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Awesome! This company provides an awesome customer support service, responds to our every notification, and resolves most of the user complaints.

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Junglee Rummy — junglee rummy under verification my withdrawal always [Resolved]

 dilipesm on Apr 18, 2018
Dear team,

With reference to the subject i would like to bring the kind notice that i am dilipkumar from chennai tamilnadu. I placed the withdrawal on 16/04/2018 but till date not processed my withdrawal they just put my withdrawal on under verification so you are requested to kindly look into this and do the needful.

Dilipkumar. V
User id:- dilipkumar...
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Junglee Rummy — account is locked because I raised many complaints against this site

 BALAJI Aaaa on Mar 22, 2018
Good job done by the junglee rummy site.

I am a not a player I am lvl 38 player when they locked my account.

I spoke to Mr. Dattu and he is unable to answer my questions so I asked him why did u locked my account?

He said you raised many complaints against us and you used bad words.

The main reason is now adays I stopped depositing big amounts into my junglee account. So they are not getting big amounts from me. So they locked my account.

by the way till now They looted me alot around 5lakh or may be more.

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Junglee Rummy — very big cheating and looting site [Resolved]

 BALAJI Aaaa on Mar 11, 2018
I am playing this game since 2014. Till now the site is looted me alot. Now adays i stopped playing big tables and playing only below 100 rs tables and still they are not allowing me to win and they are looting that amount also.

Playing tournies also never won first prize till now.

Such a suckers are junglee rummy.

Please guys beware of this site. Most of the players (Almost every genuine player like me) are losing money. Which means they dont allow us to win they will just loot us. What we think is we will definitely win one day and we keep deposit the...
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Junglee Rummy — winning amount not given [Resolved]

 Thskurashu on Mar 7, 2018
Hello sir my name ashish thakur. I m live in Delhi. I want to complaint against junglee rummy site because they are not give me my winning money. 4 March I placed 20000 widhrawal. 5th March my widhrawal go in under verification. 6th March I called on junglee rummy customer care site.i ask him why my widhrawal in under verification. They says me it's normally go to under verification in month 2-3 times to verify your account.same day evening junglee rummy sent me violence of term condition mail. They write I am fraud and I am play more game with user-ABDV17 and that's my account. I don't know that's...
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Junglee Rummy — planning to move to big this issue [Resolved]

 chowdarykommala on Feb 16, 2018
Hi friends
I am going to make a big issue this. Trough media. All ready got appointment, gov representatives and ap bavan. Also ready to help. Anyone cheated by jungles tummy come ping me. We definitely got justice. Because they r 100% proud. They have own employees to play games. All ready we pay 10% to15 % table charge but they not satisfy that. When u ask about that they blindly blocked account. Mail me. Chowdaryisnaveen@gmail.com...
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Junglee Rummy — cheating game software [Resolved]

 chowdarykommala on Feb 16, 2018
Hi friends
Junglee rummy says.we have RNB certification.so that that we r fair.RNB what says look at here friends
If the certificate is for the Random Number Generator (RNG) only, this means we have only tested the card shuffle, the games were not tested by us. This is the case with junglee games. The RNG certification is limited to the specific software modules provided to us. Since we haven’t certified the games, we can not comment on the fairness of the games.

We do not develop or supply the software. We do not operate, monitor or regulate any gaming site. Apart...
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Junglee Rummy — losses [Resolved]

 pankaj1996 on Feb 15, 2018
I will receive call form junglee rummy. She asking to mark as resolved the complaint in consumer form and we will solve your problems. After i will mark as resolved then she told me to we will not helping you please don't play junglee rummy games... First you won small money and then you continue losses your more and more. Please don't play junglee rummy please please please...
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Junglee Rummy — junglee rummy cheating [Resolved]

 chowdarykommala on Feb 14, 2018
Hi everyone
Jungle rummy is completely cheating site. They r just maintain there site only looting our money. My deposit is more than 50lakh and my withdrawal s only 17lakhs. When u go to bigger table s they stary to looted. When u play small tables u eaarn somemuch. They customer support is worst. I am going to suicide. With along my wife. I got a appointment. Delhi ap bavan. Tv 9, abandoned andrajyothi, banjarahills tdp office. This is my i'd. Chowdaryisnaveen@gmail.com. Anyone to cheated by jungles tummy. Send a mail i will escalate ur issues also. With couple of days am going to live...
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Junglee Rummy — they are forced to me to die [Resolved]

 chowdarykommala on Feb 14, 2018
Am going to plan my suside video going viral and planing justice someonce ple contact my number [protected]. I got a appointment going to open discussion to tv channels. So any one ple tell me ur issues am try to escalate and clear the issue. I wanna teach the lesson to online proud company's. Because i am ready to anything for fight against jungles tummy. My wife three months pregnant. They r said go and die...
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Junglee Rummy — they're cheating [Resolved]

 chowdarykommala on Feb 14, 2018
Hi everyone
Am naveen.Am using junglee rummy.still 2016.Am lose 35 lakhs.I am spoke to Mr jilan Mr dattu, and sangeetha can u help r anything.they said we can't do anything and they not given office a dress also.about games and everything proud.Am my wife going to mass suicide.because by junglee rummy.I spoke to madapucyber crime.police and tv9 and Ann andrajtothi.tdp office also.they r say we r ready to help me.I going to mass subside in Delhi ap ap bhavan.any one face to problem junglee rummy ole contact me.I escalate the issue.I got a appointment to tv9 and Abn andrajtothi.ple conntact...
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Junglee Rummy — account locked without my permission and after I complained against them [Resolved]

 janigul on Feb 13, 2018
Hi consumer forum,
junglee rummy 100% fake they deactivated my account without my permission asking even i am trusted playing from years there so please think when i raise my voice tell my problems they deactivated my account this shows us how they are insecure about their site oh my god please players look this i am playing from around 5 years and played with lakhs never won even i recovered my money they already told if i complaint here they will lock my account same happend they don't even hesitate one sec deactive my account i got email

FEB 12, 2018 | 08:22PM IST
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Junglee Rummy — withdraw put under verification still not done [Resolved]

 janibhashashaik on Feb 12, 2018
Dear editor,
I am playing rummy in jr from around two years my jr id:megastarj
On 9th feb i withdraw money but when i look after some time its showing under verification i talked to live chat team they told wait for 24-48 hours. When i saw an email from jr showing its routine check takes 5-7 working days so i look terms of services its not there routine check funds hold 5-7 days anyway i waited sir. Today when i saw still same not updated again i chat with live chat team they again said wait for more 24-48 hours i don't understand i am playing for 2 years i don't understand this and...
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Junglee Rummy — fraud and cheating site. please don't join this site [Resolved]

 BALAJI Aaaa on Feb 9, 2018
Worst site.

Every where looting.

Looting in cash games and tournaments.

Winner will be decided by the team before the tourney starts. They will not allow us to win in a single deal also.

How many of you know about it i don't know. Don't join this site and don't get cheated by junglee rummy.

Worst team, worst site, and simply looting money from us.

Please don't join this kind of sites this is my personal advice to you guys.

I lost so much amount in this site.
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Junglee Rummy — about their game system/no winnings/check their game system [Resolved]

 janigul on Feb 5, 2018
I am jani basha shaik i am playing online rummy since 2010 and in jungleerummy around 4-5 years i played with big amounts when i lose money that time support team called added bonus said good words time goes on i never won in junglee rummy but some support team guys helped but time goes day by day still i lost in lakh but now they saying you are not eligible to bonus coz i am not adding money how can i add money i loss everyday i played lots hours per day i am trusted player never cheated what i hurted dattu last month said feb i get bonus some venktesh guy called said 100 bonus added...
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Jungleerummy.com — cheating and fraud

 gopik12779@gmail.com on Feb 3, 2018
Www.jungleerummy.com, i have registered and paid rs.100 for online rummy games, after several plays my balance was rs.115, i disoppointed with the website and wanted to claim my money rs.100 to return my bank account, after many days they have sent a msg "we cant return the money as you played less number of games" i couldnt understand that if we want our money they should return money without any conditions, but they looted my money and not returning even if you win the games???!!!

I would request friends, please dont play cash games for any reason, be aware of fake and...
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Junglee Rummy — looting site and chatting site [Resolved]

 BALAJI Aaaa on Feb 2, 2018
Hello Guys,

As I have already raised couple of complaints about this site.

I had a conversation with customer couple times and I am satisfied yet to all my queries. They try to explain me how the game will run. If they have RNG certificate and they are genuine why people will complain every time.

Day by day the negativity about the site is increasing in players mostly old players. I am also a old player and Lost so much money in this site.

I almost play every tournament in this site but once or twice won first prize in tournines. That...
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Junglee Rummy — game [Resolved]

 Ajay Vira on Jan 29, 2018
Sir and Madam you all are requested to please help our people if you really love our country India. All such sites like junglee rummy, rummy circle, Deccan rummy etc. are not allowing to play from states like Telangana etc. but why we all other states suffer. These sites use robot to play to grab our huge amount by winning. Please help. Please stop....
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Junglee Rummy — resolve my problem [Resolved]

 Jeet234 on Jan 22, 2018
It's some mistake delete my complaint. They are resolved my problem so delete that complaint and thank you for supporting. Some missandsteding between me and junglee rummy risk management team so Mr naveen help me listen my problem and short out the my problem so now my problem are resolved. Now I am happy so delete that's complaint on your site sir thank you for supporting me that's a nice website for the people....
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Junglee Rummy — withdraw money [Resolved]

 Jeet234 on Jan 19, 2018
Hello sir i am jeetram my user id jeet234 of your junglee rummy site and i am deposits 1000 with promo code (Army) and i win 11000 nd withdrawal 10000" after 14 hour my withdrawal amount in under varification next 1 day he send me mail violation and term conditions. He says i am maximum number game play with (Manjumv). But i only play 5 games with her in single deal rummy. I say many times i am not wrong but he not listening. I request to you all of not deposit this rummy site its fake. He have not address in google.. If you lose you are good if you win you are wrong and thay don't give you money...
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Junglee Rummy — locked my account and did not refund money i have in account [Resolved]

 pedarla on Jan 13, 2018
Hi guys,

This is really unfair website. I have been following up from past 3 days. I had created junglee rummy account in month of december 2017 only. After that i had won money after loosing. For the money i have won i have placed a request. But that money has not been refunded. More over it has been informed saying i have multiple accounts and i have violated terms and conditions and misused bonus amount. I never had multiple accounts. Also i had requested what are the other multiple accounts i have. I did not get response till now and they are claiming still there risk management...
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