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I lost my mother on 12th April 08 because of careless doctors in Fortis Noida. Her treatment in Fortis Noida starts in October 07. My mother was having cancer so they asked us to go for PET scan test. There was small spot of cancer near urinary bladder as mentioned in the PET scan report. We refer to doctor Malay Nandi and he suggests us to go for chemotherapy as she was already operated 3 times earlier. After consulting him, we agree to go for chemotherapy and he started giving chemotherapy medicines to my mother. Her last chemotherapy dose was given in March 08 but still there were no improvements and she had infections in her urinary bladder. We informed these to doctor Malay Nandi and he asked us to speak to Gynaeo specialist and that doctor asked us to speak to Oncology specialist. We keep going to different doctors but nobody was taking the case seriously. We asked doctor Malay Nandi and he asked us to go for urine test and her urine was send for test. In urine report they mentioned the sugar level of my mother upto 400 which makes us shocked as she was not a diabetes patient. We asked doctor to go for urine test again as this is not possible and then after lot of arguments they send the urine for test again on the same day. In the second report the sugar level was normal and after speaking to Lab doctors they say sorry to us as they have typed the wrong information in the previous report. My mother was crying because of severe pain in her lower abdomen near urinary bladder, we asked doctor Malay Nandi to give her any anti-biotic medicines so that atleast that can help to fight against the infections in her urinary bladder and he told us that he is waiting for another urine report which will come after 48 hours. My mother urine stop at 2:30 pm on Thursday 11th April 08, we informed nurses and doctors as well but no actions were taken by them. My mother was having pain and they says it is not critical and after lot of arguments they called doctor Dushyant to inject a tube in urinary bladder to get the urine out. Nurses informed doctor at 7 pm and he was at his home in Delhi. He told nurses that he is coming to hospital and he reached at 10:30 pm to Fortis Noida. My father asked him to check the ultra sound report before injecting a tube from stomach to get urine out of the bladder, but doctor Dushyant was over confident person saying this is my regular routine job and I can insert tube without seeing the reports. After 15 min he came out of room and tell us that the infections is very much in the body and she need to be in ICU (maybe while injecting a tube he had burst the urinary bladder and the infections get all over the stomach). They took my mother to ICU at 11:55pm and kept her there for 36 hours and told us that she is not more because the infection get over the whole body and her blood pressure was very low and can’t get recover. It was a surprise to us because my mother was speaking to us well till the time she was send to ICU and later on we have no idea what they have done.

In these 6 months we have seen that there are trainee staffs in hospital instead of experienced one and even I have seen atleast 4-6 nurses who don’t know how to give the injections. A single nurse was given duty in 4 rooms so you can imagine if two patients have problem at same time than she can’t look both of them. Even I have to call the nurses several times to stop the injection tube when the medicines are already finished.

One great thing to be seen in Fortis Noida is that if you are an insurance policy holder than doctor asked you to get admitted to hospital for 4-5 days even if you need to be there for a single day. The idea behind this might be to check the patients daily twice in a day to have Rs 700 as consultant fees of doctors per visit. Doctors visits Fortis Noida for couple of hours only and charge there high consultant fees.

I have lost my mother whom I love the most and I am sharing this with you to make you aware and not do the same mistake which was done by me and think before taking your dear ones to Fortis Noida. Fortis Noida is a 5-star hotel but not a good hospital.
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Aug 14, 2020
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hi Tarun
very sad but its the truth that fortis noida is making money by charging so much on there consultancy fees and on the treatment. n even though they dint take care properly.
may god keep ur mother in gud spirit.
I am also somewhere agree with Tarun in the fact that nurses are not well trained in Fortis Noida.
I feel so sad about your mom.
May her soul rest in peace
Hello Tarun,

Sorry for your loss, i am sure what you said in indeed truth, i fell so sorry for doctors who make such a nobel profession nothing much a money making thing and get into these stupid acts.

I had a similar experience with Rajiv Gandhi cancel hospital, were my tayaji with almost a small amount of cancer ended up dead due to a overdose with in couple of days. Just like cops, doctors these days are not trustworthy.

I totally agree with Tarun about the careless attitude of the doctors and nurses at Fortis Hospital, NOIDA. On Mar 19, 2009, I lost my father due to a cardiac arrest.

On Mar 11, 2009, my father was admitted to Fortis hospital, NOIDA as he was not feeling well. As soon as we rushed him to hospital, the doctors attended to him. After a few minutes we were asked to make an advance payment after which they planned to shift him to ICU. The billing staff took almost 15-20 minutes to fill out the forms and process the payment. As soon I completed the formalities and went back to my father I saw that he was unconscious. The doctor on duty attended to him and told us that he had a respiratory arrest. He was then shifted to the ICU. During the next couple of hours we were clueless as to what was happening as nobody bothered to inform us. We were told that we will be called as soon as the doctors have attended to him. Almost 2 hours later we were told that they will keep him in ICU and they have sent the blood samples to determine if there was any infection in the lungs which caused the respiratory arrest. We were informed that we will get any reports that we need so that we can get a second opinion from any other place that we want.

However, we really had to run around to get a copy of the report. Each day doctors kept saying a different thing about his condition and we were totally lost as to what was happening.

It also seems that taking payments from the patients was of more importance that treating the patient. We were making payments daily as soon as we reached the hospital in the morning. However, we would still keep getting calls in the morning telling us about the payment that was due for the day. When I told them that you do not need to remind me as I am making the payments on my own, I was told that this is the protocol and they need to follow it.

On their part the hospital was very prompt, when it came to asking for payments. But when I required anything like reports or a break-up of the charges, I was made to run around.

There seemed to be discrepancies in the charges also. When I got a detailed break-up of the charges after 3 days, I noticed that there were entries for gloves almost 100-200 gloves being used each day. When I questioned them, I was told different things - that this is not the final bill, or it might has been an error. Then I was made to run around to diffrent people from the Patient Welfare Officer to the nursing supervisor and attendant. In the end, I was told rudely, that they only charge for things that they use. Surprisingly, no gloves were charged for after that date. Gloves were one thing that I could notice because of the high number. I can't even comment on the medicines and other things things that they billed for.

On Mar 18, 2009, my father was shifted out of the ICU. Before that he was conscious and talking to us. His condition seemed to worsen and he was unconscious once he was shifted out of the ICU. We kept on asking the nursing staff and the doctors and they said it was normal as the CO2 level was high. Nobody seemed to bother. Later in the evening he had a cardiac arrest and had to be shifted to the ICU again. But maybe it was too late. He passed away the next morning.

A comment about the nursing staff too. As we were allowed to visit my father in the ICU only twice in a day, we called up at night and early in the morning to inquire about his health. However, the kind of answers that we received were not worthy of the noble profession of nursing. At times we were rudely told that you will be visiting him in the morning so you can check his condition then. The least that they can do is to be courteous and polite to people who are already going though a lot of mental agony.

Fortis' vision is "creating a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system in India, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care". However, this does not reflect anywhere in the kind of service that they provide.

Nothing I do or say can bring him back. The least I can do through this forum is to make other people aware about the kind of service that is provided at Fortis, NOIDA. I do hope and pray that nobody else goes through this kind of experience.

what is the way out ? i think all the hospitals are in the same league. you people have firsy hand experience which is an eye-opener for many like me. where would you advice naive people like us to go ?

My dear Friends,

First of all let me offer my condolences to the departed souls.
Gentlemen, we doctors are no gods, let this be very clear.If someone is seriously ill then one has to accept it.Cancer is one of the reasons for someone to be seriously ill whether it is small in size or big.
We dont have magic stick in our possession which can cure anything on earth & that too immediately as you guys have this false notion in your minds.
We ask for money(fees) because we also have family to feed like yours.Nobody gives us anything for free.Rates are same for us also.You guys cant fool us in the disguise of so called NOBLE PROFESSION and pay us in peanuts & be overdemanding.Whatever high payment you make at any corporate hospital, you are very well aware of . Otherwise government has provided you with government hospitals where you can get services for free.As far as poor services at govt hospitals are concerned you should ask the govt for answer.You never complain paying hefty sum after food at 5-star hotel.
So gentlemen think over before you complain. When you are pointing finger at someone, your four fingers are pointing at you also.

sidharth3636's reply, Jul 25, 2017

Keep your condolences with you only. Please don't say that doctors are God. Now a days, doctors do not have any humanity or ethics, because they are behind money only, like a dog running behind bone. Here we are talking about the negligence, and reckless attitude of Doctors and the management team.

On 4th june 2017 at midnight 2.00 a. M, my grandmother got unconscious and we took her to fortis hospital, rajaji nagar, bangalore. The first word by the receptionist was "you have capacity to pay". If a patient is dying, then the doctor & hospital have any ethics, humanity or not. Then they should not take any "hypocrite oath".

And when we entered fortis hospital at 2.30 a. M, she got a brain stroke, and the hospital staff informed doctor mr. Girish immediately, but he came at 12.00 p. M only. By the time it was too delay for a stroke for any remedy.

And moreover any hospitals, those who are having icu should have standards or not? In fortis hospital, they watch cricket matches in icu, having non - veg food in icu, speaking over phones, etc., there is so much of chaos and noise, that patient cannot even take rest.

My grandmother's lower body is not moving due to impact of stroke and fortis hospital is responsible for this, so we kindly request you to take action against fortis hospital and compensate us for the sufferings of grandmother.
Well this is in reply to Dr. Naresh.

Well Doc, seems u were quite hurt going thru the comments made by the above people. I am sure many o[censored]s will agree with it. But the main concern here is not the FEES, but the quality of Services, experience of Docs at such hospitals even after paying hefty amounts in advance ...
this is shame for for that tyape of hospital, they all are theaft mind and think only money?
they don't have any feeling. i wnna say that u will case on the hospital.

I completely agree with Dr. Naresh. Myself being into the medical profession, know dat doctors are not magicians. They do everything possible on earth to make someone survive through the illness but we need to understand their limited role as well. As far as charged are concerned, the kind of services being provided by every corporate hospital commensurates the expenses completely. So guys wake up and realize the fact that there is GOD up there and nobody can fight Him...
I completely agree with Docs. No one can become GOD. We need to understand the situation of the doctors also. These are not the Older days when a person came into this profession with the feeling of serve to people. Doctors, to whome we meet now a days they are very expensive and we should not expect too much from them. They are spending huge money to get the doc degree from several private colleges and they have right to recover that from us. we need to expect only that if our dear one go through the well then this is our luck otherwise we were not lucky. Regarding the high charges in the 5-star hospital, this is very common. If you open such kind of hospital, you will also want to make a money from it. It does not matter, anyone getting all kind of provided facilities or not.
Dear friend this is only business not the feeling of serving people.
At last I think government hospitals are far better than these 5 star hospitals. At least we will complain about the infrastructure not the capabilities of Doctors.
Doctor's Profession is truly noble and there is no wrong in asking for high fee as long as they do their job sincerely. The fact is today's healthcare institution are no more different than any cooperate sectors where there is so much importance given to profits and the minimum amount of work ethics which should be practiced in such serious issues concerning life is gone. Isn't true that docs make more money by lengthening the duration of the treatment? Especially when there is insurance!
i do agree with you guys the fortis hopital is so sick that you cant trust him, few days back i went to hospital for problem of headcek, they told me possible cause of migrane and they wanted few test before anything, so they told me urine and blood test as well as ULTRASIOUND ( of whole abdomen), when i went to Dr incharge o[censored]ltrasound he surprise and said what the problem i told that headcke, he said they why the Ultrasound of whole abdomen ???

i dont know why he did, i did ultrasound and then in my next visit Dr. diddnt open the ultrasound report to check what the problem. He told me to go to Eye Specilist.

Means they do lots o[censored]nnecessay test too. Sotime people dont think these small things but this way they are making millions. SHAME on you FORTIS.

If INVESTOR's Nearby will die due to lack of Proper Medical tretement then they will understand what Hospital Means. NAd I even Wish the same after reading all these comments.
i agree that the docters are now these days are not docters they are like businessmen and if a person is having mediclaim then they think to adsorb his money inspite of pain, dear no body can take place of mother, but we can wish that in world all mothers may have good and healthy life,

regards anchul
Tarun how r u i know that u r suffering from a lot of pain due that i can imagine ur feeling at present time i totally agree with u want make as good friend? if ys plz reply me on my no.[protected] or my id
hi tarun i totaly agree wid u hospitals are jst making money by fooling ppl and nothing else and people like us hve no options but i feel u hould hve complained bout it neways but where ever ur mother is she wl always b wid u.
My dear Dr. Naresh When you choose any profession

1) first of all you should understand its responsibility it was your choice not compulsion i hope if it was then don't practice.

2)Now you are doctor so you are different than others like teachers has got their own responsibility and engineers ok

1)I saw Doctors are careless and treat patient as customers than human being is it right?
being profession you might be right

2)I saw doctors are so ignorant to patients in these big hospitals instead of listening to patient they prefer speaking over phones is it right attitude?

3)Persons suffering serious disease needs care and attention if you don't have solution at least for that care and attention no magic is required?

Do you follow those protocols if not leave this profession.

if you are suffering and you know the reality what you will expect from others professionalism or care?

Do you have reply Dr. Naresh and Other Docs who spoke in favour. i am looking forward for your response.
Hi tarun,

You are right, Fortis Doctors are Only for making money.. my husband gone throug Wisdom Teeth Surgery from some Other Doctor and he was not felling well.he was suffing from continous pain, ulcers and swallowing at the place where wisdom teeth was removed.. so we consult with doctors of fortis hospital.. Dr.Himani, Dr. Nitin and one more lady Dr. was also their.. and in that stage they are ready to oprerate my husband by saying that roots of the wisdom teeth are still their and we have to remove them..
and was trying to convience us to submit the fees and Operate same day.. but my husband was not ready for the surgery again. because he was suffering from lots of pain, Ulcers and swallowing..
next day we consult with the Kailash Hospital Surgen, she told us that at this stage she cannt Operate..
first the Ulcers should heal and swallowing should be removed.. after then she will think is it nacessary to
remove the roots of the teeth or not..She Prescribed some medicine.. and my husband got relief.

Nne impotaint thing when we go to a doctor at that time for us doctor is Just like GOD.. so he should behave like that... Fortis doctors was Continously laughing... and Irretating us.. and not properly answeres ours Questions...they are behaving Just like college Guys...

In my Opinion Kailash Hospital is Good..
the compliant is not about the fees charged its about the attitude shown by doctors even after being paid hefty sumd, its about their irresponsible attitude and behavior, its about not following due procedure and diligence.
Its about no transparency in the treatment, why the hell are relatives not informed about the patient condition you are no freaking secret agent tat you have to work in secrecy

Your comment shows that you dont care for the life of the patient but you really care foris the money i you can take out even from a dead body.

Dear All,

Please forward to all.

With deep regret I want to inform you the demise of my wife Rupali Sharma on 17th July due to post operative complication after brain surgery.

I would also like to bring to your notice how private hospitals like FORTIS are robbing people of their life and money. Please be very careful while dealing with such hospitals. Find below the details of my experience with Fortis Noida.

My wife age 29 ( occupation- trainer with HCL) was diagnosed with a non malignant brain tumor on 17th June2011. She did not have any major symptoms like headache, eye problem or vomiting. She was suggested surgery for removal of tumor. We took opinions from Max, Indo Gulf and finally decided on Fortis because of the good reputation of Dr. A K Singh.

Doctors did not make us aware that it is a very complicated surgery and said that there are only incidental risks. "Amount of risk involved is same as the risk when you come from your home to hospital"

On the date of admission I pointed out several times that my wife was having severe cough and cold. It was ignored by doctors saying "Everything is perfect". Later on Dr Sanjay Gupta admitted that this could have led to infection.How could they ignore it? Moreover the doctor preponed the surgery by one day because he had to go outside India.We were totally unaware of that. Why did not they postpone the surgery instead?

From day one the team did not have any consensus on how the tumor will be removed. They said that they will try from nose first, if not they will cut open the skull. On the day of operation (8th July)they said after 5 hrs that they could not extract tumor through nose so .. they will open the skull. My dear wife had to go through both the procedures. The whole operation took 12 hrs.

Post operative care is pathetic. Why was my wife given sandwich and chole chawal in ICU after next day of such a major surgery?My wife vomitted on 13 July morning and was drowsy. We immediately alarmed the doctors on duty. But they ignored the situation saying that everything is normal. In the evening she was perspiring, We again alarmed doctors on duty but no action was taken. If the doctors have been proactive they could have saved my wife.
By 14th morning the condition had deteriorated and doctors took her to ICU and put her on ventilator saying it is not required but as a precaution they were doing it.The worst part is that senior doctors A K Singh and Sanjeev Dua went out of country on that day. We tried to reach them through various means but they were not available for next 3 days. (How could they leave two patients in such a serious condition?There was another patient with similar case in ICU who also died )

Doctors who were available ( Vikas Gupta, Bundela, Sanjay Gupta ) acted like bunch of . They could not diagnose the problem and condition deteriorated every day. There was total lack of leadership and no team work at all. Each doctor gave a different reason for the problem ( lung infection, hypo perfusion, brain infection none of which was confirmed by
the time of death). On 14th July, doctors were saying that there is lung infection but they had not called any lung specialist. It is only when we suggested, they called an expert? Why did not they call the experts on there own?

On 16th July Dr. Vivek Chawla was instructed to update us the condition by 7:00 am in morning. However we were not informed till 11:00 Am that she had a cardiac arrest at 4:00 am. My wife's cousin (who is a doctor in AIIMS) visited Fortis Neuro ICU on 17th July, he told me that my wife was already dead. After he left, hospital declared dead my wife. Otherwise they would have continued with ventilator for god knows how many days. One of the lady doctor in ICU very shamefully admitted that there was negligence on part of doctors.

The hospital has international standards in only the exorbitant rated they charge. They gave me an estimate of 2.5 lakhs to cure my wife and charged Rs 5.5 lakhs for her deadbody. We were never communicated that the charges had gone beyond the estimate. How could they expect us to deposit more than double the amount at the time of death on a Sunday evening?

There was no doctor from Neurosurgery team available when the death was declared. When we shouted at the authorities they were quick enough to call the police within minutes. But they could not get any doctor to confirm the cause of death or at least give a condolence message as a human gesture. We had to immediately arrange double the estimated cost, otherwise they would not give us the dead body.

We had a meeting with hospital management and team of doctors on 4th Aug. Where doctors accepted majority of our allegations. We demanded a return of the extra money paid and action against doctors. Director Mr Sukhmeet Sandhu assured a response by phone in two days. After 8 days we received a condolence message with no action.

Nowadays hospitals believe in profiteering even at the cost of life. There is no trasparency and they put people on ventilator even when it is not required. Very careless attitude of doctors, nurses and other staff. Again warning you against such malpractices.

Kindly request you to forward this mail to all your friends and relatives and request you to suggest me good lawyer/ agency who could help me in dealing with this situation.


Srijan Sharma ( F1707 )
Dear All Victims,
Medical care world is protected by hundreds orf very powerfull organisations while there is hardly any protection for the patients who are the main source of all their income.
Our destiny is to be robbed by the medical community.
Submitted By An Ordinary Person As Perceived

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