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ABN AMRO Customer Care
Customer satisfaction rating: 1%
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ABN AMRO Customer Care


Hansalaya Building 15, Barakhamba Road
New Delhi
New Delhi District
India - 110001

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

ABN AMRO Complaints & Reviews

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 Arpit Khatod
This is d fact: ABN amro bank really stinks...they have a heap of stupid hidden charges & apart 4m tht their customer service executive don't have the authority to reverse d charges ...Also i would like to warn u about the bal. transfer facility they offer & their calls 4m delhi office regrdng special offers.beware !!
I am your credit card month of feb your bank offers me about seson card, & telling me their no paymet have to do. but in next month you send me massage payment of Rs.5500. then i called to care officer to canceled the offer, then they gaves one no. & told after 3 days call again that time oeffr will becancelled. then i call after three days to care center, they told me it is not possible now because your card no. already send to lucky draw.and told now you have to pay onlyRs.3500in april month.but befor that i have no any statement & also seson card which offers from your bank.My credit card no. is
Dear sir,
I am writing this letter after getting no response from you . I have send you a letter with my last cheque. but you did not gave reply.I am a good customer of yours. I am presently holding ABN AMRO Freedom credit card.
My card is life time membership free. As you know I always make the payment at right time.
I have no outstanding amounts. At last year you charged the membership fees and I surrendered
my card & after that you waived the fees & send another life time membership free card, which I am
using now. I am informing you by this letter that I have stopped my all transaction after getting your
wrong statement regarding membership fees to a life time membership card. Why you send me a bill of Rs. 909.28/-
Which I never purchased. I have cleared all my dues. I will wait for 1 week for your answer otherwise
I will finally surrendered my card, but this time I will never accept any card unlike last year.
Please stop sending false statement to the good customers.

Date: 12/05/2009
Regards from
Aloke Das
ABN AMRO CARD NO- [protected].

This is in reference to my request to waive the Return Cheque Handling Fee, Rs. 500/- and Cash Deposit Fee Debit Rs. 75/-

My payment towards EMI for Rs. 16, 326 was delayed by 5 days. I had actually deposited a cheque on 07/31 and I was called by one of your collection agents, Ranjit. I did inform him about my cheque payment and I was advised to put a stop payment on the cheque and make a cash payment in order to avoid further delays. As per the instructions, I had made arrangements to pay the bill the very same day through cash for an amount of Rs. 16, 326. I was promised by the representative that there wouldn’t be any charges for putting a stop payment & was also promised that there wouldn’t be any late fee.

To my surprise, when I got the statement, I found out that I was charged Rs. 500/- for the Ret Chq Handling Fee, Rs. 650/- Late Fee and Cash Deposit Fee Debit Rs. 75/-. As per your agent’s instructions I had to make arrangements for cash that evening in order to avoid delay in the transaction. I spoke to one of your customer care representatives twice and requested the charges to be waived as it was no fault of mine (Confirmation# [protected], request dates 11th Aug & 13th Aug). I would agree to pay the late fee as I understand that the payment was not made on time. However, I would not agree to pay the remaining charges as I’ve followed your representative’s instructions.

I strongly request that the charges be waived off and would appreciate your action to this matter at the earliest so that I can continue to make my payments regularly here after.

You can reach me at[protected]Hyd) for any further details pertaining to this issue.

Thank you,
Archana Itekar
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     poonam sharma
    I am poonam sharma, 25 yrs female, working with Max Health Care as a Patient care Coordinator. My salary account is with this...
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is with reference to my home loan account number 9190407 which was started on 17th May’05.
    I was continuously paying the EMIs, Initially 1-5 through cheques rest through the ECS from my ICICI Bank account and everything was going fine till September 2007.

    On 26th Spetember 2007 i decided to resturn some loan amount of 4lac as the EMI was coming up very high with 14% rate if interest. Bank accepted my 4 lac payment and confirmed me the EMI will be reduced from after 2 months and Bank will pay the interest for 4 lacs ... Which never happened and i am still paying same EMI ..Even though they reduced the 4 lacs amt from the principle amount.

    Above one was the secandary issue but the PRIMARY one is the bank came back to me saying that i had missed a EMI in September 2005 ...which is not at all possible ... I had paid my EMI's on time
    Bank is coming up with something after 3 years ....when i asked them to confirm the cheque or why it was not paid ..they said cheque was returned by ICICI ...When i asked ICICI they told cheque is never Used.

    Bank issued me 10 different home loan statements for same account and all of them are different and most of them are showing EMI is paid on Sept 2005.... Now bank is not replying to my emails ..they started appying late fee to all my EMI's

    I am not in the country and i am frustrated and looking for some help ... Bank's calculations system is not correct and its not transparent ... I know they have done some mistakes ...

    Bank did not reduced my EMI after they accepted the 4 lacs payment
    Bank is still applying late fee for the EMI which there bank statements says was paid ..

    Please help me ..if you want i can email you the bank statements send to me
    I can give you the email id's of all the ppl i have tried to work on it

    hemanth.[protected]; amitabh.[protected]

    No one is really helpful and i don't want to pay something is not correct.... these are the banks stories to adjust the account issues

    I am expecting an action

    Sham Sharma
    Contact Number:[protected]
    Completely agree with Sham Sharma. ABN-AMRO is a fraudulent bank. They dont care for the common man all they are interested is in the hoi ploi! Its a bank!
    i strongly agree with Ram. ABN AMRO is worst bank to deal with. I decide to pay off adn transfer my loan to HDFC Bank. Even after paying teh principal outstanding along with penulty etc, I am not getting my papers back I have called their call center 3 times and they have no clue. I just get a answer : we will arrange a call back"...BUT NOBODY CALLS.
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      ABN AMRO Bank Credit Card — Sickly Abuse

       Lionel Andrew Dsouza
      I have asked for a settlement against my credit card [protected] ABN AMRO Bank Credit Card. I had told the bankers that...
      Complaint comments  Comments  (1)

       tushir singh choudhary
      I had applied for a housing loan with ABN Amro Bank in September 2005. After filling the form and submitting required documents, they asked for a cheque for Rs. 8400.00 as loan processing fee saying that if the loan doesnt get approved then this amount would be duly refunded to me. The same was paid by me vide ICICI Cheque No. 62818 dated 05.09.2005

      The loan didnt get approve and since last 2 years i've been calling them and requesting them for my payment, but of no avail. The excutive Mr. Sameer Patil who promised the same, from dadar branch, Mumbai not doesnt bother to answer my calls and help me.

      I request you to please help me out with the same. I must get my money back with interest.
      Dear sir,

      Ref: ABN – AMRO Bank Account No. 9140859 & customer Relation No is 1123765.

      I availed a car loan in the year 2004. It is expected to be closed in this month. When I approached the bank at Banjara Hills – Hyderabad Branch in this month, I was surprised to note that a late fee of Rs 500 has been forced into my account. As the account gets closed in the month of July, we remitted Rs 500 in cash at the Bank counter.

      Basically I am puzzled as to why a late fee has been levied when my monthly remittances were through Electronic clearance & there was no instance of shortage of funds at any time. When I enquired about it, I was given to understand that in 2004 in the month of April or so, it was cleared late &hence a penalty of Rs.500.

      As that was the sole occasion when the EMI was cleared late by the bank & that I spoke to the bank officials specifically on the issue of belated ECS clearance, I now recollected the instance .

      When the ABN-Amro could not realize the EMI up to 10th, I spoke to the Bank Manager at that time & enquired as to why the EMI was not cleared from my account. The Bank Manager simply replied that ECS has failed & that I may like to pay the cash. Since I have given an irrevocable undertaking for collection of EMI through ECS, I refused to go to ABN-AMRO & physically deposit the cash. As I was an Accounts officer with Indian Railways, I was aware that RBI has suspended the ECS for some of the banks who indulged in unfair practices in that month. It was with this back drop, I questioned the Manger as to why the bank was unable to realize my EMI even after 10days. The Manger coolly replied that it was a confidential matter. I again confronted him whether ABN-AmrO was one of the such Banks on whom the RBI has taken action. He replied in negative & the conversation ended.

      Now, as a matter of principle I would request you to furnish me the following information.

      1. To let me know as to why that particular EMI could not be realized in time when the funds were abundantly available in my account .
      2. What was my role as a customer in the delayed ECS collection
      3. Why a late fee of Rs 500 has been forced into my account for the failure of the Bank’s ECS mechanism.
      4. For how many customers such late fee has been imposed in that month.

      If I am right, I would request you to refund the money & If the Bank is right I may be advised of the reasons as to why a late fee has been imposed along with the above information & my role in the default process as a customer.

      Lakshmi Annamraju
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        Abn Amro — Discrepancies in Credit Card Statement

        Sub: Discrepancies in monthly statement .
        Ref: Credit card #[protected]XXXX-8163.
        Complaint comments  Comments  (107)

         Manoj Anand
        Mr. Varun (Bank’s executive) offered me Easy Cash of Rs.50,000/- on my credit card no. [protected] and I accepted the same on following terms and conditions:
        Amount :Rs.50,000.00
        Tenure :12 months
        Interest :1.99 reducing
        Processing Fee: :Rs.499(one-time)
        EMI :Rs.4,678/-
        Pre-closureCharges :Nil
        Beside he also told me that i may pay any amount in excess of EMI (i.e
        Rs.4,678/-) and a separate account will be created for this.
        But i got shocked to receive easy cash charges (statement) in my regular
        statement of above card dated 5/9/07 which includes following:
        Processing-Fee :Rs.995/-
        EMI :Rs.4,726/-plus service tax.

        Bank vide mail dated 28/9/2007 replied as under:

        Dear Mr. Kumar ,

        We refer to your email dated September 25 , 2007.

        We would like to inform you that we have send easy cash loan of Rs.50000.00 at interest rate of 1.99% at fixed emi of Rs.4726.00 for 12 months .

        We wish to apologize for the miscommunication being done to you.

        The issue of miscommunication has been taken up and appropriate steps initiated to avoid re occurrence

        We however like to express our inability in waiving off processing fee (min.Rs.100 or 1.99 % whichever is higher ) for the teledraft as these are the system generated charges which are levied once the teledraft is approved.

        We express our inability to reprocess the loan account.

        In case you require any assistance, please feel free to call our 24-hour Bank by Phone service in your city and our executive will be glad to assist you.

        You may also quote the reference number:[protected], in case you need any further clarification on the above resolution.

        Assuring you of our best services.

        Yours sincerely,

        Manager,Client Response Unit

        Though the bank has apologized for the miscommunication they have expressed their inability to correct the loan account with the actual agreed figures.I request you to take up with bank and ask them to open the loan account separately as per terms and conditions on which I agreed while availing this offer from Mr. Varun (please get it verified from our telephonic conversation). I will not pay any amount in excess of the agreed amount.

        I hope that you will understand my problem and take the necessary action to get the matter resolved at the earliest. I have also written to bank that no payment will be released by me until and unless this matter gets resolved.

        Abn Amro / Credit Card — Charges

        i have Abn credit card and i dont get bill of the month may/june for rs just 400/- Abn bank charged me 650/- interest charges on it, even that problem is not from my side becuse i did not get my bill. when i talk on call center againts that problem than Sapna who received my ph. talked with me wrongly, she used the words (Silly) for Abn customers. My card no. is [protected]. i have deposit of 22500/- for this month but i dont want to deposit because m very upset from AbN Bank.

        Sumit thapar

        ABN AMRO Credit Card — Charging excess without providing statements

        Respected Sir
        I, Karan Jain has got cheated with ABN Amro Bank.
        They are the real fraudulent service providers. The executives commit and then deny about the same. I have requested them to send me the statements on time, but 6-8 months I am not getting any statements. On complaining they rather helping us, misbehave with us by saying, "koi ehsaan thode hi karte ho"!!
        The high most senior executive Miss Madhu transmits wrong information.
        Last time conversation with the bank was on agreeing basis about the reveresal of the charges that has been imposed because of non- sending of the statements to us. But this time they actually opposed it.

        I never requested for many membership with the bank, but they themselves imposed a charge, and without sending me any statements, they are constantly charging Late Payments and interest on it. When there was no charge, how can they inmpose any charges over it.
        not only this, after complaining aboout it, they reveresed the whole membership fees and accepted their fault, but not reversing the interest charges.
        Now, there are no ways that such a bank should provide cards to the end customers who are constantly getting sufferings

        ABN Amro gold credit Card — Wrong Charges levied to my credit card

        My Complaint is against ABN Amro Credit card Department . They have send the wrong charges every time and ask for the minimal payment, I use to pay the same, they assure me over the phone that the next bill will be zero, I am not using this card, even they are not bother to print the details of the charges . when ever I talk with the call centre they are assuring me from next bill every thing will be all right . But again the same thing happen .Please advice what to do .


        Soumen Basu

        ABN AMRO Bank — Charges levied in the account

        Dear Sir,

        I am using ABN amro bank Card vide no. [protected]. The out standing in my card is showing of Rs. 5070/- ,which i do not know why they are charging the amount. As per my knowledge i have paid all my dues towards my card but still they are charging me.
        moreover on 21.Sept. 2007, the card is showing an amount of Rs. 4000 debit towards "Free flight fee- 2 return filghts tkts". This transaction was not authorised by me but the statement is showing the debit entry. I have spoken to call center so many times but unable to get the satisfied answer. Kindly resolve the problem asap.

        waiting for your response

        Lalit Patni
        Mob: [protected]
        As i was receiving no.of calls.Many times i' ve given complaints, still it is continuing.My discussion with Mr.Narendra Kumar, [protected] in Feb'10.But yet not resolved.Sending me again and again that remainders stating that you have to pay. In the negotiation and his personal visit to my office, the total amount converted in to EMI and iam not using my card also. Iam getting the remainder calls. please stop and do what the agreement made in his visit.other wise i have to go to legal procedure to resolve this issue.I hope and wish to do needful immediately
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