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As a response to my previous complaint for Punto dicky problem, On 27-Nov-2009 I got
a call from HIM Motors , Peera Garhi , Delhi to visit them for the complaint resolution.
The staff at HIM motors confirmed that the Dicky parts are with them and
I should visit them on 28-Nov-2009 to get the problem fixed. On 28th I reached at the workshop
sharp at 9:30AM thinking that the problem will be fixed in max 2 hours. But I was
shocked to listen after an hour that there is no part available at the workshop for
which I went there. Then I asked why didn't you tell me y'day that part is not with you?
The impression I got from them was, because they had to attend the complaint because
of pressure from customer care deptt, and it does not matter wether the problem is
fixed or not! Which simply wasted my half day of work and after 4 months I am
still at the same situation where my dicky does not open from inside, and everytime
for security checks I need to switch off my engine and give the keys to security guards.

Since its high time now of my exprience at HIM Motors, please don't assign my
complaint to this workshop as I will not be visiting them in future. If you really understand
the problem I am facing , please assign my complaint to some other workshop.

Lost my all hopes from Fiat Customer Service! and regretting my decision to go with
Fiat. Had Maritui cars earlier and never felt like so regretted.

Good luck Fiat in India with your Tata association!

CC: Consumer Court,Hindustan Times
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Aug 13, 2020
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Never buy a Fiat car, not sure how they sell in other parts of the world, but in india NEVER NEVER NEVER buy their products, their after sales is the worst, their service technicians are all pissed of with their management they show their anger on the cars and screw it or they are low paid unqualified persons who don't know what they are doing, on the whole Fiat sucks. I own a Fiat, after multiple issues i complained to their HO in Italy, but no use, they are least bothered, unless all the customers complain in unison they will not work towards resolving the after sales issues. Better not to buy their products and ending up in a mental hospital.
Just a brief about the Car which I bought and problems

1. On purchase of my vehicle, Linea-Emotion Pack Diesel- KA 51Z 923 almost 6 months back
a. Foud that the vehicle is delivered with out mats and mud guards against the commitment during the order.
b. The same was given after couple of follow ups.
c. The sales man was not able to pair my Blackberry to the Blue and Me system- The same was done by me after many trial and error.
d. The vehicle was giving a vibrating noice and it was told by the mechanic at Concord that the same is from the Tweeter of music system.
2. The system developed problem like –“Airbag Failure” and a crack behind the steering was visible.
a. The vehicle was taken for repair and after 4 days it was handed over back to me.
b. The problem with the noice was discussed with the mechanic but the problem continues.
c. I have complained of the Display showing 6.2KMPL as the average consumption.
3. Squeeking noices from the seats
a. The vehicle started giving squeeking noices from the seats.
b. The Drivers seat adjustment was not staying in place. It comes back to lowest position after 1 hour of driving.
c. The noice from the so called speakers still continues.
4. Vehicle was taken to service to do a small patch work on the side.
a. The Noice of the speaker was identified as noice from A/c and confirmed that it is fixed
b. The Fuel consumption on the display is fixed.
5. The noice continue to persisit.
a. ABS Failure symbol.
b. Driver seat is still not fixed.
c. A/c is not working fine.
6. In between I had taken the vehicle two more times to fix the engine guard, which was bent.

In all these times, I get a call after my veicle was serviced, and ask my satisfaction. On reverting back with the issue, Concord motor personal on phone replies “Sir, You will receive a call from TATA motors. Please do not tell these problems to them. “

Whether I tell these problems or not – I do not hear from Concord motors on how they are going to address the issue.

As you may see, a new vehicle, just 7000Kms done has to be taken to service almost in every 1000 Kms against the claim of 15000 Kms from FIAT.
Secondly, I am coming to the service station for the same problem, again and again.
Third, I do not see the commitment or the action on feedback from Concord Motors.
I see that the quality of the product is not in line and it surely lacks the same. My older Santro and Maruthi was much much better in quality compared to this produsct.


I have a LINEA Emotion Pk (petrol) MH- 04 DY 8915, bought the car just 3 months back, i am really annoyed with the kind of service the dealer is providing,

1)The car had nearly 15-20 problem's when we bought it which we are still getting sorted, each time the car is returned assuring us with full guarantee that the work is done at its best, however they fail each time, serviced by ( Fortune Motors Pvt. Ltd. Powai MUMBAI)

2) Its really up setting to go for the same problem again and again, i have visited the workshop more than 6-7 times in 4 months other than my periodic service, it seems we have not taken a car for comfort rather we are the R & D source for the company to test their car and come back to them complain. At the time of visit to the work shop there are many customers who complaint about their issues being unsolved even after repeated attempts.

3) We just bought the FIAT only reason TATA is providing the service, facing these problem's will never recommend any one to buy this car.

The car I purchased (Linea Emotion Pk Petrol) had following Problem

1) Boot Hinges and surrounding area rusted.
2) Wiper not cleaning properly.
3) Bonnet Piping not proper
4) Wind wisor plastic mould broken
5) Wiper blade Broken.
6) Driver seat making funny noises when in motion.
7) Seat Belt lock holder making noises.
8) Stretching noise at braking
9) USB not working properly
10) Digital meter does not show proper reading
11) Stains on seat's and door side panel.
12) Boot flap not closing when opened it.
13) Bonnet not closing when we opened it
14) Funny Noise from right wheel when taken over speed braker.
15) After the service our car was sent to some different customer who stays around 50 Kms away from my residence. What Gate Pass does their security checks??

All our services were carried by Fortune Motors Pvt. Ltd.
This is sakariya last sixth months am using fiat punto car after that am facing somany problems for ur service centre .am baying this car frm kannur (kerala)KVR MOTORS .and also second service gvn my car to kvr motors kannur, they will ask to 10000 thosands rupees and costmer deal very badly ...ths is to bad ..i wnt to reply fr complents very immediatly .[protected]
i feel that Tata themselves have a horrible record of after sales service, they cannot be expected to look after Fiat service, they only know how to make trucks.Fiat should had gone with Maruti or Hyundai who have a better service record.I own a Tata Safari and I have my tales of horror from the TATA's service...
GOD have mercy on Fiat...


I puchased the diseal model on 19th April and with in 8 days my car A/C fail to work.
I contacted in Service Help no. but they fail to help me and they promise me to get back to me today and till evening no body call me , very poor approch from call center people, i was in touch with Mr. Amit and i called three, four time but not got any positive response.
being the owner of new car the exprience is very bad and want to take this matter to high level.
I request you all not to purchase this car as i waisted my whole money.
i have decided to buy a swift dezire rather than punto grande 1.3diesel after reading the service problems faced with fiat.
Dont buy fiat not that it is bad car. Service is the biggest problem.I had very tough time. With new car I have found a lot of problems. suspension noise, sterring vibration, wind noise, engine noise etc.More over tata is not doing anything to boost fiat sales in fact the service advisors are advised to treat fiat customers badly so that they in turn spread bad word about the car and unltimately fiat is going to get a hit.

I bought punto GP a month back and was delivered with wobbling, sterring vibration, the horn touched the body and caused vibration all over the body surface, annoying noise on both side in the rear when car goes over bump. As if the wheels are hitting the chassis.

The dealer kept the car for a weak promised to resolve all the issues after a week I got the car back and they say these are normal and happens with all other cars as well like rear noise other they kind of fixed.

call me if you need any info on Punto GP [protected].you are better off with some other card not even any tata car too.
I own a Palio 1.2 NV Sports, I bought the car in Chennai on 14th November 2003, after clocking about 2000 kms i had ignition switch troubles, had to change the full ignition and lock mechaisms. Fiat charged me for the change. Tvs was servicing the cars then. Subsequently the car was having starting trouble, I was told the sensor was the culprit.
I shifted to Trichy in 2005 and found myself with no authorised service for fiat in Trichy.
After hearing that Fiat has tied up with Tata for sales and service, On 10.11.2010 I called up Fiat customer care and requested for a authorised service centre for my Fiat palio in TRICHY, The customer care executive gave me the contact details of VST motors Trichy as[protected].
I called up VST motors Trichy on 10.11.2010 and asked whether my car could be serviced the same day, I was told that I have to book my car for service and she asked whether 16.11.2010 Tuesday will be alright with me and asked for car model, Car No. and on whose name it is registered and what is the problem. I gave her all the details and she asked me to come on 16.11.2010 between 0800 and 0830 hrs.
I reached the VST service centre at 0835 hrs and my token no is 20. I was assigned Mr M Balaguru, Service advisor. My car was 4th on Mr M Balaguru's list. He came to me in about half an hours time and first thing he told me was "Sir this model is old, we service only Palio Stile and there after" and he suggested me that i Take my car to TVS all car service.

I asked if VST is not gonna service any models earlier to Palio stile then why make the service booking and make me wait from 10th to 16th and make me come to the service station at 0835hrs and then refuse.

Complait No : [protected]

later that day i tried registering a complaint with FIAT through their web site( Help desk), to my dismay i completed all the information and tried submitting the form but it wasn't going through, the page was reading "Please enter proper data" " Click here to go back" . Once on the page where i have been entering the data there is no indication or highlighting where iam going wrong.
I tried the CEO's corner from their home page the same result.

I called up the customer care and registered another complaint that i couldn't register a complaint with them through their web site.
HIM Motors Sucks ... They Screwed my Palio hight time...
Short circuited alll Four Door locks which costs 24000 and then denied to change them..
I agree with you MR, SANDEEP . We bought FIAT PUNTO petrol dynamic in 2010. it has been visiting workshop more than standing or using by us . O.M.G what a radiculous service from this comapny...I request all the citizens of INDIA not to buy any product of FIAT due to their service .as they dont have parts available, no softwares of the vehicle, the problems cannot be fixed soon or early . their management or service is sooooooo poor that even some members of their own staff are fed up...!


From the past 15 days roaming from service station to home and coming back without anything .its unbearable, torturing condition, hell like situtaion, frustartion. as these situtions face by any customer . No one wants to deal the customer problems...! till you dont scream .I am being in touch with ludhiana, pune, head of the company in punjab but .all in vain...! so guys ...never ever try to go for this FIAT vehicle...(may be cars are gud but poorest service in every part of the country )they treat customers like stupid fools, dont listen problems, treat like donkeys to the customer who complaints, so you all people can very well understand the problem, which are being faced by the FIAT CAR OWNERS...!


Dear Fiat Company
I appreciate the product FIAT GRANDE PUNTO and company has summarised all good features but unfortunately you could not bring professionalism to match the quality of the product.Fiat India is one of the most unprofessional company as for as my knowledge goes.I purchased the car three and half years back against advice of my wellwishers and now i repent why did I purchase a FIAT PRODUCT.On very frst day Cargo Motors Local Dealer in Jalandhar had no courtesy to offer a cup of tea to its customers buying 6.5 Lakhs car and we spent more than 3 hrs in the showroom.The matter was complained to Fiat Pune but sorry state of affairs no action or apologies sought.
in last three months i faced some problem with car and when showed to the dealer only casual check up was done and pasting of engine lower part was not done properly hence oil leaked and car run without E oil and now standing in FIAT CARGO MOTORS, Jalandhar workshop for repair of engine rings and new turbo and total bill around Rs60, 000.00 (Rs 10, 000.00 charges in advance fo starting the repair --just see Fiat Policies to its poor customers)just after 50, 000 kms for no fault of the customer.Now car is in workshop of FIAT dealer since 24th Dec 2012 and it will be delivered may be today or tomorow after exactly one month as dealer has no access to spare parts from Pune as FIAT Enjoys leave in Jan 2013 and customers are walking around with cars impounded for want of spares.FIAT Change your self or negative PR will make you retreat from INDIA.
FIAT is the worst brand in India, it is being sold by their third class vendors partners who are uncivilized, unethical and all, no words to describe them. From the day i purchased Punto car i am having night mares, Prerna motors called me thief, they have third class service people, untrained and stupid. One time the service executive told me he took out a part from another Fiat car and fixed it in mine and charged me money for that, what guarantee they will not do the same with your car. Buggers are color blind, painted my black car, green and it took the monkeys 3 attempts to get the color black right. Now recently i gave my car for service with Vecto motors, they damaged my bonnet and roof with scratches. I am planning to file a case in consumer court against Fiat and their vendors. I am repenting to have purchased such a car from such third class brand.
Worst service I ever seen, I thought they will be doing much better after they seperated from fiat, I got fiat punto, mainly for long drive, unfortunately when it reaches beyond 100 kmph steering start to shiver, when I approached dealer (RDC fiat, chennai) they responded me back that, you have to change all the tyres and rim bend has to be cleared, this happened when the vehiclvehicle is just 6 months old, and also they are telling the reason that, cos of indian road, I was really so pitty to hear that, my vehicle registration number zTN 07 BT 8976, and my mobile number [protected]
Worst service I ever seen, I thought they will be doing much better after they seperated from TATA motors, I got fiat punto, mainly for long drive, unfortunately when it reaches beyond 100 kmph steering start to shiver, when I approached dealer (RDC fiat, chennai) they responded me back that, you have to change all the tyres and rim bend has to be cleared, this happened when the vehiclvehicle is just 6 months old, and also they are telling the reason that, cos of indian road, I was really so pitty to hear that, my vehicle registration number zTN 07 BT 8976, and my mobile number [protected]
I am the owner of Fiat Palio SLE Reg no : JH05V1115. The car was purchased at Jamshedpur. On 16th July my car suddenly stopped with a jerk and was not starting.I towed the car to Garodia Fiat, authorized service center of Fiat in Kolkata on advise of the call center of Fiat Service. The supervisor at the service center accepted the car allowed to enter. Suddenly the owner (
as the person declared) appeared and shouted at his employees on the reason that why he has accepted the car. The reason given was that he will not even check the problem as it was old car. He utterly misbehaved and made me take the
car back. I again called the service center who assured a call back from Garodia Fiat, which never happened. Garodia Fiat is taking undue advantage of being the single service center in Kolkata and have the audacity to refuse
servicing car and his discretion.He even commented that "you can go and complain to Fiat and I am not bothered. Fiat can do nothing against me."Such unscrupulous activity need to be dealt with severity. If fiat is incapable of providing service they better stop selling cars in Kolkata and a car which is 7 years old should be taken back by them if they cant service. Why should I be mentally harassed for their mismanagement. I took the car from Garrage to Garrage for days. requesting to repair, but since they were not experts in fiat all of them failed. For days my car was by the roadside and every day I was towing the car to various garages. Finally on 30th July I took to Kalim Automobile ( a local Service centre) in Sector V, Salt lake who repaired my car.
I have had a test drive from Swift ZXI and Fiat Punto. I feel Fiat Punto is much better in suspension where as a liitle disadvantage is mileage.

After reading the pathetic stories of Fiat After sales, I decided to go to Maruti.

No matter what is your one time cost, your recurring cost can make a big hole in your pocket and that too when paying the money your problems are not fixed...
Pending Accessories and Form 22


I bought my Fiat Linea Emotion in the beginning of 2015 (28 Jan 2015) though the date was promised to me was 20th Jan by the dealer (Oberoi Fiat).

Fiat Linea Emotion TJet
Petrol Engine
Engine No 1673256
Chassis No. MCA110HD[protected]AJZ
Year of Manufacture: 2014

Registration Number: UP14 CM 5378

Details of the Dealer:
Oberoi Fiat
Contact Person: Prashant (GM)
A-184, Sector 63 Noida -201301

The things which was promised to me before the purchase of the vehicle [Fiat Linea Emotion] were not delivered to me till date. It has been well over 2 months and I haven't received my second key (Remote key) and i am just using the normal key since the time I purchased the vehicle. Every time i asked the dealer about the status of the remote key they reply that I’ll receive in 2-3 days and 2 months have passed.
It’s it just not the case of remote key, the dealership really had an unprofessional and laid back attitude towards its customers. In the initial days of my purchase I drove the vehicle for more than 7 days on a dealer number, then after much follow up I got the temporary number. After that it was really worse my temporary which was given to me on 5th February got expired on 3rd March and I was without any valid number for almost a week and then later i got the Permanent Number.

In total i have never seen such kind o[censored]n-professionalism by any dealer in my Life and surprisingly a company like Fiat doing tie ups with such company.


Saif khan
i bought linea active diesel and now i feel cheated . if you ask fiat guys they will tell you that their car has a best build in quality, i agree fiat has a strong body but you cant buy a car just for its strong build quality
in just one year everything seems to be faulty in my linea
(1)cost cutting in speakers -fiat gave me 20 w speakers, is this some kind of joke even my portable speakers are better than this junk
(2) i was given a 1 inch smaller spare tyre
(3)even service cost of linea is 15000, yes they charged me 15000 for third service and told me that this is a major service
(4)no one will give a damn about the customer, they are rude
(5) if you are not going to treat your customers well no matter you bring cars like punto evo, punto abarth you are not going to succeed
(6) non availability of spare parts even in their service centres
(7)ride quality is amazing but on highways, in city initial lag in pickup even swift drives better than linea
still no one beats linea when it comes to road grip and handling

its a good car ruined by fiat's aftersale service
if you dont want to spend 15000 bucks just for a normal service, than please dont go for this car

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