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Bajaj Finance Customer Care

Bajaj Finance Limited

4th Floor, Bajaj Finserv Corporate Office, Viman Nagar
Pune District
India - 411014
Landmarks:Off Pune-Ahmednagar Road

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Use your registered mobile number to access your loan account details and source instant answers to your queries.

SMS to 92275 64444

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GETADD To know your current mailing address
CUSTID To know your customer ID
LAN To know your loan account number (LAN)
EXPERIA To know your Portal Experia username and password
EMI LAN To know your loan / EMI details
PIN To know your 4 digit EMI Card PIN number
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SAT Y To give a positive feedback
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SOA To get Statement of account
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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Mon12:00 am - 12:00 am
Tue12:00 am - 12:00 am
Wed12:00 am - 12:00 am
Thu12:00 am - 12:00 am
Fri12:00 am - 12:00 am
Sat12:00 am - 12:00 am
Sun12:00 am - 12:00 am

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Bajaj Finance — keep my data secure

 Methiri Mallu Gonda on Jul 1, 2018
Why my aadharcard showing in google. While iam entering my name in google home page.
Dont u secure a customer details personal in your company.
The aadhar card was uploaded by your website it self.
If u dont remove my adhar card from google with in a week, i will compaint to human rides commision.

Methiri mallu gonda....
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Bajaj Finance — furniture - cot

 Sabir Ahamed on Jun 30, 2018
Bajaj Finserv harassing to pay the EMI. I have already mailed them several times as below but they are telling they are not responsible!!
Dear Bajaj Finserv Team,

I have not got any response to my above mails. I am writing a mail to all the bajaj finserv team indicating that I have got a huge loss after buying the furniture via your EMI facility from Bharatham stores_ Chennai

Until unless my furniture is replaced I am not going to pay a penny also.

You people are cheating customers by linking such dealers to us and making business.
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Bajaj Finance — home loan not able to pay emi

 Apple Apple mine on Jun 29, 2018
HI ..I am Nagendra prasad from bangalore, i have taken home loan in bajaj finance 1 year back for 17 lakh, i year i have paid the EMI and from last 6 months i do not have job and not able to pay the EMI, i have informed bajaj to take over the home and auction it and sell. worth of property is 1 crore, But Bajaj bacn not doing this they have filed cheque bounce case wanted to drag me to the court and spoil my credit history. i have several mail to them and sent mail to their manager also still they have not taken action....
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Bajaj Finance — personal emi loan date changed by bajaj itself

 Ujjal on Jun 29, 2018
Dear Sir
I have taken a Personal loan from Bajaj Finserv bearing consumer no 410PMT79178368 on 15th of June 2018.The Loan executive(KUNAL Mitra) told me the EMI will start from August 2018 but to my utter surprise I have received a sms that the LOAN amount of Rs 6790 wil be deducted from my account on 2nd of July 2018 which menad after only 15 days Loan EMI will start this is not acceptable now I am in confused that if this being the so called attitude when the LOAN executive is not picking up the call and I am bit confused what to do .
I will like to draw the attention of the SENIOR...
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Bajaj Finance — receiving this voice calls at all possible odd hours from bajaj finserv

 Manish kapadne on Jun 28, 2018
Hello Bajaj finserv,

It is ridiculous that daily 4 to 5 times, I am receiving this voice calls at all possible odd hours from bajaj finserv for asking me to take loan. I am not interested to take any loan and several times i have requested that please do not call or SMS me for loan requirement..

Kindly take necessary action for stopping phone call at my number else I will be forced to take action against Bajaj Finserv for disturbing me on and off using several different numbers

Please note this number for your action : +91- [protected] & [protected]...
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Bajaj Finance — regarding telling lies by bajaj executive and doing fraud insurance

 tushar kanti Kumar on Jun 28, 2018
I got a call from your company and they promised to do health insurance of me and my wife at rs.8372. Each having ₹ 10 lac insurance. But your company provided only insurance of rs.5 lac only for me. And send document having premium of rs.4358 on my name only. And no any insurance of my wife. Now the company send message of two loan account having no.515lip78218988and515lip78218517. Emi ₹808 and ₹872. How can you send for two emi when you done a single insurance of ₹4358. Who has given permission to do such insurance. With out my current signature and document how can only by calling your...
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Bajaj Finance Ltd. — for closer later for home loan not releasing

 lal heera on Jun 28, 2018
Dear sir, i have submitted the request latter for for closer latter for home loan on dated 1-6-18 and send many reminder but till date i have not get any respond from them while i have already get approval for home loan transfer from hdfc.

Pls find enclosed here with my two request no. For for closer latter are pending from last one month.

My files no. Are. 1. 401blp60874721

2. 401flp59637112

Quarry no. Is as below

1. Sr[protected] bpl

2. Sr[protected] flp

Kindly look into this and please respond...
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Bajaj Finance — my emi card blocked - mobile : 8867737085

 Shivarudra D S on Jun 27, 2018
Respected Concern Persona,

My name is D S Shivarudraiah, My EMI Card No. [protected]. My card is temporary blocked. I request you please activate my card. This is not a good customer service. You people blocked my card without any prior intimation. I did not receive any prior massage regarding the same. This is a very disgusting service. Rs. 5000/- for Walnet Card purpose transferred and Vouchers also not dispatched. This is not my good service experience with Bajaj Finance Customer serving team. You should well trend your team before let them handle any call.

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Bajaj Finance — bajaj finance deduct money ecs charge from my account

 HIREN KUMAR on Jun 27, 2018
Bajaj finserv debited 118rs on 27 jun from my account in the name of bajajfin_mndtvrfchgs_may18. . Please register my complaint and help to resolve it asap.
this mail is coming from axis bank deduction of my money from bajajfinance.

Hello! Your A/c no. 220178 has been debited by Rs. 118 on 27Jun18. The A/c balance is Rs. 125.54. Info: BAJAJFIN_MNDTVRFCHGS_MAY18
Use your Debit card, atleast once in 180 days on purchase transactions to keep your Personal Accidental Insurance cover active.For details please visit

Please contact the Bank...
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Bajaj Finance — unsolicited calls from bajaj finserv

 b.jais on Jun 27, 2018
I am getting unsolicited calls from Bajaj Finserve on loans. I am not interested in any loans and I have not requested for any loan from Bajaj Finserve.
These calls keep coming through the day and from different numbers so blocking the numbers is also not helping.
On attending the call without knowing it is from Bajaj Finserve, the automated message on loans goes on. This is causing a lot of disturbance daily.
Could Bajaj Finserve please stop calling my number for any product of theirs?
My phone number is [protected]...
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Bajaj Finance — stop automated calls regarding loads

 Gowrish Sherala on Jun 27, 2018
This is to bring to your kind notice that am getting repeated automated system call (Ivr) from bajaj finance. If you have my number, doesn't mean you can keep calling me without my concent. It is really irritating. If any load is required, i can get it touch with you and don't need your reminders please.

Kindly stop disturbing me with your promotional calls. Please allow us to do our work peacefully.

Here is my mobile number: [protected]

Thanks in advance....
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Bajaj Finance — 01725245351 bypassing a number block

 spamblock on Jun 26, 2018

So I am being bothered with phone calls from Bajaj, Bajaj Finance Co Btc, Bajaj Finance, Baja Finserv (Location of call: Chandigarh) daily. Names and location as per Truecaller.
On one hand it is impressive how these guys bypass a number block on the other hand it is high time that these organizations should understand that once a call is rejected the person does not require a loan.
I am writing to request you to take action against the individual/company using the number : [protected]. (all four using the same number)....
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Bajaj Finance — amount deduction through bank a/c for no reason

 Preethi Kothapalli on Jun 26, 2018
It's been 8months i cleared all my bajaj finserv card loans. On 19th june 2018, i noticed 590/- deducted 4times from my account as cheque bounce charges through my bank account the same day. I approached near by bajaj centre, they asked me to submit bank statement. I submitted it. When i approached bank they said unless etc hit the account that won't happen. Still no response from bajaj people i couldn't understand what is happening. This is a great loss for me as it effects my cibil score too. I request to refund the deducted amount as soon as possible and take necessary action on bajaj finance...
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Bajaj Finance — I stopped a service but still they asking me to pay 8k.

 Divya Chandrabose on Jun 25, 2018

My name is Divya. I taken a weight lose treatment in a place called Shakshi Wellness - T.Nagar. This place also a scam. They cheat people. Shakshi's service was not good and they keep fooling me. They did not even give me the printed or written paper about the treatment or the amount I paid and I have to pay.

Shakshi wellness got sign from me saying that they will get me the signed papers copy in 2 days but they did not. I started having doubt on them and then aftrr 6days I stopped going there.

When I asked shakshi wellness they said that they...
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Bajaj Finance — flexi term loan

 rohitk12r on Jun 25, 2018
This email is regarding the loan that was approved on date 7th February, 2018. I had received a call last week regarding a Personal loan scheme from Mr. Ravi from your firm. After discussing my financial requirement with him, I had inquired for INR 50, 000 upon which he suggested me of some OD (Overdraft Due) scheme. According to him, there will be INR 5 lakh in a virtual account and I may withdraw money from it as and when needed and I would only need to pay a 15% interest later on, only on the money I have withdrawn. Yesterday, that is 7th February, 2018 I received INR 486, 964 in my bank account.
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Bajaj Finance — customer care harassment

 Stanley Arvind on Jun 25, 2018
I receive calls from bajaj finance almost daily from their automated customer care number. This has become very frequent oflate that they call me multiple times in a day.

These calls have become a mental torture for me and i started blocking them in my phone but this company has devised a devious plan is harassing it's former customers by calling them from different numbers eachtime. I have blocked close to 10 numbers from them but seems like they have a new line eachtime i block one.

Please take action on this company as this is becoming an harassment as the time they...
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Bajaj Finance — mental harassment

 Ena Jain on Jun 25, 2018
Hi, we have requested to change the payment date and each month we pay at 30th. You guys have not changed and harrasing the people. I am a thrid party and some lady is calling me with this number [protected] and harrasing me so badly. I don't know what was her problem and she was no trained at all. Are you guys just hire people and don't ttain them? She was calling me in every two minutes and was repeating the exact same thing. Not ready to give the name. Your customers service number is never rechable. Don't take this for granted. I have been harrassed. If this is not sorted i m going rajeev jain...
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Bajaj Finance — unwanted calls and unapproved money taken from account

 anwesha mazumdar on Jun 24, 2018
Bajaj finance team - you have the most irritating and inefficient crm system ever! From numerous calls to daily smses you have stopped at nothing to ensure i never again transact with your brand. I had taken a car loan years ago, the loan got over some 3 years back and yet i get barged with your calls and smses, inspite of repeatedly asking to take me off your calling list.
To top this nuisance, there was money deducted from my bank account for inactivity on some emi card i did not even sign up for. Stop stealing from people! One - how does bajaj still have access to my bank account after...
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Bajaj Finance — irritating calls for loan

 No Tune No Life on Jun 24, 2018
Dear bajaj team, when we are not interested of any loans or cards from u then y do u people keep calling daily?? Atleast 6 to 7 in a day which irritates me like hell!!! I don't want any loan nor anything from u people. Kindly please remove my number your database.

My number is [protected].

Kindly please remove my as soon as possible.

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Bajaj Finance — loan fraud - harassment - without providing the warranty extend service

 Manjay7869 on Jun 23, 2018
Loan account number : 4130cd[protected] loan amount 46300 - for purchasing ac
Loan account number : 413ewc[protected] loan amount 2968 - for extended warranty

There was some pending amount to both of the loan, bajaj finance employee
Called me and to pay approx 13432 rs, so that he can close this loan and give me noc for this (Closure document). I paid the amount then that guy never given me noc. Infact not picking the call.

Then after 2 months one person called me and asked to pay the pending amount once again. And said on this loan number 413ewc28500104,...
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