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[Resolved]  Croma Stores — Really Sub Standard Service from Croma

It is one of those rare days when you go to a store to buy a bunch of electronic products on a single day.
Today was one such day. Given these tough economic times, stores must be working harder to convert fewer footfalls into sales, or so you think. Read my experience in the Croma Store on Linking Road, Mumbai today.

I wanted to a buy the following things:

An all-in-one printer
A Monitor
A Wet grinder
A Portable Air conditioner that I have seen earlier.

Before going to the bay where they had the printers, I looked at the Mobile enclosure to have a look. There were two guys there and I asked to see the Apple iPhone. These guys were in the world of their own. They didn't hear me. They didn't even ask the customary questions 'may I help you'. Since a mobile phone was not my agenda I moved on but amused at the indifference these guys were showing.

My experience in the Printers bay was good, although I had to wait for sometime before the concerned person could reach me. His name was hemant, he gave some good advice and I quickly zeroed in on the product I wanted.

My Decision: Buy

Next is Monitors, and buying them could be tricky. I wanted to know what the aspect ratio was on the monitors on display. No had any clue. How does Samsung 19" compare to a Viewsonic 19". No clue. They pointed me a Dell person who had no clue either. All he said was I should book it online, which I think everyone knows.

My Decision: Not to buy

Then I moved on to the Wet Grinders. The person here was the most useless. When I asked for a wet grinder, he asked/said 'Mixer? I went around few aisles and I found the Wet Grinder. A Maharaja Whiteline. There are two options 1.5 and 2 ltr. I wanted the 2 ltr. And then I saw that there were optional 'Atta kneader' and 'Coconut Scraper'. I asked them does optional mean I should buy them and if so from where. Now this man had no clue what I was asking. Simply because he wasn't even reading the packaging on which this was mentioned. Then we asked for the Maharaja contact person's number. He went and brought the card and was happy to have us go. We called the Maharaja guy and after many calls he said that we need to buy them separately and they will have them delivered to our home. So, even though the sales person was useless, we decided to go ahead, since we needed on badly.

My Decision: Buy

This is the final piece. The Portable Air Conditioner and a clincher.

There was only one in the store and it was on display. I requested them to bring it down so we could have a closer look. They didnt appear too keen to do that. But they finally got it down.
We discovered that it has a single hose pipe that takes the hot air away. Now this means that we need to keep a window/door partially open to let the air out. Our concern then was would it cool the room enough then. Concern No 1.

There is a side attachment to it that collects the water. Neat. But how often do we have to empty it.
If it is once in a day or even twice in the day, it is ok. But what if I have to do it every two hours o[censored]se.
Pretty dumb right. I asked them about it. They said "itna nahin hoyega". They didn't sound convincing to me. I asked them did they use the unit to see its performance. No. So whatever they were telling me is at most a calculated guess. I didn't want to buy a product worth RS 17000 on somebody's guess work.
That was Concern No 2.

I asked does the store have a return policy. No they don't have. I then asked if they could call a customer who has bought it before and ask them if they'd like to talk with me about the aircon. They said their policies don't allow them to. I didn't get that. As a customer, yes I would be annoyed if the store gave my number to someone. But if they called themselves and asked me, I will either say yes or no. But no the store wouldn't do it.

Then we spoke to Karim, the second in charge, or so he said about the situation and that we want to be convinced about the product. He said all the customer satisfaction surveys were already done and they have been selling this chinese product for 3 months without complaints. May be true but when you don't get answers to your basic queries you are in doubt. When we expressed the same thought to him, he said - "then don't buy". Splendid advice. I cursed myself for not getting this thought earlier.

When you type in Croma in Google, this is the first result you see..

"At Croma, well-trained store advisors, who have an in-depth knowledge of the products, guide, advise and help you choose a product that's just right for you ..."

you only have to go to the store to see how specious this claim is. And to top it this is a Tata Enterprise

So here is the ending of the story. I took Karim's advice. Not only for the aircon but also for those that I decided to buy from Croma. That was one and half hour of a beautiful day spent quite uselessly in Croma.

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I strongly agree with the customer .Even I had a similar experience just few days back.I was looking at coolers and ACs to buy . None of the store boys were keen to show the product . When Iasked then one of them came and said dekh lo and i asked home delivery, he told no .i wanted to check out the cooler he said no...then I asked about portable ac .he said it is out of stock..
these guys are rude, have no knowledge.Never expected such a response from a tata enterprise
I am really not satisfy with the given by your to Staff to customer. St
There was a fellow standing who was litrely not interested in attending to Customers.
When i asked details of some Products. He gave a reply in such a Attitude that i was really Dissapointed and he told his Colleague in this way:
(Dekh isko kya chahiye saale timepass kar raha hai)
Am i fool to keep my work pending and visited croma just for timepass

I was a regular customer and i had purchesed Electronics worth Lakhs.
But now onwords I will never Buy Electronics from Croma

The Staff Name is Parmeshwar. I want reply of this thing on my Email id ASAP. Becouse of such staf[censored] Loose your Customers. I want an action taken againts that staff
well, everybody has their own way of judging things and that depends upon the experience they far as my experience with croma ahmedabad goes, i am pretty satisfied with the same..i bought sumo air cooler and bajaj food processor. the staff was more than happy to help us out in zeroing the products, good product knowledge and also they assisted us in getting the home delievery, confirming the convinient timings and top of it, even calling before half an hour to reconfirm our suitability, , dont know about the after sales services as so far they are not required, but net net, TATA CROMA has met upto my expectations in ahmedabad and baroda as well, , , , mandar
You said this portable ac is a chinese product. Thanks for your information. When I went to Croma store last week, at Eva Mall, Bangalore, I was really doubtful about the product's quality and effectiveness. Hence I asked the store person whether this product is anyway related to voltas? The sales advisor said,
"This product is actually from Voltas, and it is reliable, after all this from TATA. The name is 'Croma' so that it can be sold at a cheaper rate." I know Voltas is a reliable brand of TATA and I do already have a 1.5T split Voltas AC. Why do stores do not convey authenticity of a product to consumer...Why should I pay Rs.17990 for a chinese product. LG, a more reliable one, has a similar product at a higher price and I would like to go for that.
I complete agree on the abominable service in Croma. I went to Croma in Vashi yesterday to pick up a portable AC. Not only wasn't anybody interested in atttending to me and finally when the sales person turned up he told me the mobile AC has a hitachi compressor and in the last two years they haven't had a single complain. Thanks for let me know the mobile AC is a chinese one.
they dont have anything to give you more info - no brochure ...? is there a warraty?? i checked the ac as well - the staff did not know anything...!!!

I wonder if there are actual buyers of this product reading this forum? We had a portable ac in the US and it was wonderful during the summer. The portable ac we saw in the Croma store looked so much like the one we had in the US, we were about to buy it then and there. About it being a Chinese product - EVERYTHING in the US down to the littlest dolls that children play with is made in China. So, Im not surprised that this is made in China too. However, I want to know whether the Croma brand and after sales service is good?

And nothing compares to a review from an actual buyer. Does anyone have any complaints with the product?

Hi all, it is greatfull to advise me, i am planning to purchase croma portable AC, is it worth to pay 18000, and any one sujjest the benifit and problems form the Croma AC
Hi all, I have bought that portable AC and I swear it is in terms of cooling.I have been using it for 3 moths there is no water issue.But the main issue is with cooling, it take days togeather to cool a small room.I got Rs.4000 as electricity bill.Jeevan Kanth
I have bought a portable air conditioner from CROMA PUNJAGUTTA, HYDERABAD in May 2011. The sales person told me that the product can be exchanged with other product if I was not happy with the performance. The AC does not cool beyond 25% . I have complained innumerable times on the helpline and also personally went to the store and informed them. They exchanged the AC but still no improvement. Then they sent the service person, he comes and checks whether it is switching on or not and goes back and informs that it is working in perfect condition !!! They dont even wait to see how it is working

So it appears I have an air cooler which also makes a lot of noise( for the price of 4 air coolers, cost me Rs.20, 000 wheras a good cooler will easily come in Rs.5000/- ) And all this because I believed in the name of TATA AND HAD FAITH IN THEM which of course turns out to be a MYTH !!!. Will approach the Consumer forum for the same. Have decided never to shop in Croma again nor allow anybody else who I know to do so.

Anybody thinking of buying it should not do so, you will be landed with a product which does not function effectively. AVOID !!!

Quintessence Enterprises


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