getting updated and not accessible” (as always). They don’t agree to any of what I say.

FYI, I still depend on wi-fi in my office to get full internet on my Blackberry, in which case I find it better to use laptop thru wi-fi, for higher uses of internet.

Now, without using any uncivilized language here, I would like to tell you that – had I known that there was a way to use the internet through GPRS, which I craved for, I would not have missed all those links, and websites that I wanted to access on my Blackberry, during my journeys.

(FYI, I had used such GPRS in my earlier phone, when I did not have VFL pack of Rs200. I had got a bill of Rs 500, and I had paid for it, without any complaints. I have even paid for some sundry packs, which I was made to subscribe to, and amount was small)

For another month, I got such unwarranted charges of Rs 900, for which all the same arguments apply.

Now, adding up the all amounts of hungama downloads (150-250 each), Vodafone live (after I bought blackberry), blackberry GPRS charges (1700), the final figure comes to approx Rs.2800.
Since last two months, I was trying to get some solution, and had paid my bills upto the valid amount. As of today, I have paid all my bills, excluding this amount.

For your convenience, I have attached all my previous 10-12 bills since November last year, for your reference. Please go through them, and let me know if you need some help with understanding the errors. I have also attached last two payment receipts, which reduces the billing amount to Rs.2804 /- net.

I don't have a complaint number, as my complaint wasn't registered, VF CCEs said the complaint is not valid, and blamed me for not paying and not understanding.

Now, my request to you is to either
- Take back my number -[protected] & cancel it, OR

- Give me a good reason to keep my number and keep paying these huge unwarranted charges, OR

- Deduct this amount of Rs 2800, and ask me to port my number to some other provider

- Deduct this amount of Rs 2800 from my final bill, and keep me as subscriber.

If you are following last option, please also make sure, that the other sundry charges, like VFL and GPRS (which is very silly and idiotic, When one cant technically use it) are deactivated and not charged to me, unless you teach me how to use them. In any case, I am not paying these charges, when I haven’t used or subscribed to the services even remotely.

Lastly, as the last resort, as I am fed up of talking to whole team of CCEs, and visiting VF stores, I am game for any means to prove and win my case, including a consumer court case, if Vodafone wants one.

In Essence, I am only asking for my right. If I am given that, I’ll be happy to continue without creating more problems, as I have been.

Yours Truly

Nimesh Sharma

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