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Motorola Customer Care

Motorola India Pvt Ltd

Motorola Exellence Centre, 415/2 Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Sector-14
Gurgaon District

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1800 1022344
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Motorola — Worst services and bad quality deliverables

 Vinay Aarote on Nov 26, 2015
I won a Motorola Moto G 3rd gen. The Gorilla glass cracked and I therfore submitted it to the B2X service centre on 29th November. I informed them about the product being under warranty but still I was given info that I need to pay Rs.3, 000 to which I agreed. I was promised that it will be fixed within 2 weeks. After contacting the customer service centre, I came to know that the phone is under warranty therefore I do not need to pay. Also, the charges given by the service centre are more than the original charges which is approximately Rs.2, 900. I requested for the spare part ans service charges...
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Motorola — Damaged moto g — pathetic service and even more pathetic service men

 Subhabrata Basu on Nov 24, 2015
The so called Gorilla Glass of my wife's Moto G (2nd Generation) broke completely due to a fall from a height of 1.5 feet from the ground. We took it to B2X Service Center in Kolkata and they said they would have to replace the screen. We submitted the handset to B2X via Job No AMSKOL****80 on 06/10/2015. It has been 49 days now and we are yet to receive the repaired handset.

Neither the service center, nor the customer care executives have any idea of the actual status of the job. We have visited the service center several times and every time they reluctantly pass the issue...
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Motorola Mobility — Not repairing the device

 rajat143 on Nov 23, 2015
Hi, From last 56+ days I'm struggling with a Motorola service center for repairing my nexus 6 but they just make nonsense excuses and delaying it. I submit my device for repairing (audio normalizing+low battery backup and heat-up issue) on the 28th of September (Job Sheet Number IGT/MG/15/00186) after a long time on the 19th of November service center call me for collecting the device, but (they didn't fix the battery issue yet) after checking the device I found weird noise coming from the speaker and a huge dent on back side. So service center told me to wait for Monday 23rd of November...
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Motorola — I lost my mobile moto e. There is no help from motorola and lack of security.

 sarathk111 on Nov 21, 2015
I brought a moto e from amazon with 6 month of warranty. Unfortunately some one stolen my mobile. After that i come to know the mobile have no security any one can switch off the phone with out my password.

Till i am the owner of imei number i need a scurrility for this imei number.

When i contacted motorola customer care there are not able to help me out to track the phone and there is no security tracking system for motorola the mobile i used only one moth. I want to find out my phone or i need a help to get the ownership of the mobile imei number....
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Motorola MOTO E 2nd Genaration — Not supported language

 rakeshkhatri1431 on Nov 21, 2015
Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I am using Motorola moto e 2nd generation phone. i lived in Surat/Gujarat/India/.

here i am complaining about Gujarati language and it was not supported in my device so please do the needful as soon as possible.

Rakesh Khatri
+91 8000869770...
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Motorola — 35 days to repair moto e

 tanoybhowmick on Nov 21, 2015
My moto e2 is in warranty period and some days ago it started to switch off frequently. I rushed to the nearest service center and they said that motherboard need to be changed and it will take over 35 days. I've submitted it on 30 October, 2015 and till now I've got no status. WHY SO MUCH TIME? Should I forget about my mobile?...
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Motorola Mobility — Moto G (Worst Servicing)

 manish kumar on Nov 19, 2015
I have purchased a phone (Moto G) around1.5 year back, recently I am facing problem (Phone is not being ON), when I talked to Moto Customer care they have provided service center details (Famous Computer, Shop No. 19, Novelty Plaza, Near Old Bus Stand, Bareilly 243001) which was very far from my present location (Rudrapur) around 90 KM however I have visited this service center from my busy schedule and got reply from their Service Center Executive that they don't provide any service for Motorola as he is already facing several issues and not getting any support from Motorola so they have stopped...
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Motorola — Defective product

 Ujjwal Jindal on Nov 17, 2015
I brought a motorola moto g2 on 1st july via . the mobile phone worked well for the first three months. but then suddenly then phone turned off in mid october and was dead. when inquired about the same in the service center the very next day they suggested that the motherboard of the phone was completely damaged and needed to be replaced but when i requested them to do the repair as the phone was in warranty they denied to do so with the argument that the motherboard had a heating mark on it and thus declared that i must have repaired the phone from a non authorized dealer before bringing...
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Motorola — Motorola moto gen2 repair service not provided on time

 sachin111malik on Nov 16, 2015
17 oct 2015 i have handover my cellphone moto gen 2 to the service center on 17 of Oct 2015 and till today(16 Nov 2015 )my cell phone is not yet repaired. i have called customer care twice and requested for a call back from senior authority but not yet received any call.i have received a mail which earlier said that closer date for your complain is 14-Nov-15 but a received a new mail which said that closer date is 21-Nov-15. As per me 10 days are sufficient for any repair or any part to be delivered so one month time is not at all accepted. i would request a strong action against the...
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Motorola — Cheating continues...

 Nahnuk on Nov 15, 2015
I had purchased a Moto X and i faced a problem with display 3 months back. Since it was under warranty period i had given my mobile at Ridham mobiles Calicut, Kerala (Job sheet no: wozct/mg/15/00565) for service on 07-08-15. Till now i didn't hear from them and my warranty is expired by now. I had contacted more than 10 times to Motorola customer service, each time when i called i got a reply stating display is dispatched to your service centre and you can collect it from them tomorrow. With respect to the above statement i had visited several times to the service centre but they claim that...
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Motorola — Unable to responde to customer's complain

 tejs1711 on Nov 15, 2015
I have a Moto G2, its heating and hanging to much that touch pad also stop working. I have putten 4 times my device into service centre but my problem not resolved. this time I have putten my device 5th time in authorised service centre for around 15 days, I have registered a complain in Motorola customer care number, but there are just manipulating me since last one week that my complain gets answered tomorrow but there is no any call back from Motorola since last one week. Its like same on you Motorola, if you remain same, no one will going to buy your phone. my name is Tejas Manvar and my contact...
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Motorola — Not usable phone

 devpaglu on Nov 14, 2015
I had purchased a MOTO X Play from Flipcart of which order date is 28.09.2015. After some few days passed, the phone was hanged, touch screen was not working properly, softwares opened by automatically etc. Then after that I had went to LAKE TOWN Motorola Service Centre, but they did not repair it by saying that the touch screen problem of moto x play will not solved here. I also complained motorola's site. But they did not response to. It is a very bad situation to me. What can i do now, ,...
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Motorola — Moto G2 repaired by Motorola Care Bhubaneswar

 Dost66 on Nov 13, 2015
Sir I have purchased a Moto G2 on 20/4/2015 through Flipkart which was not working and was sent to Motorola care Bhubaneswar. They informed about mother board corrupt and repaired it in a month. But the mobile still shows problem and the number "3" and letter "e" is not working. My order details are Order no. :- OD102635246420730500 Order Date:- 20-04-2015 IMEI/ Serial no.:- 353327063735658 Kindly send your review regarding it on 8982026606/ 7587067252...
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Motorola — Colour fade

 Mohit rajoria7 on Nov 13, 2015
Colour of my motorola X PLAY is started Losing within 1 month from my purchases, and company is telling this problem is not under warranty, If I din't got proper solution, I had to approach consumer court for further assistance. Being Bill no. chn_puzhal_0120151000055111 dated:11-10-2015 Thanks with Regards Mohit Rajoria Ajmer...
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Motorola — Phone repairing delay... motherboard and display had to be changed.. 2 months since the handset is with the service center people

 Keneith Pereira on Nov 13, 2015
Well aided with technology But BACK aided with customer services Bought moto g3 on the launching date, soon after a month problem arise, as the battery went below 15%, phone started working automatically, visited service centre 2 times, they just formatted the phone and returned, 3rd time I had to capture the video of the problem arising and then they looked into the matter and submitted my phone with response that display will be changed, although if the problem was only of display it would had been there above battery level 15% as well. 15 days as it was promised, got multiplied by 4…. And...
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Motorola — Dysfunctional phone

 Sanlita on Nov 12, 2015
Purchased this moto e from flipkart one year back. Worked well for the time being but started giving problems as soon as waranty was over. The main problem being getting switched off every now and then. And later lost all my data. I need something to be done regarding this problem...
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Motorola — Delaying in repairing the phone and poor service

 Abhijeet Shekhawat on Nov 12, 2015
Please provide as much information as possible...i have submitted my MOTO G3 at jaipur service centre on 24 sep and it has been almost two month since i have submitted it to the service centre and is still not get repaired . whenever i call them they say " sir just few days more few days more" and there online chat sevice is useless they have always promised me that they will call me and will lisen to my complain further but till now i havent recieves any call....
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Motorola — Application error

 Vintpa on Nov 12, 2015
Dear Team, Please check the attached snapshot. When sone Application is use then some massege is showing not responding. And showing three botton which is report, wait & ok. When you said OK then application is force close. And you press report then application taken feedback. And when press wait then application is hang. Please suggest. Thanks Vinita Pandit...
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Motorola — After sale service - repair of mobile phone (2 months old)

 conspawan on Nov 11, 2015
Moto G (3G) Cell phone purchased vide invoice date 02 August 2015 from flipkart started giving problems and was given for repair to their authorised service center Service & Communication Solutions, A-180(1st Floor), Bhisham Pitamha Marg, Sukhdev Nagar Market, Kotla Mubarakpur, Delhi - 110003, on 16 October 2015. After losing patience, spoke to them (Motorola Customer Care at 1800 1022344) at least 10 times, there is no solution in sight. Every time they commit call back, neither the call comes nor they give any definite time frame for return/repair of phone.

A horrible after...
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Motorola Mobility — Failed to repair handset after 40 days, issues still appears after repairing, Higher authorities not intervening, Mentally torcher

 Satyamaditya Yadav on Nov 10, 2015
Hello, Incident no. 150930-028479, 151028-022078, 150815-010887 IMEI/Serial No: 355490062124593 Jobsheet No.- HERMG 1504478, HER/MG/15/05143 I bought Moto g3 on 11 August 2015 from Flipkart, the handset have minor issue with autofocus camera, contacted support they provided troubleshoot that did not help, I did not much bothered as it was minor issue and I don't use camera more so I let it go thinking that it will be addressed in soft update. On 29th September camera stopped working and showing me message 'Camera busy, please restart'. I submitted the device in service centre on 30th...
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