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[Resolved]  Airtel — Worst Customer Service


I am writing this mail to express my frustration towards the bad customer service I have been receiving.
My account # [protected].
Whenever I call, my call is transferred to the Technical Team, where I am put on hold for several minutes and at last being disconnected.
If this is the kind of service you intend to provide...please disconnect the connection with immediate effect and let me know the charges accumulated till date on pro-rata basis.

I have been unable to connect to the wi-fi connection with one of my laptops. Also when I connect through the lan cable, it gives me download speed of around 1.2 mbps.

Please fix this immediately or let me know if you can't/don't want to fix the issue.
I very well see that Airtel is going the way of being a good consumer friendly company to a non-consumer friendly.
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 22:36:47
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Airtel Postpaid — Worst services in the whole WORLD!

I strongly agree with above complaints. I am also facing some issues with regard to the bill payment. I paid whole amount which was stated in the bill. But the data entry team wrongly up dated the amount and now i am getting continuous calls and messages from the company. I complained many time to the customer service team but they dont know how to resolve the issue. For the last two months i have been strugling with the Airtel people. I want to know what does the company mean by customer satisfaction. Now i am going to cancell this worst service.

And i have a request also: Please dont cheat your customers

Ph No: [protected]
My mobile no. is [protected]
From [protected] regulary called me for convert priped to postped.So i tld them i hv rent agreement, bank passbook, Driving liecence, pan card & i alredy given these proof to them & tld except this i dnt have anything so if it possible than go for it. They said rent aggriment on 100 Rs stamp is not
valid proof & still they had done the prooses. & convert my priped card to postpaid. Now from last 3 days my moble is not working. i called them but they have not picking up phones. now i have tell them that i have HP gas document but they still not coming to take & not picking up my phone.

thser are numbers frm they call me


i want to go for police cmplaint against them

A day or 2 before Dec 26, 2007, I called customer service of Airtel for the disconnection of my landline no 42331614. However, in turn they tried to retain me promising a Wi Fi Router on rental basis (Rs. 99 per month) which must have been installed latest by Dec 30, 2007. When the router wasn't installed at my home as per their deadline, I again called their customer service and requested for cancellation. But nothing happened and when today (Jan 02, 2008) I once again called them, they informed me that the connection had already been cancelled on Dec 26, 2007. It means that my rental plan was seized and I have been using the connection since then as per my rental plan. Now they will charge me a hefty amount as per their charges. Please tell me whom to contact in this situation.

Thanks & Regards,

Pankaj Bhuttan

Airtel Pune Maharashtra — Monopoly and poor customer care

Hello Friends
I am using Airtel number from last 3.5 year which is a post paid number. If someone else is using Airtel they must be aware of week customer care, network problem, down systems, tremendous marketing call s for Credit card, insurance, mutual funds etc. But this time they are doing something different Airtel is changing billing cycle without your permission, Airtel reduced my credit limit from Rs 6, 500 to Rs 1, 500 I have never defaulted my bills as I have auto pay options from my netbanking, they started SMS service with out my permission, stopped GPRS and list goes on. When I am calling customer care every executive is answerless and helpless as well.

AirTel — worst kind of services

I'm airtel prepaid mobile user for past 6 months. But in last 6 months 1-2 times they had charged me without informing about it. This happens like that the airtel customer care agent calling me disturbing me first and directly telling me that we are activating caller tune to your mobile, if you like it pls keep continue as it is but if you don't then pls sms us for deactivating the service. He purposely never informed me about charges of Rs.30 that would going deduct from prepaid amount. After one hour of activating I get sms of charges deduction, when tried to contact they could not clarify the complain. Again Airtel's mobile is not good we have to out of my house and stand on road to get range.

I have airtel prepaid connection.
I hav recieved a msg= Ur mobile num has won 500, 000 gbp in 2009 uk shell mobile draw, to claim ur prize send in ur name, tel and house address to [protected]
sender- TA-SPDC

i want to knw the authenticity of the same
Kindly reply is it real or fake asap.


Airtel Postpaid Connection — Being Loyal doesn't pay any good in Telecom

I have Airtel Postpaid connection from last 4 years, Still I have the same plan which was given to me @ the time getting the connection.They have never revised the call rates even a single time.
I have contacted for the same with Airtel Customer Care but didnt get any positive response it went on like a loop.Have already told them to disconnect the connection and adjust my security deposit and send across the last bill.The only reason i keeping the number is because i have using it for last 4 years.
Now waiting for new rule on 31st Dec, which will allow me to change the service provider.

Advise to all friend who want to use Airtel Postpaid connection : - Please stick to prepaid Connection as the revision in any call rate you can get the lastest market going rates.
Dear Reader,

Firstly i would suggest " Please donot fall in trap of Airtel DTH with the offers given by then to fish customers " They have a totally screwed up system of customer handling.

Due to change in my living rooms layout i had to relocate the DTH TV Set Top Box. I had request aitrel for the relocation on 10th July 2010, and i was assured that the same shall be done by 12th July 2010 3:00 pm. When no one came to attend the same even at 6 :30 pm then i called up airtel again on 12th July. I was assured that a service engineer would visit my place then very next day i.e. on 12th July 2010 by 12 noon. When no one came to attend the same even at 6 :30 pm then i called up airtel again and spoke to a supervisor whose name, as informed me is Ravi Khendelwal. He assured me that my issue would definitely be resolved by 13th July 2010 by 12 noon. When no one came to attend the same even at 6 :30 pm then i called up airtel again, and the same commitment was given to me. Today on the 20th July 2010 my issue is still un resolved and i have called more than 25 times to Airtel. But sadly ......

Nothing is done...


Arunava Pal

I purchased a new airtel dth connection through IVR via Airtel customer Care on 02/11/2010 and my transaction ID is 11609722, at the time of purchase the sales person Mr Sanjay from airtel customer care assure me that connection will be established within 48 hrs but it is surprising that after the time duration has expired I call customer care about 20 times and all are promise to resolve the issue within 48 hrs.After inform to the airtel haryana nodal office on 8th nov they install the dish and set top box but still the connection not activated .I asked to customer care and they inform me that no package has been selected against my customer ID.The other thing is the nodal office advice me contact to the nearest dealer whether I have not purchase from dealer but still I tried severel time to contact the dealers phone (kabir enterprise, mob-[protected]) but he is not ready to recieve the phone.
this is the history and the conclusion is after purchasing the connection on 2nd nov stil the value for money is NIL.

customer ID-- [protected]
Transaction Amnt- RS 1590
Transaction Id[protected]
transaction date- 2nd Nov'2010

complain no- 4347567

Krishna Kanta Malakar
Panipat refinery Township
Indian Oil Corporation ltd
The great customer care service experience ....with airtel..

(27.10.10) from the no of [protected]
around 9.30pm to 10.15 pm

first try....

i had a prblm with hello tune service ....i spoke to one of your customer service representative ( representative means a person who ll show the brand service ) ...
First think i disappoint with you csr ,coz he don't the how to pick the call wish.. no respect in the voice curtsy.. ... after am not satisfied with his service , i request to transfer the call to the team leader...he told me to stay on the line .. i waited for 12.56 sec.... no one came to answer for my doubt, also the call got disconnect automatically .... wow its wow..........a fool waiting iin the line.. he is paying every month around 500 rs ...for getting this kind of great service .....(pls note for this service your charging me 50p/3min its awesome know)

Second try. ...

Time 10..15 pm to from the no of [protected]

Again i need to clarify my problem .. i dialed 121..a person took a call... as well as .the same type of experience ..i had . for this time i thought know the person who going to talk to me ( becoz of last time service) a girl taken the call ...suddenly she asking about the problem ...i stopped , and asked her name ...then she never put me in the hold ,she start to commenting about me with her colleague...(like "" hey this person asking my name .,,,he is not ready to tell his prblm and simply ...etc"''") finally she told her name ( juliet) ..i told her to transfer the line to the TL ...i hanged around 7 min ...after a person came on the line( his name karthick/arun )....he listened my prblm and after he said ..."sir you ll get a call from our ccs excutive with in four days" was amazing
there is no courtesy. apologist. at lest the word sorry hmmmmmm no chance..from the Team Leader (TL means a person should train the team in the attitude mode ) ... i kept my phone ..coz i got headache ....

day 2
02.11.10 fromv the no of [protected]

i called up again and told that this kind of service your company given ..i havent got a call from your company ..she told me stay on the line ...i waited .... . i waited for 13.56 min response ...the call was disconnected ...( i think its may be secret of handling the problems) ..

i never fed up ..i called up again i mr.rohit attend the call ..he connect me to the team leader ,mr.ruthra moorthy ...i share with my wonderful exp with him.....finally he apologize for happened and he said me the same .."our ccs people ll contact me soon"

thanks to who ever reading this mail.......

Am really unhappy to send this mail .same time Air tel should not treat the customer like this ....... your top management discussing abt way of winning in the business well as they should know how the customer getting treated practically ...
Airtel customer care training team should take this as opportunity to correct your self .........

am an airtel prepaid user.on 9 dec 2010 i reported a problem at the customer care because my balance reduced from rs 11 to zero,while using internet.after that i varified my mobile office balance,and .35 mb was left at that time.this was varified by customer care executive allso and he asked to contact again after 2 or 3 days.after that i contacted customer care and now they are saying that balance reduced because my mobile office balnce was reduced.but it was allready confirmed that .35 mb was left on 9th.
It's the worst customer service I have ever come across.

First of all their DTH doesn't work. We have a shared dish and every now and then - we get the video-problem! On calling the customer desk - it takes >20-30mins to register the complaint. The complaint gets marked resolve automatically without any action being initated from Airtel.

The airtel customer care seems to be the worst among all other telecommunication service providers in India.I am facing a lot of trouble in just converting a postpaid number to prepaid.They doesn't even bother to provide the necessary information's to their customers,and their relationship centers are places just to collect forms and throws into trash bins without processing it.
Hi Rakesh this is really interesting! this is the second time with airtel happens so that, you guys come down to resolve my issue after me taking the last step of disconnecting airtel! well, i am now happily using VODAFONE my number is [protected], i bought this just 10 minutes after i cancelled my new airtel connection ([protected])...i bought this connection on 21-june-11 in "airwave communication" in Porur, Chennai. Agent Lakshmi told me that my new connection will be activated by 1900Hrs on the same day and she gave me a number saying that is her number and i can get in touch with her if i need her help with my new connection. @ 1900 hrs i Text her asking her not to forget my activation as it is not activated by that time...infact till the next day (22-june-11) 1400Hrs. There are 3 contacts number of "air wave communication" i could find online and i called all these numbers minimum 30 times and all numbers just kept ringing and none picked up. By this time i was already boiling because i had no phone to use, i could not do my business as i text all my people as this is my new number thinking this will get activated on same day @ 1900 hrs. also to my bankers.

i went physically to airwave communication in porur, chennai...standing outside i dialed their contact numbers I WITNESSED YOUR PEOPLE SITTING IDLE LOOKING AT SOME CORNER WITHOUT PICKING THE PHONE...i am serious! then i went inside...shouted (as i am supposed to) and asked them for a refund!WELL SHE IMMEDIATELY TOOK THE PAPERS OUT AND GAVE ME THE MONEY! they never wanted to apologize for their mistake! well fair enough! VODAFONE was not too far! and my new number just got activated within 4 hours from the time i cancelled my airtel and their outlet is really amazing and they looked like real communication tech's who had real good tech skills.

i paid airwave INR 2500 to get this fancy??? number with out any bill but in vodafone they charged me only 1000 for a better number and THEY GAVE ME A BILL for every single penny. i am not upset with airtel for this one incident...i have already PORTed out my airtel number - [protected] - due to the same reason...and another incident for a number [protected] for porting it from Vodafone to Airtel(this one i had already mentioned in this site...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT TOOK 7 DAYS OF FIGHTING WITH AIRWAVE PEOPLE TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE)...all these 3 incidents taught us that AIRTEL has the most worst service in the world.




THIS IS JUST NOT THE END. I KNOW AIRTEL HAS THE BEST SERVICE IN THIS COUNTRY BUT YOUR CUSTOMER CARE, RELATION CENTERS ARE PUTTING THE BRAND DOWN! by this way i am sure even Sharukh khan will change his brand to some other service provider. please do not call me as i am already with VODAFONE...try to fix things to avoid such incidents in future!

Thank you for reading!
Complain Registration No: 38702195
I moved to Airtel service provider 4-5 days back availing the porting facility since earlier Idea didn't had good coverage in my area. Since that day my outgoing SMS is blocked. I called up Airtel's customer service and was told to verify the servicecenter no etc. and found that everything was ok. Then I tried with some other SIM card from a different service provider and found that I was able to send the SMSes. The other phone using my Airtel's SIM card now was not able to send SMS.
Again called up customer service and registered complain and I was told that within 24 hrs the issue would be resolved. NOTHING happened. Again I called up the customer service and was again promised that within 24 hrs my issue would be resolved. This time got a call from a reprsentative of Airtel that some executive will meet me in the afternoon to resolve the issue. NO one turned up and on calling the executive I was told that he would meet me in another 20mins. DID NOT COME. Again on calling was told that he would come in another 30mins. The person did not come the whole day.
I am really disappointed with the Airtel's service and would probably look for some other service provider.
I, Vishwameet Chawla, being an ardent customer of Airtel, with my mobile,TV, Broadband and land line phone all provided through Airtel, was shocked with the blatantly rude behavior of Airtel's call center executives. Jayant (Rep) and Amit Saini (Floor Supervisor) were contacted today for a problem in my land line phone which existed for the last 15 days. I was conveyed that the splitter is at fault and I need to buy it. Politely, I inquired to Airtel's representative, why do I need to pay for such a petty thing? And more so, is there any leverage of being a preferred customer? To which, I was very rudely told that we can't help it the polices are changed. I further asked how can they as an organization change the policies without taking customer's consent. The shocker continued and Airtel's supervisor after a tiff, said, you can go legal and we (Airtel) will talk to you in legal language, now.

With all the above in perspective, the questions that I request to be answered are:

First and foremost, what kind of customer etiquette's are being conveyed to these representatives? I wonder if they are just acting in their own self obsessed individual capacities or are they been conveyed that they are the face of Airtel?
How can there be a one-sided change to the policies? That too without the customer conveying an active cognizance of the same?
Why can't Airtel change such a petty thing like a splitter? More so, when the customer has not consented/acknowledged the policy change? I am not sure, if being a preferred customer helps here in any way.

Considering all this there are a few more generic queries:

Why shouldn't I discontinue using Airtel Mobile as a retraction? (I know you having a monopolist position in Land line and broadband market in NCR, leaves me with no such option, there)
Why shouldn't I start bad mouthing Airtel in my virtual and physical space?
Lastly, why shouldn't I contemplate taking this to a consumer court?

I will eagerly wait for somebody with greater sense and responsibility to reply at the earliest.
Mu Aug 12 Airtel bill dated 6th Aug 2012 was of 342 rs for which i made a payment through HDFC bank on 8 Aug 2012 of 340 Rs ( same is reflected in HDFC bank statement ). But when next bill comes this month , it shows that previous bill of 342 rs. was due for payment & they have also charged 100 rs as late payment fee.

inspite of complaing twice they are not eager to sort out my issuse. they are just ignoring it.

I want to change the service provider by keeping same mobile no.

Please help.

Mayur Kher
Namaste Mr.Kher,

This is to inform you that your concern listed on 13 September 2012 has been noted and our team is working on a resolution. At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience faced by you. We will get in touch with you for further details of your concern as the need arises.

For any queries you may have you can also get in touch with us at

Arpit Dixit
Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
Bharti Airtel Ltd
Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services
Twitter -
Facebook -
Till date resolution is not done.. totaly unsatisfied with the service.
Will Change the operator very soon.
I have also mailed the bank statement to "[protected]"
Still no reply.

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