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Bajaj Finance Customer Care

Bajaj Finance Limited

4th Floor, Bajaj Finserv Corporate Office, Viman Nagar
Pune District
India - 411014
Landmarks:Off Pune-Ahmednagar Road

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Use your registered mobile number to access your loan account details and source instant answers to your queries.

SMS to 92275 64444

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Mon12:00 am - 12:00 am
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Bajaj Finance — marketing calls - please stop these

 narayan840 on Jul 16, 2018
Nuisance calls continuing despite your repeated assurances
From: narayan swamy on Sat, 14 Jul 2018 20:55:24 Add to address book, ,, ,, ,, ,, , 'apellatemh', 'Grievanceredressalteam m', 'customerexperiencehead d', 'wecare'Show full headers | Hide Details
Again another marketing call from tel no [protected] yesterday IE 13/07/2018 at 16.11 hours.

Bajaj - buland bharat ki buland tasveer - THIS IS BAJAJ ????????

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Bajaj Finance — why your call center guys are harassing me?

 Saumil shah on Jul 16, 2018
I don't want your credit card I have been told your Pune call center guys [protected] times everyday but they still keeps calling me to make fun for them. [protected] is the number from which I am receoving calls. You have my number already again I m giving you to stop harrasing me. ([protected]). Next phone call I will go to consumer people against your harrasment.

Thank you...
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Bajaj Finance — stop useless phone calls

 Kalaiarasant on Jul 15, 2018

How many times will call per day... Very irritating. Stop this nonsense. If anybody wants loan and if they are approaching you only give to them. But you people are giving more trouble to people. Calling for all and per day 20 calls. If it is continues I will give a police complaint against Bajaj Finance Service. Please mind it. Stop calling to my number. [protected]....
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Bajaj Finance — getting calls to take loans

 Saikalyan akshintla on Jul 14, 2018
Am getting numerous calls from Bajaj Finserv regarding personal loan, daily 3 to 4 times. I dont want any loans from Bajaj finserv. I had already told everytime i receive a call that i dont want any loans. Its my mistake to take a one time loan from the comany like Bajaj Finserv. Please stop irritating customers for your targets. My phone number is [protected]...
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Bajaj Finance — fake promises/fraudulent calls to sell their products

 sreekar katkoori on Jul 13, 2018
Before taking this account I was told all the false statements and benefits about the OVER DRAFT account. Below are the things which was told by the Bajaj finance executive (Aamir from Delhi as he claimed) and his manager.

1. I was told no additional charges other than 0.5% processing fee and the executive promised to make it more down from internal approvals. WHICH HE DINT
2. I was told the OD account money will be there in Bajaj experia account and only when in need I can take the money from account. To my surprise all the amount was transferred to my savings account and...
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Bajaj Finance — related loan received and deduction of processing fee

 Surajdahat on Jul 12, 2018
I apply for personal loan. I am giving application for 50000 Rs. Loan. For this loan, i will deduct 6000 Rs processing fee. But you are giving 76000 rs loan. I have received loan amount 67323 rs. and for that i have deduct 9000 rs processing fee. This is your fault, not my fault. After paying this extra money. I have loss 3000 rs extra. I will pay only for 50000 rs loan. Otherwise you will take this 67000 rs return. Otherwise i will not pay this loan amount....
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Bajaj Finance — I asked them to stop this but still I am getting promotional calls

 vivekg2018 on Jul 12, 2018
I AM STILL GETTING CALL, TODAY I GOT CALL from this number -[protected]

On Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 6:45 AM, Wecare wrote:
Dear Vivek,

Thank you for writing to us at Bajaj Finserv.

As discussed on call [protected], your service request regarding protional calls is under process. We request you to allow us an additional 4-5 days to resolve your query. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

For any further clarifications write to us at

Bajaj Finserv assures you its best service, always.
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Bajaj Finance — phone calls for loan and overdraft

 Jignesh Khamar on Jul 12, 2018
Dear Bajaj Finance / Finserve,

My name is Jignesh Khamar & from Vadodara, Gujarat. My phone number is [protected].

I am receiving daily around 4-5 phone calls from various numbers asking to take loan, overdraft etc. for almost last one year.

I requested them several time for putting my number with label of NOT INTERESTED FOR ANY SERVICE THROUGH PHONE CALL.

But it is not done till date & still phone calls are continued.

Request you to please stop this type of mental harrasement by asking your team for not calling me.
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Bajaj Finance — home loan application

 sushil_kotwal on Jul 12, 2018
I' Sushil Kotwal, had applied for Home loan, Mr. Gyan Prakash ([protected]) & Mr. Kalpesh ([protected]) from Goregaon - Mumbai Branch, have collected all my relevant documents 15 days ago, and now Gyan Prakash does not answer a phone call, and Mr. Kalpesh replied that, I have been transferred to Thane Branch and now you need to contact Mr. Rahul Pandey ([protected]) in this regards.

Their approach is absolutely un-professional. No one is interested to even reply the phone calls.

If you are not interested, kindly return all my documents, I will approach some other financial...
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Bajaj Finance — tds deducted from interest even after submitting 15h

 HVSadri on Jul 12, 2018
We have two FDs with the above company with fo quarterly payment of Interest..Our FD No 95241 -for Rs 400000 & 93076- for Rs 100000. We have submitted form 15 H for not deducting TDS from the Interest Amount . The 15 H is received by them at Head Office on 25/April 18., A confirmation in this regard is available with Bangaluru Branch office from where FD is generated .Contact no of Bangaluru office is[protected] Jayanagara Branch . Inspite our submitting 15H the Company have deducted TDS and no proper communication is sent to us. On contacting branch at Bengalure they say they are yet to get...
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Bajaj Finance — without applying loan took money from my account without my knowledge. replace it as soon as possible

 chimni balaji on Jul 11, 2018
Without applying loan took money from my account without my knowledge .replace it as soon as possible.they told 9 %interest first and again changed to 9.5%.i told don't want loan but without my knowledge they dropped out money from my account.i talked many times but no response.i want immediate replacement.otherwise I have to take immediate action....
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Bajaj Finance — cancelled my mobile extend warranty process

 Abhishek Dubey1991 on Jul 11, 2018
Dear sir, madam
As per conversation in 10th July in your department offered to me mobile extend warranty for 2 year and many type offer I am agreed for the offer but write now I am not interested. I am contact to Bajaj finance his say to me your insurance process not process. So please canciled offer. my ragisterd mob no [protected] for Bajaj finance...
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Bajaj Finance — my loan was closed as on 30th march 2016 consumer goods

 Manoj Khanchandani on Jul 10, 2018
Dear All,

I had taken consumer loan and done foreclosure of same as on 30th March 2016. Collection Agency appointed by Bajaj. J.S.G Services had taken cash and issued receipt for same.
However in month of May 2018. My family got a call from S K Sharma saying he is advocate and company have filled a suit in Pune kindly make immediate payment or case will be filed with fear factor we paid via PAYTM. Later i realised I had done foreclosure and had receipt on mail. I called bajaj guys Goregoan no contacts. I was torchured. Later again in Month of June 2018 I got this S K Sharma...
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Bajaj Finance — bajaj motorcycle

 Trimurty Raju on Jul 7, 2018
My two wheeler loan account no..L2WHYD04341261 installments are completed.Till date I have not received any confirmation from your end.You have not submitted the final installment cheque it seams.Please clarify and close the loan and arrange noc at the earliest.I will be waiting for your reply..Regards.Lingala Rajkiran.[protected], [protected], [protected]...
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Bajaj Finance — rs. 117 was deducted from account without my consent with narration p18452966734tr for ddr bajaj-auto

 Suresh Kukunuri on Jul 6, 2018
I recently found that Rs. 117 with narration P[protected]Tr For DDR BAJAJ-AUTO was deducted from my account without my consent .

I requesting Bajaj Finanace/Auto services to revert my money ASAP

I had a free credit card from Bajaj finance .They told annual maintenance is free . even then they deducted the money from my account . I would like to cancel the card .Can some one guide me how to cancel it....
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Bajaj Finance — sincere grievance against abusive language used by bajaj finance limited for recovering emi

 Swapnendu Deb on Jul 6, 2018

Bajaj Finance Limited

4th Floor, Bajaj Finserv Corporate Office,

Off Pune-Ahmednagar Road, Viman Nagar,

Pune – 411014

Kind Attention: Mr. Rajeev Jain


With reference to the LAN: 404SAF[protected]Salaried Flexi LOAN) I was paying monthly interest on regular basis starting from[protected]. However for the month of June’18 principal amount also got accumulated in the EMI which was unaffordable and because of my financial crisis I missed my EMI due on June 2nd’18 for Rs....
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Bajaj Finance — debiting extra amount of emi

 Finney P on Jul 5, 2018
Client: p finney
Loan number: 4030cd55616387
Product consumer durable
Asset description croma led/croma led fhd 122cm
Emi amount rs. 3, 888
First emi date [protected]
Last emi date [protected]
As per the above information we bought a tv in emi of 8 month tenure. After paying 2 months emi we got a call stating we will getting an extended warranty if we pay rs 257 extra for 6 months instead of deducting 4145 as emi we got deducted 4599 which was unmatching. We couldnt get a proper response or information through customer care. Hence requesting forum to...
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Bajaj Finance — home loan insurance bond not received

 d kirthi on Jul 4, 2018
My loan Account Number:404HSL72162443

I have applied for the Insurance of 1 lakh rupees for

Housing loan and I haven't received the bond yet it's

already been 4 months and even we haven't got gift

voucher of 30k. BAJAJ Finance organisation

Maintainence is very worst

Iam not knowing what exactly is the problem to deliver our Insurance Bond and gift voucher even after 4 months continuous follow ups

I don't think the amount of insurance and gift voucher is a small amount which we have paid for...
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Bajaj Finance — marketing calls from regular mobile phones by bajaj finance

 yogeee on Jul 4, 2018
I am receiving unsolicited marketing calls from Bajaj finance. This organization is so unprofessional and nonsense that they use regular phone numbers instead of marketing related numbers (starting with 14) to make unsuspecting innocent people in answering their rubbish calls any time of the day.

I am never going to buy any service from this rogue organization because of this nonsense....
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Bajaj Finance — unnecessary telephone calls from various numbers of bajaj finance

 avinashpuranik on Jul 4, 2018
I have registered for DND category. However I am receiving daily atleast 3 to 4 calls either from auto voice system or customer care or representatives. I have requested each time to delete my number from your database and I donot want any call from Bajaj Finance or any associated company.

Now I am really fed up with your calls. If you donot stop this immediately I will raise a Police complaint against the associate and Bajaj Finance.

Immediate solution required....
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