ICICI Bank Limited — Lien of Salary account for Settled Credit Card

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 Gaurav Trip81 on Jul 31, 2013
I was marked a Lien on my Salary Account #[protected] . I have received an SMS stating the same and informing me to pay Rs.73648.22 within 7 days for the credit card [protected]. which is already Settled and amount is paid in full.

I have received a letter with Ref# CC[protected] for One short payment for Rs 30,000 in cash which I have already done on 29th of July as per commitment with Payment receipt # [protected]. An ICICI collection agent had visited my Karol Bagh Address to collect the amount.

Please help me out... i am shattered because my Salary is blocked. I have no other way to pay for my daily food and expenses.

Hope for an response... please help me

Thanks and Regards
Gaurav Tripathi
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ICICI Bank — harassment calls


ICICIBANK — salary settlement

i am MANOJ KUMAR my emp.code-827353and a/c no.is[protected] myjoining dateis 1st july 2008 to 21st oct.2008.so please clean my last 21day salary settelment.

thank u manoj kumar

ICICI Bank Limited — False transactions and statements not getting solution


I have salary account with ICICI Bank limited. My account number is[protected].I went to withdraw cash from ATM of Axis Bank, Samudragarh branch on 28.02.2009.
I have tried to withdraw cash from there. I have checked my internet banking account that money has deducted from my account of each Rs.5000 for five times. To my utter surprised that I got 5000 each for two times but for rest three transactions I could not get any money from the ATM .That three transactions of each Rs.5000 happened at same time 10:17:52 on 28.02.2009. I rose complain on 02.03.2009 to customer care of ICICI bank regarding this discrepancy of Rs.15000.00. They have asked for seven days for this. On 07.03.03 I got an SMS from ICICI bank that they have initiated a charge back process and it would take another 12 days request number SR98548202. I called them again on 22.03.2009.They told me that the process was still not completed and I need to wait for another one day as they were going to lodge a complain to higher authority. The request number is SR[protected].I have called them on 23.03.2009 and they have requested for another day. On 24.03.2009 I have called again and they told me that it would take another eight days to solve the problem.I am not sure how long this process will continue. I am in urgent need to get back my money as early as possible. I am not sure how the two banks ICICI and Axis bank are taking step on that discrepancy. I am totally frustrated with their way to solve this problem.

Please help me in getting my money Rs 15000.00 from ICICIBank. If they don’t refund my money I am ready to with media and consumer court.
Yesterday I got another sms that they need another 12 days to solve the problem.It is really pathetic for me.

ICICI Bank Limited/ Credit Card — Credit Card Grievance

This is with regard to my ICICI Credit Card No. [protected]. The Bank is sending my Statements for the late payment fee, interest and service tax.

I have made all my payments on time still they have charged me the late payment charges and whenever I have called their customer care for this they informed that they will waive the charges in next statement. But they have not waived the charges till date.

The statement dated 14.05.09 shows the total amount due is Rs. 2488.88/-. Whereas, the statement dated 15.05.09 shows the total amount due is Rs. 2615.95/- i.e. further interest charges of Rs. 115.57 and service tax of Rs. 11.90 has been debited to my credit card account.

On 11 May 2009, one Ms. Sheetal Thakur, Office of Head Service Quality has sent an email through(headservicequality@icicibank.com). She informed me that they have registered my complaint under Service Reference number SR[protected] and they will respond to me by May 15, 2009.

Further, on 13 May 2009 one Ms. Padmavati Jain, Customer Service Executive has sent an email through (customer.care@icicibank.com) and informed me that they checked the case and the same amount of Rs. 2615.95/- will get reverse within 2 days. One Mr. Shravan Kumar, Customer Service Executive of Hyderabad Branch has also confirmed about the reversal of said amount on 11 May 2009.

I have also requested them to cancel my card fifteen days ago but the same is still operational. Several times, i have called up their Customer Care to resolve the issue but it was a pathetic experience to talk with them.

I have also sent emails to their Customer Cell Executives, Customer Cell Officer and Head Service Quality but no feed back from them. I am receiving the statements from they and now I am harassed to further liaise with them.

Instead of written promise by the bank's executive and officers, it seems that they are sending different information to me and showing recultancy in the reversal of charges. I shall be very grateful if you could look into the matter personally and ask the Head Service Quality, ICICI Bank Limited to send an email to me about the reversal of total amount of Rs. 2615.95 by the ICICI Bank Limited.

Otherwise, I have no other option left but to go to the Hon'ble Court of Law for addressing my grievances.


Alka Bedi
Mob: [protected]

ICICI Bank Ltd — Credit card collection calls

Dear Sir,

I am a custer of ICICI BBANK LTD having a savings account with them for the past 2 years i have been getting collection call for paymet of credit card dues. Pls note that i dosnt have a ICICI BANK credit card.

Initially i ignored the call, but after some time these call become more absuive, to the extend that one day i got a call for collection i asked the guy to visit me as a place and bashed him..

I have even call up the call center many a times and complained them about these activities.

Just to let you know that through my personal sources i have learnt that some Mr Kamal Bakshi who has a ICICI BANK credit card as updated my cell no with them, i would if the BANK people truely do a ref check on all it customers.

Of late i have started to recieve SMS and an automated call, for making payments every month..

Request you to pls look into the same...

Thanks & Regards,
Dinesh B Chawda
Dear Mr. Chawda,

Kindly write to us at nodalofficer@icicibank.com with ‘Customer Service - Credit Card’ as the subject line. Request you to provide the relevant details of the credit card, along with your full name and contact details.

We will be glad to assist you.


Nazia Sayeed
Office of the Nodal Officer

ICICI Bank — Regarding Credit card Settlement

मैने अपने आंईसीआंई सीआंई क्रङिट काडं के सेटलमेट के लिए आंई सीआंई सी आंई क्रङिट काडं के काल सेनंटर पर बात २४ अप्रेल को मेरी बात सोनल से हुई थी मेरी बकाया राशि 43629रूपय थी मुझे 20000 रूपय की राशि पर सेटलमेट के लिए क़हा गया था मैने २४ अप्रेल को ही 2900रूपय की राशि जमा करा दी थी चूकि 17100 की राशि मेरे खाते पर पहले से हि जमा थी मुझे क़हा गया की आपके क्रङिट काडं का सेटलमेट 10 से 12 दिनो के अदंर हो जाएंगा आँर 5 मई को बैक द्वरा मैरे खाते से 20000 रूपय की राशि को आंईसीआंईसीआंई क्रङिट काडं के खाते मे ले लिया गया जब मुझे सेटलमेट लेटर नही मिला तो मैने वापस फोन लगाया तो कहा गया की दो -तीन के अनदर लेटर आपको मिल जाएगा बैक द्वरा मुझे मेल पर स्टऐटमेन्ट आया तो उस पर सेटलमेट हुआ ही नही था मैने वापस काल सेनंटर फोन लगाया तो कहा गया की आपका सेटलमेट तो 20000 पर हुआ ही नही हॅ आँर कहा गया की आपका सेटलमेट तो बान्चं के माध्यम से 27000 रूपऐं पर हुआ हॅ ज़बकी मैने बान्चं के माध्यम से तो सेटलमेट कराया ही नही था अगर सेटलमेट 27000 पर मै कराता तो बैक द्वारा मेरे खाते से 20000 रूपय की राशि को आंई सीआंई सी आंई क्रङिट काडं के खाते मे क्यो लिया गया जबकी मेरे खाते मे 44074 रूपऐं की राशि थी इसके लिएं मुझे एक Request No.SR[protected] सोनल के द्वारा दी थी बैक द्वारा मुझसे 7000 रूपऐं की राशि ओर मागीं जा रही है
My Cerdit Card No.[protected] ( Raj kishore Thakur)


I am withdrwal from icici bank saving account atm decline by no cash in atm so icici bank debit chages Rs 28*3=84 in my account on dated 22.6.09 my account no[protected]

ICICIBANK — creditcard setteled

sir, i setteled icicibank credit card before 2years ago at 2007 but my name is in cibil now how it will be i went to icicibank credit card division and reported but there is no response i fighted with them they are telling me to put a case on bank and do anything; what can i do now pls help me i got there settlement letter with me, thank you
Dear Mr. Balaji,

Kindly write to us at nodalofficer@icicibank.com with your Credit Card number, along with your full name and contact details.

We will be glad to assist you.


Nazia Sayeed
Office of the Nodal Officer

ICICI Credit Card — Marked Lien on my Salary Account

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is with reference to my ICICI Bank Credit Card.

I am having an unsolicited card issued on March 20007 to me on behalf of my salary account due to lack of education I used it for Rs.15, 000/-. (No Application form is filled by me neither any documents deposited)

I paid back Rs. 57, 000 till date in the form of Minimum payment and charges, but now I am not in a position to pay more to the bank because of following reasons.

1. I have no hike in salary from last 2 years it is still the same (Rs. 8500/-).
2. I am the only earning person in my family and I have four dependants on me.
3. From last nine months my wife is suffering from anemia therefore I lost my new born baby last month after a long costly treatment.
4. I have no deposits or savings and I also taken salary advance to fulfill medical aid to my wife.

Please note that I also approached to Disha Financial Consulting three months back, but after many commitments I still not received any solution and I am started losing confidence on them because

1. I have no written reply till date from their side.
2. My salary account is marked lien and my salary of July is debited by bank. i have no penny in my pocket.
3. Now they feel irritated when I try to contact them.

Now I wants to get rid of this trap bank peoples are threatening me frequently, If you can help me in any form, please reply

Thanks & Regards

Satish Garg
Faridabad (Hr)
Mobile: [protected]

ICICI Bank — lien on account

I had open a three in one a/c in ICICI direct in dec 2008 and also made trading on same a/c up to april end.In the month of May i booked a home for home i visit to icici bank site for home loan that time i deposit a cheque of Rs. 18000/- and odd figure when i visit to nearest branch for withdrawal, i came to know that my a/c was lien becasue of non payment of personal loan installment,But fact is that i had never dealing with this bank before dec 2008 regarding personal loan never taken loan.

In that loan also only name and date of birth is matching other things are bogus,i was bring this matter in notice of Icici bank that some one using my name & date of birth for making fraud.But still they are not relasing my fund.

So i request you to please do the needful in this reagards and give me jusitce.Hope you will understand the situtation competely.


Reena Rai

ICICI Bank Limited — Credit Card Payment

My wife's ICICI Credit card has been settled for 26,000 /-. They have issued the letter which says We should clear the amount in 3 installments. As We dont earn that much money, we asked executive to increase one more month for payment. He spoke to his manager and confirmed. He updated both the Copies with date and remaining amount. According to that we have issues cheques and all the amount has been cleared by last before month.

Now they are calling and harrasing us to pay 16000 /- as the letter is not valid. We are really frustated with those people calls.

Please save us.
Dear Mr. Krishna,

We're sorry to hear about your experience. Please write to us with your credit card number and contact details at care@icicibank.com. We'll contact you and work to address your issue.

ICICI Customer Service Team.
Statement date May 15 - Over limit charges and service tax levied on my card. No request made from my side for the above service.
Statement date June 15 - The above charges are not reflecting.
Statement date July 15 - The above charges are not reflecting.
Statement date Aug 15 - The above charges are not reflecting.
Statement date Sept 15 - Interest charge and service tax Rs.2610 was levied in my card
Statement date Oct 15 - Interest charge and service tax Rs.3000/- plus was levied on my card.

For no fault of mine, above charges are levied on my card requesting you to look into the matter and revert the total amount.

ICICI Bank Ltd. — Credit Card Settlement

Dear sir/mam,

Myself Praveen Joshi, had a credit card numbered [protected].
I got a letter from ICICI Bank dated 19 August 2009 mentioning a settlement amount of 29000 INR in three installments. No dates were given for installments.
I paid 9000 INR on 17 Sep 2009, and completed the amount left 20000 INR on 5 Nov 2009, before completion of three months from settlement date.
BUT settlement was not considered and i am still being charged from my account for charges related to my credit card. My statement shows 1470 INR deduction on 7 Jan 2010.
As per customer care executive i have to pay complete 14687.15 INR more against my credit card, the reason being they wanted settlement in 3 installments not in two.
Please guide and suggest.


Praveen Joshi
Dear Praveen,

We regret for the inconvenience caused.
We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

ICICI Customer Service Team.

ICICI Credit Card — Salary account placed on lien

Dear Sir

I am having a salary account with the ICICI Bank. I also have two ICICI Bank Credit Cards. As per my knowledge, i have applied for only one credit card but they have issued me

two ICICI gold card of same variant.

I have some payment to this credit cards. The bank has placed lien on my salary account last month and took 45,210.11 because I have not made payment towards my credit card.

Again this month they have placed lien of amount 73724.45. I have in no way given any written or oral approval for this anytime.

The bank has not given prior intimation about this.

Neither the ICICI Bank credit card department nor the ICICI Bank with whom I have a salary account have communicated to me in any way about the lien. I get all my bank related

communication by email, my bank statement as well as credit card statement.

I am a family person with two kids, I have to run my family based on my salary and i have no other income.
If the bank where my salary credited takes all that i earned, How i can run my family. Last month i adjusted by taking handloan from friends, that was the toughest month in my

entire life. I was just waiting for this month salary, and very pathic seeing my account is liened again.

I would like to know can a bank issue two credit cards of same variant to same person with out his concern (as i mentioned above that i only appiled for one card).

Does the ICICI Credit Card Dept. have the right to put a lien on my Salary account ?

Please tell me how to proceed.


Vinod Palli
Dear Vinod,

We regret the inconvenience caused.

Please write to us with your contact details and credit card number at care@icicibank.com (Subject line: UID 269175). We'll contact you and work to address your issue.

ICICI Customer Service Team.

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