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Bajaj Finance Customer Care

Bajaj Finance Limited

4th Floor, Bajaj Finserv Corporate Office, Viman Nagar
Pune District
India - 411014
Landmarks:Off Pune-Ahmednagar Road

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Use your registered mobile number to access your loan account details and source instant answers to your queries.

SMS to 92275 64444

KEYWORD Transaction
GETEMAIL To know your current email address
UPDEMAIL To update your email address
GETADD To know your current mailing address
CUSTID To know your customer ID
LAN To know your loan account number (LAN)
EXPERIA To know your Portal Experia username and password
EMI LAN To know your loan / EMI details
PIN To know your 4 digit EMI Card PIN number
FEEDBACK To give your valuable feedback
SAT Y To give a positive feedback
SAT N To give a negative feedback
SOA To get Statement of account
NOC To get No Objection Certificate on loan closure
REPSCH To get Repayment Schedule

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

Working hours
Mon12:00 am - 12:00 am
Tue12:00 am - 12:00 am
Wed12:00 am - 12:00 am
Thu12:00 am - 12:00 am
Fri12:00 am - 12:00 am
Sat12:00 am - 12:00 am
Sun12:00 am - 12:00 am

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Bajaj Finance — collection/legal manager behavior - mr. amar shakti, mobile no. 9999155518 [Resolved]

 Pritam Kumar Gaur on Feb 9, 2018

Good evening.

This is with reference of my bajaj finance personal loan account no. 5800pl07519898 dated 27th jan 2015 of rs. 1 lacs in the name of pritam kumar gaur and the disbursement amount was rs. 0.92 lacs after deducting the amount of processing fee and other charges.

As per agreed terms i have paid 19 emis of rs. 3291 totalling of rs. 62529 but unfortunately my father was hospitalized and doctors informed that he is suffering from intestine cancer in oct’15. I continued my emis for more few months but suddenly i was jobless and then i was...
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Bajaj Finance — rude behaviour of agent

 Akib Mustafa on Feb 9, 2018
I spoke to an agent named abhiskta sengupta regarding a payment from bajaj finance emi on 09/02/2018 around 5:00 pm and got a very rude response from her when i asked her a couple of questions. She was not at providing any helpline number to me and did not even transfer the call to her manager. I wanted to lodge a complaint against her. Worst behaviour. She behaved as if she is the owner of the company and literally shouted. This was the first time the cheque had bounced and she was on top of her horse to make the payment and did not even let me speak....
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Bajaj Finance — too many unsolicited calls everyday

 Naresh_0506 on Feb 9, 2018
Everyday i have been receiving 4-5 times call from ivr machine with initials 1409 etc. Now they have also restored by giving calls from landline.
Despite blocking the calls
Kindly stop calling me all times as you have no idea where the person is.

If a person is interested, they will contact you.

Your calls are mentally harassing and it is bad bad way of marketing....
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Bajaj Finance — my emi card has permanently suspended without any reason

 subhradeep ghosh on Feb 9, 2018
I have buy many things last year... But when i have to buy a product i saw my emi card has been permanently blocked i dont know why... What should i do now? Plz reopen it i have to buy something right now... I am a old customer of your company i have buy many electronics by your card... [protected] this is my registered mobile no... Plz open my card... Thank you......
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Bajaj Finance — offered loan was not given.

 vinay64 on Feb 8, 2018
Mahabharata battle lasted for long 18 days.

If some one has a dispute with Bajaj there is no time frame when will it end. Will not get proper resolution. Customer has to compromise because of no choice. Customer will lose patience and trust and will accept whatever resolution provided.

Reason being inaccurate information and irresponsible people from Sales department or even from Service department.

So where is the hope? can't approach sales to resolve the issue and service is also the same.

When customer report any dispute, Bajaj staff...
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Bajaj Finance — never ending disturbing call

 kaushik29 on Feb 8, 2018
Continuously i am getting marketing call from bajaj finance personal loan.
Usually i get automatic marketing call. Where they call and describe about the product and then ask if interest press 1 that's all.
There is no option if you are not interested. If you cut the call, you will again get the call after 2-3 days.
If you press 1 and wait for the executive to call and then tell them you are not interested you still get automatic call after 4-5 days.
Its really frustrating.
There should be strict law in india to handle such tele caller to disturb public....
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Bajaj Finance — change my number

 Rinku1137 on Feb 7, 2018
Helllo sir I requested by add my new number...
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Bajaj Finance — elite emi card

 katkuri87 on Feb 7, 2018
Bajaj finance customer care is such a worst thing I could rather trusted some other small scale loan disbursing agents

issue is that they called me and said I was eligible for elite emi card and I was also interested with their mesmerizing vouchers (which did not happen anyways) and immediately agreed to that and paid an amount of 4777/-
but till now I did not get any intimation nor any response from them,
upon that I have called to their so called elite membership customer care many but till today to my surprise ie:7th feb 2018 call center people did not take my 100...
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Bajaj Finance — srn17000603

 Priyanka8844 on Feb 7, 2018
I have was told for pre approved - home loan i will get eligibility confimation after 1 to 2 day maximum.

However after sharing all the legal documents with bajaj i have received no responce from them they are not responding to calls and nor they acknowledge the documents and there customer service is pathetic they dont answer the calls.

Not sure how to get in touch with them i am afraid if i will get any trouble because i shared mt data with bajaj agent subhash (Subhash.
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Bajaj Finance — stop harassing me for loans

 Prithish Saha on Feb 9, 2018

I have been getting calls for loans from Bajaj Finance daily more than 3 times, at odd hours and during busy times.

They keep changing numbers, so blocking them is also not a option.

I am not interested in taking any loans as of now. Even after mentioning this again and again on calls, they keep calling me and harassing during busy hours.

Please make them stop calling me at [protected]....
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Bajaj Finance — I am not witness of business loan

 Ajayy_ on Feb 5, 2018
Dear sir,

With due respect I just want to said that I am purchase a Mobile oppo vs from Krishna mobile store, Deoghar and I am submit loan of time apart from that one more loan show in my account for business loan and I am witnesses there but I am not sign. for witness of others loan.
So, please I request you to don't do such kind of uses trick to submit document of any individual. I am too much frustrated over it and I also trustless this type of work.
So, Please take necessary steps over it.

Thank you
Ajay Kumar...
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Bajaj Finance — constant phone calls

 Chauhans19 on Feb 4, 2018
The regular phone calls which goes up to 3-4 calls per day is so irritating. I wish i had no association with a company like this you doesn’t understand that constant calls will not increase there business at all. If no loan is required by a customer at 10:00 am what would change at 1:00pm or in a day. They don’t have a clear dnd policy as well, the system generated calls should be stopped....
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Bajaj Finance — emi card and its delivery

 Kamal Sawant on Feb 4, 2018
Dear sir,

I am jatin vaish. I had apply for bajaj finance emi card from croma on 13.11.2017 by paying 412 rs. My invoice number is sla[protected]. But till today i had not received my emi card. I request you to plese file a complaint aganst them as they are the cheaters. They always take payment against emi card but never send to any customer.

Thanking you

With regards
Jatin vaish
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Bajaj Finance — salaried personal flexi loan

 kajal32 on Feb 3, 2018
I Kajal Ghosh, is a Consumer of BAJAJ FINSERV. My Flexi Loan Account No - 4F2SPF59675322. My Loan Outstanding amount of Rs. 413, 599.00 Including Insurance and I had paid your Interest amount of your due date time to time, but when I close of my flexi loan account, the forecloser charges @ 4.72% on sanctioned limit applicable taxes of Rs 19, 521.87/- What is this ? It Is totally your unbecoming manner policy. It Is totally wrong & unjustify. please solve the problem as soon as posssible....
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Bajaj Finance — spam calls -repeated

 Vunnam Venkatesh on Feb 3, 2018

I've been receiving spam loan promotional calls on daily basis from bajaj fun serv, even though i blocked each number, your automated system is calling with new number. I understand that's the system you've developed to make calls with new numbers, knowing call receipients are blocking every new number from you. That's quite irritating, i'm sure it must br causing extreme inconvenience to many other people also.

Please exclude my number [protected] from these calls....
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Bajaj Finance — salaried flexi loan

 Thomastheo7 on Feb 3, 2018
Loan account # 403saf36223710

Hello sir,

My original loan amount is 4, 12, 000
Your statement says the following:-

Original loan amount 412, 000.00
Loan amount 753, 000.00
Roi 15.25%
Tenure 60
Emi received 44, 722.08

What is this laon amount of 7, 53, 000?

Your customer care says that is for internal purpose. If it is for internal purpose, why it is reflecting in my statement?...
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Bajaj Finance — abusing on call from bajaj executive

 Abhimila on Feb 3, 2018
Today morning (03.2.2018) i got sms from vk-bajajf as below:
Your experia user id:xxxxxxx and pasword:xxxxxxxx, please check your email for more information, thank you, bajaj finserve lending.
And followed by otp.
After the same i got a call from +[protected] asking for otp, on not providing the otp to him he started to abusing me.

Please look in to the same immediately and seriously....
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Bajaj Finance — automated personal loans calls daily 3 to 5 times

 Sumita Pattnaik on Feb 3, 2018
Please stop calling me for any kind of loans. I get daily 4 to 5 call which is automated. I have been trying to reach the customer care to stop but the call gets diverted to ivr. Its been very frustrating. I tried to block the calls. But the series changes every time. Please take necessary action against this. Otherwise i will take thia with consumer court....
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Bajaj Finance — wrong ecs amount debited

 subhasis bhowmick on Feb 3, 2018
I mousumi bhowmick booked my ticket on 3/12/17 through bajaj finance total amounted rs.13509/ (Bajaj finsery-*-2758) but my amount had been dibited rs. 8903-on 3rd january &rs 8903-on 2nd february. I donot understand the explanation of that.

Please send me explanation of this neihter i have to do something other way, why extra amount to be debited from my (Ubi) bank. Awaiting your early reply......
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Bajaj Finance — receiving irritating calls & messages every day.

 Siva Sankar S on Feb 2, 2018

I request you to not irritate me by calling 5 to 6 times in a day offering Loan.
I am not interested in any kind of loan and not even interested in receiving any messages from you.

I am really feeling bad to be a part of Bajaj Finserv by taking a loan. I really regert for it.

Kindly delete my no.[protected] from your database else I will be compelled to go to consumer court.


Siva Sankar S....
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