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[Resolved]  K2 network - Warrock game — Banning gaming accounts on which i spend more than 5000$

I have been playing this game since 3 years . And have spent more than 5000 $ dollars on my gaming accounts .
I have 2 accounts on which i have spent money.
Now suddenly, in-game k2 staff admin have banned my two accounts from which i use to play "warrock" game on india server.
My both account name is
1. kingwi1d
2. majorwi1d
This are the two accounts on which i have spend money to enjoy "warrock" game.
They told me to buy gold premiums and in-game guns to entertain myself more.
When i did bought all the gaming items of "warrock" they have banned my accounts.
They told me that i was hacking the game using accounts but i was not .I can give my hard disk copies and my laptop i[censored] want to check.
They are making excuses to make me create new gaming accounts and buy all that in-game entertainment stuff again to play the game , which i bought on those two accounts which are banned.They banned my accounts so that i have to create accounts and spend more money on that game.But i already spent more than enough money and they are now not giving my accounts back.They took my account and banned it so i can never use them again.
They have made special site named from where i used to buy gaming items of warrock and they have created a support facility too , that in case if i have any problem with game then i can contact them and resolve it instead of going in legal process.From one week i m in mailing them and asking about my accounts, They say that i have hacked game using those accounts . i have read poilicies of that game. according to that they have to give complete answers and proofs of my hacking , which they dint do.They are only saying that i have hacked game and not giving me proofs of my hacking.I have asked them several times still they dont want to give me proofs and want to keep my gaming accounts banned.I need help to recover my both gaming accounts , if i have to case file against k2 in courts i'll do that also i just want to get those accounts back.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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my premium lvl 25acc also got banned for "hacking". when i send tickets to those trying to explain all i get back some ****ing policy ****!!
aaargh i just wanna hit something
GM in warrock could you please ban those characters use hacks, like flying snipers in Blue Storm they are so me up could you please get rid of them ALL!!! AS IN ALL!!! ALL!!! ALL OF THOSE WEAK CHARACTERS BECAUSE OF WEAKNESS THEY USE HACK !
I'm totally pissed off, thank GOD I did not wasted any money on this crap called warrock, the serves crashes often, hacker everywhere, I mean it EVERYWHERE!!!

A hacker can shot you through the walls, see you thhrough the walls, jump verz high, even potistion themsel[censored]p in the sky, automatically dropping about 30 bombs a second while moving 3x the normal speed, auto aim, and so on... then there are a lot of glitches, like you can see the guy behind the wall becasue his weapon, or feet (if he's proning) go literally through the wall, so you can see it. you cal look in the corners of the buldings to see through etc... I never abused of this stuff but i constantly see people doing it while in CQC mode (when you can see their perspective of view)... it's frustrating, and the more frustrating part is that K2, or gamersfirst havs deaf ears about complaints they just hear what they want to hear and this is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, ...

Seriously the Warrock Communitiy is dead as far as i'm concern... to report a hacker your hair will grow grey before they do something about it... yeah, they are saying print screen is the key to catch hackers... but at this level of hackery involved in this game they would need an instant report key on the keyboard, which displays them all the logs of that round played on the server, by witch they could see that the hacker is effectively hacking LIKE A PIG!!! and remove it... but they are utterly lazy-assed, I tell you, it's not worth the effort on making prinscreen of the hacker if the comunity couldn't care less.

F-you K2!!!
wt ever is written in the first post is abosolutely false..

kingw1ld and majorw1ld

aka wildfist = hacker

have enough proof to prove that he was hacking and so

he is banned ..

good work k2 network
my opinion ; dont waste your time or money
I am playing warrock now for a while, and just during playing a guy says that i am hacking! he says that he didn't see me, while i was right behind him... now he is gonna repport me for hacking because of a slow computer...
Can i get banned when I don't even hack?
I am sure that warrock ruled by bunch of kids, by how they response to your requests, I was playing in cqc (Marien) with 4 afk and other 2 players, when this nub GM admin came and deleveled me for no reason from lvl 41 to lvl 1 and other that was with me, when I've tried to check and submit a ticket all I got an automatic response for any request they was sending the same answer, (you have been deleveled due to powerleveling ) etc. when I got to wrrock forum to find an answer and to reset my lvl no one to talk to only they blocked me from posting, that how warrock running their business, play and pay and shut up that is warrock . Von one of the forum mods, said its our playground take it or leave it, I am gold memeber for 2 years, they do not care about hackers i think the one running this game is a big hacker by him self, they dont care about their customers, they want you to say what they like to be saying like dictators in the 3rd world
K2 Network is a Big F Scamming Company, Dont Watse time on WarRock, U will Spend So Much and End of the day u will Loose it all at Once.

k2 network — warrock

my user gt banned.........!!! my user wr hacker by ...!!
sir my acnt is now blocke.!! i dnt knw how..!!
i want my user back...!! so can u plz gve me my user back..!!
plz plz plz sir..!! mu char name lop1uml, id- roshan881.

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