[Resolved]  Fashion And You — online fraud

I have ordered for 4 different products from a website called as www.fashionandyou.com. I made the entire payment but initially received only one product(cheapest among those). Then after making not less than 30 calls I was told that the products will be dispatched soon and then i received a package. But I was shocked to see that there was only one product in it. Now after making not less than 50 attempts to reach them I was told that they do not have any stock with them. So when I asked for refund I was told that I will be getting my money only in the form of gift voucher forcing me shop with them again. Even after expressing my severe dis-interest in shopping with them they very arrogantly replied that thats the only option left for me. Even when I warned them of taking this issue to consumer forum the relpy was " No problem at all, please go ahead" and here I am seeking justice.

I should say that this is my most disappointing experience in my online shopping spree of 3 yrs.

To all those who are shopping with please stop doing it right away or some day or the other you are going to face the similar or even bigger problems. Its only because of such fraudulent companies many genuine websites are facing problem in India since people are losing their faith in online shopping.

So people please be careful about such websites
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Aug 13, 2020
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Please write an email complaint to gurgaon commissioner of police. Also raise an fraud alert with your bank and CCavenues is facilitating this scam and helping loot innocent customers. Write a complaint to them as well. Fashionandyou.com seems to be ripping off thousands of innocent customers. There are numerous complaints all over google and facebook.
Dear Abhim27,

Apologies for the inconvenience. Regarding your order no 679054, store credit of INR 500/- is reflecting you FashionandYou account. We duly apologize for the hassle you had to go through and hope you will give us another chance of serving you better in the future. You can also get in touch with us n Twitter @helpfny and of Facebook on our support tab http://on.fb.me/nhHT7b

Thanks and Regards,
FashionandYou Support.
I think FNY is holding a campaign these days to bust the complains of innocent customers by posting convincing fake comments. I also observed at theiir site that they keep on displaying the same old stuff that they could not sell in the past. They just renew the face of the link and eveything inside is the same old story which indicates that they are real cheats. So, if a person is careful enough and observes such thieves before investing even a rupee, he/she can save his/her hard earned money. Good luck friends. Don't let these absurds absorb you money just like that. keep up posting the complains!!!

FashionAndYou — wrong goods delivered

I have been using Fashion and you for a while and am quite pleased with them. However, when it comes to certain products they really disappoint me. I purchased a morphy richards hand blender with a wall mountable and beaker attachment (932774). The one that was delivered was neither wall mountable nor with a beaker attachment...and this happened twice. The second time i even called before placing the order and checked them if they had the product in stock and they stated yes but still failed to deliver the right product. I paid for a higher range product and they delivered the low range product twice. Now, i am stuck with a blender that i know is not of my use and i do not want to take the hassle of reshipping it to them. Every time i return a product i lose my shipping money, i waste time and quite frankly it is frustrating. They are a good website. I only wish they could control they warehouse better.

Can someone from Fashion and You intervene here.

A fashionandyou representative contacted me to resolve the issue. They were very cooperative but since it is not their policy to arrange for pickups i decided to let go of the return process. I would end up paying more for couriering the blender and although they stated that they would refund the courier charges as well, it just didn't seem appealing to me.

I thank them for their outreach and request them to have better coordination with their warehouse so such instances are not repeated.

Sabera Patni
Thanks Guru,

They contacted me and asked me to initiate return procedure. It's just too much of a hassle and the courier company is going to charge me more for the freight charges than the amount i spent on the product. So, i politely declined intiating the return.

I would however, (as i have stated earlier) request them to coordinate better with their warehouse since this was the second time the same wrong product was delivered to me. I hope it does not repeat.

Thank u Guru. I appreciate it your intervention!
I ordered two things from FnY on 1 September 2011 order no 801302. Inspite of repeated follow up I did not receive the product. Finally, they told me that the one of the product (magnet) is not available with them but the other product keychain will be dispatched. After a couple of more phonecalls I was told the keychain is also not available and I had to cancel the order. I cancelled the order on 12 October but still I have not received the refund. I had paid through the netbanking account but they apparently have issued a cheque which has been in transit since 19 October and they dont seem to have a clue as to where the cheque is. They claim the cheque has been delivered to Ghatkopar though I stay in Mulund which is a good 20 km away. I told make a stop payment and process a net banking transfer as I have paid through net banking. However, they claim that now the cheque has been issued they cant make a net banking transfer. The executives are extremely rude and insensitive. You have to keep following up with them and still nto receive any concrete updates. Also looks like they suffer from amnesia, despite promising me a call back I have not received a single call from them for updating me. This website should be banned. Its a way of siphoning off the money.

b & c fashion — package not received

i ordered some dresses from thailand and it arrived on 23rd of oct still to date its shows in customs
it was supposed to delivered to margoa- goa please can you guide me on this matter.
I agree with all the complaints!! I have made 3 orders till date and 1 order from my friend whom I referred. Same result !! had an issue with each and every order. The customer service has only been taught soft skills and just keep appologising by do nothing to rectify the issue! they will ask for 3 days to work out and then never reply ! you have to keep calling them.

1st I had a problem with the bill which was reflecting in my order history. Next there was an issue with the delivery when the product was sent with the wrong amount to be collected, It took them 2 weeks to send the correct bill to the courier company for my product to be delivered that too after following up for atleast 15 times. This is one of the major reasons I pay only COD because i dont trust the site.

2nd issue When i verified for COD for the 1st order i was not required to verify for the next order saying that you are our esteem customer, on my 3rd order i get a msg saying we tried to call you to verify but u were not available please call us to verify. Where is the esteemed customer status gone ?

3rd the latest issue was fantastic. I had ordered something for my wife and she was looking forward for it to be delivered. till 2 weeks there was no update in my order history. on calling them they tell me the product is not available with the vendor, after keeping the phone I checked in my account the order shows cancelled, without any intimation or email nothing.

I understand if there are teething problems with new companies but teething problems are temporary where you learn from your mistakes and make sure it never happens again. I wont say that it is a fraud company as the product quality is as promissed !! what angers me is the serivce!!

I had previously tried Myntra and had a pleasant experience with them !! I feel I have to go back to them and also try out other portals like Flipcart etc.

Very dissatisfied customer,


Fashion And You — Outdated stock - 2 years old material

It is a fraud company and dont trust this website.

There are other shopping portals, please use them
Dear Vinay,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Regarding your order no.879284. Store credit of INR 237/- will be reflecting in customers account within 48 hours. For any further queries you can get in touch with us via email ([protected]@fashionandyou.com) or you can also get in touch with our new Facebook support Tab (https://www.facebook.com/fashionandyou?sk=app_[protected] or our Twitter ID (@helpfny).

Thanks and Regards,
FashionandYou Support
I've had long-standing issues with Fashion and You, but since my orders were COD, despite non-receipt of any of the ordered good, I didn't quite feel like I was cheated and kept visiting and ordering goods from the site.

Now, though, it seems I've managed to land myself in a soup for I paid for an order through my Debit Card just to save the INR 100-odd delivery charges. I received an e-mail from [protected]@fashionaandyou.com stating that my order (number 1056464) was dispatched on November 22, 2011.

On non-receipt of ordered goods, I called the website's customer care at +[protected] on Nov 29, 2011 and was informed that deliveries are expected between 2-10 days of dispatch. I inquired whether I can track my order and received a negative answer.

Ten days from receiving the dispatch e-mail, I did not receive the actual order and called their customer care on December 2, 2011 again. I was informed that the matter will be looked into and that there is no possible way the order can be tracked despite it being an in-house delivery system. In today's day and age of technological advancement, I refuse to believe how a few calls to concerned departments can't track the order. Evidently, Fashion and You isn't much of a believer in consumer convenience and satisfaction. But I digress.
So on December 2, all I received was an apology and a promise that the 'matter will be looked into, . I was told that I will receive my order only on Monday (December 3 and 4 being Saturday and Sunday). Since this was something i was willing to live with, I consented on the grounds that I receive my order on Monday and not a day later. The complaint was registered against number 935533.

As I'm writing this on Tuesday, December 6, 2011, you may safely assume that Monday came and went but there's no information on my order yet. Not one to let go easily, I called their customer support on December 5, 2011 (the promised day of delivery), spoke to Ashutosh who professed his utter inability in tracking the order and requested for another "24-48 hours" for delivery. I received an e-mail stating, and I quote, "your transaction reference number for the same is 935533 and is left Open as of now and will be attented within the specified timelines."

Now here I am, declaring on consumer court forum what I already have informed Fashion and You (in the aforementioned chat with Ashutosh), that if I didn't receive my order by Wednesday evening (that is, in the 24-48 hours I have been promised), I demand a full refund of my money, i.e. Rs 896/- and no, a voucher is not acceptable. When I've paid you real money, I want that back, and not a crappy excuse to shop from your site again.

Oh, and one last thing, I had also placed a COD order which was dispatched just a couple days later (from the dispatch date of this order, i.e.), which is, as is obvious, still somewhere in-transit. If I receive it before I receive order number 1056464, I will keep it and withhold payment, even if it means calling the police on the courier boy.
Dear Customer,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Regarding your order no.131198. The issue have been resolved. We are really sorry for the hassles you had to go through and hope that you will give us another chance to serve you better in the future. For any further queries you can get in touch with us via email ([protected]@fashionandyou.com) or you can also get in touch with our new Facebook support Tab (https://www.facebook.com/fashionandyou?sk=app_[protected] or our Twitter ID (@helpfny).

Thanks and Regards,
FashionandYou Support
Subject: Order #1161986 //Replacement_Required

I just received order #1161986 and instead of 2 key ring's the packet contained only one. To add to the issue the one that I have received has scratches all over it and looks like that it was buried someplace before it was shipped to me. I called up F&Y customer service to inform about the situation and spoke to one of your executives. The reply that I received was that I need to contact some department and the money will be refunded (I am surprised with the AUDACITY the way this thing was put in front of me) .

OK let me understand it correctly "I waited for this shipment for almost 20 days and now you guys will refund the money". I do not want the money, Instead I want a new "Compass Key Ring (Set of 2) to be shipped to me ASAP.

Details of the shipment:

I am expecting a callback from the concerned person stating that the new product will be shipped ASAP. In case there is no response I will assume that F&Y is not interested in replacing their product which did not have the quantity specified at the time of the purchase. I will expect F&Y to live up to their name and replace the product or else I will forced put this issue to consumer court.

Ashish Ahluwalia

FashionAndYou — Scammers

website made by losers and to squeeze money out of people by giving bad products. The worst customer service with handling emails and calls. Company’s days are numbered...suckers. Fraud cannot go undetected for ever.
Dear Priyanka,

Let us bring to your notice that Fashionandyou is a completely legitimate online shopping club. We are constantly working towards providing our customers with good products, good discounts and a satisfying experience. All our operations follow a strict guideline and company policy. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Thanks and Regards,
FashionandYou Support

FashionAndYou.com — money not refunded

I ordered for some Adidas apparels from fashionandyou.com on[protected]. i paid for the order with my debit card. the amount was debited but they cancelled the order without giving any prior notification to me. subsequently, when I tried to interrogate them about these events, they declined any sort of knowledge regarding the above and promised me to refund my debited amount of rs.1697/-. but nothing happened. after prolong wait, I contacted them again through numerous phone calls and emails and they told me that they had credited the amount in the account. but till date my account shows no reflection of any credit. i fear i have lost my amount. please help.

the details of the order are as follows:

Product name: 3 adidas apparels
billed amount: rs.1697/-
order date:[protected]
order no.- 1090595

the same happened when i placed another order on[protected]. the amount debited was rs. 799/- but it was never refunded. the order details for the same are as follows:

Product name: 1 adidas sweater
order no.: 1117085
ordered on:[protected]
billed amount: rs. 799/-

please help me at the earliest as i am a student and i cant afford losing so much money.
Dear Purnaa,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Regarding your order no. 1090595. Refund was done on 25th Nov at our end with transaction id CCA11KDBU719 . We have also sent you the Snap shot of successful refund on 29th Dec. Please check with your bank. For any further queries you can get in touch with us via email ([protected]@fashionandyou.com) or you can also get in touch with our new Facebook support Tab (https://www.facebook.com/fashionandyou?sk=app_[protected] or our Twitter ID (@helpfny).

Thanks and Regards,
FashionandYou Support
listen guys, i checked with the bank several times. i[censored] really have sent the amount, then why is t not reaching the bank?? n its not my headache to track my money, its your duty to refund it successfully. how can you say that the refund was successful when it has not reached me?? n wht can a transaction id do?? i cant track it for your information.n check with your cc avenue people and help me find my money. thats it.
Hi..Im Sriram .. Me ordered ROSSINI WRIST WATCH on 20th dec n received the watch on 19.01.2012. ..Great..

But you have not send the watch which you promised in the site.. You said its ROSSINI WRIST WATCH which costs Rs:11500/- and you are giving it at Rs:2999/- and you send me WEIDE OHSEN LED0822 watch which costs $10 in US and the same we can order in Ebay just for $11 … You have cheated me with false promise n false brand.. Its bad STUPID FASHIONANDYOU… You stupid people cheated me twice…Great….

Will upload n discuss the same in all social sites..



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