[Resolved]  Citibank India — Citibank has fraudulent billing and harasses its customers with horrible customer service

I have been a Citibank card member since 08/04 and not once has there been a time when I have not paid my outstanding amount. The reason for that is to maintain a clean credit record with the bank and also to maintain a relationship with this bank.

Unfortunately I have come to the point where I regret the day I ever became a Citibank customer. I have realized that the only think Citibank does to its good customers is to harass them and extract money.

Here is my concern:

On May 2007, I had carried out a balance transfer of Rs 20, 000 from my Citibank credit card to another bank card by mistake. Realizing the mistake, I immediately had my parents in India put Rs 20, 000 back into my credit card account. Meanwhile I spoke to multiple customer care executives explaining the situation and in their trained fashion all they could say was "we cannot help madam, the amount you deposited will even the loan interest out automatically". Not once was I asked to pre- close the loan or any other option.Isn't it their duty to tell me this option when they knew I had the balance transfer by mistake and wanted to immediately close by paying of the amount???

1 yr later, I am still receiving bills and now they want me to pay outstanding loan interest of Rs496 in April and now Rs 1831 for May. Looks like the Rs 20, 000 I initially put in has exhausted and Citi needs more money from me as the so called loan interest.

Despite of being in the US, I have made multiple calls to Citibank customer care number[protected] regarding the issue. Details below

1) Customer service exec: Krishna at 10.17pm IST on 23 or 26th May(no help whatsoever)

2) Customer service exec: Shiva at 10.27pm IST on 27th May (took my phone number and promised that the loan department will get back to me, but phone got disconnected as usual)

3)Customer service exec: Sreejith Babu at 10.37 pm IST on 27th May (Reconfirmed that loan department will get back to me to resolve issue)

4)Customer service exec:Sindhu at 6.02 pm IST on 28th May (worst customer care exec I have come across, was rude and uncultured, she was the ultimate example of Citibank's commitment to horrible customer care, put me on a 10 min hold and then the line went dead again)

5)Customer service exec:Ramya(QA Manager) at 6.15 pm IST on 28th May (tried to listen more intelligently than the other customer care and said would call me back on Monday after looking into the matter. Unfortunately as always, line went dead even before I could give details of my calls last year so that she can retrace them)

I have honestly given up on this bank and its service. Harassment is the only motive they have when it comes to their customers. Sitting in the US I have nothing to lose but I still made multiple calls thinking that someone would have the wisdom and power to resolve the issue. Unfortunately it looks like the bank is full of people who pass the buck and fail in resolving any issue. I am disappointed that this bank/customer relation has gone totally sour.

I will make no more calls to Citibank in India and waste my money.I am mailing them this same email today. Lets see what they will do(except nothing!)
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Aug 14, 2020
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SBI CITY CARD - Hyderabad — Wrong Billing

Hi ,

This is Santhosh From Hyderabad. From last 10 months onwards i am using the SBI Credit Card.
My Card No is : [protected]. I am facing the problem like wrong billing.

Two months before i have purchase one laptop using my sbi credit card. After that i request
for customer care to convert that transaction into EMI. They won't convert that statement into EMI.
After bill generation i surprised, because of billing. Immediately i call to the customer care and i
ask , why that transaction is not converted into EMI. They simply said you didn't raise the request for
conversion for that transaction. They are asking like, do you have any reference number for request raising.
For that, i didn't ask the reference number for that request.

Any way Cutomer Care pepople give one suggestion. The suggestion like SBI Will provide the loan facility
for clearing the Outstanding. For that i agreed and raise for that loan. After 15 minutes, i again call to customer
care for cancellation of that loan. At that time they promised like Cancell the Loan.

In the next month, again i surprised the Bill. Because they won't Cancell the Loan. I didn't get any
DD for that Loan. But customer peopole says that Some Person RAO has taken the DD. But any way for this cancellation
it takes minum 6 months. Upto 6 months it will be appeared in the Statement, like that they are said.

After fighting with Customer Care, they promoised like we are Cancell the Transaction. After the next month
bill again i surprised, still that transaction is there in statment.

Finally i am irritated with the SBI. Upto know i don't know how much interest they are charged.
Please give me an suggestion.
Thanks & Regards,
Santhosh Kumar Nunna,
Cell : [protected].

Don't wanna reveal — Collections Agent Uncultured

There is a person named Latha in the Collections Department, who used filthy, abusive and unacceptable language calling up my home. She has also told that i have not made any payments for the last 4 months...Even though i pay after the due date...i have ensured that i pay the minimum due regularly...

The needs to be taught a lesson.

If someone responsible is reading this email...request you to take stern action against such cheap ...

Citibank — I don't hold any citibank credit card still getting Payment due alert from citibank


I don't have any citibank credit card. Still every day i get Citi-Alert SMS from citibank as follows:
"Dear Customer,
Your credit card payment is due for Rs.5423.17. Plsmake the payment immidiately or call at (Toll Free)[protected]. Pls ignore if already paid."

Several times I tried calling [protected] but it says this line is currently busy or not available.

In this regards, twice the customer care executive called me and asking for somebody called "Srinivas". I informed that the mobile number is wrongly registered with Srinivas's name and i don't hold any card. Still i'm getting SMS o regular basis which is very much irritating to me.

Helpdesk IT &Consulting Services — Credit card Application Statement

Hi, My name is gayathri actually i applied for credit card at HSBC and my application number is 6015636 and Mr. Rajender (sales executive)collected my documents and photo. Home verification and office verification was over but still now they doesn't inform my status.

i have an citi bank Account No. [protected], Debit Card No. [protected]
This is salary account with zero balance and use any ATM facility
i use this card in SBI ATM and withdraw Rs. 500
but balance was deducted from Rs 520

tell me, why more Rs.20 was charged
i have an citi bank Account No. [protected], Debit Card No. [protected]
This is salary account with zero balance and use any ATM facility
i use this card in SBI ATM and withdraw Rs. 500
but balance was deducted from Rs 520

tell me, why more Rs.20 was charged
Dear Sir

Please note i had lost my c card on dated 23 August' 08 that day i have blocked my card at the same time i given request for reissueing for card and i got the same but i did not any transction from my card so why i pay Rs. 27800.00 please investigate who miss use my card i will not pay any single amount
card no: [protected]

Please check your end

N N Pandey
91 [protected]
Me too receiving msgs like that... asking for outstanding payments and want you to call on that said no. [protected].

As i personally hold 2 Citibank Cards with a very high credit limits, i seriously was shocked to see that message on my screen as it was asking for outstanding payment balance in lacs.

but seriously saying this is completely fake and its kind a racket going on in Delhi which give consumers a threat of higher outstanding amount and want them to call on their phone no. and may be they would ask your credit card no. and your other details mentioned on card and may misuse your card.. so beware.

what i did in this case is written in my blog at

guys this is not for my publicity but just want everyone aware of credit card threats so people could protect themselve from these kind of speculations.

Yogesh Munjal

tcs kohinoor — fi problem

really disappointed with my apache fi...aft moving the bike few km petrol supply prob starts...very worst performance

Citibank — Citibank is not working

Citibank is disturbing my vagina

My account [protected](Salary Account) came to effect from April 2008, and my salary account was changed to a normal account with out intimating to me in July 2008, which I came to know when I spoke to Ashish (Citi bank Associate) today 15/10/2008. At the time of opening the account, I was told that you can draw money from any ATM and it will not be charged. Now I am seeing that there are number of service charges. Please look into my issue ASAP and advise me whether I should continue this account or not.

You can reach me on [protected]

Credit Card — Correction of balance transfer & service charges in bank record.

November 8, 2008

The Manager
ICICI Bank Credit Card
New Delhi

Subject : Correction of balance transfer & service charges in bank record.
Card Ref. No : [protected]

Dear Sir

I had taken balance transfer of Rs. 29100 on 17-09-08 in favour of HDFC Bank for three month on 0% interest. As per this scheme it is suppose to be charge me processing fees @ 2% + @ 12.36% (service tax ) i.e. Rs. 654. When I received the credit card statement and noticed that bank have charged me Rs. 1452.09 as processing fees and service tax Rs.179.48 and principal amount is also not appearing in the statement. I thought that by mistake bank have debited this amount to my account. When I called up their customer care on 08-11-08 they told me that charges is related to Easy balance transfer @5% +service taxes for six months. I told the person there is mistake in processing of my balance transfer request, which will create me problem to pay back your money in six equated EMI and high charges of Rs.[protected]. But the person was not ready to listen me and sort out the problem.

If you will check your record that this kind of balance transfer I am taking on regular basis and very much familiar about the scheme & charges.

Kindly do the necessary correction in your record to help me to pay your money smoothly and to maintain good relation.

Thanking you.

Yours truly.

Ashok Dudeja

Flat No-164, GH-13
Paschim Vihar
New Delhi-110087

Mobile No=[protected]

Citibank Credit Card — billing problem

am holding a citi bank credit card. once i done internet tranction with that card but i thought that tranction for one time only. but it comeing every mouth. many times i try to call particular dept but i cant reach them so i request concern dept kindlly cancel particular internet bill in my credit card

thanking you

CREDIT CARD NO [protected]
MOBILE NO[protected]
I have been asked by Citibank to pay the maount for last 5 years for the transaction that I have never done. They don't have any charge slip against those transactions to sent across. And after sending the customer declaration form they told me that they will do an investigation after 5 year, they are telling me it is too late for the invetsigation and i have to pay the bill.

Citi bank is the worse bank and their systems and staff is even worst, I had a citi bank credit card which i surrendered/closed in 2004 June and now when i applied for home loan they came up with a huge outstanding on that card, This is after i receiced a confirmation letter from bank that card is closed...
Highly rediculous and unethical, unhealthy pratices adopted by bank and their staff members...

Definately i m going legal against them.. they cant take customers for a ride like this..

Citibank Credit Card — to know payment outstanding if any

i want to know my citi bank visa credit card[protected] holder name..ishani gupta valid upto...06/11
Ref : CITI BANK Visa Credit Card No. - [protected] of Jay Bhaumik
Sub : Unfair charges levied by Citi Bank

Dear Sir/Madam

It is indeed a great amount of dissatisfaction and discontent that CITI Bank has debited/charged something iniquitous in my Credit card account, despite having more than 8 years of strong association and without having a single record of cheque bouncing.

EMI Payment (availed 37EMI @ 8390/pm option) of a particular month got delayed because of my family problem (somebody fell sick, had to move to Hyderabad for treatment).

Subsequently I released two EMIs together Rs.16780/-(to avoid penalty and interest), even after that you levied charges in my account. You went on charging month after month relentlessly, which mounted up to Rs. 4110/-. Despite giving repeated phone calls to your customer support no corrective action taken.

Being a responsible citizen, I am paying the entire amount thru below mentioned cheque to normalize the account on protest.

I am ashamed to write this mail to you and be rest assured that subsequently I shall be refrained from making further transaction with CITI Bank post clearances of aforesaid EMI tenor.

Jay Bhaumik

Credit Card — ECS deposited before due date

Dear Sir/ Madam,
My name is Pravin Parmar.My credit card No is [protected]. As per your advise, I have converted some of my dues in ECS so that I can save interest charges.I have received SMS from you on 02/03/09 at 2.54 P.M that my payment towards your bank is due on 04/03/09.Please note that this is ECS & according to my best of my knowledge, ECS has to appear in customers account only on due date & not before due date.I am enjoying this facility for other bank also, including Barclay Finance. But no one is depositting ESC before due date.But in my case ECS has been deposited by you twice before due date & thats why unnessarily I had to bear a loss of RS 1400/
Please look after in to this matter & reply immedietly.
Pravin Parmar.
Citibank made two deduction from my ICICI bank account
Details are
14th March Amount - Rs 11895/-
24th March Amount - Rs 11895/-

KIndly tell me the reason soon.
I dont understand who authorized citibank to deduct the payment using direct debit on 24th March.

I am not going to pay you for April 1st EMI since you have already deducted the amount.

Citibank — HELP!!!!!!!

Dear Head of Customer Care,
May I implore you to please read and understand this request and DO something about it immediately.
I had taken a loan from citibank 3 years ago. I have been paying my EMI as and when I had received my monthly statement. very often the monthly statements would reach me after the due date. As a result a late payment charge + other charges were being collected. At times I hadn't even received the monthly statement. I have been charged Rs. 300/- per statement when I have requested for one. I had been to the Kolkata office and soke to the manager. He assured me that he would help. I applied for a reversal of charges which amounts to a couple of thousands of rupees. I had written a letter to your office in Chennai. I received a reply that my data was not available on the database in Chennai. There are a few more EMIs to be paid. I am willing to pay them as EMIs and not as consolidated amounts as told to me by phone. Can you arange this PLEASE?

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