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[Resolved]  Indian Railway — Grievances against amenities in trains/ platforms /officials.

My parents was having confirm sleeper class ticket on date 16/06/08 in train no.: 2124, S-9.16 M. 57 & S-9.8 F.47. The ticket no.: 85882968, PNR no. :[protected]. They was having their ticket from mugholsari junction (U.P.), the authorities of the station did not let them to sit on their confirm berth.Right now my parents are on their way just sitting in the train like a waiting list passenger, they are sitting on the floor, they are old also.
Please help me out and my parents.
I will be waiting for your reply.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Sir, Please tell me the website through which we can know the detail of our Provident Fund Account NO.05383547 in indian railway.
My parents was having confirm sleeper class ticket on date 16/06/08 in train no.: 2124, S-9.16 M. 57 & S-9.8 F.47. The ticket no.: 85882968, PNR no. :[protected]. They was having their ticket from mugholsari junction (U.P.), the authorities of the station did not let them to sit on their confirm berth.Right now my parents are on their way just sitting in the train like a waiting list passenger, they are sitting on the floor, they are old also.
Please help me out and my parents.
I will be waiting for your reply.
The Senior DCM/Howrah
Eastern Railway

Respected Sir,

I, Smt.Uma Chakraborty, W/O Debasis Chakraborty residing at Rescourse para (opp.Govt.Quarters: A/17)P.O.&P.S.Jalpaiguri[protected] would like to state that I am a physically handicapped person and I have a proper certificate regarding this.I with my family have been in Chinsura to my in-laws place. In the time of return my husband went to Chinsura Rly.Stn. to buy tickets for us on 12.11.08 at 7.05 p.m.where he produced my Handicapped Certificate to the booking counter for concession{(Appendex1/36)Rule101, serialno25}, they refused to issue tickets on concession and claimed that the Certificate was a fake one.Then my husband went to ChandanNagar Station on 13.11.08 at 11.05 a.m. to buy tickets.This time they too claimed that the Certificate was false and refused to issue tickets.Moreover they seized my Handicapped certificate and provided a receipt.My husband was harassed and assaulted mentally.I can not understand how it can happen.I have been issued tickets on concession a number of times before this.

I therefore, request you from humeterian ground to take drastic action against the concern person responsible for such kind of activities as my husband is mentally shocked and we too. So your immediate action in this regard is requested and get back my handicapped certificate as early as posible.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

uma chakraborty

Indian Railways — train is standing and other trains are passed

Dear sir,
I Anoop Khanna is bonafied passenger of Indian Railways travelling in coach B 1 by Durg Express (train number 8202) from Gorakhpur to Allahabad and my ticket number is 130362 dated 07-12-08.My nature of complaint is that the said train is standing at Blockhod A(this name I came to know from TTE) for near about one hour while other trains are passing from both the directions . It is very unfortunate that before that also the very said train was standing one and a half hour at Vranasi station . While I enquired to running staff about it everybody said that it is unfair(SAUTELA VYAVAHAR HAI) with this train since the train is belong to Southern-Eastern Railways(Not belong to Northern or NE Railways).It is very stage that Railways Employees are forced by Indian Railways to give such type of awnser since they are helpless.At present time is in my clock is 11.30 pm and schdule time of this train to reach to Allahabad is a 10 pm. We people are helples and unnecessary leads to harrasement and being an Indian I know that nothing is going to happen in ths case even I will not give any reply of my complaint . My address is Anoop Khanna, N-472, AASHIANA, Lucknow-22001(UP).


Anoop Khanna
Guntur Division of SCR, Guntur city Pattabhipuram manned railway gate crossing is in highly hazardous condition. The road is totally wrecked & large granite stones obstruct (thousands) vehicular traffic. This condition has been prevailing for 2 months. This railway crossing is just few hundreds meters from Divisional office. But no repair work is initiated, further, the suffering is compounded with the laying of RAILS on wither side of the down track, protruding their edges alarmingly, damage vehicle tyres. This awkward situation is unheard of in recent times. Why the disciplined/responsible railway authorities blatantly IGNORE this, by not under-taking immediate repair work, is a million dollar question.
Simply because this is a slum dog country where more than 100 people are cramped into a coach like filthy pathetic animals. No other reason. slumdogs dot wordpress dot com
Dear Sir,

Trains Honking(Whistling) in the Hubli city of Karnataka should be Banned .

The ear deafening sound of train honking(whistling) throughout the day, particularly at night is irritating, sickening and polluting the calmness of the entire atmosphere and environment. This must have already ruptured the ear drums of train motormen because my message sent several times is not heard by them so far.

I do not know whether this message will reach Motormen of Trains passing through Hubli. I do not know whether railway police are taking this message seriously or this message will reach them at all. Otherwise, the needless, consistent HONKING ( WHISTLING) by trains can rupture anyone’s ear drums. They do not know how much nuisance they are creating to the residents of Hubli by Train HONKING ( WHISTLING) day and night.

The inhuman careless attitude of motormen has created excessive noise pollution beyond control. Inspite of our polite requests several times, nothing has changed. The train motormen constantly keep HONKING ( WHISTLING) day and night without any care for people, children, schools, colleges, hospitals spoiling the calmness of the entire region.

We observed that the loud continuous whistling noise of train markedly disrupting the sleep by reaching the hazardous levels of noise.

This can lead to major health effects that are lack of concentration, irritation, fatigue, headache, sleep disturbances, etc.

Such type of continuous exposure to noise above 85 decibels can be harmful to hearing and lead to physiological changes in blood pressure, sleep, digestion and other stress-related disorders particularly on elderly people, on children's learning and behavior.

We earnestly request the newspaper authorities to highlight this issue for the welfare of all the Hubli residents.

Noise and its Intensity
Columbia Encyclopedia…. Noise pollution

Effects of Noise on Health and Well-Being

Cause and Effects of Noise Pollution

This message has been sent to all the newspapers with the intention that they realize the seriousness and urgency and publicize the urgent need of action to be taken by the concerned Noise Pollution Controlling authorities to stop the trains from blowing whistles (Honking) in the Hubli City limits.

This has been sent by Mr. Shyam Gokarn with the clear intention to protect the interest of the residents of Hubli against noise pollution caused by trains passing through Hubli City.

For the welfare of all the residents of Hubli.

Shyam Gokarn
401, Alagundagi Heights, Shanty Colony,
Vishveshwar Nagar, Hubli – 580032
Mobile : [protected]

The police have powers to deal with noise as a breach of peace under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act (Chapter 184), and Public Entertainments and Meetings Act (Chapter 257). However, NEA can also take action under the Environment Public Health Act, if the noise is deemed to constitute a public health nuisance.
It gives a lot of problem for us, that waiting list tickets' trimmed positions are not published every day either in the web site or in any mode of information facilities by the railway. the wait list position at the time of booking the ticket itself seen continuously even the day of the starting of train. for Example: I have booked two tickets from panvel to Kasaragod in train No 2654 Kerala samparka kranti express for my sons . the waiting list even now is 12 and 13. the train has already started from chandigarh in the morning, and the web site note as the chart has not been made! when the chart will be prepared? on reaching the destination?
This creates un wanted problem and make easy way for train staffs to make money.
so can you make at least any facility of sending the confirmation messages either through Email or S.M.S in mobile phones.
on the night of 22/23may2009 i went 2 Dahanu road of western railway to board the saurashtra janta exp from dahanuroad to borivali, but i was surprised when i found waiting room of station for passengers was pre occupied by 5-6 policeman, they were sleeping, Were they ON DUTY, If yes then why they were sleeping, if they were off duty then what they were doing in the waiting room for passenger, And where was the waiting room attendant.who is responsible for this GM CCG or DRM BCT OR CLASS IV EMPLOYEE OF railway, please suggest and reply,

Indian Railways — Cancellation of train without any notice or news

I had brought a ticket on 11th June 2009 with PNR: [protected], Transaction ID [protected] in Train No :3052, Train Name : HOOL EXPRESS for journey on 14th June 2009 from SIURI to Howrah. When I went to Siuri station I found to my surprise that the train was cancelled, the Station Manager also approved to the fact that there was no early intimation / notice about this.

If the train was going to be cancelled on 14th how was it allowed to book tickets on 11th June 2009, it should have been blocked.

It was a very hot day and the temperature was about 42 degree Celcius, I had to travel in the this discomfort in a bus. Who is going to compensate for this trouble I had to face?

As I got the ticket thru irctc ( online e ticket) I could not cancel the ticket as its not allowed after the journey time. At the ticket counter also e tickets are not allowed for cancellation.

My question is how do I get the money back? who will and how can the trouble to my mind and body be compensated for such an irresponsible act.

Can I suite a compensation? Where that can be done?
I am a regular passenger of CHAMBAL EXP (No 2176/2178) . Earlier the train was normal but reaching to destination almost right time but now a days it becomes SUPERFAST and reaching late to the destination by 3 to 4 hours.
It tooks 24 hours to reached its destination, the rought is very bad no food is available from JHANSI to ALLAHABAD so I requiest please introduce one pantry car in the train.
Complaint against train ticket issuing officer in perungudi/ station.

So much of working times he is not in seat. so got dealyed for getting the ticket in right time.

Kindly take neccessary actions and replace right person for the same possision.

Dear Sir,
mai our mere sath aur bhi kai aise log jo ki galti se
> handicapped dibbe me chad gaye the. tarikh 08/11/2009 ko dehra dun
> experess ratlam se vadodra jate samay dahod se railway police no 1
> mr. A. M. QURESHI / A K QURESHI jo ki mono type font me likha tha aur
> ek bundhuk dhari jiske hath me SHARMA namka wrist chain pahena tha,
> pahele inhone viklang aur aurto ko bithaya aur ek rail way staf ka
> admi jiske hath me bad me ek chhithi me uska nam likah tha kin Pargi
> Babu Ramnbhai dehradun unko bithaya aur hum sub ko bathroom ki aur le
> ja ke dono ne bahut hi mara aur fis hase paisa vasul kiya aur next
> station per utar gaye ki me dahod me receipt deta hu. Aur hame koi
> receipt nahi mili.hum 15 se 20 aadmi the jinse paisa liya.
Jinka thode ka nam aur contact niche likhtahu.
150 rs. Asif [protected][protected]
kesrilal [protected]
pravin bhai[protected]
dhiru20 rameshbhai.
yaha thode contact diye hai... baki ke pass mobile nahi th
> a...aur bhi jankari ke liye hum mese kisika bhi aap contact kar sak
> te hai.ya is ID per mail kar sakte hai.thanks
while booking reser vation ticket why the senior citizen deprived of getting a lower berth acompaned by family is it possible a aged old person aged 79 to climb upper berth
I perssonally feel railway authourity have no concern for the age
when in the format senior citizen with aged marked

i am a frequent tarveller betwenn Chennai - Ernakulam - Chennai. and used catch train nos 2623 / 2624 and 6041 / 6042.

I find in most cases when i travel from Chennai by 2623, the TTE is not traceable after Katpadi Jn. also the security personnel. Yesterday ( 22/5/10) i was on this train ( 2623) in Coach S4 and beth no 7 from Chennai.There was a boarding at Salem in S4 coach for berth no. 1. two persons were arguing for this berth at Salem Jn. just after mid night creating nuicence. The TTE did not come to chech the boarding, and a group of five persons having no valid reservation and ticket were standing at the door & passage were making in convinience to passagers with reserved berts. No security personnel also came to remove these people. This kind of incidents are very common in this sector, i have just highlighted the very recent one. Hope authorities will take care in future.
Thanking you,
K P Paulson, Ernakulam, Cell no [protected]

Indian Railway — poor amenities in rajdhani exp

we just have concluded journey in 2302, kolkata rajdhani exp, from new delhi to dhanbad. we were in B4. there were almost 20-30 extra passengers in the compartment with WL tickets. apparently they boarded train on ASSURANCE by TTE. the TTE ( mr yadav ) & coach attendent (ramlagan) were throughout buisy in providing berth/food to them. on every stoppage ( kanpur, allahabad, mughalsarai, gaya) the vaccated berth was being grabbed by those passengers ( unfortunate people buying WL TATKAL or regular tickets) in connivance with staffs, paying handsome BRIBE. in the process the berthed passengers had terrible time accomodating such extra passengers on their seats.
adding to the woes, the amenities were POOR, to say the least. toilets floor was flooded due to leaking sink, cockroaches found to be crawling here & there, drinking water/frooti were HOT while DAAL was almost frozen. egg curry was NOT available in the pantry, hand towel was weathered. these are only few things besides other problems e.g - the WINDOWS are now being used to earn revenue by allowing POSTERS to be pasted on it, severly hampering VISIBILITY. this causes great difficulty in reading stations name during night time. if this is generating revenue - good but U MUST PROVIDE "DISPLAY" in the AISLE.
we request the AUTHORITY/RLY MINISTER to RESTORE the DIGNITY of trains like RAJDHANI exp. please be responsible towards MONEY paying passengers.
I am traveling from Hosur to Bangalore every day. Like me there are more than 200 people also traveling from same destination up and down every day. Our south western railway announced YH 1 and YH2 train recently from Yeswantpur to Hosur. Because of this train every day morning we are late to our office. In this train maximum 10 passengers are traveling. Because of this train Mass passengers are facing the problem of late to office. Bangalore / Yeswanpur to Hosur from 4 pm to 6.40 pm no trains available.
WE are welcoming new trains but It should be arranged convenient timing for the benefit of Maximum number of passengers.
WE are expecting the changes in WAR FOOT.

J. vijayakumar Hosur [protected]
Date: 24th July 10
Train No. 6227: Shimoga Express
Seat No. First Class 8 UB
Complaint: The seat and surrounding areas were filthy, the pouch was filled with waste.

Date: 1st Aug 10
Train No. 6202: Bangalore Express
Seat No. C1-33
Complaint: The soap dispenser was dirty and not working.

Kindly prevent such situations, as I would not like to be your guinea pig.
With regrets,
Francis. No. 5, Muniga Layout, MaruthiSeva Nagar, Bangalore 560033. Ph: +[protected]
Dear sir
I was travelling on 4-september-2010, from Kachiguda to Bangalore. accidently my ticket got peiced into two as it accidently go into my daughters hands who is less than 3 years old. the ticekt collector refused to recognise the ticket though i showed him our PAN CARD and other identity proofs. he either demanded us to pay rupees 530/- for each person(we were 3) or pay rupees 500/- as bribe since i was not having sufficent mony to pay for the penalty (530 rupees * 3)and was with family and had a small child i had no other way but to pay the bribe.
here the train details. 2785 from kachiguda to bangalore
compartment S2 and berth numbers 8, 16, 64.
The TC was plying between kachiguda on wards.
I am sending this mail because the ticket collectors misuse the circumstances of the passengers and squeeze money from them. they act like goons of the railway.

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