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[Resolved]  MakeMyTrip — Misleading Advertisements and Cheating

I am writing this letter with the motive to inform people who are planning to take any kind of services from Make My Trip in India or abroad. Also I would like to urge all of you to bring it to the attention of every possible reader/viewer etc.

In the below passages I will write in detail about my experience with this pathetic organization and how people involved in this organization mislead innocent customers and manipulate things.

I am an NRI based in Dubai and was looking for a holiday package to Europe for a week’s duration. After going through many advertisements in the newspapers and websites I finally found a trip “European Highlights” being offered by

This package was offered on their India website. Since I am based in Dubai I contacted their India office through their online chat option. I was serviced by a chat operator “Jiteneder Sharma”. He told me that I can avail the same offer from Dubai as well as they have an office in Dubai. This office in Dubai is by the name of Apollo Flight Centre.

The very next day I called up Apollo Flight Center to enquire about the said package. I was serviced by a lady called “Gertrude”, she asked me to visit their UAE based website for further details. On visiting the site I got the below information:

Package Name – European Highlights
Price - USD 1499 per person on twin sharing basis.
Duration - 6 nights and 7 days.
Departure Date - 25 July, 2009

(Information as published on their website is saved in the document attached.)

The above package included the Air Fare, Hotel Accommodation, Sight Seeing, Meals and Guided Tours etc.

The above details suited my requirement; hence I contacted Ms Gertrude from Apollo Flight Centre to give me the final quote for 4 adults and 3 infants so that I can book the package. And this is where the whole PROBLEM started.

This lady was completely IGNORANT of the package/process and for more than a week she kept giving me different quotes and prices. Every time I used to ask for any additional information regarding the package, her previous quote would change without any reason. On asking why the rate has changed, she would have no answer. This was getting very irritating and confusing for myself. During all this confusion I was contacted by the General Manager (Malco Rodriguez) of Apollo Flight Cetnter. He himself apologized for the incorrect information being provided by his staff and assured me that in a day or two he will personally provide me with all the services that I require.

In spite of talking to the GM of Apollo Flight Centre, there was no progress and for more than 10 days I still did not had a quote of the package.

Gone through all this and still waiting, I decided to bring it to the notice of the CEO(Deepak Kalra) of, hoping that things would get streamlined.

I wrote my complete incident to Mr. Deepak Kalra (CEO, and copied Mr. Malco Rodriguez (GM, Apollo Flight Centre). Within half an hour I received a call from Mr. Malco. He tried to pacify me and apologized for everything that had gone wrong. I would like to quote his words here “Mr. Kashyap, I would not be able to sleep until and unless I resolve your matter”.

Mr. Malco asked me for a day’s time to resolve the issue. The next day I got a call from him that he had finalized the prices and everything but he would require another 2-3 hours to confirm on the departure dates. I had started to feel comfortable that now the things are speeding up but I was wrong. There was no communication from him since then till date.

Another 2-3 days passed and time was running. I had no clue what was going on as no one was in a position to help me out here. It had been approximately 15 days and till date I did not had the quote.

Seeing no response again from Dubai office, I wrote to Mr. Deepak Kalra (CEO, again.

This time I was contacted over the email by Ms Geeta Eral (customer service Manager India, She apologized for all the inconvenience that I had to go through because of and assured me that she will get back to me on resolving the issue ASAP. She also mentioned that I can write back to her for any issue directly.I thought that this time something will happen and I will finally be able to book a package for my family and friends but as earlier I was wrong.

Ms Geeta did not replied to me for another 2-3 days . I was wondering what is happening on my issue. On writing back to Ms Geeta for the status on my issue, I got a reply that we are working out on the departure dates and it would take another 3-4 days for finalizing the same. I got really very irritated . I was unable to understand what were they trying to finalize. Everything that a customer needed was mentioned on their advertisement banner on their website. I was not asking for a customized package for myself but what was mentioned on their website. I wrote back to Ms Geeta (copying the CEO) strongly that why it is taking so long to book a package which is advertised on your website. I even asked her to let me know if their company was not in a position to offer the package as advertised on their website. I got no reply from her.

It had been around 20 days that I have been breaking my head with fools in but no resolution. After 20 days later I am being contacted by Mr. Manoj Gagwani (Head International Business India,

As usual he apologized and gave me the same stories which I have heard from Mr. Malco and Ms Geeta Eral. He asked me to give him 2-3 days and he will finalize everything and get back to me.

Even after a week there was no response from the so called Head – International Business of I completely understood that they are just trying to fool customers and not in a position to offer what they have stated on their website.

I wrote my last mail to the CEO by copying all the above people with whom I have corresponded with. I clearly wrote that I will be highlighting this whole incident to the relevant authorities in India and UAE so that innocent customers are not cheated.

In the end I would like to strongly highlight/summarize the below points:

Staff working in unaware/ignorant of what their company is advertising.
Serious training issues with staff in
Service level of is far below the standards.
Misleading information being published on their website as well as brochures.
Unable to provide what is being promised in the advertisements. Which is an offense in the eyes of the law.
Lot of hidden cost not told to the customer at the time on enquiry, that is the reason prices keep changing everytime.
Cheating Indian as well as foreign customers by their planned nexus.

It is my kind request to take this incident seriously and strong action needs to be taken against such organizations who are looting customers money, breaking all the laws and still in business.

I might be one of such thousand customers who had been mislead by But as being a responsible citizen it becomes my duty to highlight these issues to the public.

(Banners as advertised on are attached in the document)

Thanks and Regards
Saujanya Kashyap
Contact - [protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved 2017-05-10 18:41:27
Verified Support
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response Nov 15, 2009
Dear Customer,

With reference to your comment posted above, kindly share your MakeMyTrip Booking ID and more details on the type of booking it was - air, rail or bus ticket - for us to look in to resolving the issue for you.


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Customer Care
Verified Support
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response Nov 15, 2009
Dear Customer,

We checked our records and found that your cancelled ticket has been re-issued by

As communicated to you, the case has been addressed and resolved to your satisfaction


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Customer Care
Verified Support
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response Dec 11, 2009
Dear Ms. Geetha,

With reference to your post, I apologize for the inconvenience you have faced in your interaction with MakeMyTrip.

Kindly note, a full refund for your MakeMyTrip Booking ID FLT[protected] has been processed. The refund reference number (RRN) for this is[protected]. You can expect the amount to reflect in your account with 5 business days, depending on your billing cycle and bank.

At MakeMyTrip, we pride ourselves in our customer service and product offering and assure you that your experience was certainly not the norm.

We are hopeful that you will give us another opportunity to assist you with your travel needs in the future.


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Care
Verified Support
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response Dec 22, 2009
Dear Mr. Thulaseedharan,

With reference to your post above, I would like to apologise for the inconvenience you faced during your interaction with us.

As communicated to you by MakeMyTrip, we have initiated a full refund for your booking. The amount will be reversed via the same mode of payment that you used to make the booking online.

I would like to assure you that at MakeMyTrip, we pride ourselves in customer service and the lapse you faced in your interaction with us is by no means a norm that we follow.

We do hope you give us another chance to assist you with your travel requirements in the future.


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Customer Care
Verified Support
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response Jan 21, 2010
Dear Bipin Nair,

As per the details, we were unable to reach you over the phone. However, we had emailed you all the information regarding activation of your vouchers.

We have not heard from you thereafter. Kindly email [protected]@makemytrip for anything further.


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Care
Verified Support
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response Jan 28, 2010
Dear Anubhav Singh,

With reference to your post above, kindly share your MakeMyTrip Booking ID in order for us to retrieve the details of your booking. You can email this along with your contact details to [protected]


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Care
Verified Support
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response Feb 09, 2010
Dear Mr. Kumar,

With reference to your post above, the MakeMyTrip Booking ID you've mentioned - IN091R0214842 - is invalid. Can you please share your email address you used at the time of booking. You can email the information to [protected]


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Care
Verified Support
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response Feb 10, 2010
Dear Mr. Kumar,

As communicated to you by MakeMyTrip, the refund has been initiated for Rs. 7773.00 for your MakeMyTrip Booking ID FLT[protected]. The Refund Reference Number is [protected]. You can expect the amount to reflect in your account within 5 business days.


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Care
Verified Support
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response Feb 22, 2010
Dear Mohammed Aleem,

With reference to your post and subsequent communication with ShiftThoughts, the team attempted to deliver the voucher to you twice but without success. Therefore, we are processing your refund for the voucher amount to you.


Devika Khosla
Verified Support
MakeMyTrip India Customer Care's response Mar 04, 2010
Dear Sumit Basu,

With reference to your post above, we have retrieved the call and voice log of your conversation with our representative. As per the call and voice log, it was communicated to you that there is an advance 30 day purchase condition as well as other relevant details of the offer.

If you would like us to share the call and voice log, kindly share an email address with us where we can email it to you.


Devika Khosla

MakeMyTrip Care
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Comments Inc — fraudulent ticket prices, identity theft issues

Never trust's fares if it is lower than other sources. They are cheats and do not deliver what they confirm repeatedly. On Nov 18 2008, I paid for two airline tickets (Air Inida) with my america express credit card. I was given a confirmation number and a booking reservation number. The price was almost $350 (each ticket) less than another two ticket which I bought the previous day. After '' confirmed via email and said that they will issue the ticket as soon as they get the letter of despatch, I cancelled the other tickets with the same airline. I have got the refund and the airlines has charged the service charges of $100.00. It has been more than 48 hours since I made the payments and they haven't issued the tickets. Each representative that I am talking to is giving a different reason and asking for 1 hour to issue the tickets and promising to call me up as well. They never call, but when I call up I get a new representative and he/she gives a new excuse. One rep. says that there's a problem with fare, the other rep says there's an internal problem which is causing the delay. Until now everbody has been saying that I should not worry at all; that I should have patience and that the tickets are confirmed and will be issued soon. When I ask for the representative with whom I spoke the last time, they do not pass the phone and hang up. I kept my patience so far and see the airline prices go up in the airline website itself. However, this morning (today is Friday) when I called them up, the representative says that the fare has expired and there is a problem with charging the credit card as the number was not inserted in the system properly. When I asked if they ever tried to use the card then she says "no" contrary to what she said before. Now they are asking me to buy the same tickets at a higher rate or change to another airline. I am very frustrated because of the fact that they were dishonest everytime that I spoke to them, took all my personal information although they did not want to issue the ticket. They caused me to lose the $100 and a good fare that I got (the current fares are even higher than before). I do not know whether they are going to use my personal information (passposrt, driver's license and credit card) for any other fraud or criminal activities. I will cancel my credit card, but what an I do about my passport and driving license? I am scared that they may be involved with fraudulently acquiring such personal information. I feel that the lower fare was a scam. I request someone to take appropriate action so that they may not cause grief and tension and loss to others.
jayrajsinh's reply, Oct 31, 2019

MakeMyTrip — Asks for confidential information

tried to book over the site After repeated tries and using 3 different credit cards, I could not book the tkt. as it kept on giving me error "Unauthorised user". Hence I decided to book the ticket over phone.
Over phone I had a word with Ms. Kanika Bhasin who gave the information that the ticket ot Mumbai from Delhi would cost me Rs. 2999. I asked her to book the ticket.However when the payment part came in she asked me to provide my Credit card No., Expiry date & CVV no. to her.
I asked her to route me to IVR system, biut she said that they do not have one and all the customers are supposed to provide this info orally to booking agent.
When I asked her would she provide such critical information about her own card to others, She replied "NO".
I am surprised to know how can they ask for such confidential information. I beleive this is absurd and Illegal too. How come we are allowing such operators to function at all.
Please have a look at it ASAP.This is pure Fraud.
i faced the same problem

lucky friendship — misleading basterds

hello my name is manmohan, the add which was there in the classifides PERSONAL SECTION called LUCKY FRIENDSHIP in the paper dated 17th march 09 is completly missguideing company, i have 3 friends who has call them to find out the details of what they have to do with them .the answer they gave was we have to go and satisify the women married or unmarried and we ill get payed, and they also
asked to regester with them payin 9500, and my friends regestered with them payin the money .after all they come to know that they are misleaded the following are the numbers of the agents
main agent RAHUL [protected]
co agent ROHIT [protected]
so please help me giving there address, or atlest dont entertain this kind of to come in the classifieds cozs good, relevent, and worth add should be displayed ...
hope you will not ...and hopin u ill help me giving the bastreds address

MakeMyTrip — Poor service and cheating

very very poor customer service. Booked my ticket to india in april of 2009 for june travel. Gave my credit card info at the time of reservation. my credit card was not charged but did they did not issue me a ticket also. talked to 5 different rep. 2 supervisiors and endless talk without result for 2 weeks. finally they were willing to issue me same ticket with $ 150.00 more...seems like they were buying the time, stalling then sell the ticket when fare gets higher. I felt like cheated... never use their service again and never ever recommend to any one

MakeMyTrip — Cancelled the ticket without my permission

Dear all

Please stay away from this website. I booked my ticket from for the travel from Hyderabad to Los angeles for myself and 2 little kids. I paid the ticket amount through my credit card and got confirmation email for the tickets. PLEASE NOTE : I also got e tickets through email.

I reconfirmed my ticket 48 hours before. As I got everything confimed, I went to the airport with all the luggage and kids. To my surprise the ticket got VOIDED. That meant I could not travel as my ticket was cancelled by MAKEMYTRIP.COM. TICKETS WERE CANCELLED BY ISSUING TICKET COMPANY i.e. MAKE MY TRIP.COM. I dont know the reason.

I was mentally torched for complete 3 hours before the travel. With the grace of god I started 5 hours before my travel as it is international travel and flight was at early morning 4 o clock.

Can you expect this kind of mental agony before travelling that too when we pay our tickets and got email for etickets and later on got cancelled by ticket issuing company in this case it is makemy You can imagine my situation with kids and luggage.

Please, please stay away from this website. With great difficulty I was able to make my travel with the help of airport personnel and airlines people. But this is unpleasant thing before travelling. I did not get a tiny sorry from They are hopeless. There cannot be mistakes when they book tickets. If they cannot do right way then they should be away of these kinds of business. As it needs 100% accuracy. There is no customer service. They dont even know the meaning of it. Let the customer service not be but atleast I expect them to do their job for what I paid for it. In my case i just expecting my tricket be valid as I paid and reserved a ticket.

I cannot image how they can cancel it just before my travel.

Buy directly from the airlines. Try to stay away from these type of websites. We will be penalised for their mistakes and we will be in a situation that most of the time we will not have solution for it.

MakeMyTrip — Charged my credit cards twice

I booked a ticket from these guys and they charged my credit card twice and now they say that either i had cancelled at the last moment but the information was already processed or i was using multiple tabs.

What the hell is this.

Now i have the two tickets booked for the same set of passengers on the same plane on the same day.

The booking ids i received were

FLT[protected] - Failure message but booked
FLT[protected] - Success message and booked

What should i do ?

MakeMyTrip — Never ever book tickets from this website.

MakeMyTrip is the worst travel booking website existed ever. This website displays various offers on the website but never ever fulfils them and on enquiry give false commitments. This website should be banned and legal action should be taken for their false promises.

These people shows offers on their websites while booking tickets and later on when one claims them they completey deny of its existence ever.


MakeMyTrip — False Booking Made

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I (Ms. Chanchal Gupta) had made a booking by "MAKEMYTRIP" on 17/06/2009 (thru net banking) in hotel NEW MAMTA, SRINAGAR for 19/06/2009 till 21/06/2009 for Two Rooms with 3 persons in each room. When I reached there on 20/06/2009 in the hotel NEW MAMTA at Srinagar for check in I got to know that there is no such booking in the hotel with my name. I was shocked and again asked them to check with the voucher no. but they could not be able to found the same with the voucher number or by the name. I felt so embarassed at that time as my relatives were with me who at me as I am lie with the hotel authorities. Then, I called up the MAKEMYTRIP people that there is no such booking in the hotel and need to spend atleast Rs. 50 - Rs. 100 on phone calls, then after 2 hours there executive Mr. Ajayja visited the place and then he told the receptionist that yes we took the booking in the hotel by the name of Ms. Chanchal Gupta. I had a conversation with him at that time if there is no booking in the hotel for the said period why I need to pay you the entire booking amount for 2 days. He said if you will not check in today then you got the entire amount to be refunded. Then I didn't checked in the hotel and asked them to refund my entire amount. But later they refund only 1 day booking amount to me. After coming back to Delhi, I had spoken to Ms. Sonali over the customer care number for more than 1 hour who told me that I am taking complaint against complaint no - IN0906R0056697on 26/06/2009, where she told me that she will respond me within 72 hours. But I didn't receive any response from her. Again, I called the same no. where I had spoken to Mr. Sukhjinder against that complaint no., he reverted me with the reply that we can refund only 1 day amount to you. Then, I asked him for the explanation that when I checked in the hotel there was booking in the hotel on 20/06/2009, So it means there was no booking in the hotel for 19/06/2009 also. So, if there was no booking in the hotel why I need to pay you the amount. Then hen said Madam that amount can not refunded. When I told him if your company would not refund the amount then I must need to go to Consumer Forum as I have been cheated by you, also I was mentally and physically harrassed by you people and also it had effected my image in front of my relatives. Then he said, Madam pls. go ahead we have seen many such consumer forum cases. We will not refund the amount at any cost.

With the very high difficulty I was able to arrange my trip and was able to took the leaves after one and a half year's time. I had planned a very good trip with my family where I can enjoy and can relax myself. But makemytrip had made it too bad and purpose to take the leaves got defeated and it had ruin my entire family's trip.

Kindly take the necessary action against the company and pay me the amount of Rs. 50000/-, Physical and mental harrassement by the company and also to spoil the my image in front of my relatives.

I am hereby enclosing the confirmation receipt of the booking, cancellation of booking and the refund amount.
The same thing happened with us as well.. Makemytrip cheated on us and charged our credit card twice for a single ticket.

Can we join hands and take them to the consumer court.

I am based in Mumbai and my contact number is +[protected]
Dear all,

We tried to booked tickets from Hyd to cochin yesterday. Only today we are getting message that the tickets are booked twice.

FLT[protected] (new) - We got acknowledgement only for this

FLT[protected] - We are surprised to get the notification again for the same flight for the same passengers . Please cancel once.

Kindly call us at[protected] and refund the other . Please clarify how this could happen. Your site seem to widely used by everyone. Such kind of error is really misleading. Kindly do the needful.

Karuppasamy Muthupandian — False confirmation on phone while selling an internation travel Ticket

1) Agent on phone provided confirmation that air-line will be responsible for my airport transfer from Newark to LaGuardia. 2) Agen confirmed that tickets were refundable and changable. But when ticket was mailed to me there were no terms and conditions listed on email. When I emailed and asked for confirmation they denied all the confirmations made on call during the sale of ticket. Ever time I called they promised to retrieve the call and get back to me. I have been waiting for 2 weeks, calling and writing everyday but neither have they resolved my complaints nor have they been retrieve the call. Please do not ever trust any agent of Make My Trip. Always insist on email ticket along with terms and conditions before making a payment. ADVISE YOU NEVER TO BOOK A TICKET ON MAKEMYTRIP.COM THERE ARE BETTER WEBSITES AND OPTIONS AVAILABLE.
Sir, I have booked my air ticket from chennai to hyderabad thru makemytrip on 7/8/09 for 12/8/09 and was booked on spicejet flight no.902. My booking IDFLT[protected]. PNR number PNW7LW. Make my trip has debited my account immediately with the airfare.

When i checked with the airlines regarding confirmation beforehand on 10/8/09, they say that my name is not reflecting in the passenger list for the scheduled flight on 12/8/09.

What should be done next kindly help.
Hi, this is rectifying the complaint which i've posted earlier regarding passenger name missing. I would like to inform that atlast the airlines have confirmed my ticket on repeated enquiry and calling the airline executives.

As i've booked my ticket thru make my trip, i want to confirm from the airline prior to boarding the flight.
But the airlines could not confirm immediately, therefore i had to complain about my booking.

I have no complaints against make my trip.

MakeMyTrip — passenger name not on list

Make My Trip
Posted:[protected] by Pankaj Anand

passenger name not on list
Sir, I have booked my air ticket from delhi to raipur thru makemytrip on 17/8/09 for21/8/09 and was booked on king fisher red flight no.3656. My booking ID : FLT[protected] Make my trip has debited my account immediately with the airfare.

When i checked with the airlines regarding confirmation beforehand on17/8/09, they say that my name is not reflecting in the passenger list for the scheduled flight on21/8/09.

What should be done next kindly help. — Silently changing amount charged at the end of a transaction


I booked air tickets from for travel from lucknow to bangalore via delhi. initially, the fare was Rs 5664 (the lowest that their website showed). the same amount was shown post selection. however, after confirmation and during the final credit card transaction, the amount had changed to Rs. 6264 per ticket.

How was the transaction valid after this change? this is like fooling a customer, by initiating a transaction with one amount and changing it silently in the middle! additionally, the payment page shows the final amount in small fonts in a corner while most of the webpage is full of bright and large 'payment options'. Is this deliberately intended to divert a customer's attention? Furthermore, the final amount comes with the following messge "Note: The promotional discounts(if any), will be reflected in the confirmation page." ... what does this mean to the customer? that this amount is not the final one, but once you have made the payment, you will see that you are paying less!! this is so wrong ... this is deliberate fraud.

please take some action to control the way they mislead consumers.


Hotel Le - Marlin, Hotel Royal Castle, MakeMyTrip — Cheated by Hotels

I had booked a hotel room at Le-Marlin Hotel, East of Kailash, Delhi, via and had made the payment online. On reaching the hotel, I was told that the hotel is already full and they will put me in a different hotel. I thought that this was a blessing in disguise as Le-Marlin was a much worse place that what was projected by However, my joy was short lived as I was taken to a far off place and was asked to check into Royal Castle. I was shocked to see the condition of the room I was made to stay into. The room was filthy and was smelling o[censored]rine. I called makemytrip for help, but they were not able to help me in this hour of crisis. Being late in the night, I had no choice, but to take the room. But this proved to be a wrong decision as I very uncomfortable during the night. Next morning, during check out, I found that the billing for my room was half of what I had paid to makemytrip. I was made to sign the bill, but was refused a copy of the same. This is pure gundagardi. How can someone refuse me a copy of a document that I was made to sign? I was asked to go to the police if I had a problem. I feel that a better way is to share the experience with prospective customers and help them avoid such situations. Bad people and bad organizations will always be there. It is important to be aware about them.

MakeMyTrip — Non-issue of paid ticket

Hi Sir/Madam,

I am Mr.Nitin Behal. I booked an e-ticket from I paid for 2 adults and 1 infant from Mumbai to Bangalore on 8th Nov 2009 by GO AIR through the portal But when they send me the e-ticket, they didnot send me the e-ticket for infant. And now when I contacted them, they say that I have not paid for the infant ticket so they didnot send me. I want help from you so that I can get this issue solved. You can see in the invoice Amount mentioned is 1999 + 1999 = 4750(which actually includes e-ticket of infant=750). Because 1999 + 1999 is not equal to 4750.

I can send you a copy of the e-ticket also. Pls give me your e-mail id. I made the payment of the e-ticket through HDFC net banking.

Can you pls resolve this issue or give me email id where i can complain against Makemytrip. Atleast other people will also come to know about the type of crime these travel portals do.

Awaiting a positive response and help.


Nitin Behal.
Hi Nitil,

I too had the same experience
For me they had acknowledged that they made a mistake and agreed to return the infant's money back

i was thinking that "wow what a nice people to acknowledge the mistake!!!"

when they made the refund i found that they have returned only half the amount.When contacted they are telling that i have paid only that much money

I am surprised to read their reply telling that i have paid less money when i allready have the receipt they gave me while booking the ticket.

what a spinless cusomter care they are having there to tell these kind of lies to customers
This refers to the transaction (FLT[protected]) I did with your Company on 26th Aug’09.

I booked two domestic Flights-

One of the Flights got cancelled and I was told by the Airlines staff that the money will be credited back to my account immediately by make my trip- The Amount has not yet been credited to my account and I have incurred additional interest on my Credit Card due to the delay.

Since then, I had sent 3 complaints using their Feedback feature that they have on your website apart from sending 3 mails to Service at make my trip.Till date I haven’t had any response.

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