[Resolved]  Idea Cellular Prepaid Connection — Worst customer care support

From: R P Shukla [mailto:rp.[protected]]
Sent: Monday, February, 2008 03:10 PM
To: 'Customer Care (RAJ)'
Cc: '[protected]'; '[protected]'; 'grievance.[protected]'
Subject: RE: Poor services of customer support of IDEA Cellular - [protected]

This month again I have not received the phone call details of [protected] inspite of writing several times and talking to customer care executive and doing SMS. Since Idea Cellular has failed in giving the call details in my email ID also I have made request to customer care on 14th Feb 08 (communication ID[protected] to surrender my mobile connection. They have asked me reason of surrender, I told them because of poor customer service support with detail briefing of past experience. Customer care executive has told me that he can consider the surrender of connection provided I say that services at show room was poor. Since I was not convinced with his opinion then he has told me that he will not accept the surrender request.

Then I called up at [protected] on 14th Feb08 to collect the cheque as 15th Feb 08 was the last day for the payment. Mr Diwakar has told me that on 15th Feb he will collect the cheque. On 15th Feb 08 when he has not come I again called him up and he has told me that due to his personal work he could not come and after two to three days he will collect the cheque and the late payement charges will not be applicable. I have also made request to bring the form to surrender the connection but till date neither he nor anybody else has come to collect the cheque.

Pls discontinue the services of [protected] and send the balance amount to be paid. From my side I have surrendered the connection on 14th Feb 08 thru my communication ID 13019831. This is my request as I do not have time to write mails and run around Idea Celluar show room.


R P Shukla
From: R P Shukla [mailto:rp.[protected]]
Sent: 21 January 2008 18:18
To: Rajat Mukarji; Customer Care (RAJ)
Cc: [protected]; [protected]
Subject: Poor services of IDEA Cellular

Dear Sirs,

Due to regular follow up and lucarative plans with commitment of good services by "Idea Cellular" marketing executive I have taken the mobile connection .
-First month I have received the bill with full call details in which I have seen few descrepancies. I have called up the in customer care regarding the descrepancies but from customer care I got very poor response. Then I called up to the marketing executive who has given the connection and shown him the descrepancies. He assured me that next time these descrepancies shall be taken care. Since amount was less I have ignored it and did the full payment.
-Second month- I have received the bill without call details. I made the request for call details and also informed to customer care ( communication ID[protected] but nobody from the idea customer care has responded to my below mentioned grievences. I was getting regular calls from the Idea Cellular for the payment of bill without giving the bill details. Most of the time I use to be in my official meeting and in roaming conditions which use to be very irritating. I made request to the caller to cut my connection and come with full and final amout to settle the account. All these comminucation was waste and finally I paid the amount thru cheque. The person who came to collect the cheque has taken my email ID and told me that thru email he will send the call details which are free.
- Now this month till date neither I have received the bill nor the call details in my email ID. I am getting the regular calls for the payment of bill. I have told them to send the bill so that I can pay the amount and caller will tell that they will send the bill. Now today is 21st of the month but I have not received the bill.
In the month of Dec 07 I have got some problems in my mobile internet setting and I have wasted 8 to ten days to get the setting again. The customer care tells to call at 3434 and from 7am to 12.PM(night) lines are always busy. Then I visited to Idea Cellular office two times (mobiles setting and laptop internet setting). Now you can see due to poor services I have wasted my petrol, time and paying the bills without using the services due to worst customer support.

This is my request to Idea Cellular that I do not have much time to attend the baseless calls and writing mails to complain regarding the poor services every month.

Since services of Idea Cellular is getting bad to worst and harassment from customer care every month, it request you to send the full and final settlement and cut my connection.


R P Shukla

CC: Mr. SS singh (D.G general) / Mr. B.R Sharma

Sent: Saturday,15th December, 2007
Subject: Communication ID 10722250

From last ten days I am requesting to Idea representative who is asking for the payment of bill, to provide me call details but he has not provided till date and making calls to me to pay the bills. How do you expect to pay the bills without knowing the details?

One of my colleague Mr Ravi Shankar Singh ([protected]) has told me that Idea Cellular has charged ISD charges in place of STD charges in few calls. By mistake Idea Cellular has send the detail bill in his email address from where he was able to see the mistake. Lateron Ravi Shankar has spoken to Idea representatative and which got corrected. I try to verify the detail bill(phone no details) for the month of Nov07 in internet but is not available. I am not able to verify the call details which is very disappointing. Response of customer care executive of Idea Cellular is worst so far I come accross till date.It looks that response of customer care executives/ officers are not recorded neither monitored. Idea Cellular sales executive will present good plans, schemes and commitment for good services and being having two mobile connection(reliance and vodafone), I have taken the connection of Idea Cellular. But becoming an Idea customer is horrible at each and every step when talking to for any solutions or issues.It looks customers are burden to Idea representatives. Going under such horrible and painful interaction with Idea Officers/executive I want to surrender connection if you can not provide the bill details. There are so many problems in life and not inerested to have one more problem of "Idea Services".

Regards, R P Shukla ([protected]
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Aug 13, 2020
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I want to know the balance left in my idea cellular lifetime sim number [protected]. Because the balance becomes in minus side within 8 to 10 hours after each value recharge also mention the reason about this.
hello sir
good evening sir.
i am nishant sharma and my shop in tundla distt firozabad .my shope name is yashu mobile communication station road near canara bank tundla.i was very happy to sir idea is best company in the world but they are also not probite in poster and banner in idea relative in my shope and do not also board in please conndect the board in idea in my shope

I will stop night pack on 6 Jan-08, they send me Massage also on 11th of Jan-08, But still Idea will deducted the charges of night pack. i will contct to customer care department two times they give me two communication ID 48222918 and ID 46989612, and said that your deducted ammount will be add on your balance but still they didnot add my deducted ammount on my account.
plz give me 23 march 2008 to 26 march 2008 call detail on my mail

Idea — outgoing has stopped

my idea cellular prepaid[protected], i want to know the the reason behind my outgoing calls that why u stop my outgoing,
i was told about submitting identity again, i already submitted it but still i couldn't make an outgoing call. its more than one week now
please take some action against it & let me also know the reason behind it
my ph. no. is[protected]
its outgoing has stopped from 21 mar 2008
whenever i try to make an outgoing call
i recieved a message that "subscriber is in suspended stage"
i want to know why my outgoing has been stopped
i was trying to know the reason behind it from 21 mar 2008
i was told that u should give i.d. proof, i already submitted but still i can't able to make outgoing call, its a kindly request, please take some action against it & also tell me the reason behind it
Dear sir
my ph. no. is[protected]
plz give me 06 April 2008 to 07 April 2008 call detail on my mail
[protected] call detels plz.
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Flag this message[ No Subject ]Saturday, 29 March, 2008 10:16 AM
From: "deepak" <[protected]>Add sender to Contacts To: ccare.[protected]@idea.adityabirla.comI m using idea postpaid connection from last one and a half year, n i am sorry to say that since then my facing problems, i did not expect this kind of experince from idea customer care, the agents working in your call center are seriously lacking on the knowledge part as well as on bhaviour part, it been long m making comlaints n every time i dont get the convincing results, i was working with Convergys when i purchased this connection, that time the sales person made me wronge commitments n just because of that i suggested that to my friends as well, we purchased 5 postpaid connection, that time the sales person told me that everymonth you will get 1000messages n you have to pay Rs 25 for that, i specially asked them what if i will exeed 1000, they told me again the same bundle will be activated n you will get another 1000 in the same month, i confrmed this with customer care as well, n the told me the same, last to last month my bill was little high as per my expections, i was busy those days so i made the payment, then after that i called CC n asked about my bill sagregation, n they told me 1580 is the no of msgs you have sent, so according to me it was 580 extra which was charged to me, i made the complaint regarding the same, n they promised me a call back from the billing, i recieved a call as well but unfortunately the lady i was speaking with was very adamant, she directly said i can only offer you a discount of Rs 50, i told her about the whole story, but very rudely she said thats the best i can offer you, let me know wheather you want that of not, that time i agreed to that.then next month i called CC n asked about a cheep plan from idea to idea, they offerd me a Rs 100 bundle n told me that your call charges will be 10p, it was quiet good so i asked them to activate that, i was on a diffrent plan of Rs 49 in which my call charger were low to 50p, i specially asked that can i use both at the same the, the guy said yes, nxt morning i confrmed the same thing once again n the other person told me the same, after one day i recieved a msg the service is not been activated pls contact CC, i called CC n asked them abt this, the agent told me that these two bundles are not compatible, then i spoke to one of TL regarding the same, the guy was helpful n told me the concept, i asked him to activate the idea to idea bundle n deactivate the Rs 50 bundle, the most unfortunate thing is that the TL also did not informed me about the seviceplan that, he didnt tell me that you will only get 1000 mins @ 10p, thrice i tried to confirm from the agents that is there any upper limit of mins in this bundle n every agent told me that u can use till the time u want, n u will be cahrged @10p only, i started using my ph accordingly, when the bill was generated i was shocked because it was very high from my expectations, i called CC n the the lady told me that u can only use 1000 mins in this bundle @ 10p, after that Its 99p per minute, then i visited the NH1 showroom in fariadabad because it was height this time, i told them abt this they said as if now we cant make the comlaint against CC, we can anly generate a normal complaint n promise you a call back, i recived a call back from billing n spoke to prerna, she even did not listen to me properly n asked now what do want, i said i want you to get my bill correct n charge me as per the comitment, very rudely she said no to it n one more time it was a bitter experince from idea CC, i want you to listen to all the call made by me n do the needful, becuse this time its height n i dont want to pay for anyone elses mistake.please workout on the Process trainning as well teach them about the call control so that the can give out the correct information in a nice way,

thanking you,

regards n blessings



i recieved a call after marking this mail to ccare.[protected] n spoke to one of the agent she offred me a discount of Rs200 which is not worth.i been to the NIT outlet regarding the same n the said we cant do anything about this..all this shows the way company works...n sorry to say i find it a very poor n weak infrastructure and its a big question on the management of the company...know i dont know how to get this resolved...need help...hope i will get the results

in the tpnagar, nandan nagar, meerut city thr is no signal so tell me how to i got the signal my full bussiness got to dummped plz tell me soln of the problm ...if anybody call to me in tht area ans is thr is no coverage area
DOES ANYONE EVER LOOKS INTO CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS? Strange, but the attitude of most executives is not really upto the mark. My complaint o[censored]nnecessarily deducting GPRS Connection charges daily from my PREPAID ACCOUNT, Tel No .[protected] now for over a few months now, is not being attended to when I have never applied for this fascility.
And the best part is no one responsible is willing to come on line even after your customer care executive asks me to stay on line and that they are transferring the line for an explanation.
Frankly, I do not know whom to complain to?

My cell no. is [protected]



urgent pls mail it to me...
dear sir,
I am gopal kasera in ujjain Plese my request you off in my cricet service, My mobile no in [protected]
plese send a cricet service number.
my lifitime card no [protected] ists outgoing call is stop because no use of 200 pleese my outgoing call start.i use 200 bal use sour in 1 onth
I just can't get enough words to describe the pathetic service that idea provides. how does one capture their outburst in written, but yes idea users have no other option as there is no customer care no. for idea (i mean where a cust. care executive listens to you), they just have recorded messages that will make you kill youselves.

now, why did I want to speak to cust. care, i (being a stupid) took the stupid connection of idea for myself (was told that STD rates are Rs.1.30/min), some SMS had to be sent to activate the new std rates, did that. i was sent a message saying, the rates would be active in 48 hours, it has been precisely 120 hours since the sms was sent, but the facility never got activated, i sent the msg again, got the reply again, but after that msg one more set of 48 hrs have passed, still m being charged Rs. 2.75/min for STD calls. that's really pathetic.

these days when customers are given the best treatment by other service providers, idea has such poor service, this is unbelievable.

i feel like being trapped coz i have taken two recharges on this pathetic sim card, i feel like throwing it away, but can’t...

one more thing, if you want to make calls, there is one main criteria, i.e. network, but here also idea chooses to be the worst, u just won’t get the network, even i[censored] r standing under open sky..unbelieveable isn't it...

that's ‘!dea’ for you...birla's idea to make you a fool...
sir my seam has got block.
my seam number :[protected]
please provide puk number.
Hello, This is Hardik,
from last one year i am using the idea PREPAID cellular card no: [protected], i had a complaint regarding the cutting the account balance from my number,

i was using the external recharge message utility provided by the idea company, as i used to recharge every month reguarlly, and the 17-may-2008 was the last date, i was having 21 Rs. balance in my a/c and at the same time next day, my a/c balance is been cut to the 34 Rs. and balance was "-13" rs.

as company is saying that we had sent u the message, but as a regular user i haven't got any message form the company that we have changed the system " UR MESSAGE UTILITY AUTOMATICALLY WILL BE DONE" " for that they must send any message to customer regarding,

but i haven't got any message from them, and as i talk with the customer executive, they were telling we don't know any thing regarding this matter, and i asked to refund me that balance, they were telling that it's not possible, (Mr. Mahesh Senva, gandhinagar, ) had given me the contact to complain on this no "[protected]" but it is the post paid number, and i am the prepaid user.?

and they are just miss guiding the user, and without informing the customer they are cutting the balacne of the customer.

please do any help if possible, ,

" get up customers please "

Regards Hardik.
please tell me what is the problem?

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