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A-56, Sector – 64
Gautam Buddh Nagar District
Uttar Pradesh
India - 201301

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Xolo Phone — Refund my money

 vinay15jangra on Apr 28, 2016
I had purchased the xolo black 1x through snapdeal, when i unbox the phone it was faulty there was flicker. Poor battery backup, heating issue, smell when in charging. I had complaint to snapdeal regarding the same but they reply just go to xolo service center they will provide you doa letter after that they will replace it but service center is not providing me doa an all, while i eligible for doa letter, i recieved the phone on 25april 2016 and submitted to service center on 26th april 2015, and they are saying phone is not showing in doa eligible, while eligibility condition is only you should...
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Xolo — Problem with my xolo play 8x1100 mic

 philosopher on Apr 28, 2016
My name is abilash
I purchased xolo play 8x 1100 a year back and after one month of purchase my mic got problem and i cant talk without using a earphone i gave to service center and after 15 days they gave back after service and again after 2 months the same problem happened and now its 4th time repeating the same problem and now my warranty period is expired when i visited a xolo service center they are asking me 1150 rs for replacing the mic and when i googled the mic price "http://www.xolo.in/spare-parts?Device=play8x-1100" the price for play8x-1100 8x-1100mic mic 80.736 rs. What i have...
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Xolo — Complaint against xolo service center and xolo phones

 mr. Raaz on Apr 26, 2016
I have submitted my phone to Smrnika Enterprises, panvel(xolo care)on 16 jan 2016 for power button issue it was then under warranty, Recieved back from them on 3 march 2016 after repair. It worked good for 4 days again faced issue with volume key and charging point problem.so submitted back to them again on 15 march 2016.i have not recieved my phone from them till now.They wont reply to my call or any other efforts made by me to reach them. I have also registered complaint with xolo care about same (complaint no 1131009) they are also not taking any steps to make any thing clear whether i will get...
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Xolo — Complaint against xolo care surendranagar

 Jaydeep Lakum on Apr 25, 2016
Hello sir
My name jaydeep lakum from gujarat
I have xolo mobile model is xolo one i was going to care for the problem with my loud speaker is weak at first time but they are done only software update and nothing at my problem is not solved
I goes again after some days he say you have to keep mobile for 7 days to replacement of my mobile speaker so i put mobile on change of speaker at date is 13 april 2016 and now i am going two times and he is sayings that comes in mire two days and alsi today 25 april 2016 ao right now my speaker is not change to till date so help...
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Xolo — Color black vibration mode not working

 jainsumit7 on Apr 23, 2016
I purchased xolo black just 20 days back..I opened it 1 week back and it looked ok initially. However yesterday when i turned it in vibration mode i realized it does not vibrate at all for any feature .I tried all changes at settings level but it does not work.. My email is edisinfo@gmail.com
Please suggest how to fix this problem or change the handset......
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Xolo — Touch problem again

 nandhakumar airtel on Apr 23, 2016
I have purchased XOLO BLACK on 22/09/2015.(IMEI 911451001073348)three month after my mobile touch not working then my mobile TP changed by xolo service center salem on 20/01/2016 work order no is: 510007077040. again now my mobile touch not working then i visit xolo care salem they permanantly closed ., , then i did give my mobile xolo service center dharmapuri yesterday they received my mobile and checked, then they told your mobile did not screwed inside and strickered for servied... the salem service center did not screw my phone . now the dharmapuri service center told your...
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Xolo — Complaint regarding not replacement of charger cable since 2 months

 mohdirshad on Apr 22, 2016
I purchased the xolo black 1x on 04/12/2015 having the invoice number sc4a72/15-16/60682 company vat tin no 6613015689 company cstno 6613015689
Order id-10420375756
Item code gc739308
Suborder 13199186251
Imei no 911482551161589
From snapdeal but after some time charger datacable logically dead and not working properly i went to khanpur and also lajpat nagar center but they told that they dont have the stock for it many times i went and answer was same.....
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Xolo — Excess heat

 Anand nanmangalam on Apr 20, 2016
This is to inform you that I was purchased Xolo mobile through online the invoice no.SC4A72/15-16/102953 DT.06.01.2016. We have lodged a complaint to the showroom located at T.Nagar, regarding the charge of the mobile They have not responded satisfactorily. Further, the mobile instrument generating excess heat, I cannot the able to operate the mobile. Hence, it is requested to replace the mobile
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Xolo — Very poor service

 Regik on Apr 19, 2016
Don't buy any lava mobiles...once they sold we are begger..they never respond to our service...I bought xolo era HD flop mobile and after three months its dead. And handed to authorized service center, they lost the Sim tray. 3 months crossed no response about the spare. Why lava/xolo not care about customer. The mobile is 3 months old and now you are keep my mobile another 3 months without any solution. Whenever I contact customer care they telling we don't have spares. Then why are selling mobiles in India. Go away. So please don't buy these dummy mobiles....
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Xolo — Service center demands

 adwait nalawade on Apr 19, 2016
I today visited Thane Maharashtra service center for earphone relating issue. My phone is under 6 months and my earphones have stopped working. I was told to leave the earphones with the phone for two days he claims which is the standard procedure. Why do I need to surrender my phone to service center for two days for a problem that is in relation to earphones. He can verify imei number of my phone in front of me and then he can go ahead and replace my earphones. I am really thinking there is something fishy as I have heard they take out good working parts from the phone. I demand my earphones to...
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Xolo Mobile — Touch not available

 Ssunil93@ on Apr 17, 2016
Xolo era 4g my mobile. this touch pad not available...
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Xolo Black 1x — Mobile display blinking again and aging

 chetan bhimarao kamble on Apr 16, 2016
Xolo black 1x imei 911482551190398 sn-black 1x415l0019040 i have purehased xolo black 1x mobile its has heating trouble and th display is bile king and display is going off again aging please mobile new replace or riparing...
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Xolo — About stolen handset

 Rathod Dashrath on Apr 12, 2016
Model no: xolo one

The information given above is of my handset. Which is stolen by somebody ttommorrow. And i want to disable this handset as much as quickely beacause in that handset i stored privatte information and my sim cards is in... So help me......
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Xolo — My xolo q900s plus is not working

 Jindal Priya on Apr 10, 2016
Hi... i buy your company phone on 20/3/16 xolo q900s plus.. phone 8s not working properly.. touch has worst quality. Touch screen back or function button is not working.. please resolove my problem.. i want to repalace my phone. Thank you...
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Xolo Play 6x-1000 — Xolo play 6x-1000 battery I

 Santoshaanto cool on Apr 10, 2016
Xolo play 6 x 1000 battery I want muze chahiye kaha se milegi...esi email per bolna ....
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Xolo — Same problem is coming again and again

 hopansh on Apr 4, 2016
Its 4 th time my power key had stopped working. I had already repaired it thrice on xolo service center. My phone is under warranty. I am fed up of this problem. Again and again same problem is coming. Service center executive always repair it and again after 1 month it used to stop working. Plz replace this unit or tell any other permanent solution .
Model no. :- xolo 8x 1000
Emi no. :- 911392551346447...
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Xolo — Mobile speaker

 gupta_abhijit on Apr 2, 2016
I have purchased a XOLO Q1000 Opus mobile but from day 1 facing the issue of speaker on calling no voice is heard every time I need to restart the phone also there is issue of overheating. complaint to customer care but very careless approach of customer care executives.


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Xolo — Complaint about xolo care rohtak

 Trilok kumar saini on Mar 31, 2016
Firstly my phone has no clear voice in loudspeaker so I suggest to replace my loudspeaker
I go in the service centre Rohtak Haryana
I said that I want to change my loudspeaker what will be the price (phone of out of warranty) to change the loudspeaker.
They said we will check what is the price
I said OK
After some time they said 250/- rupees charged to change loudspeaker
I said I am not able to pay these rupees
So please give my phone return back
They give my phone
I check my phone I am surprised to know that my loudspeaker...
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Xolo — Batter and phone display

 Ayush_Chaudhary on Mar 30, 2016
I have xolo black 1x bought 3 months ago, which started giving problems with in a month. The batter drains at a very fast rate. Even I may not be using phone it drains continuously. And the other big issue in the phone, the phone's display automatically gets blank when I m using the phone. This happens all time when attending the call and it becomes black for 5 sec and den becomes normal. It happens repeatedly. While the screen is blank the touch of the phone works. Kindly give reply regarding this asap. I had many expectations wid dis phone but now it's like a problem for me....
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Xolo — Issue with xolo black 1x

 Ommi More on Mar 29, 2016
I am not able to set my custom ringtone on my phone. If i set custom ringtone the phone doesn't rings. please help me i can only set ringtones which are available with phone preinstalled. I tried everything but it is not working. I havent rooted my phone so please help me with this as early as possible. If set to custom ringtone the phone just vibrate. Please help me with this problem. I factory rest the phone but it didnt help me....
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