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Chevrolet India Customer Care
Chevrolet Sales India Pvt. Ltd.
Customer satisfaction rating: 1%
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Chevrolet India Customer Care

Chevrolet Sales India Pvt. Ltd.

Block B, Chandrapura Industrial Estate, District Panchmahals
Panchmahal District
India - 389351

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts



+91 12 4421 3334  
+91 26 7622 0666  

Additional info
Chevrolet Marketing Office
Chevrolet Sales India Pvt. Ltd., 1st Floor, Plot Number 15, Sector-32, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana, India

Regional Customer Care
Pune: +91 20 3030 8080
Delhi: +91 11 3030 8080
Kolkata: +91 33 3030 8080
Gurgaon: +91 24 3030 8080
Mumbai: +91 22 3030 8080
Jaipur: +91 41 3030 8080

Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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To Chevrolet India,

Chevrolet is one of the leading brand in Indian car market. But surprisingly its service is worthless. I have one Aveo, but I had very bad experience about Chevrolet within last 1 & 1/2 yrs. It's a very shameful. I have more cars of other brands but I never faced such humiliation. In future I will not buy any Chevy cars and also not recommend to any of my friends and relatives for chevrolet. Before buying Chevy cars first think about Bad/ worth/ high value service cost/ astronomical repairing charges.
Last year my car’s AC machine had stopped working for some fault, hence I contacted my nearest Chevrolet authorised service station (Longia Motors Pvt. ltd.) on 07.05.2012. But the service engineer told me that no leakage is there but the gas is low, so I will refill it. I repeatedly asked him and his service advisor that please check it properly (any leakage or any other parts is needed to be replaced) because every time it is not possible to come for the same work and also spending money for the same problem (Chevrolet and there service station always feel that customer means kill them through charging them highly.). But they did not worked properly and told me if you will face any problem, then next time we will not charge you for Gas..... It means they know they don't work properly fault is their so customer will come again. And secondly, that day I told them my car engine oil life is over so change it. But they charged me for one full paid service, which is Rs.900.(it's means when you want to change the engine oil of your car form Chevrolet authorised service station then you will have to pay double charge).
After 3 to 4 months later my car AC stopped cooling again. So I went to Longia for report but they told me that - it stopped because of some leakage in the AC pipeline so I was surprised, if they knew that there was a leakage then why they were not able to solve it before. It means they planned to take more money (double charge) for the same work.
So this time I went to another service center Dulichand Motors Pvt. ltd.on 11.02.13 for AC repairing again. As per them the AC gas is out because of leakage and the valve was not working, and the estimated cost is Rs. 6500 to Rs. 7000 for repairing. So again I was surprised and asked them why this value , then they told me the breakup cost where I found there was a Rs. 2000 extra cost they have added. So I told them don't make me fool, do exactly what the customer is demanding you to do. Then my bill comes down to Rs.5000. It means if any customer do not check / ask about the detailed breakup of the bill then they will (Chevy service center) charge astronomical amount to their customers. But from this month again the AC cooling is dropped and again Chevrolet makes me fool. So what Chevrolet wants from me for one AC repairing and also proved previously was duped by the service station (Longia and Dulichand). Actually all service center are doing same job as per the Chevrolet instruction.
So my suggestion to all the car owners is that before buying any Chevy car first think about it's worthless service & also Chevy car owner also check the work when you will go the Chevy service station.
I need to back my money or need solution against my paid money.

Thinking you

Diptendu Barman
good go ahead man
Hi Diptendu, kindly share your contact details along with dealer name to [protected] and we shall contact you shortly.
Diptendu is absolutely correct. Such bad service has never been seen before. I too am a Chevy car owner (Beat LT) since an year and i really regret of my decision of choosing Chevy over other's. The service is highly pathetic. They will always make sure to kill the customer by charging them. The parts which they will name to be replaced will be the one's which you might not have even heard about and would be high on cost. My car has been to the service station 5 times since the last 2 and half months. They will never check the vehicle thoroughly despite of telling them the severity and the frequency of the issue. They will just do some minor works and return the vehicle faulty so that after few days the situation becomes worse and the part has to be replaced forcibly and this way they can make money, can make a donkey out of the customers and achieve their targets of selling the spare parts. My car has a very low running and is a single-handed vehicle. Since its purchase in June 2012 till today, it has not even completed 10, 000 kms. Still i have spent Rs. 9000 when the last service was done which were the charges of the third service and the replacement of a part named "Oxygen Sensor". For this particular replacement I had to send my car thrice to the workshop which is 10 kms away from my place.The staff is so stupid that they will call the vehicle for a part replacement and will not even check the stock whether its available with them or not before calling the customer!!! They will keep you waiting for hours although they promise that they will not take morethan 30-40 mins still you are made a fool there and moreover the staff members and the Manager tell you to leave without the vehicle and will also not arrange for a drop when you are already late for the office. Now there is another issue of the power steering pump for which I sent the car 20-21 days back and they again did the same creepy thing of not checking the vehicle properly and sending it by doing minor works. Now since 5 days the same issue is coming and now they are so glad to tell me that the pump is damaged and it needs to be replaced with an expense of Rs. 20, 000. WHY THE HELL DIDNT THEY CHECK IT BEFORE PROPERLY TO AVOID THOIS SITUATION? IF THEY WOULD HAVE DONE IT AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE ISSUE THERE WOULD'NT HAVE BEEN ANY NEED TO SPEND THIS AMOUNT. BUT THE FACT REMAINS THAT THEY WANT THE CUSTOMERS TO STAY STUPID AND BELIEVE IN WHATEVER CRAP THEY SAY AND WHATEVER LOGICS THEY GIVE. I HAVE GIVEN UP WITH CHEVROLET AND WILL NOT SPEND ANY MONEY FOR THIS OR ANY ISSUE. I DONT NEED MY CAR BACK. KEEP IT WITH YOU SO THAT I GET RID OF YOU. SHEER HEADACHE IS CHEVROLET SERVICES.
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

    Dear Sir,

    I regret to inform you that I am very disappointed with behavior of Mr. Kiran Thakur at S. G Highway branch. Pls read below what happen……..

    I went to SG Highway Chevrolet Car Showroom to book New sail UVA Basic Model in petrol (Grey Color) on 27/03/2013 Dhuleti Day on that day Mr. Kiran & Mr. Nitin was committed to me that we have said model in stock and can deliver on 29/03/2013 if you give us full amount cheque. So I paid them full amount cheque on same day to ensure I get delivery on 29/03/2013. second day I went to Chevrolet office to submit my document (address proof)at that time on second day Mr. Kiran said the car is not in stock you have to wait for 10-15 days more and also you have to pay Rs. 10,000/- extra due to price rised on Car TAX. I told him why I have to pay Rs. 10,000/- extra as it’s your wrong commitment and also you took full amount cheque from me before price rised. But Mr. Kiran Thakur was not agree any return me my full amount cheque and told me that I can’t do anything you can cancel your booking we don’t care. I was totally shock & surprised that Chevrolet sales guy doesn’t care for Rs. 5 Lac (As we all know that Rs. 5 Lac is not small amount) also his behavior with customer is totally not acceptable at all. So finally I reached to Mr. Sirohi (GM of Chevrolet SG Highway) he understand my situation and committed that I will book your car and at old price and will deliver on 25/04/2013. I appreciate his help. However I call Mr. Kiran Thakur on 25/04/2013 to know status of delivery and before he talk to me he hold my phone and talking with his internal Colleague with using bad words that ek chootiyo customer chhe kyarni gand mare che (I Have phone recording and I will take this in Consumer court because this type of behavior I have never seen in my life and not acceptable at all. I will take strictly action against him and your company.)after their internal communication Mr. Kiran said me that still we have no stock and we are not sure when we can deliver your car we can’t do anything for the same if you want to cancel you can cancel your booking.

    I do not understand how Chevrolet sales person can talk with their customer like this it’s very shameful. I think there is no value of senior person or GM in Chevrolet that’s why Mr. Kiran can talk like this with customer. If Chevrolet will not take this action than I am sure that in future Chevrolet sale will down just due to bad behavior of sales staff like Mr. Kiran Thakur.

    I hope above massage you understand well and take necessaries action against him on priority.

    Also let me know final date of delivery of my car as I have already broken Rs. 5 Lac FD before 1 Month just because of your sales person wrong commitment.
    Hi Bhavin, kindly share your contact details with us at [protected] and we shall get in touch with you shortly.
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

      Chevrolet Beat Lt — improper working of AC

      Complaint category Cars, Parts & Vehicles

      I had given my 1 year old chevrolet spark for servicing @ Subrai Motors , Vasco on the 2nd of this month and there were certain issues that i had mentioned to be rectified like the wheel bearings of both the front tyres.i had ordered for door locks and accuator for central locking on 3 rd february 2012 which i have not yet evn after15 days my car is still not ready and evn after telling thm about the problem is with the wheel bearing they have replAced my mounting bushes and charged me for that bt still the problem is nt solved and my car is still lying in the whn i cheked my car there were scratches on my car all over. Chevrolet has the most pathetic service in goa and they dont have any concern for their customers.i would never recommend this cars to ne one in future.

      Chevrolet Spark — poor servicing

      i have a cheverlet spark,i have gone through second paid service 19th sep 2010 at DPM auto at DEHRADUN CENTER..this time the quality of service was extremely poor..they called me for the feedback response after the above service i have inform them about my dissatisfaction about quality of service but till then there is no response from the Service center.i have register the complaint regarding uneven balding of both rear tyres,they told me that this is because of poor alignment of tyres and they have to be aligned and rotated, but nothing have done.Internal cleaning was also of very bad quality.apart from poor services of given complaint they have lost wheel cover of left front tyre..
      i was a admirer of Cheverlet for their World class products and i was completely satisfied with my car SPARK even i have recommended and convinced many of the persons for quality,class and services of Cheverlet but this time i am highly disappointed .

      My car no is UK07L 1166,Dr.Preeti Dwivedy W/O Dr.B.N.Dwivedy

      spark — poor service

      I’m writing this out of sheer frustration. My car (Spark, red in color, Regn. Number - AS01-AG 5156) was given for repairing in Radiant motors of Jorhat, Assam on 19th April 2011 after I had an accident on 18th.

      I was informed that my car would be ready by 23 April, but it didn’t happen. Then they told me that the job will be done by 7th May. Some other development happened in between. The service manager (Rajiv) suddenly left the job, but before leaving it he promised me that he would get the job done at any circumstance on 14th May. It didn’t happen either. Today is 20 May, and when I investigated the case the service manager said that it may take another 10 days or so.

      Now my question is how a person can leave a job suddenly without completing his job. He lied to me. Moreover the present service manager(R K Das) doesn’t even have any clue what is happening to my car. He doesn’t reply properly. As per my information, the dealer doesn’t have a proper servicing infrastructure in jorhat. They get the job done in some other third party.

      Is this what Chevrolet service all about? You all boast that GM is the largest manufacturer of cars….and what not….I’m absolutely pissed off by the level of service that GM has provided me. This is the second time I’ve been deceived by Radiant Motors.

      Does it take more than a month to repair minor damages? Do you think that GM will shine by giving false promises? I’m sorry to say that yours is a failed company…….
      I’m selling off my car very soon and I promise I would never buy a Chevrolet product in future and I would make every effort to tell people to stay away of GM. I would do a big campaign against your company in all possible media channels, be it TV, social network, word of mouth and internet community. You won’t believe the how the propaganda will affect your reputation and sales….. At least in Assam…… That’s a promise.

      You’d bear the consequences of messing up with a media person…..

      Yours dissatisfied customer
      Sashanka Barbaruah
      Mobile: [protected]
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        POOR SERVICES ---I Mr. Sunil i buy car before 8 month , i was very Happy with the technology used for Chevrolet Beat, and suggested the same car for few customer and my friends who already purchased the car. But I have a problem now with my car, my car is not starting, i call to Chevrolet call center jaipur but no one was ready to Liston my problem, one day Triumph Motors, Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur, they send tow break down guys one on the taking a pick up but they are not giving me my car repaired in warranty period. if it happens so i need to step to consumer court. i visited service center but no one is giving satisfy answer, mr. swadesh soni are saying they will charge parking payments 500 per day, there is no costumer service, very rude behavior, my car in the service center since last one month, pls look in to matter, Regards sunil vijay car no - RJ 19 CC 9284, Co. [protected],
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

           Radha Krishnan
          Received a message stating that my mobile No [protected] had won Rs 3Crore 75 Lakh from cheverolet car company in Uk Draw competion and for receiving the Money I am advised to remit Rs 24850 as proessing fee. Is It correct?
          After this posting no messages were recieved from the party
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

             vinod Aswani
            I m vinod aswani. I m an accountant. Before 6 months, I came to know about a placement agency called avenues placement. I registered their and they consult me to give an interview in atharva motors. there, i got selected as an accountant, but after joining, I face much trouble their every day fighting, disturbing from coll. due to non mutual co- operation from their side. suddenly one day, Mr. pawan agarwal, head of accounts department told me to leave the office then i told them OK and I move.. now, the problem arises, they have not credited my salary for the month of Feb. 2013 in my bank account for 5 days, how much, I work their for the month of Feb 2013 and they are saying that the salary had been forfeited against an mistake in an entry in tally and they have incurred loss due to that Rs 3000. so they have forfeited that. but my point is that ...
            1. There is clear difference between the monthly report and entry.
            2. The entry is related to income tax, they are saying they have paid much in income tax by Rs. 3000 but they are not showing the receipt of the income tax, which they have paid.
            3.I also consult with C.A., he also told me that acc. to rules income tax will carried forward in the next month but the company's manager Abhishek Porana and accountant Mr. Pawan Agarwal is not getting my point.
            4. In short, completely they were in side of not giving me my salary
            5. The placement Agency is also not showing their responsibility in this case
            6.One of the cause of this is also that they were not afraid of law, for example of this is there are so much of complaints of this party with the name " Chevrolet India" but they are moving like a star..

            Pl look upon this matter and do the needful need..
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              Hello ,

              I'm prateek sharma , Running Software company in chandigarh. I have an very bad deal with Chevrolet first time .

              I planned to buy a Chevrolet Sail LS ABS and i booked my car from Jaishree Motors , Kangra near by 14th feb and they promised me that they will provide me a car in 10 days . But after 10 days they are giving me Next to next Month dates.

              Even the sales manages Mr. Vijay kumar talking is not a professional way and Its really an embarrassing moment for me , I was worried that how they deal me with car and where i will go for the services .

              Please help me to get my Car , As i waited for so long and i don't have any resolution . No one is helping me Out properly. I registered a complaint also in Complaint department (200015 Complaint number).

              When i asked to return my booking amount they said they will deduct 5000 Rs from that .

              Please help me out as you are my last hope

              Prateek sharma

              Chevrolet / GM — Car Booking

              I have booked Chevrolet Spark on 19/12/2010 by paying rs. 25,0000/-. I was given a confirmed delivery date of 24/12/2010. Now, I am informed that the car will be delivered only after 15th January, AND I will also have to pay the excess price, if the price changes from 1st Jan.
              I feel duped.
              As per all automobile dealers booking form, receipt, quotation the price ruling at the time of invoice only the actual price of the vehicle. This is actually correct.

              Let us see an example.

              1. A customer booked one SANTRO ON 31.12.2010 with a price of Rs 4, 40, 000. Next day the company reduce the price by Rs 50, 000 as a special offer. Now the customer is having two chices. A> He will pay the balance amount as per booking and take delivery without this 50, 000 offer. b> He will cancel the booking. get his full booking money back. Again make a fresh booking and enjoy the Rs 50000 offer.

              As a customer waht will you do.

              All customer will take the second choice only.

              Hence i strongly suggest the price ruling at the time of invoicing is CORRECT. Not booking
              i booked my chevy sail diesel sedan on 19th feb till now i did not get my delivery the dealer in my place is very helpful with me and he says its not fault as the company is not sending the car only from factory or either they are sending it late im expecting to get my car on 25th by tomorrow i hope it comes all u need is a long patience to enjoy thi car but i think the wait is worth it :-)
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                Chevrolet Motor Promo 2013 — inquiry about SMS

                 pooran singh patwal
                sir i got a sms from [protected] that my mobile number won the prize of 3 crore 35 lakh from chevrolet motor promo 2013....
                Complaint comments  Comments  (17)Complaint category Lottery and Sweepstake Emails

                ford lukas email id is [protected] company address is

                CHEVROLET Programs & Events Department
                CHEVROLET Motors
                P.O. Box 850
                MANCHESTER MR2 8GD
                His company boss name and telephone number and email id is below.
                DR. MARK WINTERS.
                For Further Clarifications Contact: 1)[protected] 2)[protected][protected] .4)[protected] .
                MY DETAILS
                NAME=PATEL DHARMESH
                PHONE NUMBER:=1)91-[protected].[protected].

                that passport is fake .. the name is fake and u have been faked register a complaint againt him as soon as possible in ur nearest police station
                same thing is going with me but i am saved from me [protected]
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                   Kumar Gaurav
                  have ordered a Chevrolet spark car cover from them. They have said on their web site to deliver in one day. But they man, does not delivered it even after 3 days. I paid to them by card in advance before delivery. They have not even picking any calls on any of their provided number [protected], [protected] . IT APPEARS THAT IT IS A FAKE COMPANY WHO IS CHEATING THE PEOPLE . THEIR ALL CUSTOMER CARE NO. ARE UNREACHABLE TOO. i HAVE SEND THEM A INQUIRY FROM THEIR WEBSITE BUT STILL THERE IS NOT any FOLLOWUP. Now, It appears that I have lost my money.
                  and the product is still not delivered. Please reveal the face of this fraud online shopping site and make them pay for me for this.

                  Chevrolet Spark — delivery of vehicle

                  I have booked my spark on 21st October at Metro General, Vasant Kunj after being promised that they will deliver it on 1st week of November. But they have changed their stance three times. Now they are saying they cannot deliver it before January 15 because mismatch of demand and supply. Ok but when i came across sales call whereby they are selling directly the vehicle on premium (that is charging 10k to 15k), i was shocked. Now really i will advise people dont fall in traps like this or u will suffer like i am. Now, i am nowhere and dont know when my vehicle will be delivered.
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                    Dear Sir,
                    My name is Satbir Singh and I have Chevrolet Spark Model 2008 white in color having registration number HR-02-T-4467. There was 3 problems in my car. Firstly, my car’s front mirror was cracked, secondly the front bumper was damaged and thirdly the silencer was also damaged. For the same, I went to Oberoi Automobiles, Aggarsain Chowk Near Gupta Palace, Jagadhri Yamunanagar 135003 HARYANA Phone: +[protected] Email: oberoi.[protected] but when I reached there, I wait for 10 minutes to met the employee of the Oberoi Automobile and when the employee comes I start explaining the problem of my car in a very polite manner but in return that employee was speaking with me in an anger way, his name is Mr. Parvesh. When I told to him that I want to change the front mirror of my car then instead of giving me the proper guidance of the insurance he rudely give the response and when I asked the second problem of my car to Mr. Parvesh i.e the bumper problem he told to me that go to spare part department, I didn’t have knowledge about bumper then I said Ok. Then I go to the spare part department and there I met Mr. Rahul. I told to Mr. Rahul that I want to change my bumper. I want that bumper which is coming in new spark model then he told me that new bumper is available and it will cost you 1500 and further that bumper needs white paint and that paint will cost you 3500 i.e 1500+3500=5000. And after hearing the cost of bumper I told to Mr. Rahul that Is new bumper can fit in my old model car? Then he said I don’t know and then I went to Mr. Parvesh and told that Is new bumper can fit in my old model car? Then he said I don’t know and later on I met with the mechanic of Oberoi Automobile and asked that Is new bumper can fit in my old model car? Then he said I don’t know. It means that no person was able to give the answer of my question. And when I asked the third problem of my car to Mr. Parvesh i.e the silencer problem then he told to me that go to spare part department, I didn’t have knowledge about the silencer then I said Ok. Then I again go to the spare part department and asked the price and availability of the silencer then Mr. Rahul told me that which silencer’s part you want for the same I go to the mechanic and told to him that please give me proper guidance of silencer so that I can replace it as soon as possible because a lot of noise was coming through the silencer then that mechanic told me that I will not touch your car without job card. I again go to Mr. Parvesh for the purpose of job card but I was unable to find Mr. Parvesh in that agency, I went to reception for the job card but no one was there to attend the customer. This is very embarrassing moment of my life. The service of Chevrolet Car is very poor. If I want to give the feedback then I will give 0 out of 10 to Chevrolet Company. If you give this kind of services to the customer then in future no person will purchase Chevrolet Car.
                    Regards, Satbir Singh Mobile No: [protected] Email: [protected]
                    Hi Satbir, thank you for raising the concern. Kindly share your case details at [protected] and we will contact you shortly.
                    I had mail to [protected] on 29 July, 2013 and today is 07 August, 2013 but still i did not receive any reply from then.
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                       vinay vig
                      In a bizzare of events, a local resident, the owner of luxurious SUV Chevrolet-Captiva was obscured on the repeated failures
                      for the support from General Motors India Ltd. On 10th feb the owner's SUV had caught fire while on the way to Saharanpur
                      and till now no help has been received either from General Motors or the company dealers by him.Ludhiana based local
                      businessman, was extremely disappointed and frustrated with poor after sales service of the company's dealer m/s padam motors.
                      Accordingly, after growing frustrated of visiting and calling local Chevrolet stores and suffering delays and loss in the business also
                      he took the matter in his own hands and vent out his anger with the public outburst.
                      The entrepreneur , vig said,"The moving car caught fire due to sudden short-circuiting
                      and I somehow managed to jump out of the car and fell off in the pithole on the highway and got several injuries and bruises.
                      I had been constantly calling up the authorities for the help and co-operation, but no body is ready to look into the matter.
                      I called up at Oberoi Motors, Yamuna nagar for the assistance but they failed to provide it . I also tried to take the matter
                      to Sanmukh Singh from General Motors who came to ludhiana at chevrolet outlet-Padam Motors to acertain the reason
                      about the incident, after four days of repeated calls made by me , an incomplete report was sent to the higher officials which was unsatisfactory to me as well surveyor from
                      designated insurance company. I thereafter called vikas jain ( DIRECTOR SALES-GENERAL MOTORS INDIA LTD.) at his cell number who forwarded the matter to nitin kohli,
                      who is the after sales zonal manager ( GENERAL MOTORS INDIA LTD.) but they both showed inability to help me out. This was never expected from such a high esteemed company like chevrolet.The company has been delaying the matter by quoting silly excuses."

                      With Regards

                      vinay vig
                      115-j block.
                      sarabha nagar.
                      Ph No.[protected]
                      for your information. My chevrolet captiva caught fire on june 26th similar to your incident. call me so that we can fight together. saran [protected] or [protected]
                      I am filing a case in consumer court and also taken this matter to ARAI. We will get justice if you share me the details.

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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                        Dear Sir,

                        1) I purchase Beat diesel car vehicle No Ch 01 AM 7215 from M/s Dynamic Motors, Chandigarh on 17 Feb, 2012.

                        2) At the time of purchase, M/s Dynamic Motors has quoted me Rs 10880-00 for insurance charges. ( Please find attached copy of thier quotation duly signed in M/s Dynamic representative.

                        3) At the time of delivery, when I tried to negotiate the insurance charges with Mr. Suresh (Sale representative), he told me that he can not give much discount on the Insurance charges but he can provide me the (bumper to bumper) zero-dep insurance , if I pay them total amount of Rs 11003/-
                        4) I agreed and paid them a total premium of Rs. 11003 ( Refer attachment insurance document)

                        5) Now my vehicle met accident and I sent this vehicle to M/s Dynamic Motors for repair.

                        6) I was informed that I have to pay an amount of Rs 27,600/- towards repair charges for plastic part as they are not covered in my insurance policy. However at the time of purchasing a car I have been told that this is a zero-dep policy.
                        7) It is envisage that M/s Dynamic Motors has even charged me higher amount for insurance as compare to the amount mentioned their quotation in lie of dep-cap insurance policy.

                        I feel like that I have been cheated by the authorities of M/s Dynamic Motors, you are requested to look in the matter and resolve the issue.


                        Vikas Bhardwaj

                        3445/1 Sector 38-D

                        Chandigarh 160014

                        Hi Vishal, thank you for raising the concern. We would appreciate if you can share your case and contact details at gmi.[protected] We would be glad to assist you. Thank you.
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                          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                          Chevrolet Beat Petrol — Autocop and Central Lock Malfunction since purchase

                          Hi Team,

                          I have purchased a BEAT-LT (PETROL) on 29th Dec. 2012 from Mumbai Nikhil auto’s showroom in Prabhadevi....
                          Complaint category Car Dealers

                          Dear sir,

                          My name is Prasanna and I live in Kathmandu, Nepal.

                          I first bought an Opel Sail in 2004 from the authorized GM dealer in Nepal. Since then I've bought 2 more Chevrolet Aveos and as recently as 1 year ago, referred 6 of my friends to the company. 4 of them bought Chevrolet Aveos.

                          Now, my Aveo which is 2 1/2 years old has begun giving me unusual problems since the last 6 months. Let me spell them out for you.

                          1. About 2 months ago, the ignition stopped working. The car wouldn't start. The mechanics at the workshop fixed it. A week later, it stopped working again-the car wouldn't start. They fixed it again. Less than a week after, it stopped again. This time, i screamed at them ( more out of frustration than anger) and they changed some component inside the car. It still goes off once Ina while and I need to turn the ignition a few times before it starts.

                          2. About 2 months ago, the tyres got locked. At first, the tires were locked (read: stopped moving) while trying to take the car out of the garage. As usual, the mechanics (who are very courteous btw) fixed it. Then a few days later, it happened again. Only this time the car was moving along on the road at a speed of about 20 km/hr when one of the rear tires locked and refused to move. Of course, the mechanics came, fixed it again.

                          3. 1 week ago, the car started swerving to the right on a straight road. No reason- the steering just started going right. I gave it to the garage again. Again, they worked on it, solved it and gave it back. Less than a day later, it happened again. Only this time, the problem was worse. So I gave it back again to the workshop. The car came back yesterday.

                          4. Less than 24 hours after I got the car back; today, i was driving the car when all of a sudden, both the rear tires locked in the middle of the street ! Of course, I know the mechanics really well by now and they've again promised to look into it. The manager at the workshop even called me up and offered to send a mechanic right away. I had to mention the customer service bit here, which quite frankly, impresses me. Now, only if the car was as good.

                          Dear sir,

                          I'm writing to request you to replace the car. Or give me my money back. Surely, even you must realize there is something wrong with this particular unit. I do understand if you cannot do either though. What that means for me though, apart from the obvious disappointment in buying a car for 28 lakhs and neither the car nor the company living up to its expectations, is that I'll never buy a Chevrolet again neither and I'll make sure I don't recommend it to anyone else.

                          Let me also tell you something else, if it wasn't for your dealer here- Annie Vaidya, who even gave me her own Subaru the other weekend because my car got stuck at the workshop, I'd be double disappointed.

                          Now only if your car was as good.


                          Email: prasanna.[protected]

                          Ps. If you're going to write back with the standard 'Sir, we will look into the matter urgently and inform you' line, I humbly request you to NOT bother writing back at all since I've heard it twice before already.
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                            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                             Farheen Thakkar
                            Dear All,

                            So far I have had the worst experience of buying a car from Nikhil Automobiles (Worli), since the day I approached your dealership.
                            I gave the booking amount on 19th Jan'2013 and finally got the car delivered on 13th Feb'2013, obviously during this period I was given
                            terrible wrong commitments multiple times.

                            Your team members have no knowledge of your own product and the process at all.

                            After a lot of commiseration and wrong commitments about the exchange of my old car, I finally decided buy the vehicle without car exchange.
                            Again Mr.Pravin Bonde committed on the con-call that the car shall be delivered soon on 8th Feb.2013.

                            I visited your showroom on 3rd.Feb'2013 for the loan process at SBI Bank. I was committed that I shall receive the car on maximum 8th.Feb'2013 as I had to sell my previous car until then. I clearly mentioned give me the date on which you can surely deliver the car as in case if I sell my old car it shall be very inconvenient for me to travel from my residence (In Bhiwandi) to my work place (Malad).
                            Confidently your team member said it shall be given before 8th.Feb'2013 along with the entire additional services done.

                            My husband (Dipen Thakkar) though did not trust your people and he was asked to come to the RTO office by Mr.Sachin Dhumll to the RTO on 8th.Feb'2013 for
                            personally monitor the passing and registration process because the charges applied from your end for the total number was given Rs.5000/- on mail.If RTO Agent of your showroom charges Rs.5000/- for the total whose actual charges paid by us was Rs.1000/- then I suggest him to join politics because his personal interest is only in making money without work. Mr.Sachin Dhumal lastly told me that the agent is just decreasing the amount by Rs.1500/-or Rs.2000/- nothing more. Moreover, when Dipen reached RTO office, your agent Mr.Yogesh said the documents received from Nikhil Automobiles were all wrong.Shockingly,
                            Mr.Yogesh asked Dipen,'gadi ki passing karva ke lao'...I suppose that was his job for which he charges.

                            For the entire day Dipen was at the RTO Office, and the horror, your team member Miss Jhanvi had sent the wrong set of documentation!!!!
                            She still doesn't have any idea whether Bhiwandi area lies within Octroi or out of Octroi. The sales executive called her in front of me to confirm the location for registration and she confidently says that my residence is out of octroi. I suppose Miss.Jhanvi has some guts to deny that at your showroom knows NOTHING AT ALL about registration areas but has loads of confidence to convey the wrong knowledge. Our sufferings were multiples because of her over-confidence.

                            The same evening Dipen visited your showroom for the cancellation and it was conveyed to him that you shall be charged least 25000/- as cancellation charges! You charge real heavy for your own mistakes from your customer.! Nevertheless, Mr.Rohan Kadam compensated for the seat covers for their mistake. Another commitment received that the car shall be delivered on 11th.Feb as weekend lies.

                            This nuisance was continued till 13th.Feb and the Nikhil Automobiles did not even bother to know in the meantime how their job is suppose to get done by the customer at the RTO office, nor did they send any of their team member for the process.To the extend they did not even let the sales executive help us out reasoning that he has already left the job. THE MOST PATHETIC SERVICES, UNETHICAL AND INHUMAN!
                            The car was asked at the RTO office for inspection TWICE by the RTO officers...I suppose that is not the routine for Nikhil Automobiles, you guys check out how many vehicles have been asked for the inspection from your dealership at the RTO Office??? If that is the process then please shut down your showroom!!!

                            At last, after loads of hassle, bribes and hard work the car was through passing and released.

                            For your excellence work done entirely by my husband the amount spent: Rs.3000/- Agent Bribe for registration
                            Rs.3000/- RTO Bribe for passing

                            Now, the Debit Note that you have sent includes Rs.71710/- as Registration and Service Charges (refer attachment)....kindly explain what exclusive services were given in regards to the registration process from Nikhil Automobiles?????
                            Wherein, the actual charges paid were Rs.63131/- (refer attachment).
                            I need the refund in difference of the amount of Rs.8579/- charged for the registration process that was never done from your end.
                            And the expenses done to complete the same, (Rs.3000 + Rs.3000), mentioned above.
                            In all, total refund for wrong charges and harassment Rs.14579/-.

                            Also, refer the feedback form in the attachment that you guys did not even bother to ask for!!! I guess you knew the precise feedback already!!

                            You have really lost the value and the respect in all terms of sales and services!!!!

                            NO THANKS FOR YOUR VALUABLE SERVICES.
                            Hi Farheen, thank you for bringing your concern to our notice. Please share your case and contact details on gmi.[protected] and we will contact you shortly.
                            SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS WITH NIKHIL AUTOMOBILES! Am suffering this on my booking of sail uva! Have given advance and old car for delivery committed for 5 march but till date no confirmation as these people don't have any car. Yes while booking they confirmed stock i dont know what they check in stock.

                            Am facing considerable amount inconvenience apart from daily expense as don't have my old car with me and don't know till when i shall get new!
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                              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                               sona infrabuild pvt
                              Dear Sir,

                              Hi Sona, please share your contact details with [protected] and we will contact you shortly.
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                                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                I am an owner of CHEVROLET SPARK LS and it was purchased from M/s Empire
                                Motors Pvt. Ltd. Bardoli.

                                Accidents of my car were taken place twice in a first year and repairing
                                done by M/s Empire Motors Pvt. Ltd. Bardoli.

                                First accident repairing done on 21/03/2011 against Invoice No.711217 &
                                Job No.3111723.and second accident repairing done on 21/12/2011 against
                                Invoice No.713019 & Job No.313617.

                                After one month from repairing of first accident, following problems were
                                observed in car and it was telephonic informed to service center.

                                a) I had seen color less spot (Naked Body) surrounded by flakes of color
                                at bottom of driver side bumper guard and blister of color near to fog
                                light hole. (now, so many areas are covered by color less spots and
                                blisters of color)

                                b) A/C Fresh air inlet & close loop circulation selection knob cable got
                                detached and knob remain on close loop circulations only.

                                c) Floor mat get opened at bottom of driver seat (near to back door &
                                petrol cover opening knob).

                                During the 2nd service, Problem (b) & (c) have been rectified in front of
                                me and (a) has required sufficient time to repair it, hence not taken to
                                repair it.

                                After one week of 2nd service, Problem (b) & (c) were remained same and it
                                was telephonic informed to service center.

                                After completion of 2nd accident job and before receiving the car, Problem
                                (a), (b) & (c) were remained unsolved and one more deficiency added in the
                                existing unsolved problem list.(Details of job -Invoice No.713019 of Dtd
                                21/12/2011 & Job No.313617)

                                a) Problem (a) not repaired along with accident job of front bumper guard
                                left side color and asks me, "its escape from our mind".

                                b) Try was made to repair A/c Air selection knob cable and finally they
                                decided to replace it on next time under warranty period as spare not

                                c) Repairing and fixing of floor mat was done.

                                d) Driver side back seat door (Repaired) child lock knob was found broken.
                                It was in good condition while giving for accident job. Service center
                                agreed to repair it on next time as spare not available.

                                During the 3rd service, Problem (b) & (d) remain unsolved on the ground of
                                non availability of spares and (a) is depend on (b) & (d) as I don't want
                                to leave car for each separate work two days.(Details of job -Invoice
                                No.713241 of Dtd 09/02/2012 & Job No.3111723)

                                Before 4th service I was contacted to service center (M/s Empire Motors
                                Pvt. Ltd. Bardoli) for the availability of spares as I want to solve above
                                problem along with my car service. Due to non availability of spares they
                                (M/s Empire Motors Pvt. Ltd. Bardoli) suggested me for M/s Nanavati
                                Motors,Surat as they don't have sufficient source of spare and ask my
                                problem to M/s Nanavati Motors,Surat.

                                On 4th service M/s Nanavati Motors, Surat agreed to solve Problem (b) &
                                (c) and they have been rectified by repair it. Where as Problem (a) & (d)
                                remain unsolved as it is a job card related deficiency.(Details of job
                                -Bill No.002396 of Dtd 13/08/2012 & Job No.002426)

                                After one week of 4th service, Problem (c) was remained same and after one
                                month Problem (b) was also remained same. It was telephonic informed
                                to service center (M/s Nanavati Motors,Surat).

                                On last month problem (b) & (c) were solved by replacing A/c panel and
                                fixing the floor mat by M/s Nanavati Motors, Surat (Details of job - Bill
                                No.003690 of Dtd 17/10/2012 & Job No.003761)

                                Since long time, M/s Empire Motors Pvt. Ltd. Bardoli is trying to make me
                                fool on the pending deficiency (a) & (d).

                                My humble request to CHEVROLET for looking into the matter and solve such
                                poor workmanship related deficiency of service center / CHEVROLET as early
                                as possible.
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                                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                   PRAMOD K GOEL
                                  We planned to purchase one small diesel car after making enquiries over phone and found that M/s Shamam Motor Services Pvt. Ltd. (Metro Chevrolet) A-2/6 Safdarjung Enclave, Africa Avenue, Delhi – 110 029 are most competitive because this Chevrolet dealer has offered us a discount of Rs. 12000/- alongwith free car accessories like parking sensor, Leather seat cover, Mats, Mud flap and perfume from the Ex-show room price of Rs. 589349/- for the Car Chevrolet Beat 1.0LTO BS04 Super Red . While booking the Car the dealer also offered us to get registered the car with Gurgaon Haryana RTO and also get insurance of car with the reimbursement of registration expenses Rs. 32508/- and Rs. 17067/- towards insurance premium.

                                  While taking delivery of the car the dealer issued us a retail invoice No. 524 dated 21/11/2012 for Rs. 5,88,769/- including 12.5% VAT. As per the offer if we calculate net Ex-show room price then it should have come to Rs. 589349/- less discount Rs. 12000/- = Rs. 577349/-. As such dealer charged us Rs. 11420/- extra in the ex-show room price of the car, which was totally unfair.

                                  Similarly we paid the Metro Chevrolet Rs. 17067/- towards reimbursement of insurance premium expenses. The insurance cover note which Metro Chevrolet provided us is for an insurance premium of Rs. 13022/-. As such we paid Metro Chevrolet Rs. 4045/- extra on account of insurance premium also.
                                  The car has been registered but Metro Chevrolet did not provide us High Security Number plate and also Metro Chevrolet did not give details tax paid and other expenses to know how much extra Metro Chevrolet Has taken in this account also.

                                  We made a complaint of Metro Chevrolet to Chevrolet Sale India, Gurgaon and Mr. Manmohan Bhaskar attended to our complaint through Ms. Payelray Chaudhury. Interestingly Ms. Payelray Chaudhury informed me that this discount of Rs. 12000/- offered by Metro Chevrolet has been adjusted against the logistic charges as per the company’s policy. She was not ready to tell me difference between Ex. factory price and Ex. showroom price. Logistic charges can be taken if Metro Chevrolet has given me car on Ex. factory price not on Ex. Showroom price. It seems Chevrolet India is also involved in the unfair trade practices. She also informed that the excess money taken in the insurance premium has also been adjusted towards the free accessories which have been provided free of cost. This shows that Chevrolet India fully supports the cheating being committed by Metro Chevrolet. I am surprised to see that a reputed Company o[censored]SA General Motors is supporting dirty sales tricks of its dealer Metro Chevrolet to trap the Indian customers.

                                  Metro Chevrolet — Dealer Complaint

                                  I hv purchased a beat car from metro chevrolet (sharnam moter services pvt ltd. vasant kunj) the excutive guiding me was im formal and miss guide me with his fake promises and stop picking up my calls and not repling to my messages he is nt professional his name is "Akhil Jain"
                                  and my car No. is DL9CT2811 Purchased on 28 mar 10. i raised the complaint to his manager but no action was taken i raise the complaint to Cus. Care but no action was taken and the ref no is # 17531.
                                  I want some strict action taken against him as i find no way out how to do it ,plz help me out in this matter.
                                  Piyush sethi
                                  Ph. [protected]
                                  Yes I do agree with Mr. Goel...Metro Chevrolet always play dirty tricks to close the deals. I am also a victim of their cheating acts. I got a very good sales pitch presentation with lot of attractive benefits. They promised me very good price along with lot of free goodies. But after a good amount of payment at the time of delivery they revealed me a lot of things which were not the part of promise. They misguided us a lot. When I asked for refund they straight forward denied. Now we were bound to take the car at a price which is much higher then the market.

                                  No doubt they are a big cheater.. Never buy any car from Metro Chevrolet.

                                  Very no no no to this.
                                  Hi Mr. Promod, please send your contact details to [protected] and someone from our end will get to you shortly.

                                  Chevrolet Beat — trivandrum deedi service

                                  Regular break downs in my chevorlet beat because of the poor service at trivandrum deedi chevorlet . Am fed up the service and the rates . My car is regular serviced vehicle . But it put me breakdown for 3times day after service .
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