Indian Railway — Auto cancellation of W/L e-ticket

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 Rajesh Singh

This is really surprising policy of indian railway where the the wait-list e -ticket will be automatically cancelled after chart preparation. At the last moment when you are hoping for best, if the odds are against might be without ticket in minutes. When e-ticket facility is given for passenger easiness and make them comfortable with the use of latest technology, Lot of us are suffering bad side of this. Thanks to Indian railway. I strongly feel this policy should change, and an alternative solution has to be provided. Because suppose we are getting W/L 10 by internet booking, we are hoping it will get confirmed after chart preparation...but surprised to see if it not confirmed we are without ticket as ticket is automatically cancelled.

I urge INDIAN RAILWAY to please consider this policy and change it soon by using latest and managed softwares for people who don't have other choice rather that travelling on same day at any condition.

An Indian([protected])

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Indian Railway Online ticket — No ticket even after payment

I booked a Mumbai season ticket by first class on 07/01/2008 over IRCTC with payment by direct debiting from bank. Even though the cost of was debited to my bank account I have neither the ticket nor the refund so far. Is this what wailway is serving?
This is not only cheating but also fooling.
I made several complaints for the rerund. But I have been receiving the reply that we are looking into this or we have instructed the bankers to refund.

this is not the 1st experience with the IRCTC.

I think some must move against the railways against this.

Indian Railways — My Due to Railways

I traveled from Chennai to Mumbai on 22nd Feb 2008, with details below

• Train No: 1042
• Train Name: Chennai-CST Express
• PNR No:[protected]
• Ticket No: 51764026
• Class: 3rd A/C
• Coach: B1
• Berth: 21
• Start-Point Departure Time & Date: 1145 Hrs Feb 22, 2008
• Destination Arrival Time & Date: 1315 Hrs, Feb 23, 2008

During travel, I ordered the following from the waiter of the pantry car attached

1. Vegetarian dinner on Feb 22nd night
2. Vegetarian Breakfast (Idli & Vada) on Feb 23rd morning
3. Tea (‘Dip ‘ Type) on Feb 23rd morning

The payment could NOT get completed.

Till l the end of the journey, I was hoping that waiter would turn up for settlement, but looks like he was perhaps busy otherwise.

I wish to complete the settlement.

May I request you to advise me on
• Amount I have to pay
• Mode (cash or cheque ) of payment
• If cheque, to whom it should be drawn
• Place of payment

Thanking You

S. Krishnan
I had made the online booking of ticket on[protected]. The transaction number is [protected], but because of miscommunication the transaction was not complete and 690/- amount got debuted from my credit card.
I got one mail from Indian Railway about the transaction and insure that the Debuted amount will be Credit in my account within 4 to 5 working days. But it not credit in my account still yet.
Please help me and give how to handle the problem.

sanjay raut

Indian Railways — Refund on AC not working

We were moving on 6th June 2008 from Faizabad to Delhi ( 3AC) ( Train No 4205...Delhi Faizabad express) with our family comprising of my father( aged 64 years), mother, brother( Sqn Ldr Punit Chawla, IAF), bhabi, my wife and 2 nephews( aged 5 and 1 year). A person travels in AC coach to get all the comforts. It was unfortunate enough that AC stopped working at around 12 in the night and being the doors closed it caused suffocation. The worst part of it was that attendant was sleeping with full masti and had to be really dragged to wake up. When asked about it he said "AC to kharab tha jab train chali thi and mushkil sey repair hua tha". I asked about complaint register and he was clever enough to bring the AC complaint register. We made our entry in that with a few more passenger to follow. The train kept on moving with kids crying and a complete caous all around. The at Moradabad station a few guys climbed up to repair the AC and went down abusing the attendant. Then after lots of efforts TTE appeared and was good enough to handle the situation and gave everyone the vouchers to claim refund. We were to get down at Gaziabad, so asked him from where we can get the refund. He told us to get it from Delhi station anytime within 5 days.
The story takes a turn when we go to Delhi station on Tuesday. The guys there are arrogant like anything and they behave ina complete illiterate manner. They told we can't get refund after 48 hours. When asked again and again to accept the voucher and forward it they say" we are not concerned with TTE in train"
What's this?
No one is ready to take responsibility and above all they behave in such a manner with an officer of Indain Air Force and and myself Chartered Accountant. Even they dont consider talking properly to an elderly person, my father.
With Commonwealth games coming to Delhi is this the manner the railways is going to behave with guests. Its our country and atleast it can be ensured guys like these dont behave this manner to our guests and rules and regulations are made clear to the entire staff beforehand. We need to believe it our home"our country". It can be ensured by punitive approach ot reformative approach.
"Jai Hind"

e-ticket-indian railways — erroneous ticket issued

I booked an e-ticket through an agent bearing pnr no-[protected] in which the date of journey was clearly mentioned as 12-07-08. The ticket was confirmed. However, the date of boarding was mistakenly printed as 13-07-08. Before taking the train on 12-07-08, I talked to the railways officials about this mistake and they told me that I could safely travel since the date of journey and date of boarding are as a rule same, and if these differed in my ticket, it was a printing error. But when I boarded the train, it turned out that my ticket was invalid, as it was meant for 13-07-08. The T.C. asked me to get down at 4:00 A.M. on the boarding station as my berth was alloted to somebody else.
Not only did I have a tough time, coming from home at 3:00 A.M and going back in wee hours but I also missed out on an important assignment only due to the negligence of railways.
Railways need to respond to my problem and refund the amount of ticket without any deductions.

Indian Railways — Speed Train Charge

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is question about the Charge made for the Newly introduced train 2297 - MS SALEM EXP. This train include the Superfast Charge, but its always one hour delay by the expected time to the destination and even though if it covers the distance at time[Still now it had not happened], the time taken to reach the destination is more or less equal to the time taken by the Yercaud Express. Also, while comparing to yercaud express, mostly the time taken by this train in more. I don't think this train deserves a Superfast Charge. Kindly verify that its deserves the Superfast Charge.

Indian Railways — websites on default

sir, it is shockingly surprising to see that if i fill full station name ur online site is not displaying the required information instead i have to toss and select few alphabets from the station, which obviously is not possible, then i may approach the required information .
ur system regarding trains between stations is not working for 5 days now . i dont know weather u people care t o chech ur system ever.
i request u to kindly pay a bit of heed into the matter
thnking you
Technically it is right thing to do. If your ticket is still wait-listed after chart preparation then you are without ticket anyway!
Problem here is the TC in the train do not have any info of waitlisted tickets and hence cannot verify if your ticket is cancelled or not. So by-default all WL e-tickets are considered to be cancelled. Otherwise the passenger can say I haven't cancelled the ticket yet, but someone can cancel your ticket on behalf of you while you are fighting with TC in the train! Whereas in paper tickets you have to return the ticket while cancelling and you cannot travel without ticket!
It also helps in need for manual cancellation by the passenger.

Indian Railway — Booking Done inspite the train being cancelled

I booked e-ticket for the train number 0803 with PNR number:-[protected] Transaction ID :- [protected], Journey from VSKP to MYS on[protected].I booked this ticket on[protected].I confirmed from railway enquiry that the train is cancelled long before, even though the train is cancelled why the ticket booking is permitted . And I did not get my Refund Amount Back for This.Please go through the PNR information and check the details .
I agree that the waitlisted ticket is automatically cancelled is a nice feature but it carries many loopholes too.
For a case ... I had booked a e-ticket for a morning train (11:30 AM) & was panning to cancel it if the status was not confirmed by 8 am in the morning(before chart preparation...) as I had another very expensive but confirmed option of traveling.
When I checked status one night prior to my journey date, it was still waitlisted and chart status was Prepared. This meant i cannot cancel the e-ticket, as the chart is already preapred...
Train is next day at 11 am, My ticket is waitlisted & i wanted to cancel my ticket approx 10 hours before departure(from source station)... But I couldn't... wasnt that stupid...

There is an option of filing online TDR for such cases... as informed by railways care (24 hour customer support)... i clicked on that link. This displays some booked tickets earlier. Ironically... this doesnt list the ticket/pnr which we want to cancel...

Nothing can be done till 2 days... system doesnot show that ticket... since this is an e-ticket...we cant go to railway station to cancel it...
This system rigourously needs improvements in design ...
Even if we file TDR after 2 days of journey, no one knows will there be any refund or not...

Moreover Why should I file a TDR if i want to cancel my waitlisted ticket 10 hours prior to journey time... It should simply cancel it & give benifit to other people in waitlist...
You should take this matter in consumer court- and I am sure your case will be first and may be used as refference in future for such practice.
This system is good.What happens if someone got waitlisted after chart prepared.He get inside the train and he travels as wating list passenger by adjsuting with some friends.Same time his friend cancelled the ticket online.So in that way he took 75% money back and completed his journey(atleast by standing)So Railway face a huge loss.This new rule After chart prepared still you are in waiting list you get back your money without cancel your ticket.100% moneyback

FYI friends

For Immidiate PNR status = [protected] (just type your PNR and send SMS)>this info for people who dont aware abt this service

Indian Railways — refund money

i booked 5 e-tickets on 11/02/2009.after i cancelled 1 ticket out of 5.but the refund money is not credit to my pnr no is [protected]and my transaction id is [protected]

e-ticketing — still now don't get the refund amount

i have paid my e ticketing fare(rs 813.00) through UBI debit card on 14th december 2008.i have already cancelled my ticket on 16th december 2008.According to the irctc norms, i should get back Rs 628.00 in my debit card account but still now i didnot get that amount deposited in my account.I have sent an email as well as bank statement to irctc, they sent me an clearance sheet stating that they have refunded the amount .But i am getting confused if they have already sent the refund why am i not getting that amount deposited in myUBI account (debit card)?please do sort out this matter as soon as possible
With reference:.
PNR Number [protected]
Transaction Id [protected]
Payment Option utipg


628.00 Refunded[protected]dec-2008 03:12:28 PM

Indian Railways - IRCTC — Refund of partially travelled w/l ticket

Sub : Refund of partially W/L I- Ticket.

Ref No : Transaction ID [protected] – PNR Number [protected]

Dear Sir / Madam,

There were 4 Tickets booked against the above said reference and only 2 were confirmed for travelling and 2 tickets were in Waiting list at the time of Journey. Hence only 2 persons travelled by this train. Other 2 had not travelled and was confirmed by the TTE in the ticket as not travelled.

On reaching the destination which was midnight I had aksed for a TDR from TTE / Station Supdt. But they said off late the same is not provided and will be updated in the system as not travelled and refund will be provided.

After checking they had confirmed that since this is I-ticket, the refund has to be obtained by writing to you.

Have attached the original ticket and confirmation provided at Chennai Rly station that the train was late.

Awaiting your early response .

Thank you

The reply received from IRCTC is as follows

Dear customer,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly note that your refund case of PNR No. [protected] has been forwarded to CCM/Northern Railway, New Delhi on dt. 17.07.08. Refund yet not received from concerned railway, so we are sending a reminder with all the papers pertaining to your refund case to concerned railway on dt. 23.02.09 to chase up the cases. As soon as refund, if any, received it will be credited to your card account.


Shiraj Ahmad <>

Indian Railways — Refund of partially W/L e-Ticket

Ref No: Transaction ID [protected]; PNR#[protected]

Dear Sir / Madam,

There were 2 tickets booked against the above said reference and only one got confirmed on date of travel (which was in December-2008). I had done an e-filing of TDR on 24-Dec, 2008. Till date I have not received the refund. The status shown on the website remains as "Admin Approved; Refund under process" - for the past 2 months.

I do not know who is the officer responsible for completing this task. After making many calls to Chennai, Delhi and then to Northern Railway, Delhi - I was told that some by name of Bhargava[protected] will be completing the task. Interestingly I have been trying this number for the past 2 months and no one picks the phone.

I would appreciate if someone can help me in catching hold of these "babus" and in specific the person responsible for processing the TDR from the railways who do not execute their jobs responsibly and are scum of the society.

Would appreciate any assistance towards getting this resolved.

Thank You,

Railway E-tickets and TDR department — TDR payment not recieved even after 4 and half months

I have send them lots of e-mails and called them. Everybody s saying that it will be credited soon but now they are even not responing to the queries. I am going to send them a legal notice from government and will file a duit against them

Indian Railways — Indian Railways has refunded half the amount when the train was cancelled.


I had booked a ticket through Internet booking from Hubli to Bangalore for train no 0690. Journey date was 08/02/2009. PNR: [protected]. The ticket amount was Rs 206. On cancellation I had told money will be automatically reverted to my account. After 3 months I observed that only Rs 103 i.e half the amount was refunded.

I have sent repeated e mail to Indian Railways and also called them for which there is no response. Reference for mail sent is as below IRCTC Ref:[IRCTC #42189].

Please advise.


Passenger — Tickets been delivered to Agents


The tickets been delivered to the Agents by the TTR / Counter ticketing officer .In chennai people are getting ticktes from these agents with extra 100 Rs for each ticket.Because of these normal passengers are not getting the tickets in the normal way of booking.Kindly take necessary steps to stop this,

Thanking you.


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