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I have ordered for 4 different products from a website called as www.fashionandyou.com. I made the entire payment but initially received only one product(cheapest among those). Then after making not less than 30 calls I was told that the products will be dispatched soon and then i received a package. But I was shocked to see that there was only one product in it. Now after making not less than 50 attempts to reach them I was told that they do not have any stock with them. So when I asked for refund I was told that I will be getting my money only in the form of gift voucher forcing me shop with them again. Even after expressing my severe dis-interest in shopping with them they very arrogantly replied that thats the only option left for me. Even when I warned them of taking this issue to consumer forum the relpy was " No problem at all, please go ahead" and here I am seeking justice.

I should say that this is my most disappointing experience in my online shopping spree of 3 yrs.

To all those who are shopping with please stop doing it right away or some day or the other you are going to face the similar or even bigger problems. Its only because of such fraudulent companies many genuine websites are facing problem in India since people are losing their faith in online shopping.

So people please be careful about such websites
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Aug 13, 2020
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Fashion And You — After taking Payment company is not giving T-Shirt not Giving money Back

Sir My Name is Amit Jain & i am Indore,Sir i have bought one T-Shirt from Fashion And You website on 06 th Jan 12 & i have done payment through SBI Net Banking.They have received payment & given me order no 1288673,when i havent received that T-shirt i have called on number they have told me that we will despatch within 2 days.I have called today they said our vendor is not giving that T-shirt so we are unable to deliver that product, i have said u have contact with that company they dont have any answer.So sir i want my money back & also fine from that company,so that they cant cheat any other people like me.Please take action agaist that company waiting for your reply. Amit Jain [protected].

Fashion And You — refund still not received

respected sir/mam,
i paid online for buying a product on 07 oct 2011, for which the coy was suppose to deliver the product within 20 days to 30 days max, after repetitive calls which i made to them personally my product was not delivered and on top of it they are not ready to accept the responsibility, trying to get in touch with lot of representatives, conversations by spending a lot of money of my own pocket, further one fine fine day when i called up they said the product has been misplaced.
the order no for the above product is "923621".
on 1st nov again i made a purchase for square based working gramaphone, the delivery was in a real bad state so i returned it back, the order no for the same was "1022301".
till todays date its almost more than 4 month, where in i have spent alot of money on calling this people, i have sent them proof of my bank statement that i have still not received any refund or anything, i also informed that neither i have received nay mails, but no one is taking any responsibility, my money is still stuck with this people, but no efforts have been made from there end to either send me a email or any call or any thing.
sir/mam i would rquest you if you can please consider my case, and let me get my money back.
respected sir/mam,
i paid online for buying a product on 04 dec 2011, for which the coy was suppose to deliver the product within 20 days to 30 days max, after repetitive calls which i made to them personally my product was not delivered and on top of it they are not ready to accept the responsibility, trying to get in touch with lot of representatives, conversations by spending a lot of money of my own pocket,

till todays date its almost more than 2 month, where in i have spent alot of money on calling this people, i have still not received any refund or anything, my money is still stuck with this people, but no efforts have been made from there end to either send me a email or any call or any thing.
sir/mam i would rquest you if you can please consider my case, and let me get my money back.
Dear Sachin,

On behalf of fashionandyou.com, We would like to sincerely apologize for and regret the negative experience that you have had in your transaction.
we shall do everything within our means to ensure that the same is resolved as per your satisfaction. As a company, please note that customer delight is what we take pride in.

For order number 923621: This is to inform this order was dispatched on 14th Oct via AFL courier, however this order got lost in transit and could not be delivered to you.
Refund of INR 1305/- was processed on 21st November from our end with transaction number CCA11JBJD560
For order number 1022301, your refund cheque was dispatched on 21st Dec 2011 via Dtdc courier with Awb no. Z51199907 which was undelivered and was returned back to us on 27 Dec.
The same Cheque was redispatched on 18th Jan 2012 via Bluedart with Awb no.[protected] which was again undelivered due to change of address and was returned back to us on 6 Feb.

We have been trying to contact you on the number provided by you in our data base, however could not get in touch with you. We request you to send your contact details to [protected]@fashionandyou.com so that we can resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards,
FashionandYou Support
Yes totally agree!!! It's all rosy in the beginning when u initially start with them... After that they are least bothered!!! My niece will grow up and I will grow old by the time they the [protected]@))&&d up mess of delivering the baby products I ordered !!!

Complaint nos.

Call me if you hv the [protected]@lls!!

Fashion and You — Order partially delivered

Hi ,
I had made a purchase of 4 T shirts on the shopping portal http://www.fashionandyou.com/ on 22nd Feb 2012 . But when i received the shipment only one shirt was delivered . I have been making multiple complaints regarding this on their customer care and the only answer i get to hear is that according to their information all the goods have been delivered and they will anyhow recheck an escalate the issue .
It has been more than a month and am tired and sick of tracking this issue .
Please help .
Dear Mudassir,

Apologies for the inconvenience. As you have not mentioned any specific order details in your above complaint we were unable to identify the issue. Please help us with the order number on email ([protected]@fashionandyou.com) so we can identify and resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Team FashionandYou.com
Support No |[protected]
Email: [protected]@fashionandyou.com
I also want to register a serious complaint against the website.
Its been 27 days and I am yet to receive my order.
To my surprise, they are out of stock and still reflecting the same item in a Fresh sale. What loosers?

I would request, if seriously someone could take some action on the same.

Email- [protected]@gmail.com
fashionandyou is a fraud site. u guys have eaten my credits worth rs1000 and never madea refund of it...i will request everyone who is reading this not to believe the tall claims or promises made by this site. i have been a regular customer of fashionnadyou and still u guys are not bothered to provide me valuable services..only money making business n u guys are cheaters...i will never ever shop on this site again if i dont get my credits back...inspite of making so many calls to customer care and listenin g to false assuarances my qeries were never answered. i only demanded wat was my right and i need it at any cost and for this reason i will post a complain everywhere possible to voice the injustice...
Dear All

We work for customer satisfaction and delight. We try our level best to resolve your queries at the earliest.

In case, you feel your problems are still not resolved, and you want resolution of your complaints, please mail at [protected]@fashionandyou.com

Best Regards
Team Fashion and You
Support No |[protected]
Email: [protected]@fashionandyou.com
Fashion and you is definitely a fraud. Because they refuse to answer individual queries on phone and show us the door when we ask for refund. Force us to buy from their site again in the name of credit voucher. And when they saw that people are raping them with bad comments here...they all of a sudden come here like innocent angels and talk to individuals...refund money...apologize...what the hell...DONT SHOP FROM THAT WEBSITE...they are CHEATS.
Agree wit u plp., i ordered 3 product but i got only one remaining they said no stock. almost 1.5 years they didnt return my money or product. No response too... ...

Order No 1991253

I have been a customer of fashion and you for over a year now. Till today I have spent a considerable amount in purchasing products from their site. My experience was mixed. Not fully satisfied but not very bad as well. But my recent experience with them has taught me a lesson not to trust them any more. On June 7th I tried to place an order in their site in with my net banking. After the required steps when i was redirected to F&U site the message came that the transaction failed. But the stipulated amount was debited from my bank account. I in fact got a regular message from ccavenue that if the amount is debited it will be again credited to my account in two days. But till today I have not received any refund. I have tried to contact F&Y support several times but I never got any prompt or satisfactory reply from then. First they asked me to send my bank statement which I did and which clearly showed the debited amount with account number and date. After that I did not hear from them for three days. When again I mailed them I was informed that they are looking at the matter. Still I waited and got nothing. With repeated mails they told me that they checked and and found that they did not receive the money. I contacted SBI, my bank and was told that they amount was debited and has gone to the mentioned account, i, e. F&Y account. I have been repeatedly mailing F& Y to provide me with more information regarding where my money is or to provide me with a formal letter that they have not received the money so that I can take up the matter with the concerned authorities. Now they are absolutely silent and wont answer to my mails.

Now my questions are:
1. Is this the professional attitude with which they are running their business?
2. Don't they have any responsibility towards their customers?
3. When the bank statement is clearly showing that the money has been credited to their account then how can they just write one line reply that they did not receive it.That means State Bank of India is misleading?
4. Why cant they come up with replies on their own? Why do I have to keep on sending mails after mails in order to get a reply?
5.After this experience why will I shop with them any more?
6. Do they really want to refund the money or not


I placed and order on this website 21st May. This product was listed under Express shipping (which they promise is shipped within 24 hrs). Order # 127919

Out of three of this product two was not delivered yet, however it was marked as dispatched in the website, but no mail I received with dispatch details. I raised a complaint on 7th June, and was informed that within 24 hr I will receive it. I received nothing. So I called their customer care and spoke to their executives again and again regarding the order.

When I ask them to cancel the order and for the refund they told me that after they received back the product from courier company then only they will give the refund.

Kindly take some action. I am sure they have no rights to keep my money because of their fault.
Dear Nelson,

This is to inform you, order number provided by you is an incorrect order .Please check again and let us know the correct order number so that we can resolve your issue as soon as possible. You can also write to [protected]@fashionandyou.com or you can also get in touch with our Facebook support Tab (https://www.facebook.com/fashionandyou?sk=app_[protected] or our Twitter ID (@helpfny).

Team fashionandyou.com
truly its a fraud company, dn't purchase any product from it if you value the money you have they show something else than what they deliver.they fool innocent people
they think that the customers are fool and they loot them

I have made purchase from Fashion and You, Order No:2141009.
Still i have not received it, i have already paid for it.
They give false promises, have already call 50 times, not good service.
Jabong, Yebhi, Snapdeal are far better then this, they are very professional.
This is really funny!! I agree with all the comments about FnY making an out of everyone. Best part, I know someone in FnY who told me quite a few tricks that they use to fool you. If you make an online transaction, congrats.. your money is as good as gone. They will then send the product at their convenience. Now, I am sure Harish Bahl has had a different plan, specially after they have got some major funding... but the services have dropped down. A friend of mine called up to complain that his product was broken, they said, he should not have expected the product. They are right, it is your fault. You should have an Xray scanner when you buy the product from them. When he threatened to leave, the guy from FnY told him, as you wish... This is the best customer service that I have heard off!! I was lucky to have backed out after burning my fingers a couple of times... but am really sorry for those of you who have missed on getting these amazing services from FnY.
As for theethering problems, a company improves from the condition it started from, not drops. So, i don't buy the logic that they are trying to sort things out. Infact, my own experience with them says that they have fallen on each front than improved. Getting people from FnY to put positive comments wont help FnY (incase they ever read this). Instead try improving services. Am sure Pearl D'Souza does not have time to read these customer woes, after all she is the CEO. Yet again, i think she should.

There are other websites who have almost the same issue, but some of them do keep up to the word they advertise. If a product is damaged, they take it back pronto and refund. Unlike FY who force you to come back to them with their voucher trick. A 50% discount on a 8830 world edition Blackberry phone!! wow!! The phone price shown: 9000, after FnY discount 4300.. Now, if you walk up to any of the phone dealers, they would give you a blackberry Pearl at the same price. New one!! So, what place do they pick up these products that the obsolete phones end up costing as much as a new phone! Now for the killer part of the deal.. they will never tell you that these phones are network locked. My friend had such a harrowing time trying to get the BB Messenger to work. Watches that no one has ever heard off!! Dials on chrono watches that don't work.

Products that reach you in a condition that look like that they have been tormented to a hurricane. Thank you fashion and You.. you have improved my online shopping experience. You have made me believe that come what may... I will still be cheated... Thanks Harish and Pearl.. you have made a better customer out of me then I was before... Now I don't shop online. Instead I use the old conventional way... walk into a store and buy.. I may pay a few bucks more... or in some cases... a few bucks less.. but I know I get what I want and i dont have to worry about either my product or my money going to the dogs!!

Friends, I dont think us shouting or screaming at them will help.. like someone from FnY said... "we get such hundred calls a day.. we cant listen to all of them"... Starting today, they just lost 12 customers, me and my friends who were regular customers with FnY. probably, when there are lesser people, they may just about improve.

Thanks FnY

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